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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - David McDonald Was Racist. But God Changed His Heart

Sid Roth - David McDonald Was Racist. But God Changed His Heart

Sid Roth - David McDonald Was Racist. But God Changed His Heart
TOPICS: Racism, Antisemitism

Sid Roth: This former black and Jew hater knows the future. Next on this edition of It's Supernatural!

Sid Roth: Hello. I'm Sid Roth, your investigative reporter. I'm here with David McDonald. David, you were born in South Africa. Tell me, and when you were in the military.

David McDonald: Yes.

Sid Roth: You hated black people. Tell me about one black person that you expressed this hate to.

David McDonald: Well you know, I remember walking up into a mall area one day and there was a man standing there just minding his own business and I just walked right next to him and punched him as hard as I could in his stomach, just a rage. It was just outrage.

Sid Roth: Why did you want to hurt him?

David McDonald: I think because of inferiority. I think I was more insecure than he was and because of that insecurity that had built up over the years there was just a rage. You know, the only way I can explain it, it was a demonic rage. It was a rage, it wasn't a human rage and that was one incident that I can remember.

Sid Roth: In South Africa they had apartheid.

David McDonald: That's right.

Sid Roth: Like here in the United States we had segregation and slavery.

David McDonald: Yes.

Sid Roth: So you went through that. Tell me the psychology of this, how it developed within you as a person to hate blacks, to hate Jews.

David McDonald: Well you know, growing up as a young boy I never, there was never any hate. You know, as a young child growing up there was, our home was always full of joy. But as I started to go through the school program in South Africa, I went to a public school, we called them government schools there, the school teachers would use propaganda. They would say things like, if you're not going to do your homework, if you don't do well some black child will come in and take your chair, and sit in your seat, and that began to produce an anger and a hate that manifested later on in life. And so from elementary school to high school, by the time we got to high school, we hated black kids, we hated black men. For a white young man to grow up in South Africa your greatest threat was somebody your age that was black and that produced the anger.

Sid Roth: Now where did the hatred toward Jews come from?

David McDonald: Well living in the community I lived, really it was the diet we were being fed, the instruction that we were hearing our uncles and our aunts, our family, people speak about, they hated Jews. To them, the Jew coming into South Africa was a threat to the economy. It was a threat to business because wherever the Jewish people went they would do well, they would prosper.

Sid Roth: Now were there neo-Nazis there?

David McDonald: Oh absolutely. After the Second World War, South Africa really had their fill of neo-Nazis. They came back after the Second World War, was introduced into South Africa and really we didn't walk around looking like punkers. You know, we didn't dye our hair and walk around looking weird. It was more militant, it was more organized in South Africa. That was the neo-Nazism that I was used to. It was more organized. It wasn't just pop guys that listen to some rap star or, you know, it wasn't a culture, it was a discipline.

Sid Roth: Now the thing that's so amazing to me is you didn't know anything about Jesus, but as a young boy.

David McDonald: Yes.

Sid Roth: Tell me about that.

David McDonald: Well I remember, you know, we were brought up in the church, in the main church and Presbyterian church, and I remember being invited as a young boy, seven years old, on a Sunday school camp. I think it was a Friday and Saturday and then Sunday, we'd go back to the church. It was my first time I left home, you could say. But I remember very, very well, you know, very well, the kids were all invited to play ball games and there were a lot of activities. And as a kid I was an introvert. And I remember that I didn't really want to play games with these young kids. And so I just walked into the bush, the area that I was in, it was pretty bushy. I walked into the bush and I came across a black village where little kids were running around, little black kids, and I went and joined in and started to chat with them. And then something, I don't know if something came on me, but something within me wanted to reach out to these children. I remember telling these kids about Jesus as a seven-year-old kid.

Sid Roth: But you had heard about him in church.

