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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Use This Key to Unlock Your Best Life with Krissy Nelson

Sid Roth - Use This Key to Unlock Your Best Life with Krissy Nelson

Sid Roth - Use This Key to Unlock Your Best Life with Krissy Nelson

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world, where it's naturally supernatural! Have you ever felt, is that all there is? There must be something more! There is! And my guest knows the missing ingredient. And no one's talking about it, but she wants to pray it over you!

Sid Roth: Krissy, you have what are called open visions. Describe what an open vision is to you.

Krissy Nelson: You know I call it an encounter! I feel like I'm encountering the presence of God. He will take me into scenarios. There was a time where I was doing something very ordinary. I was standing in a kitchen, of all places, and I felt this presence of God come and fill the room, and I knew something was about to happen. And I had my hands by my side, and then all of a sudden I felt a hand fill my hand, and then it was Jesus. And He said, "Come, follow Me", and I thought, "Wow"! And He took me back, and He took me into moments into moments where I could see what He saw and feel what He felt.

Sid Roth: It's beyond watching it on, say a video.

Krissy Nelson: Yeah!

Sid Roth: It's actually you were in the scene!

Krissy Nelson: I was there, I was there.

Sid Roth: You could smell, you could taste, you could feel all your senses.

Krissy Nelson: I could. Yeah, yeah.

Sid Roth: And could you imagine, being able to see major miracles of Jesus, major events in His life as it's actually taking place? You talk about reading the Bible, that's nothing compared to this! This is the Bible!

Krissy Nelson: Yeah.

Sid Roth: Alright, tell me a couple.

Krissy Nelson: He took me into the Bible. He took me into His Word. The Word took my hand, and took me into the Word, where I was with the woman at the well, and I could feel what she felt. I could feel the deep emptiness that she was experiencing over the life that she'd lived. And then the moment that Jesus spoke to her, and said, "If you only knew who it was that was talking to you, you would ask Him for living water, and He would give it to you, and you would have eternal life". And I could feel this moment, when He spoke those words, as life began to flow into her body, and she had hope, you know, for all of us who ever feel dry and weary, you know. And then I was suddenly, um, there was another one with the woman with the issue of blood. But the one I want to also talk about is the woman caught in the case of adultery. And here Jesus was, and the men around him were trying to trap Him, you know, "What are you going to do with her"? And they accuse her, and they throw her in front of them. And in this vision, what I experienced, I was feeling what Jesus felt, and I felt Him run to her, and cover her with His robe. And I could feel the dirt on the ground, it was even getting up into my eyes, and I could taste it! And His the fire inside of Him to shield this woman that He cared for, that was being accused. And He looked at them, and I could feel when He said, "But any of you who is without sin, cast the first stone". And I feel like that's what He does for us, today!

Sid Roth: He, He, literally has our back!

Krissy Nelson: He has our back! He cares for us, and He robes us in that robe of righteousness, bought by His blood. And that's where He brought me next, was to the cross. It was the most agonizing place I could ever imagine. And I was seeing through His eyes...

Sid Roth: Excuse me. Did you see that movie by Mel Gibson?

Krissy Nelson: Oh yeah!

Sid Roth: How much more real did what you saw was even in that movie?

Krissy Nelson: Oh, I mean I can't even I can't there's no parallel, because I'm feeling His feelings. I'm a feeler in general, and I was feeling in His heart, and I was seeing out through His eyes, and I could see the people. And I could see this sort of almost gray casting on them, that they were, they had no idea what they were doing. And I could feel the agony inside of the lamb, you know, being slain. And I could feel that moment, where He said to the Father, "Father! Forgive them! They don't know what they're doing"! And then all of a sudden, after that moment, I felt the most intense feeling yet, and it was like what I felt at the well, with living water rushing into the woman. I felt this living water bubble up from within the lamb, and it's that joy. It was joy "the joy set before Him, that He endured the cross"! And I was feeling that! It was that compassion inside of Him, that that kept Him following through with what He came to do.

Sid Roth: "You were chosen", according to the Bible, "before the foundation of this Earth"! And I know this: I know that if you take a little step towards Him, He's going to run towards you, and surround you with a new robe of being right with Him, it's called a "robe of righteousness".

Krissy Nelson: Yeah.

Sid Roth: Repeat this prayer after me: "Dear God, I'm a sinner, and I'm so sorry. I believe that Your blood washed away my sins, and You have no remembrance of it anymore". Oh! It's so good to be so clean!

Krissy Nelson: Yeah.

Sid Roth: Say repeat this: "It's so good to be so clean! And now that I am clean, KN and Jesus, come inside of me. Take over my life. I make You my Lord! Amen"! Now Krissy, I'm going to take you back. You're 15 years of age, and I can picture a 15-year-old struggling with rejection, and insecurity. And you went to a meeting, take me back there.

