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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - God Showed Him What's Coming Soon to Planet Earth with Loren Sandford

Sid Roth - God Showed Him What's Coming Soon to Planet Earth with Loren Sandford

Sid Roth - God Showed Him What's Coming Soon to Planet Earth with Loren Sandford
TOPICS: Future

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world, where it's naturally supernatural! My guest is considered by many one of the most accurate prophets they know! He has seen the near future of the world, and he says it's mandatory you know what's coming, so you can prepare. Anyone interested in knowing what's coming? I know I am!

Sid Roth: Now my guest is Loren Sandford, and you may recognize his last name, because his parents are like household words in the Charismatic movement, John and Paula Sandford. And Loren, you were telling me that the last two Presidents; President Trump and President Obama. You not only knew they were going to win before the election, but you knew details about them, and details about their term. But you were telling me about and this is important you were telling me about a dream you had about President Obama.

Loren Sandford: Yes. In this dream I was in a shopping mall, and, President Obama was there too, he was going to express his grief to the nation, over the shootings that have been going on. And so I'm walking through the shopping mall, and I come to the place where the shoot where the where the filming is going to go on. And so I'm filled with this overwhelming love, and impetus from the Lord, to go up to Obama, take his hand and I walked right past the Secret Service guy and take his hand, and say, "Mr. President, would it be alright if I stood with you, as you make this announcement to the nation"? And he began to weep in this dream. He began to weep, and grabbed hold of my hand like a drowning man, like, "Oh, please"! And, so I told the stagehands, "Please remove the podium so that we can be seen, standing together, before the nation, um in this in this grief, and they could see the love". And I said, "Lord, what was that all about"?, and the Lord said, "There is a mandate for the Church, in this hour, if we're going to have the effect that we're called to have. In these days to come, we are going to have to learn to love with the love of the Father, even the people that we have hated the most particularly our politicians".

Loren Sandford: You know we didn't really pray for Barak Obama, did we? And we paid for that.

Sid Roth: Most evangelicals did not.

Loren Sandford: Yes! Most evangelicals did not! And so I've given a call that we must pray for President Trump.

Sid Roth: Now, you heard so many details about the Administrations, especially the one in now. But in 2015...

Loren Sandford: Yes.

Sid Roth: God told you about the corruption.

Loren Sandford: Yes.

Sid Roth: What did He say?

Loren Sandford: The Father just said to me very clearly that we were going to see an exposure of corruption at such a level, and to such a degree in this nation, that it would rock the nation. and at first I wondered if I was if I was wrong, because it didn't happen right away, but now we're seeing it unfold. We're seeing it begin to erupt. I saw it almost like a boiling pot of yucky, of yucky stuff.

Sid Roth: You also had a word about natural disasters, and the new ministries that will evolve.

Loren Sandford: We've reached a point in mankind's history when the Earth can no longer bear up under the accumulated sin of mankind, and it's reacting. And so we're seeing I mean people will say climate change is because of, you know carbon dioxide and all that. No. The Earth is reacting to the sin of mankind. And so we have a historic eruption going on in Hawaii. We've had fires and historic droughts in California. we were seeing an increase in hurricanes. We're seeing a lot of climate change going on; we're going to see more of it. There was...

Sid Roth: So you're saying that all these horrible things, it's that many say is the judgment of God. It's just the Earth reacting to that accumulated sin!

Loren Sandford: Exactly! There are you know there are the universe operates by Law. You know there's what you sow, you reap! You know, that's Law! It's not one Law for and the foolishness of mankind is we think that there's one Law for the universe, you know for the physical universe, and another Law spiritually, so that we can do whatever we want, morally or spiritually, and that somehow doesn't affect us. But it's the same Law both places! You know, that if you jump off the roof of a house, you're going to die, or break your legs! If you sin, something dies! Or something is polluted! Or something is you know and it's the same thing with the Earth; we have sown so much pollution, spiritually and morally into the Earth, that the Earth must react.

Sid Roth: Okay. When the Earth reacts, and we see what's going on now, and what's coming, what is God going to do with ministries?

Loren Sandford: Yeah. With ministries, here's what I believe: I believe first that He's going to raise up ministries of compassion, because this is the hour for Christians to shine with love in every aspect. I mean the revelation of the hour is the Father's love! If we don't get hold of that, we're missing the whole thing. The whole world knows what we hate; they need to know what we love. You know historically the Christians won the Roman Empire by loving; not by condemning, not by judgment, but by loving. And so we're called to be those who are known for their love, so we're going to see ministries of compassion rising up out of the Christian community. I also believe that there are certain areas of the nation and the world that are what I would call cities of refuge. There's been tremendous work.

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what, hold that thought.

Loren Sandford: Okay.

Sid Roth: When we come back, he had a literal vision of what's going to happen between now and I believe it was 2020. I want to hear about it. Be right back.

Loren Sandford: Amen.