David McDonald: Well I never heard the salvation message. Never heard the salvation message, never heard it. We went to church and there wasn't any salvation preached. It was more a political church than evangelistic church, so never heard the salvation message. And there I was standing with these kids telling them to receive Jesus Christ, and that was an experience that has altered my life. I think it started there.

Sid Roth: Now at age 21 though, you made a formal profession of faith.

David McDonald: Absolutely. And but a lot happened in between that, Sid. I grew up in a home where there was a consistent hunger and urgency within my heart to know about Jesus. I would read the Word. I would listen and try and find things as a boy growing up.

Sid Roth: But how could you do that and hate the black and hate the Jew?

David McDonald: Well you see, there was something that was birthed within me, I believe, by the Spirit of God, by Divine intervention as a young boy. But as I grew up, Sid, what happened was there was not a consistency of someone discipling me and giving me what I needed to live on or the diet that I needed to have the spiritual diet. All I heard was the hate and the anger. So by the time I was 17, 18 years old, I said, man this stuff about Jesus doesn't work. The only thing that works is anger and bitterness, and hate. That seems to be working because of the environment, you see. And so when I joined the Air Force, I didn't join the Air Force to become a good officer or pilot, I joined the Air Force to become a mercenary. That was my desire. I wanted to become a mercenary so that when I was finished with the Air Force I could leave and go into Africa and be a soldier of fortune. That was my desire.

Sid Roth: But something happened.

David McDonald: Something happened when I was seven years old and I believe it was with me even though I was angry. I mean, we would plan all sorts of terrible things, you know. As I became more involved with a group called the AWB I became more involved in their structure, in their discipline and the things they were doing?

Sid Roth: What was their purpose?

David McDonald: Well their purpose was to undermine every black person that lived in South Africa. Their purpose was to undermine the government. Their purpose was to destroy the honor of a nation. Really, if you look at the AWB, you look at what Hitler did in Germany, it was exactly the same thing and we would dress up in cocky clothing. We would dress up, we'd have a swastika on our arms. I mean, we were an army and that's what I thought. I thought we were doing God a favor, you see, because of the deceptive input that I was getting as a young man.

Sid Roth: So what changed that?

David McDonald: Well I'll tell you what changed. I was in the Air Force and one Sunday morning a young man that I had seen in the camp named many times before, walked up to me and said, "David, I'd like to take you to church". And you know, Sid, the first thing that came up in me was I wanted to hit him so hard.

Sid Roth: Why? You like Jesus. You were reading the Bible.

David McDonald: Well because of the anger, because of, you know, anybody that spoke about God had something more than I did, and I think it was that insecurity. Once again, it was insecurity, insecurity of thinking that I wasn't good enough. I mean...

Sid Roth: I'm so glad I didn't invite you to church that day. I wouldn't want to be punched in the nose. We're going to pick up right here. We'll be back in a moment.

Sid Roth: Hello. I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter and I'm here with David McDonald, racist from South Africa, someone that hated to such a passion the blacks and the Jewish people. And one day a friend of his in the military says, invites him to go to church. He wants to punch him in the nose. Why did you go?

David McDonald: Well the first thing I realized was that the bars were closed in the camp and that I would get a free lunch because the trip to the church would be probably two and a half hours, before we were based miles, 120 kilometers, that's probably 60 miles from the nearest church. So we had to drive and spend the whole morning there and then we'd come back. And I said, free lunch, the bars aren't open, there's nothing else to do, I'll go with this guy. And so we drove out to this church and this guy walked in. He loved the Lord. There was something in his life that was, that I needed and I knew I needed it. You see, that's the thing, on the way there, I knew I needed what he had. But we got to this church this guy, you know, being the staunch Christian he was went and sat right in front.

Sid Roth: You wanted to be in the back.