Krissy Nelson: Yeah, I was 15, and I was really at this place where I was at the end of my rope. I felt lonely, I felt rejected, I felt like my life didn't matter! And I but I knew I wanted it to matter! And I was at this place where I'm just like no. I need God, I need You to show up for me. And if You're real, then You send somebody to pray for me, because I'm not going to go. Um, and so a couple of people came and prayed over me, and I could feel the walls of my heart just begin to fall and fall. And then one man came over, and he prayed, and he spoke a word, right into my identity, right into the thing that was lost in me, which is who I am, and that my life mattered. And he said, "Girl, I just see you reaching so many people", and then all of a sudden the power of God came over him, and he said, "Mover, shaker, history maker". And in that moment, the walls of my heart, were gone. The heart was wide open, and I lifted my hands, and I began to just worship the Lord, and cry out. And I just wept, and I wept, and the floodgates of my heart were open.

Sid Roth: You told me people actually saw a glow around the three of you!

Krissy Nelson: In that moment, I had felt like I was in a bubble, you know a bubble of His presence. And we actually had a picture of that, where there's me and my friends and that Glory around us. And that's what I was experiencing in that moment. I got up and I'm looking around, and I'm seeing through something. And it was the Lord it was the presence of God, It was His Glory. And I made my way to my family, and my uncle looked at me, and he just shook his head, and he said, "He's big, isn't he"! And when he said that, I fell to the ground, because I realized that what's I'm encountering, right now. Right in my mess, God met me with His mercy, and His bigness. And that night, He held me in His arms, and He held me tight, and He spoke into me who I was. And I woke up the next morning, just with these fresh eyes, and say, "Good morning, Lord", and I knew right then, like He wasn't just God afar, you know. He was God of near. He was Abba Father.

Sid Roth: If you can believe this if you can believe this I'm going to have her say those 3 words. The 3 words were "Mover, shaker, and history maker". If you can believe this, you speak it into the lives. And if you can believe it, this is you!

Krissy Nelson: Yeah. Yeah, I just declare right now, that you have come to a crossroads in your destiny, and Father God wants to speak this word of truth over you right now: "Mover, shaker, history-maker".

Sid Roth: But you know, life takes many twists and turns. And she's rising in the corporate world, climbing the corporate ladder, and she's married now, but she lost the intimacy with God. She lost the fire of God that she had. But then she had a baby, and God used that baby. I'll let her tell you when we come back.

Sid Roth: You know at 15 you were so on fire for God, but the things in the world just pulled it out of her, literally.

Krissy Nelson: Yeah. And then, her daughter is born.

Krissy Nelson: Yeah, I had become very dry, and very um, far from that original intimacy that I had, I stopped seeking Him! And so here I was, and I was like this shell of myself. I wasn't even myself anymore, I was dry, I was weary. And I had my baby girl, and there was something about her life, growing inside of my belly, that I could feel new life coming alive in me as well, spiritually! And when she was born, it was like this world that I had built for myself by myself, in and of myself that wasn't a strong foundation for me to stand on anymore. Suddenly I'm a new mom, and I can't control anything! And I was very aware of that, painfully aware of that. So in the middle of the night, I'm holding my little newborn baby, and I just began to feel at that like that place again, where I was at the end of my rope. I couldn't go on in my own strength anymore, and I began to cry out, again, to the Father. And I know there's many that get to that place, where you suddenly, you're face to face with the reality that you cannot do it on your own anymore, and that is the most beautiful place to be. And in that moment, I'm holding my baby. It's dark, and I'm the only one in the room, and I look up! I lifted my face, postured myself, to surrender to the Father, and I said, "God! Who am I"? You know, it's like here I am! "Who am I now? What do you want me to do"? And He said to me, "Krissy, look down". And I looked down, and I saw my baby girl there, innocently in my arms, and He said that. "Right there, that's who you are, that's what I want you to do". And it was so multi-faceted. I'm her mom, and also, I'm to be like her, for the Father, in His arms. And He reminded me, and He brought me back to that place of the original awakening of who I am in Him, His daughter that He longs to just hold and wrap in His arms.

Krissy Nelson: And I came alive! Came alive.

Sid Roth: And going back to these open visions, these encounters that you had, tell me about the dirt road.

Krissy Nelson: Yeah. Yeah, man, I mean I went full bore after the Lord after that with my baby girl. And a few years later, I had been um, at a service. I was laying out in the presence of God, and I didn't realize everybody had left the room, but they had. And um, suddenly I wasn't in the aisle way of a church anymore. Suddenly I was on a dirt road, and I was laying there just utterly limp. And I saw a man in white began to walk toward me, and he picked me up. And in my heart, I'm thinking, "What is happening"? "Who is this"? "Where is He taking me"? And suddenly, I could see the Throne, and I could see seated on the Throne, the Lamb of God. And I could see Jesus, I could see Him sitting there. And I realized this was the Father, and He had picked me up, and He laid me at the feet of the Lamb, on the Throne. And He looked to the Son, and He said, "Here You are, Son. Here I have found You another one. Here I give you the reward of Your suffering, another life laid down in total surrender to You". And in my heart, I'm just I'm trying to speak, no words could come out, but my heart began communicating with the heart of the Lamb, and I said, "What am I doing here"?, and He wouldn't answer that question. And then it wasn't the right question. And then I asked in my heart, "What do You want me to say to them"?, because I knew, as much as I'd love to stay right there forever, there was a purpose for me, on the Earth, a mandate from Heaven. "What do You want me to say to them"?, I said, and the Lamb answered me heart to heart, and He said, "You speak of the cross, you speak of My love", and I said, "Okay. I'll speak of the cross, and I'll speak of Your great love". And then the Father picked me back up, and brought me back to that road He found me on, and I realized, by the Spirit in that moment, that was the road that was marked out for me, from before the foundations of the Earth were formed. There's a road for us! Each of us, are on a road, and on a path, and we have, purpose. I you know, just lean back into the plans and the purposes of God and say, "Here I am, Lord", like Isaiah. You know we get caught up in this conversation from Heaven that says, "Who will go for us"? "Who can we send"? The Father is looking for vessels to use on the Earth for His purposes and His Glory. And if we'll just raise our hands, in surrender, and say, "Send me! I'll go! Here I am"!, you know! He doesn't need our background, our education, our perfection, our money! You know He doesn't need all of that our smarts, He just needs our availability, and He will use it.

