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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Demons Came to Her and Gave Her Strange Powers with Robin Harfouche

Sid Roth - Demons Came to Her and Gave Her Strange Powers with Robin Harfouche

Sid Roth - Demons Came to Her and Gave Her Strange Powers with Robin Harfouche
TOPICS: Demons, Occultism

Sid Roth:Hello. I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter and I'm here with Robin Harfouche, Miss California on a national television show, weekly as a dancer. The only problem is she did not study dance as a child. She got her gifting supernaturally. But as a child, you had, as a young child, you had dreams, Robin, about a woman would come to you. Tell me about that.

Robin Harfouche:Well from the time I was really little I would have a reoccurring dream that this woman would come on a horse and I remembered I was always really scared. And I was in a cabin looking out, and it always looked like she wanted something from me. And I remember when I was about five years old I went to my mom and I told her about the dream, and my mom said "That woman sounds and looks exactly like my great-grandmother who was a witch".

Sid Roth:And you had never seen her, of course.

Robin Harfouche:No, she wasn't living at that time.

Sid Roth:And then a few years later they sent you to live with your grandparents.

Robin Harfouche:Yes.

Sid Roth:And unfortunately, you were taken advantage of as a child.

Robin Harfouche:Yes. I was child molested from the time I was about four until I was about 13 years old.

Sid Roth:And you were telling me something very strange happened when you were molested.

Robin Harfouche:Well what I would do is I would leave my body. And you know, a lot of psychologists today, you talk to them about people who were abused or molested and they actually say that the people go somewhere to get away from the violence of the situation that is happening to them. As a little kid, you know, you have absolutely no understanding of sexuality and love, and all that mixed together, and it's confusing, you know, and it was violent. So I would leave my body. And when I did that I would, you know, go up above my body, over my bed I could see myself down there. But I would go into this realm where I would speak to other children, they looked like children.

Sid Roth:In this invisible realm you would see other children.

Robin Harfouche:Yes. And I would speak to them and would tell me things about, you know, my life, about people. It would be like I would just know things.

Sid Roth:Well even as a child.

Robin Harfouche:Yes.

Sid Roth:You would, say, go into a restaurant and what would happen?

Robin Harfouche:Well I had the ability to look at people and know what they were thinking, and it was so real to me that when they would think something I would answer their thoughts. You know, so they would have a thought and I would answer their thoughts and it was pretty bizarre.

Sid Roth:But in college someone came to you. When I was 18 years old, I actually had a spirit guide appear to me in college and I was in the open, in the daylight, in the afternoon, and he appeared to me, and began to tell me that I had been selected and chosen, and he had been watching me since I was little girl. He knew about what had happened to me, that I was born with the veil or born with a psychic ability or sixth sense ability, and he was basically there now to teach me, develop me in that gifting.

Sid Roth:How did you feel about that?

Robin Harfouche:At first, I was frightened of him and then after that...

Sid Roth:Did he look like a real person?

Robin Harfouche:No, he looked like an alien, you know, like the pictures you see that people draw of aliens when they say they've been abducted or had experience with aliens. He was, he wasn't frightening looking, kind of a cross between an alien and an angel, you know.

Sid Roth:And where did this dancing thing come from?

Robin Harfouche:Well I was in college majoring in journalism because I was a writer, a very creative personality. And one day, I walked by a professional studio. There happened to be a professional studio in the city. And I just stood at the door at the studio and began to cry, and I don't know really why, you know. And the dance director came up to me and said, "You want to be a dancer, don't you"? And I said, yes. And she said, "Let's have lunch". So the next day she said, "I just feel that I'm supposed to bring you in and train you. And so she trained me, but at the same time paid me to be in a professional dance company while I was going to college.

Sid Roth:Why? I mean, people don't get trained and paid.

Robin Harfouche:No. I think that the reasoning was there was a blueprint or a destiny that the spirit guide had for me and I had a favor on me that was inexplainable, unexplainable I guess is the right word. Doors of opportunity would open for me that shouldn't have. Things were happening fast for me and then all that led me to Hollywood and so that's how that happened.

Sid Roth:Now how did this spirit guide turn into, as you say in your book, Marilyn Monroe?

Robin Harfouche:Well what ended up happening was the spirit guide, in college, wanted to come into my body, speak through my mouth, which is what we call today channeling a spirit, channeling an ascended master or teacher. That goes on all over the country now and all over the world. But he got very aggressive and when that began to happen and I would let him in and speak through mouth, my head and my heart, and my spirit would pick up so much information about what was going on around me that it was almost tormenting. And so one day I said, "Look, you know, I can't, I know you say I'm chosen to propagate this message called the new age".

Sid Roth:At that time it wasn't as common as it is today, the term "new age".

Robin Harfouche:Well the terminology wasn't anywhere.

Sid Roth:He called it a religion of the new age?

Robin Harfouche:He said it was a religion and he said it would be the one world religion.

Sid Roth:Now do people in the new age feel that this is a religion?

Robin Harfouche:Yes.

Sid Roth:Because I just thought that people dabble in these things.