David McDonald: And I wanted to be in the back, and I just, and I sat down in front of him with him, you know, alongside of him. And this man, it was a little church, a little Assembly of God church. And this guy started to preach, and started to teach on the love of the Father and the son, and the Father, the Father-son relationship. And Sid, something happened in that room that day that I cannot explain. But it felt like if everybody around had disappeared and I was the only guy sitting there. And it wasn't the preacher that was teaching, it was Jesus. And I remember very, very clearly that as this guy was preaching I could not wait. I almost stopped him and said, could you lead me, could you lead me in the prayer of salvation. That was the urgency that had built up within me. And before this guy finished preaching I was on my knees and went through the most awesome, that's the only way I can explain it to you, the most awesome conversion from being a man of hate and anger to a guy that just was a softy. I mean, I remember getting in the car with this guy, not even going for lunch, but weeping 120 kilometers back, weeping. It was almost I was weeping for the years I hadn't wept.

Sid Roth: In other words, you weren't a type of a person to cry.

David McDonald: Not at all. I was a hard, I had become...

Sid Roth: You were macho.

David McDonald: Macho. In fact, if I saw myself in the mirror, you know, I was always cursing things in my life saying, you are a hater, you angry, it's good to be that way. And so when this happened to me it was a conversion that I cannot put in writing. And I remember just weeping on the way back to this camp. And my life changed. It was a day, it was a night and day change.

Sid Roth: What about blacks?

David McDonald: Something supernatural happened, and that was this, that every time I would see a black person, because the area that the camp was in was in an area where there was a lot of indigenous black people, and every time I would see one I would just start to weep. I would weep unashamedly. I would weep in the shopping market. I would weep filling up my car with gas. I would weep, just an emotion. At one stage I thought I was losing my mind. But there was a compassion that I received that wasn't a human compassion. It wasn't a fleshy compassion. It wasn't something that someone tried to teach me. It was a spiritual compassion from daddy himself.

Sid Roth: When I asked you before we went on the air, I want you to tell me one example of when you beat up or hurt a black person.

David McDonald: Yes.

Sid Roth: You said to me, I'll tell you, but I don't want to be that graphic. Why?

David McDonald: You know, when I think about the things that we did, many times I thank God that those things have been washed away, washed away, no longer for me to remember. There's things I can't even remember about my younger days. And sometimes, you know, I think, well maybe it's God's grace. I'd rather not even go there because when you think about that, all that had to do was with destruction. You know, destroy someone else's life. You know, I don't even think it has the value to speak about anymore. I think the value that we speak about here is the fact that God can save, God can heal and he can bring a change.

Sid Roth: And you know what intrigues me, I mean, I am so intrigued with a gift that God put in you of knowing things about people, being able to predict things that will happen. Tell me one time that God used this gift for someone to be healed.

David McDonald: Oh I was sitting in a church in Texas, and while I was teaching the Word, I stopped instantaneously. It wasn't premediated. I didn't know anybody in the church. And there was a lady sitting to the right and I just said, "Ma'am, you sitting over there," I said, "No longer will you be on tranquilizers, you won't be addicted to tranquilizers. God is healing your body". And she and her husband jumped up. And I said, "By the way," I said, "You've been spending thousands of dollars on medication. And her and her husband jumped up and just started to scream with delight. And little did I know I received a letter from her and her physician. She had been taking I don't how many thousands of dollars of medication a year, a month. She was addicted to tranquilizers and she was going through a rough time physically because of all her tranquilizers. That was one of the times that, as the Word came, as the word of knowledge came it brought healing instantaneously.

Sid Roth: She was totally set free.

David McDonald: She was totally set free within one day.

Sid Roth: How does this Word work? Do you hear a voice? Do you have a thought?

David McDonald: Many times it's spontaneous. Many times it's, you know, when you look at the Hebrew word "prophet" it means "nabi" and nabi is to bubble up. And many times I've tried to figure it out, Sid, and I can't figure it out. Sometimes you'll get an impression. Sometimes you'll get a word or a picture. But most times it's just as if, you know, you're just connected through a Divine pressure hose and it just comes out of your mouth.