Sid Roth: Now Krissy, you say that it's okay to color

Krissy Nelson: Yeah.

Sid Roth: like in a coloring book outside of the lines! You say God made you, to stand out.

Krissy Nelson: Yeah.

Sid Roth: Be right back.

Sid Roth: Now I don't know about you, but when I even think of a coloring book, I like to color if I not that I do it, but although they found it's pretty relaxing I like to color inside of the lines! But you had a son that liked to color outside of the lines!

Krissy Nelson: Yes, and he still does! And you know it's amazing how God will use our children to speak powerful lessons to us. And one morning I had actually in the middle of the night I had woken up, and I was agonizing over just had I said something wrong, had I said it the wrong way, and just really, you know, God, I and I just needed to hear from Him! And I was weeping and crying out to Him, and suddenly the Holy Spirit spoke, and He said to me, "Krissy, it's okay for you to color outside the lines. It's okay", and I just I got it. And all of a sudden I was taken back, and remembered this moment where I saw my son and my daughter, they were both, coloring. My daughter's older than my son. She's she was being taught in kindergarten at the time about coloring inside the lines, so that was just a real passion point for her. And I saw him look over at her paper, and look at his, and it was this moment of comparison where he realized, "Oh, maybe I am just scribbling"! And he just looked at her, and these crocodile tears began to pour out of his eyes. And that's what the Father was showing me that I had been doing. I was looking over at that person's paper, and I was realizing what how they were doing it, and mine couldn't compare. And He said to me those words, "It's okay to color outside the lines", and then He began to say to me, you know, "You were created to stand out, and not be boxed in. You are an original"!, you know. And I believe that's a word for people watching, too! That God would say to you, "You are an original, and it's time to embrace our uniqueness", and just be not afraid to color outside the lines!

Sid Roth: you know, I'm reminded of the fingerprint. Do you know why they take fingerprints? Because no one has the same fingerprint! No one is created to do what you are created to do better than you!

Krissy Nelson: Yeah.

Sid Roth: You are the original! And don't let the devil bash you in, because you are God's workmanship. Krissy, 4 AM in the morning, you're up, you're sipping your coffee, and God speaks to you. What did He say?

Krissy Nelson: Yeah, it was at the time when I was working on my book, and I was wondering what, what am I going to call this thing that You’re birthing in me, God? What is Your heart for this? And I was getting up really early in the morning to seek Him. With small children, that was kind of the only time I could get away with him was, well this was 4 AM, because my children are very early risers painfully so 4 AM sipping my coffee, and all of a sudden the Holy Spirit just stops me in my tracks, and he says He whispers this secret on the Father's heart, you know, and he just says, "Krissy, God thinks you can do anything"! And I just stood there, and I wept, and I got it! Wow, He thinks I can do anything! If God thinks I can do anything, then who am I to disagree with God?

Krissy Nelson: And me, and we need to know that! You know, everybody watching and listening needs to know that God thinks you can do anything! You know, He paid a great price for us to be able to do absolutely everything through Him. You know the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead is living in us, and moving and operating in us in our everyday. In the seemingly ordinary, we can encounter the extra-ordinary of God. He thinks we can do anything.

Sid Roth: I want you to speak this into the spirit of those watching or in the studio audience right now. Will you do that?

Krissy Nelson: Yeah. Yeah, I just I hear that word deposit like a seed, and so l let these words be a deposit like a seed that are going to be planted in good ground in your heart, that God thinks you can do anything. Nothing is impossible with Him, and He is living and active inside of you. And I just declare an activation over that, right now, in each and every one of us! In me and you, that we'd be activated in breaking down everything that would hinder us from agreeing with that simple truth. So I declare and I proclaim, right now, over you, that God thinks you can do anything. And it is time. The Lord says it is time for you to begin to agree with the plans and Promises of God, that He has created you "for such a time as this", to rise up in the boldness, and the meekness, of Christ Jesus. And just declare to yourself every day, lock eyes in the mirror and say, "God thinks I can do anything". Let's do it right now together.

Sid Roth: Okay.

Krissy Nelson: Okay, ready? "God thinks I can do anything".

Sid Roth: Anything!

Krissy Nelson: Anything!
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