Sid Roth: So tell me about the vision of the four sticks.

Loren Sandford: Yeah. The vision of the four sticks. It was right after the election, 2016, and we were having one of our prayer meetings in our church. And I'm not one who normally gets visions, and so when I get a vision, I pay attention, because it's not the norm for me; usually, I just know things. And so I had this vision of 4 sticks, standing up, and the 4th one was bending over, like this, and I said, "Lord, what is that"? And the Lord said, "You have", you the church, "have 4 years in which to prepare". And I saw that in the 4th year, there was a bending. I understood at the same time that if that represents 3 1/2 years, that corresponds to the 3 1/2 years of Jesus' ministry on Earth. And at the end of that 3 1/2 years, um not only was He crucified, but two things happened: One, the Holy Spirit was poured in tremendous power, on the Day of Pentecost, and the Disciples went out the Apostles out to win the world! And the Church just exploded! So there was a tremendous outpouring of the Spirit, and another thing was there was a tremendous outpouring of persecution. And so what I'm seeing coming, and it may not be well, let me finish that in a minute. What I'm seeing coming is darkness it's an Isaiah 60 thing; darkness is coming, "and deep darkness will cover the peoples". But at the same time, the "Nations", "and kings will come to the brightness of your rising", and I believe that we're living on the threshold of that time! That we're living on the threshold of a time when Holy Spirit will be poured out in Glory, I think, to overshadow Pentecost greater than Pentecost to affect more people than Pentecost and we need to be ready for that! This is our time, right now. Under Obama, we had someone who did not favor the Church, and did not favor Israel. God deals with His people, according to their relationship with Him. He deals with the nations, according to their according to how they treat His people. And under Obama, we had a lot of trouble. One of the reasons we had such trouble was that Obama did not favor the Church, and he was really an enemy of Israel. Under Trump, no matter what else anybody may think of him, he favors the Church, and he favors Israel. And I would say to people: Do not underestimate the spiritual significance of moving our embassy to Jerusalem. One of the reasons we're enjoying one of the reasons we're enjoying such a period of increased prosperity right now isn't just the economic policies of Trump; it's that God's hand of favor is on us because of those things. Now what happens at the end of this 4 years, the 3 1/2 years corresponds with the heed of the next election. The next election cycle.

Sid Roth: That's interesting.

Loren Sandford: The campaign.

Sid Roth: Yeah.

Loren Sandford: And, we need to pray because you know, in reality, prophecy is very seldom cast in stone; it's conditional. It's conditional upon whether we pray, or whether we repent, or what we choose to do. And I believe that that vision that I had, with the 4th year, I believe that this period of favor can be extended, if we pray. We need to pray for this President; and if we do, I believe we can we can extend this period of time.

Sid Roth: If we don't, what do you foresee? What has God shown you?

Loren Sandford: If we don't, then I believe that Trump may not be reelected. If he is not reelected, we will see a backlash from the extreme left that will that will begin again to destroy our civil liberties; that will be that will resume our the slide of our nation into corruption. that's what I believe, and it won't be pretty; it won't be pretty. I mean that they, there's been a rising wave of hatred that...

Sid Roth: Do you know what I believe?

Loren Sandford: Yeah.

Sid Roth: I believe that if everyone in this studio audience, and everyone watching right now, would add one more prayer to the prayers they pray, every morning, and this is the prayer: Lord, I pray that President Trump would have wisdom from on High, to govern this nation, for freedom of the Gospel, so that this whole world can come to the knowledge of the Living God!

Loren Sandford: Amen!

Sid Roth: Add that prayer!

Loren Sandford: Amen!

Sid Roth: If you do that, we can delay and delay and delay and I'm going to live a long time, but I'd just as soon it be delayed!

Loren Sandford: Absolutely!

Sid Roth: Well, when we come back, I want you to tell me about what is ready to happen. It's the greater Glory, and he says you have to prepare for what's going on. And I'll give you a clue. Here is what is not the preparation: Guns, food, and water. That's not in his paradigm.

Loren Sandford: Amen.

Sid Roth: We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: Now Loren had abdominal surgery, and he had a visitation from an Angel. This interests me! Tell me about this doctor Angel.

Loren Sandford: Yeah. Well, this one was crazy. I, I...

Sid Roth: Meshuggah, we Jews call it.

Loren Sandford: Yeah. Well, what had happened is, I'd had 6 inches of colon removed; it was a colon resection, because of diverticulitis. And you know doctors will lie to you about how long you're going to be laid up. You know, they'll say 2 weeks; add 50%. And so you're 3 weeks after that I'm lying in bed; I'm still in tremendous pain. And I think I was about 3/4 awake, and lying on my bed, and I look over to the bedroom door. And in the bedroom door suddenly, in multi-colored armor instead of the whole white. And he came over to my bed, and he took a knife, and stabbed it into the place where the pain was. And I was shot through with this tremendous pain, and I sat straight up in the bed, which I hadn't been able to do. And I thought it was a demon, and I started rebuking it. I start saying, you know, "Get outta here, in the name of Jesus"!, and then I realized, "Oh! There's no pain"! And I didn't have any pain after that! And so this crazy Angel

Sid Roth: Hmh!