Sid Roth: Well I can tell you something, David. Something is bubbling up inside of me right now and I believe that something is bubbling up within David. And we'll be back in a moment. Don't go away.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth. I can't wait to get to my guest David McDonald because he is a prophet that knows the future. But I'd like to find out who's on next week. Let's go to the control room. Janie?

Janie:Sid, I have scary newspaper clippings in my hands. You're going to be interviewing a woman who was abducted by a mass murderer-rapist and he had murdered about 30 women that looked like her and she had a supernatural protection that happened.

Sid Roth: Thank you, Janie. David, as I said before, this gift intrigues me. You say it just kind of bubbles up. Tell me a little bit about this gift of prophecy.

David McDonald: Well you know, the gift of prophecy, you know, when you read the nine gifts of the Spirit, you'll find that there's a word of knowledge, a word of wisdom and then the gift of prophecy. Now many people get confused about, well if they have a word of knowledge, if they're a prophet and so forth, and I believe they need some type of balance to teach on it so that people understand that you're not necessarily a prophet. Because being a prophet, you walk in a governmental office as a prophet. If you just move in the gift of knowledge, gift of wisdom, doesn't mean you're a prophet. But I believe that many times when you see a word of knowledge in operation my experience is that 99 percent there's an immediate manifestation.

Sid Roth: Really? Tell me about you had one about money.

David McDonald: Well I was in Australia ministering at a church and a lot of those people, they are farmers. And there was a lady and her husband, and I called them out, and I said, "Can I pray with you"? And I had a word of knowledge. I said, "There's money owed to you. You've been in debt because of these people owing you money". And I said, "Within the next 48 hours you will see an incredible turnaround".

Sid Roth: Now that's kind of putting yourself on the spot.

David McDonald: Absolutely.

Sid Roth: You said in 48 hours.

David McDonald: In 48 hours. And you're saying things that are pretty explicit. Well in 48 hours, what little I know, they were selling hay, they were buying hay or growing hay, compressing hay and sending it to Japan, and they were owed $25,000. Well within 48 hours of that word of knowledge, they received a check for the full total. And it didn't just happen in Australia. I was in Hawaii and I was with a church in Maui, Hawaii, Assembly of God Church, and I ministered to this lady and said to her the same thing. I said, "Ma'am," I said, "I just believe that you're coming into some finances". I gave her a time. I said, "Within the next week you will have more money than you can handle. In actual effect," I said to her, "you will need to hire an accountant". Well after the service the pastor brought me to his office and he said, "Brother, that, you're out of order".

Sid Roth: Why?

David McDonald: "That woman lives in a bus. She has no income. She is on the poverty line".

Sid Roth: She's a street person.

David McDonald: Well she, not really. I mean, she was going to church. But she lived in a bus. I mean, she was poverty stricken. She had a family, but destitute, really. Well what happened was she was married to a man many, many years ago. They got divorced, but he continued to pay into insurance and she was the beneficiary. And he passed away, and within one week received, I don't know how many thousands of dollars, but more than she could handle, and she had to hire an accountant. And that pastor phoned me and apologized. And you see, that's how God works. Now sometimes, you know, I believe we can miss it. But many times when God gives you a spontaneous word that there's no premeditation, you didn't have to meditate on and it comes out supernaturally, there's a manifestation. That's what I've seen and what I've experienced.

Sid Roth: Have you missed it much?

David McDonald: Yes I have. There's been times...

Sid Roth: I'm so glad you said that because most of the people that I have talked to that prophesy say, I never have missed it. I'm glad I've got an honest prophet here, David.

David McDonald: We miss it. You know, we're dealing with the soulish realm and dealing with the spirit realm. Now I always say to people, how many of you have, you know, if you think about this, how many of us have drank water out of hot hose on a hot summer's day or hose pipe? What does it taste like? It tastes like a hose. In other words, we're dealing with soulish things. And many times instead of hearing rhema word, we are so connected to the logos word, the word that we read that when we see people, we want to speak logos.

