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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Need Supernatural Provision? Watch This Video with Debra Mantenuto

Sid Roth - Need Supernatural Provision? Watch This Video with Debra Mantenuto

Sid Roth - Need Supernatural Provision? Watch This Video with Debra Mantenuto
TOPICS: Provision

Sid Roth: My guest was miraculously given a $94,000 car and $94,000 towards the purchase of a new home. Next on this edition of It's Supernatural!

Sid Roth: Hello. I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter and I'm here with a woman that wherever she goes miracles occur. Her name, Debra Mantenuto. Debra, when you were a young child you wanted to be a doctor. Why?

Debra Mantenuto: I wanted to heal sick people.

Sid Roth: Just from a young child, you had that desire.

Debra Mantenuto: I had that desire to see people healed.

Sid Roth: And you were raised in a Catholic background. Did you see many people healed?

Debra Mantenuto: I had never seen people healed. I was raised in a Catholic background, but I wanted to see them healed.

Sid Roth: And so one day you're driving your car and on the radio it says, comes right out, "Elvis Presley has died". What affect did this have on you?

Debra Mantenuto: Well my immediate reaction was, where did he go? Did he go to Heaven or did he go to Hell? And as I was driving home asking that question, the voice of God came into my car and asked me, "Debra, where would you go"? And so I thought, well I'd go probably go to Heaven. I'm a good Catholic. And the voice of God again asked me, "Would you"? And when I got home I walked in to the house and my mom was cooking, and I said, "Mom, I don't know where I'd go if I died. I don't know if I'd go to Heaven or Hell". And so my mother asked me if I wanted to pray, and we knelt and prayed, and I asked God into my life. I told God that I needed to know him.

Sid Roth: That was the key word right there. I need to know him. See, a lot of people think it's okay to believe in him and don't realize that that's the first step. But the whole objective is to experientially know him. What would happen, though, if you're sick for ten years? What condition did you have?

Debra Mantenuto: I had a hypoglycemia and I had hypoglycemia and I was bedfast for two and a half years after I was married and emotionally, I was not together emotionally whatsoever. My mind, I had no peace in my mind.

Sid Roth: Bedfast for two and a half years? That's awful. We'll be right back after this word.

Sid Roth: Hello. I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Debra Mantenuto. How would you like to be ten years, two and a half years bedfast? You must have had a good husband to put up with that. How did you get out of the bed? You look like you did.

Debra Mantenuto: Well I went to the doctors and they diagnosed me with hypoglycemia and they told me to just go home basically. And I called out to God, and I said, "God, there's no cure for this and I need you to heal my body". And it was as simple as that. And as I called out to God, a heat and a bolt of lightning shot through my body, and I felt–

Sid Roth: Help me out. A bolt of lightning shot through your body? What do you mean by that?

Debra Mantenuto: There was a heat like I was burning inside, like heat was just all going through my body and I thought, and I heard the Words, "Daughter, I'm healing you".

Sid Roth: And?

Debra Mantenuto: And I knew, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God's healing power was on me and that he had healed me. And so I picked up the phone and I called my pastor and I got in the car, and I ran down, and I said, "God has just healed me! God has just healed me"! And my whole life was totally changed.

Sid Roth: God does heal. God does move in the miraculous. And Debra is not just an unusual person. So Debra, your marriage, now you're getting very, very enthusiastic over God, your husband is, can I say, just sort of lukewarm? Was that fair? And you cried out to God about your husband. What was it?

Debra Mantenuto: I cried out and I said, "God, that Stephen would you know you, and you would be more real to him". But when he came home that day and saw me out of bed, and saw me just conducting life, he saw the healing God. He knew God healed me. He knew God healed me. All of the symptoms were gone. I was out of bed. The headaches were gone. The weakness was gone. There were foods that I could not eat, I could eat anything that I wanted. It was a total transformation.

Sid Roth: What was your lifestyle like? What time of home did you have? Where you were at?