Sid Roth: Well, I understand that because of the way God has touched you, that sometimes in your home congregation, you pray, and as many as 70% get healed!

Loren Sandford: I asked my people, because we were we were talking about healing, and I said, "How many of you, that are that are part of this church, have experienced a healing while you were here"?, and I'm guessing 70% of their people of my people raised their hands. Now I I was surprised!

Sid Roth: Now I would say there's a lot of Glory in his congregation!

Loren Sandford: Yeah! I was surprised.

Sid Roth: speaking of Glory, you had a vision of the field of oil.

Loren Sandford: Yeah! And that one just came on me suddenly. It was it was a sudden sense of this tremendous, heavy, thick love of God. It was a beautiful, sweet anointing, and it was like the Lord was pouring over my head, and over the head of the Church, this thick, thick, thick oil. I mean we're talking inch thick, and it rolled down, and then when it hit the floor, it began to spread out. And this is this is what I saw: I saw that what God wants to do in this time and this is available for any Believer that gets ready!

Sid Roth: Um-hm.

Loren Sandford: I saw that God wants to pour such a Presence on us; such a Glory, such an anointing, for healing and restoration. That we so radiate so radiate the love of the Father, in the presence of God, that when we come in contact with people in the world who have been so deluded to think that darkness is light, when people are exposed to the pure light and Presence of Jesus, darkness is exposed to be light, and people say, "I want what you have"! When people come in contact with my 46-year marriage, your 53-year marriage, and they see the Glory that God has put on us, and they look at their own lives, then they begin to say, "How did you get there"?, and then they feel the love flowing off of us. I believe that people ought to I I don't believe that that, you know when Peter walked when Peter walked through a crowd, and his shadow fell on people, they got healed, just from his shadow! I don't believe that was only for I believe that's where God wants us to walk! And I believe that if we will receive it, those kinds of things will happen! That that oil will flow off of us!

Sid Roth: You talk about essential things in preparation.

Loren Sandford: Yes.

Sid Roth: And one thing you talked about that really hit me: The need for hunger for God!

Loren Sandford: Yes.

Sid Roth: Comment on that.

Loren Sandford: Yeah. I will comment on that. It's when things get easy, like right now in a season of favor it's really easy for us to fall asleep. It's really we get lulled, you know, that sometimes I think that prosperity is a poison to the Body of Christ. But right now, this season of prosperity is a time to prepare! It's a time to get out of debt. It's a time to seek after God. It's a time to cultivate our hunger for God. I am going to seek after God. That is a decision of my will because I need Him. That's the beginning. I'm not going to ignore my hunger for God. I don't care what I'm feeling; I am seeking after God; that's that's a Covenant. There's certain covenants I will not renegotiate in my life. One of them is my covenant with my wife; I will never renegotiate that. And the other is my covenant with God. No matter what comes against me, I will not renegotiate that covenant. The second thing there are 3 parts to that I think that are and they're so simple 3 parts. The second thing is we've got to start hungering after the Word! The 2 least attended meetings, in any church, are prayer and Bible study. And I you know I came through the Jesus movement, and I remember everything back then was the Word, the Word, the Word, the Word. You never went anywhere without your sword. And now, Bible study? No; everybody wants an experience! And so we have a whole generation of biblical biblically illiterate Christians who will buy anything that's said to them, because they don't know the Word! You know, "The Word is living and active", and "sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit". You put that word into you, and it works! It begins to change you.

Sid Roth: So, going back to what you said, if I don't feel like reading the Bible, so what. It's living, it's alive, it's coming into me! If the Word is Jesus, why would I reject Jesus?

Loren Sandford: Exactly!

Sid Roth: My mother didn't raise a dummy!

Loren Sandford: Yeah! And on the other hand, I don't care if you're reading it and you don't understand! The Words go in there, and your spirit works on them, and eventually, the understanding comes out.

Sid Roth: You know there are people watching us right now, and you are like many of my friends; you would like to know God, but you don't! You'd like to hear God, but you don't! You'd like to experience God, but you don't! Say this prayer with me, and mean it to the best of your ability, and I tell you, you have given the permission for God to live inside of you, and have intimacy with the Living God. Repeat out loud: "Dear God, I've made many mistakes, and I'm so sorry. I believe, the blood of Jesus, washes away all my sins. and I'm clean. And now that I'm clean, Jesus, come inside of me. Be my Lord. You Promise to never leave me or forsake me, and give me the grace to not walk away from You. I want to have such a hunger for You, God. And I am going to willfully, seek You with all of my heart. Amen"! You know what that means? It means, "So be it"; it's finished!

Loren Sandford: Amen! Amen!
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