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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - 60% of This Baby’s Brain Was Missing. Then a Miracle Happened

Sid Roth - 60% of This Baby’s Brain Was Missing. Then a Miracle Happened

Sid Roth - 60% of This Baby’s Brain Was Missing. Then a Miracle Happened
TOPICS: Miracle, Healing, Restoration

Sid Roth: Five-eighths of their daughter's missing brain was mysteriously recreated. Next on this edition of It's Supernatural!

Sid Roth: Hello. I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter, and my guests Gary and Marie Hill had a daughter, fourth pregnancy and the sonogram said five-eighths of their daughter's brain was missing. What an awful, awful report. But let's kind of go back. Why, Marie, why did you even have the sonogram? It was your second one with your daughter. How come?

Marie Hill: Well we were having to move back from Alberta, Canada to Ontario and because of the move and because I had a small problem to that point the obstetrician felt that the best thing to do was for me to have the ultrasound then and just to make sure that everything was all right.

Sid Roth: Now Gary, you're a medical doctor. What kind?

Gary Hill: I'm an emergency physician.

Sid Roth: Okay. And let's go back to that second sonogram. You're thinking, did you have any trepidation something would be wrong? I mean, after all, it's the fourth pregnancy. I mean, you're a pro.

Marie Hill: Well I hadn't actually had any ultrasounds until my fourth pregnancy. I had a previous ultrasound done with this pregnancy at about four months or so, and as far as I knew everything looked fine. So actually when I went to have this one at eight months done I was a little nervous, I'd have to say, and I think I had a little bit of trepidation in my heart about it, you know, when I look back on it now.

Sid Roth: What was your first clue that there might be a problem?

Marie Hill: Okay. I think the first clue would have been when the ultrasound technician began to, you know, cry, actually during the ultrasound and her whole demeanor, which was very, you know, jovial and light at the beginning had changed to be very serious. And she asked me questions like, is the baby actually moving? Do you feel any fetal movement? She was asking me questions like, why exactly did your obstetrician send you to have this ultrasound? And the ultrasound was taking a lot of time to do, and she was taking a lot of pictures it seemed, and taking pictures of the spine and of the head. And when I asked her about that she said that they just wanted to make sure that everyone, everything was okay.

Sid Roth: Well did you realize everything was not okay?

Marie Hill: Well when she started to cry I realized that something was wrong. And then when she said they're going to have to take extra pictures on another machine I knew that something was wrong.

Sid Roth: Did you ask her what was wrong?

Marie Hill: I asked her, you know, if there was something that was wrong, but she didn't say anything. She just said that the radiologist himself was going to take me to another machine and he was going to take pictures.

Sid Roth: Did he tell you anything was wrong?

Marie Hill: Yes. When they took me to the other machine he didn't actually tell me what was wrong, but he began to take extra pictures of the head and it seemed also the spine area, and he was conferring back and forth with her. She stepped into the room as well and he started pointing to different things on the monitor and they were sort of conversing back and forth, and I just broke down. I was in a, just completely a basket case at that point, and the ultrasound technician tried to calm me down. He said to me, I asked him what's wrong, and he said to me, "Your baby has eyes, a mouth and a nose". And I guess in my mind he sensed what I was thinking. I was thinking, what doesn't my baby have, what's wrong with my baby. And he said, "I'll move the monitor over so you can see and I can explain it to you". But at that point I was too upset, and I said, "No, I don't want to see it". I said, "I just want to go home". And he said that the obstetrician would call me and let me know what exactly is going on.

Sid Roth: So you went home and Gary, you were not there. How did she break it to you that there was a problem?

Gary Hill: Well she was standing at the door and she seemed pretty upset, and she said to me, "Gary," she said, "there's something terribly wrong with the baby". And I said to her, "Well you know, if there really was anything that wrong the obstetrician would have told you". And she said, "Gary, you weren't there". She said, "There's something really terribly wrong with the baby". So I said, "Okay, well I'll phone him and find out what's going on". So I phoned the obstetrician and said that, "It's something I don't know about, but I'll phone up the radiologist to find out". So anyways, he called me back and he said, "Gary, there is a problem". And I said, "What is it"? He said, "Well there's something about a cyst". And I said, "Well can you tell me about it". And he said, "You know, I really don't want to discuss this over the phone. I would rather discuss it with you in person tomorrow at noon". So I said, "Well Marie is too upset to come, but I'll come and talk to you about it".