Robin Harfouche:No, I believe that new age people believe that it's a religion. It's a spirituality, which people classify as a religion. He said it would be the religion that would be all over the world at the same time and that I was to teach on it. But when he got, you know, aggressive with me, I said, "Look, you know," I went to a place in the mountains and I meditated, and I said, "You know, I can't handle this any more. I don't want you coming into my body and speaking through my mouth any more. I don't want to be a medium or a channel, you know, I don't want it this way". When that happened, I had an experience, spiritual experience where light came all over my body and at that point I began to hear another voice and this voice said, "My name is Marilyn. I'm a good spirit".

Sid Roth:Was it Marilyn Monroe?

Robin Harfouche:Yes.

Sid Roth:Marilyn Monroe. We'll be right back after this. I know this sounds strange, but I'll tell you the invisible world is real whether you're aware of it or not. Be right back.

Sid Roth:Hello. I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter and I'm here with Robin Harfouche and she says that she had a spirit guide who identified itself as Marilyn Monroe. And if you think that's strange, wait until you find out what happened next. You see, she gets a phone call and this man is a prominent Hollywood producer and what did he say to you?

Robin Harfouche:He said, "Who are you and how did your name get on my private call sheet today"? And he said, "Because nobody's name gets on there unless I put it down". And my name was on his call sheet.

Sid Roth:How did your name get there?

Robin Harfouche:Well that's the supernatural.

Sid Roth:Okay.

Robin Harfouche:I believe that my spirit guide got my name there. And he said, "What do you do"? And I said, "Well I'm a dancer and I'm an actress". And he said, "We need to meet because I feel this is God". And so I said all right. And so I went to meet him at his office, which was at 666 Robertson Boulevard. And I went in.

Sid Roth:Pretty prophetic number. But go ahead.

Robin Harfouche:Yeah. I went in and I saw, you know, all the Emmy Awards and Academy Awards, and he was a for real guy. And he sat down with me, and he said, "There's something special about you". And he said, "You know, I've seen stars in my life," and he said, "you've got what it takes. I want to introduce you to a friend of mine who represented Marilyn Monroe when she was on the west coast, when she was alive".

Sid Roth:So you have a spirit guide named Marilyn Monroe and now you're getting the actual representative, agent for Marilyn Monroe.

Robin Harfouche:Yes.

Sid Roth:So what did he say?

Robin Harfouche:One of the biggest talent agencies in the world, which is just unheard of. And he set up the appointment for me the next morning. He said, "You know, this guy is so powerful he may give you a minute, you know". So I, my spirit guide at that time told me what to wear, Marilyn Monroe. I wore what she told me to wear. And she said, "Don't worry about it. He's going to sign you".

Sid Roth:What kind of stars might he have represented?

Robin Harfouche:He represented Shirley MacLaine and he still does, and he represented Dean Martin, Gene Kelly, Michael Jackson for film.

Sid Roth:And so what did you say to you when you went to his office?

Robin Harfouche:Well I went in and I knew it was a divine appointment, you know, because I had, you know, just this feeling about it. And I began to talk to him and he leaned over the table to me, the desk, and he said, "You have a spirit guide, don't you"? And I said, yeah. I mean, I wasn't there to talk about my spirituality. I was there to talk about, you know, the theatrical business, the movie business. He said, "It's Marilyn Monroe, isn't it"? And I said, yeah. So then he called his secretary and he said, "Cancel all my appointments" and he spent the next four hours with me. And from there, he started molding me to become the next Shirley MacLaine.

Sid Roth:So let me get this straight. A spirit guide says they've been watching you since you were a child.

Robin Harfouche:Yes.

Sid Roth:And that you were selected to introduce the religion of the new age. You're moving up the Hollywood ladder much faster than anyone should. I mean, you were on a national show dancing and no one does that with not having studied their whole life. And I mean, you studied, what, for a year or something?

Robin Harfouche:Yes, just a few years and I became a pro.

Sid Roth:It's, so all this supernatural stuff is happening to you and then one day you're with your boyfriend and he says something pretty staggering to you.

Robin Harfouche:Yeah My boyfriend was in a world famous band called The Knack, at that time. And we were just sitting on my couch and he began to, you know, he just leaned over to give me a kiss, and when he did, my face changed into the face of Marilyn Monroe.

Sid Roth:Did you feel it or did he see it?

Robin Harfouche:Yeah. I felt her come in.

Sid Roth:And how did you feel about that?

Robin Harfouche:I was upset about it because I felt I had control over this gift, you know the psychic gift, the sixth sense.

Sid Roth:You thought you were controlling it, but it was really controlling you, is what you began to realize.

Robin Harfouche:That's what... Yeah. I began to realize that. It freaked him out. And so from there and some other experiences that I had with channelers, with mediums, a woman that spoke in a male voice, some little things began to scare me and I started pulling out of it.

Sid Roth:And you were, on the side you were waitressing at a Sonny Bono's restaurant in Hollywood.

Robin Harfouche:Yes.

Sid Roth:And there were some men, famous stars that were saying wrong things to you, and you didn't want to wait on them.