Debra Mantenuto: We had a lovely home. We had a beautiful home and I had a good life. But there was an emptiness in me. Even when God healed me of the hypoglycemia, still the peace in my mind was not there, and again, I said to God, "Now God," I wanted it all, I said, "God, now we have this nice home, we live in the suburbs, my husband made a good income". But I said, "God, my emotions need a touch". And again I cried out to God and God healed my mind, which I believe is the biggest miracle.

Sid Roth: Explain this. What do you mean, God healed your mind? How were you one day, and how were you after God healed your mind? What does that mean?

Debra Mantenuto: What I'm saying is, there was lot of turmoil in my childhood that I hadn't overcome. And there was...

Sid Roth: Psychiatrists call it dysfunctional.

Debra Mantenuto: Yes.

Sid Roth: You were dysfunctional.

Debra Mantenuto: Absolutely. And I didn't know how to be the wife that I needed to be. I didn't know how to be the mother that I needed to be, and there was never a satisfaction in me. I wanted to fulfill things with money and in different ways, and there was no satisfaction and I knew that. And even though I was having an experience with God I knew that there was a part of my mind that needed to be touched so that I can have peace and I wouldn't be so restless.

Sid Roth: How long did this happen, this encounter with God?

Debra Mantenuto: This, all of this went on for months. Well, my hypoglycemia, God healed me immediately and then I when I cried out for him to touch my emotions, that was probably about a month and a half later.

Sid Roth: And when you say he touched he, he came to you, how did he do this?

Debra Mantenuto: Well as I read my Bible and God would speak to me through that, but there were times, as I said before, that I would feel the tangible presence of God, a warmth, a peace, an assurance, and my mind had gone from turmoil to peace. When your mind feels as though it's on a race track and then all of a sudden you just have peace on you, you know you've been changed and touched.

Sid Roth: Well but let me ask you a question. When your lifestyle changed and you lost your wonderful house, etc., how were your emotions?

Debra Mantenuto: At peace.

Sid Roth: Really?

Debra Mantenuto: At total peace. I had a total peace. I knew that no matter what that God was real and I had a peace that was unexplainable.

Sid Roth: Could you have that kind of peace? I mean, when you, she lost everything, everything, and she had that peace, so that peace is beyond everything, everything. So you lost everything and God miraculously had someone give you money for a new Mercedes?

Debra Mantenuto: Yes.

Sid Roth: Tell me about that. I got a phone call from a woman and she said that she wanted to meet with me. And so I met with her and she said that God had put it on her heart to give us money, to bring us to the car dealership and that I could pick out any car that I wanted. And I thought, well, and so I went to the dealership and she said, "Anything you want," she said, "God told me to buy you a car, anything that you want". And so my husband and I, we picked out a car and she paid for the car and the insurance, and the luxury tax, and everything.

Sid Roth: And then you needed, you lost our house, so you needed a new home?

Debra Mantenuto: We needed a new home. We had lost our home and we needed a new home. And three weeks after that, I got another call from the same woman, saying to me that God had put it on her heart to give us a check for $95,000.

Sid Roth: Debra, why did God do this for you?

Debra Mantenuto: Because God is faithful and because we served God just by loving God, and God loves us, and God wants the best for us, and God wants us to know him, and not just know him for things, but to have a relationship with him.

Sid Roth: Tell me one of the most outstanding physical miracles that has occurred when you've been speaking.

Debra Mantenuto: Well I took a trip to South Africa recently and there was a woman crippled. She was born crippled and she came down the aisle, Sid, walking and leaping, and praising. She was praising God.

Sid Roth: You may not realize this, but one of the Messianic miracles that the rabbis tell us to know who the Messiah is that the lame would be able to walk, the blind would be able to see. But it's people born that way, that's what makes it so unusual. That's what you just told me. She was born crippled.