Sid Roth: You're kind of cool though, because I can tell you if it had been my daughter, I would say, no don't want to wait until tomorrow, you tell me right now. How come? How come you didn't?

Gary Hill: Why didn't I?

Sid Roth: Yeah.

Gary Hill: Well I thought it was reasonable for him to break it to me face-to-face, the sort of thing I do with other people.

Sid Roth: Okay, so you go the next day. You're in front of him and what does he say?

Gary Hill: Well you know, he just sat me down and handed me the ultrasound report and he said to me, "Gary," he said, "I'm sorry," he says, "your baby has had an intrauterine stroke". He said, "The entire left hemisphere of the brain was destroyed by a large cyst". He said, "Where there's one large cyst, where there's one major malformation like this cyst there's likely to be multiple major malformations in the baby". He said, "You'd never have a normal delivery with a baby like this. The baby would have to be delivered weeks early by Cesarean section in the intensive care unit on a ventilator for weeks".

Sid Roth: So what was his suggestion?

Gary Hill: He said, "If you want to get an abortion we don't do them here at this Catholic facility, but I can refer you to somebody who will do it". We're talking eight months of gestation.

Sid Roth: So yes, but you're talking about a baby that would either be dead or a vegetative type state.

Gary Hill: That would be his prognosis.

Sid Roth: What was yours? You're a doctor.

Gary Hill: Well at first I thought, he can't be talking to me, he's got to be talking to someone behind me somewhere. You know, like it just didn't make any sense, because I just knew God wouldn't let something like that happen. But what I did was I looked at the ultrasound. I said, "It's gotta be a tiny little cyst, there's nothing to worry about". And there was a five-sonometer cyst on an eight-sonometer head. And he said, "You know, it's got all these septations. We've seen stuff floating around inside of it; this is a cyst". And the prognosis from a medical point of view was, you know, she's going to be mentally retarded, she's going to have a seizure disorder, half her body is going to be small compared to the other side and it's not going to move.

Sid Roth: What would you do if you got a report like that? We're going to find out when we come back. Don't go away.

Sid Roth: Hello. I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter. I'm here with Dr. Gary and Marie Hill, and they just got the news as we found out last segment that inside of Marie was a baby daughter, from the sonogram conclusive five-eighths of the brain missing. The best prognosis is dead at birth, a vegetative state, a body not functioning properly, recommendation abortion. Gary and Marie said no, we're going to trust God. And what did you do about it, Gary?

Gary Hill: Well when he gave me the information I said, we're Christians, we just don't believe in abortion. He said, "I'm a Catholic and I don't believe in abortion either". He said, "What I'm going to do is refer you to an obstetrical neurologist for more information". I said, "What's an obstetrical neurologist going to do for us? They can't replace her brain". And you know, he said, "Well that's true. You just have to depend on God to hold your hand and sort of get you through this terrible rough time in your life". And you know, I just looked at him and I said, "Listen," I said," my God has never let me down, He's not about to start now". I said, "I don't know how He's going to get me out of this, but He is". And then he said, "Well you know, I too believe that God can heal people, but what if he doesn't heal your daughter"? And I just looked at him and I didn't say anything. And he didn't say anything either, and he said, "Well nice talking to you". And I just walked out and went home to tell Marie what was going on.

Sid Roth: So Marie, you find out. Did you tell her the whole truth?

Gary Hill: You know, I walked in through the door and she was waiting there for me, and it was the worst moment of my life. I just looked at her and she said, "What's wrong"? And I said, "Marie," I said, "I can't tell you what it is. You won't want to know". I said, "But it's bad". I mean, it couldn't have been any worse than it was. And I just walked up the stairs to my bedroom to be alone.