Sid Roth: We incorporate what we already know.

David McDonald: Yes. That's it instead of hearing rhema. And that's when we get into trouble.

Sid Roth: What do you see happening in the future in the United States?

David McDonald: I see a tremendous, a tearing apart, if I can say that, between, it's almost like if I can give you this, a dream I had. I had a dream and I saw the word, "tug of war". There's a tug of war happening between two groups of people in America. I'm not speaking about people that are not churched. I'm speaking about church people. That there's a group of people that say, yes, we want to go all the way, we want to get passionate, we want to get hungry, we want to do what God wants us to do, we sold out, we surrendered. And then there's another group of people that are saying, no we're happy, we're comfortable, the road of mediocracy is all that we need, we don't want any more. That's what I see happening.

Sid Roth: A separation.

David McDonald: Absolutely, a separation. And then I believe there will be a remnant that God will raise up, a remnant that will walk like Jesus, talk like Jesus and act like Jesus.

Sid Roth: Will we see an increase in the supernatural?

David McDonald: Absolutely. I believe the '90s, I believe the 19th century was the century of the natural and I believe the new millennium will be a millennium of the supernatural. We'll have supernatural encounters on a day-to day-basis.

Sid Roth: Tell me some things that you see are coming, supernaturally.

David McDonald: I believe the knowledge of God is going to be a supernatural outpouring. There's going to be an outpouring of the full knowledge of God in his church, in America. We're going to see the force of God's knowledge in his church like never before, so much so that nations will come in. You can read it in Habakkuk Chapter 2, Verse 14, it says, "Nations will come in. Nations shall flow into her". And I believe the reason why nations shall flow into her is because of the knowledge we'll have. We'll have the answer and I believe that's going to be a supernatural thing that will happen. That we'll have...

Sid Roth: Let me tell you something that concerns me, David.

David McDonald: Yes.

Sid Roth: And that is in the United States of America I see tensions between blacks and whites are, even though this is the best time in the history of the relationship between blacks and whites.

David McDonald: Yes, yes.

Sid Roth: I see such tension and such anger under the surface with hot heads in the black community and hot heads in the white community. I don't see anything this country can do legislation-wise to stop horrible race wars. What's the answer?

David McDonald: The answer is to stop ministering from behind a religious robe. Stop trying to speak to each other from a platform and start to get to know each other in the street. Get to know each other outside of the institution. It never worked in South Africa. I've been around many different people that have tried to do restoration and reconciliation things and we're trying to address ourselves on a platform where there's all this formality. We need to get out of that formality because if I as a white person want to walk redemptively with a black person I need to touch them. I need to love them. I need to say that I love them and not from behind a religious robe. That's not going to work. We need to drop the formalities and come through the same doorway Jesus came through, and that was the servant quarters.

Sid Roth: But you know what I want to see, David, and I want to see it so badly, I want to see the same thing that happened to you happen to white people, happen to black people, happen to Jews, happen to Christians and that is understand the love of God. Understand that God is not a respecter of persons. Understand that God has as much love for a black person as he has for a white person. He has as much love for a Jew as he has for a gentile. God has so much more love than any of us can fathom. And you know something, he will never love you more than he loves you right now at this moment. And there's nothing that you can do, but there's something you can do to stop being connected with that anger and bitterness, and hate, and rage, and get connected with the God of love. Confess your sins. That's what David did. Believe that Jesus washed away your sins and then when you're clean say, Jesus, your blood has made me clean. Then you're clean and you say, Father God, be a father to me. Jesus, you live inside of me. I need your love. I need your shalom. I need your peace. I need a friend. You can know God as your friend, not an ostrich, and say, I believe, I believe, I believe, but you can have an experience. God wants you to have an experience with him. But there's no other way given unto men in which we must have this experience but the Messiah Jesus. Pray right now. Get real with God. He'll get real with you.
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