Debra Mantenuto: She was born crippled and the pastor knew her. She attended that church and she was born crippled, and I looked up, and as I looked up I watched her come down that aisle perfectly normal, and they brought her up on the platform. God had healed her.

Sid Roth: The little girl that wanted to be a doctor, something happened that no medical doctor could ever do, and I believe some of those miracles are going to happen to you. We'll be right back after this word.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth. Before I get to our guest who's going to move in the supernatural, I'd like to find out who's on next week. Janie?

Janie: Sid, you'll be speaking with a man by the name of Dr. Francisco Contreras. He's a medical doctor and he's the General Director of Oasis Hope Hospital, and he has a very different approach to healing for healing for cancer. They've had terminally ill patients there who have been miraculously healed, but with alternative medicine. He's also going to tell you how you can add 30 years to your life.

Sid Roth: Great. You know the thing that's so wonderful about this doctor is people that medical doctors have given up on, have given a death sentence to, through alternative means, alternative medication, are literally walking out there totally whole. But I'll tell you, as good as that alternative is, and I'm very grateful, I like to see the instant miracles, and my guest Debra has seen so many of them. Debra, you were telling me in Africa, recently what happened?

Debra Mantenuto: In Africa, when I was on the platform praying for the sick, God spoke and there was a boy there who was deaf, and God opened his ears in the meeting, just opened his ears and he came to the platform with is mom, and he could hear.

Sid Roth: Was he able to talk?

Debra Mantenuto: Yes.

Sid Roth: Because when you're deaf, sometimes...

Debra Mantenuto: Yes. He spoke and I backed up, and I kept saying, "Can you hear me," and different things to him, and he was just, yes, and his ears were fine. His ears were fine.

Sid Roth: When did this, what is called a word of knowledge, start in your life, where you would hear something from God, speak it and then that person would be healed?

Debra Mantenuto: The word of knowledge started in my life about ten years ago and I would hear things in the Spirit and it would be God revealing to me a need for someone. And as I'd speak it out, God would touch the people because they know that I have, I have no knowledge of that, that it would have to be God. And as they receive that, as they take that and believe that, God will move on them.

Sid Roth: I'm believing that right now God is going to move in these gifts. And as a matter of fact, while you were speaking I had, not a word of knowledge, I had a picture of knowledge. And someone's teeth are being, this is weird, but I have learned to step out, are being supernaturally filled with either gold or silver, or platinum, I don't know. But someone's teeth are being healed right now. Debra.

Debra Mantenuto: Well as you were speaking and you were sitting here, the Lord spoke to my heart about cataracts. And there's somebody out there that God is healing cataracts. And there's somebody else out there and you have hip displacement and God is healing your hips right where you are. You're feeling the power of God on you. You're feeling a warmth on your body, and God is touching your hips. There's somebody out there that had knee injury from athletics, from sports, and God is healing your knee right now. Just move your knee in and out, and you will feel the presence of God on your leg. You'll feel it right on your knee. You're going to feel a warmth going on.

Sid Roth: You know, Debra, as you were saying that, I could literally feel that warmth. I could feel the presence. As a matter of fact, as you were speaking that it's sort of like air conditioning. Sometimes it's a little cold, sometimes it's very cold. Well the heat was turning up as you were speaking, and I believe that the power of God is moving, and I heard "neck". I heard someone's neck and I heard earlier someone's back has been healed. The spine is being healed right now. The whole spinal cord is being healed. And when Debra said hip, I have to say that I heard that at the same time, too. It was like, you know, I wish we were interactive television at this point because I don't think, I don't hope that these people were healed. I know that these people were healed. Tell me about someone else that was healed from a word of knowledge in one of your meetings.

Debra Mantenuto: In one of my meetings just recently there was a woman that was crippled that had gotten into a very bad car accident, and she couldn't walk. When she came into the service, she was escorted in and by her son, and he sat, she was sitting in the meeting. And the Lord spoke through me, and told me that somebody was being healed from a car injury, and she stood up, and she just yelled out, "It's me! It's me"! And she ran around that room totally healed.