Sid Roth: Marie, what was going on inside of you at that moment?

Marie Hill: Well I think a combination of shock, dread, fear, panic, wanting to just run out of the whole situation as fast as I could and not knowing what to do. It was just all kinds of fear just rose up within me. And when I heard him go upstairs and he, I could hear him crying, crying out to God, and that was for me probably the worst moment of the whole thing because I knew that it was really serious.

Sid Roth: Well Gary, you decided to really declare war, if you will. What did you do? What steps did you take for your baby's life? You're fighting for her life.

Gary Hill: I was fighting for her life. The first thing I did was I just got a hold of myself because I just wanted to break down and cry, and tell everybody what an awful, terrible thing had happened. And I grabbed myself by the ear, and I said, listen, you know what you're supposed to do. There's a God, he's going to help you and you have to seek him, and that's it. Your baby's life depends on you doing that. So I just started to look up to Heaven and said, "God," I said, "you're my refuge, you're my fortress, you're my strong tower, you're my ever present help in time of need". I said, "God, this is a time of need".

Sid Roth: You know, talk, faith is easy when you're just teaching it. But when it's your own daughter that's, where did you get this faith? The average person doesn't have faith like that, Gary. Where did you get this from?

Gary Hill: Well I got it from the Bible. I got it from the scriptures. I, what I did at that point was I said I got to spend 100% of my time seeking God.

Sid Roth: But you have a job. You're working as an M.D.

Gary Hill: I quit my job, just phone them up and said, "That's it. I can't do it anymore, good-bye".

Sid Roth: Had you actually with your own eyes seen physical healings before that are the supernatural?

Gary Hill: My brother-in-law was healed.

Sid Roth: Tell me about that.

Gary Hill: Well my brother-in-law was about 25 years old and he had a mass in his neck that he showed me, and I was worried about it because it was firm and it could have been a tumor. So I referred him to a family doctor who sent him to a specialist at tertiary referral center in Canada called Toronto General Hospital. It's one of the best hospitals in the world. And he went there and saw the ENT specialist who removed this tumor, and told him it was Hodgkin's lymphoma, which is a form of cancer, and told him he had to start chemotherapy immediately. And he just told him, well he said, "Well I don't want to start chemotherapy". He said, "I want to go seek God and get healed". And they offered him a psychiatrist to help him with this problem that he had. Anyway, what happened was he did seek God and the way he sought God taught us what to do. And within a couple of weeks they said, no, there's no cancer, you're completely healthy, and that was it.

Sid Roth: He had, in other words, how did the doctors account for it?

Gary Hill: They couldn't account for it because they told him that there's absolutely nothing else this could possibly be. We have to start with chemotherapy now, and then afterwards they said, something else, must be some kind of viral infection, but it was not cancer.

Marie Hill: Well my mother actually phoned the doctor who was in charge of his case and asked him on the telephone, she got a hold of him and said, "How do you explain what happened to my son? And you know, you wanted to start the chemo right away and now he's perfectly well". And they said, "If you want to believe in a supernatural intervention, that's what this is".

Sid Roth: For a doctor to say it, that's pretty good.

Marie Hill: That's pretty good.

Sid Roth: Now you said you followed what your brother-in-law did. What did you do in reference to the miracle you needed?

Gary Hill: Well what I did was I looked in the Bible for scriptures that promised me a perfect, healthy child, and I made a list of those scriptures, and then I started to say them out loud. And the other thing I did was I read through the New Testament three times in six weeks, and I also started to praise and worship God for three hours a day, every day. And I started to read books on healing and books on faith, and I started to listen to audio tapes on healing and faith, and I started to watch videos on healing and faith, so people who understood healing and faith were teaching me what to do.

Sid Roth: Now Marie, you had seen your brother healed.

Marie Hill: Yes.

Sid Roth: You knew that God healed.

Marie Hill: Yes.

Sid Roth: You knew what your husband knew, but still you're the one carrying the baby.