Robin Harfouche:Yes.

Sid Roth:But you heard a voice and it said?

Robin Harfouche:Yeah. Well that day I had just directed a Mitsubishi commercial with 16 dancers and I was doing very well in the business. But I made good money there on the weekends and sometimes the business could be, you know, really well for a while, you know, and lighten up for a while. And they got sexual with me. You know, they said, well what are you, you know. Are you an actress, a dancer, are you a waitress? And they said, is it true what they say about dancers, which was a sexual slur. For some reason I felt like really vulnerable, you know. Normally, I would have just said something back, because you got to be tough in the business. So I go into the kitchen and I'm leaning against the wall, and I hear my spirit guide, and she says, "Are you going to let them do that to you? I mean, you know what it's like in the entertainment business. You got to be tough, you know". And I felt compelled to run out to where I asked this other waitress to wait on them and take the drink tray from her. And when I did, a 25-foot tall door, utility door that weighed 150 pounds came off its hinges and hit me in the back of the skull like a hammer at supernatural speed, where nobody could warn me.

Sid Roth:You were set up. She was set up.

Robin Harfouche:Yeah.

Sid Roth:She was set up to be killed by this spirit guide. As a matter of fact, what was the worst situation you were in as a result of the accident? What did you find yourself in the worst place?

Robin Harfouche:I woke up in a coma in Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, and I had lost the use of my arms and my legs, and I was paralyzed on my left side.

Sid Roth:What was your prognosis?

Robin Harfouche:At the end after rehabilitation for several months, they called it post-concussive syndrome.

Sid Roth:I mean, but would you be healed eventually through medicine?

Robin Harfouche:I had 23 doctors, and they said that I would be in a wheelchair the rest of my life.

Sid Roth:Well hold that thought. We're going to be right back after this because the most amazing miracle happened in her life. You won't want to miss it.

Sid Roth:Back here with Robin Harfouche. And Robin, you were a mess. This door fell on you.

Robin Harfouche:Yes.

Sid Roth:You're going to be sick the rest of your life. You probably even despaired of life.

Robin Harfouche:Well I was 28 years old. I was in a wheelchair for six months before I lost hope. I had gone through rehab and everything. My maintenance level prescription drug was 14 Percodan a day and six Valium, and that was just to keep seizures down and everything. I was suicidal and decided to commit suicide. And a friend of mine called me on the phone, who was a bass player in a band called The Knack. He said, "Look, you know, I'd like you to go to church with me tonight". And I said, yes.

Sid Roth:Why did you say yes?

Robin Harfouche:I don't know. I mean, he didn't tell me anything about it. He just said, I'd like you to go with me.

Sid Roth:So you found yourself in this church and what happened?

Robin Harfouche:I felt like a lightning bolt hit me when I went into the church, and I started shaking and crying.

Sid Roth:Had anything like this happened in the new age?

Robin Harfouche:No. I mean, nothing like this. I mean, I had inner healing experiences, you know, for emotional abuse and things like that, in the new age, but I had never sensed this kind of power. And I was at peace, you know, which was really wild. And no one had preached and nothing had happened. I was just sitting there and this happened to me. And so at the end when someone did get up and they began to speak about Jesus Christ, I believed in Jesus, you know, but I also believed in Mohammed and Buddha, and the Hindu religion, and positive and negative confession. I believed in anything that would make you a better person or make you more in contact with your spiritual side. But he preached and he said that Jesus Christ was the only way, and that all those other ways were not, they were counterfeit. And when he did, I had a revelation. I knew in my heart, you know, that all my life I had been looking for Jesus Christ in all these other avenues, you know. And so he said, "There's somebody here and you want to receive Christ as your personal Savior". And I didn't know that Jesus could do anything more for me than forgive me for my sins, and I had a lot of them. So I went forward and before I even, you know, said anything, the minister that was ministering said, "God is healing you". And I fell backwards like in a cloud, you know, and I came to about 45 minutes later, completely healed.

Sid Roth:What do you mean completely healed? You were in a wheelchair. You had to take all this Valium and all these drugs.

Robin Harfouche:I was straight like I had probably taken about 12, you know, pills that day. I was sober for the first time like, you know, straight. My mind was sober. The drugs were gone out of my system instantly. The pain was gone. Everything in my body moved. I was completely healed.

Sid Roth:Guess what happened? She married the evangelist that set her free and she teaches and has miracles, not from the counterfeit, but from the real thing, from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the name of Jesus, the Jewish Messiah. Watch this woman, born deaf, instantly healed with the real power of God. Oh God, I thank You right now. Deafness, Go! Go! Make noise! Hallelujah!

Sid Roth:These two women were born deaf, the first one, a hundred percent deaf, the second one, 80 percent deaf. Did you see that excitement? That's a Messianic miracle. That means that the Messiah is alive and real, and loves you, and it's time you prayed God, in Jesus' name, forgive me of my sins, and become real to me, and live inside of me. You don't need the junk of the new age. You want the real thing. You got one life and you want it to count. Make it count. Get desperate for God. He's desperately in love with you.
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