Sid Roth: What about women, that have difficulty having children or perhaps they get a bad report from a doctor that the sonogram says maybe you should abort. Have you had any experiences like that?

Debra Mantenuto: Yes. We've had several experiences like that where a woman will be in the meeting and she's pregnant, and she's had the sonogram, and doctors have said that her child will be born deformed. And I've had a word of knowledge telling her that it's going to be fine, and that that baby is going to be totally normal. And then shortly, one particular woman, I attended her church and she came to me with her baby, and it was four months old. And she ran up, and she said, "My baby is totally healthy. There is nothing wrong with my baby".

Sid Roth: All things are possible to those who will believe. And Debra, as you remember, was healed of severe dysfunctional behavior, emotional problems. And what I'm wondering, Debra, is have you prayed for people with similar type emotional problems? Because let's face it, all of us have been tampered with by the human situation and have you seen results such as you got?

Debra Mantenuto: Yes. There was a woman who was on $800 a month worth of pain medication for emotional disturbances, Prozac, and she was totally healed. She's off medication. She hasn't been near it now for two years.

Sid Roth: What about epilepsy?

Debra Mantenuto: Epileptics, I've seen God in services, three and four epileptics at a time where they just, they're totally normal. They're totally made normal.

Sid Roth: You know, I'm in favor of what is known as biblical counseling, because and through the Word you can get healed. But I love the supernatural touch of God and I believe there are people here that have emotional problems. Maybe your father was an alcoholic or you were abused, but you have some deep seated problems that are almost generational in nature passing on from grandfather to grandson, to you now, you know, from generation to generation. Would you pray for those people right now, Debra?

Debra Mantenuto: Absolutely. And as I pray, you just believe in your heart and you will see the change within a moment's time. Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank you for your children out there watching this program, and I pray right now for release in your mind, that your mind will become totally clear in the name of Jesus, that there will be no imbalances, frustrations, depression, anxiety, stress. All of it leaves in the name of Jesus. And Father, I thank you that right now that their minds are being overshadowed with peace, with peace, with peace in the name of Jesus. Thank you, Lord.

Sid Roth: Do you remember what Debra said a little earlier? She was raised in a Catholic background, but she did not even know whether she was going to go Heaven or Hell. And until she prayed and had an experience with God she didn't know. You see, you can have an experience with God, not just dead religion, but vital relationship. And she spoke about peace. We have a word in Hebrew for peace. It's called shalom and shalom means completeness, complete in your spirit, in your soul, your emotions, and in your body, in your mortal flesh. And I know that some of you are listening to me that believe in God, but have not experienced him. And some of you will not experience him the minute we pray. Some of you will. But I promise you that if you will pray this prayer with me and mean it, you will experience a vital living, living, loving, pure shalom with God. Would you pray this prayer with me? It's important to say it out loud because the whole universe, the whole world was created by the spoken Word of God and your life is about to change by you speaking what God promises. Say this prayer out loud. Dear God, no I mean you, you. I want you to say this with me. You think you're by yourself, but God is right there with you. And Spirit of the Living God, I pray that you would be on these people. Let them realize right now how much God loves them. So say this out loud with me. Dear God, I am a sinner. I've walked in unforgiveness, I've lied, I've stolen. Tell God some of the things that you have done. Watched pornography, been involved in sex outside of marriage. I'm so sorry, God, been involved in the new age, in the occult, I'm so sorry, God. I believe that the blood of Jesus washes away all of my sins and now that I'm clean, and now that I am clean I make Jesus my Messiah and Lord. Lord Jesus, come inside of me. I want an experience with Father God. I want to know you. I want to know your love. I want to know your spirit. I want to know your shalom, your peace. I want to know everything I can about you. O God, I don't want it for things, I want it for you. I want you God. I'm so hungry for you.
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