Marie Hill: Right.

Sid Roth: What was going on inside of you?

Marie Hill: Well I think the worst part for me was the fear, the fear of the delivery, the fear of after the delivery, just the whole thing. The fact, too, I didn't really feel her moving that much, that really bothered me a lot.

Sid Roth: I'm sure.

Marie Hill: And all that was, you know, just bombarding my mind. But also I knew what God could do, too. I had seen what he did with my brother and I knew that he could take care of the situation, too, and he could make Carolyn whole and well. We didn't know she was a girl at that point. But I knew in my heart that God could do it. In my head, I just had all these thoughts going through that were very negative and very full of doubt. But in my heart I knew that God could do it. But I knew that we had to get a hold of God. I knew that we had to seek him with all of our heart for the situation to get restored and turned around.

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what, we're going to come back in just a moment with Gary and Marie Hill and find out that God performs miracles. And since God says, "I change not and I'm not a respecter of persons, what I'll do for one, I'll do for all," get ready, there's a miracle coming your way. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Hello. I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter. We're talking to Dr. Gary and Marie Hill. Five-eighths of their daughter's brain missing. Had a sonogram. She's inside. They're fighting doubt, they're fighting unbelief. Is their daughter going to be healed or will she be dead on arrival, or a vegetable? But before we go back to that I'd like to go to Janie in the control room. Janie, who's up next week?

Janie: Sid, you'll be interviewing a woman who had the most incredible miracle. She was born with cerebral palsy, she was a quadriplegic. When she spoke no one could understand her. By the age of 18, she had so many seizures, 18 doctors declared her to be brain dead. But during that time when they said that she was brain dead, she had a vision of healing. She didn't realize that she was going to be the one to be healed, but she was and it was done the most miraculous way. Then after that God gave her a supernatural mother.

Sid Roth: Well I'll tell you, that sounds wonderful. I can't wait until next week. But thank you, Janie. But Dr. Hill, I've got to know, what were you doing? What were the steps you were taking, so to speak?

Gary Hill: Well what I did, I told you I collected scriptures that promised me a perfect baby. What I did was I just sat there and I said them out loud three times a day. What I'd do was just go these pages of scriptures and I'd say a scripture and then I'd personalize it for my baby.

Sid Roth: Can you give me an example?

Gary Hill: Well one of the scriptures, First Peter 2:24, and I said, "With the stripes that wounded Jesus my baby was healed and made whole". That's how I would personalize it.

Sid Roth: Were there points where your faith was wavering? Come on now, between you and me?

Gary Hill: Well there were, you know, especially in the beginning.

Marie Hill: Yes.

Gary Hill: The thing is as I did this, as I would say the scriptures over and over, they produced more faith within me and it's easier for me to remember.

Sid Roth: And you told me that you began worshiping God. How important was worship?

Gary Hill: Worship was very important. It would lift all of the anxiety and the fear, and the worry, at the time that I was worshiping God.

Sid Roth: Marie, were you saying these scriptures out loud?

Marie Hill: Yes. We did the, at the beginning he did them three times a day. But because we were trying to pack a house, too, and we had three other children, I was saying them once a day. I would go through all the same scriptures that he was going through and I was also worshiping God as well.

Sid Roth: Now one day in the midst of this worship something happened to you that never happened before. Explain that.

Gary Hill: Well I was just worshiping God alone in my bedroom and I fell down, not just falling down, I was thrown down on to the floor, and I felt, it felt like something was crushing me. And the room filled up with a cloud. People may not believe me, but that's what happened.

Sid Roth: I've got to ask you a question. You are a doctor. Were you drinking, were you taking drugs?

Gary Hill: No, I wasn't drinking and I wasn't taking any drugs.

Sid Roth: Did you ever have a drinking or drug problem?

Gary Hill: Never, never.

Sid Roth: Okay. So you're telling me something knocked you to the ground.

Gary Hill: Yes.

Sid Roth: What were you doing at that moment?

Gary Hill: I was just worshiping God.

Sid Roth: Something knocked you to the ground, a cloud came into the room?

Gary Hill: It was such a thick cloud that I couldn't see the chandelier hanging on the roof above my head.

Sid Roth: And what was going on inside your body? From a medical viewpoint, what was going on, Doctor?

Gary Hill: Well you know, I was so, so much pressure, I thought, I got to get out of here. I just can't stand this. You know, I started crawling toward the door. And then I thought, you know, this is God. I said, I got to stay here, you know. And you know, it just sort of slowly lifted over the next half hour. So I was able to get up and I could leave.

Sid Roth: Were you able to walk normal?

Gary Hill: Afterwards, yes. But what happened the next night is I was worshiping God again and I started to feel the same way I had been the night before. And I suddenly remembered a dream that I had before any of this started. I had this sort of strange dream, I thought it was, where this man had brought his son to me who was a schizophrenic, who had a brain tumor and had surgery on his head. He brought him to me and he said, "He left him with me". And I said to the son, I said, "I'm going to lay my right hand on you, and when I do power from God is going to flow into you and completely heal you". And when I did in the dream, he was completely healed. So anyway, at this moment when I was feeling that way I suddenly made a connection and I said, wait a minute, this dream applies to our baby, because it has to do with the head. It was a head problem in the head with that baby and it's a problem in the head with my baby. So I thought, this is God telling me what to do. So what I did was I went to get Marie so that I could lay hands on her at that moment because I knew that's what I had to do. And she actually started coming down the stairs at that exact moment. At the same, 2000 miles away my sister-in-law woke up at 1:00 in the morning and started to pray for us. It's the only time she had ever done that. So anyway, Marie came down. I said to her, "I'm going to lay my right hand on you. When I do, power from God is going to flow into you and completely heal our baby".

Sid Roth: You knew that.

Gary Hill: I knew it.

Sid Roth: So?

Gary Hill: So when I did it, she just collapsed on the floor.

Sid Roth: She's pregnant. You're a doctor. You can't let her fall down on the floor.

Gary Hill: I couldn't stop it.

Sid Roth: You're a sensible woman. You don't fall down when you're pregnant.

Marie Hill: Well it was, there was such a power that came out from him when he prayed, when he laid his hand on me. He actually laid his hand on my belly and I knew that God was doing something. I knew when I, actually when I saw him that God was going to do something. And when he laid his hand on me I could feel such peace and such love that I had never felt before. And I remember saying to God when he did that, I said, "God, I just want whatever you have for my whole life I'm receiving it now". I kind of surrendered my whole life to him.

Gary Hill: We felt God at that moment.

Marie Hill: It was a really holy moment.

Gary Hill: Absolute purity.

Marie Hill: It was a holy moment.

Gary Hill: Absolute purity. I said, "God," I said, "You're so pure. How could you have anything to do with me?

Sid Roth: The baby is born, little Carolyn. What did the tests show?

Gary Hill: She got examined by the obstetrician and he said she was perfectly normal.

Sid Roth: How old is she today?

Gary Hill: She's eight years old now.

Sid Roth: How normal is she?

Gary Hill: She plays on a soccer team.

Sid Roth: You were bragging about her report card.

Gary Hill: She had a 97 percent average in school.

Sid Roth: Just think, you almost, no, you didn't even, no, there wasn't even an almost. There really wasn't even an almost. They were going to trust God. Can you picture this little girl Carolyn, this baby, fourth child and she wasn't supposed to be. And she's normal, and she's happy and the birthdays, one year, two years, three, four, and five. You picture the joy that these parents had and they almost lost it. They almost lost this baby. But God says, "All things are possible to those who believe". All is very inclusive. But you must believe based on having your sins forgiven because of repenting from your sins and the blood Jesus washing them away, being restored to Father God. It's up to you. What more do you need? God is loving you right now. He's loving you right now and I believe that many of you are going to be healed now in Jesus' name. Put your hand right there on your chest. Be healed in Jesus' name. A back was just healed and a neck in Jesus' name. You're whole. You're whole. You're whole.
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