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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - These Miraculous Stories Will Boost Your Faith! Randy Clark

Sid Roth - These Miraculous Stories Will Boost Your Faith! Randy Clark

Sid Roth - These Miraculous Stories Will Boost Your Faith!  Randy Clark

Sid Roth:Hello. I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter and I just got in the mail yesterday, I mean, talk about something supernatural. Let me read this to you. It's a letter and it says, "Dear Sid," and it's talking about my guest Randy Clark, "When," and I had him on my radio show. It says, "When Randy mentioned my name, Phyllis, on the radio and said that I had a real problem with my right rotator cuff and my tricep muscle I was healed when he prayed". You said this woman's name, Phyllis. You didn't say the left rotator, you said the right rotator. I mean, that wasn't guessing. That was accurate, accurate. Just out of curiosity, how does this work? How do you know someone's name and know what's wrong with them, and then better than all that, they're healed?

Randy Clark:Well that particular one was an impression and that's why it so kind of scared me because I know, I have friends who that's the way they get supernatural impressions that lead to healing. But for me, an impression is not, that doesn't happen a lot. So when that happened that day I knew that, you know, this is the way other people were feeling, because I was feeling, most 99 percent of the words of knowledge I have when I get something like that, I feel the pain in my body. So this was just an impression.

Sid Roth:Give me an example of a real person that was healed that you felt the pain in your body and then that person was healed.

Randy Clark:Several years ago when I was working frying donuts training people on how to fry donuts, and I talked to the head bakery clerk and she had something wrong with her. And I said, can I pray for you and she said, yeah. And when I did, she was healed. But then a few minutes later I was working and my ears clogged. Her ears, she had trouble with her hearing, and my ears just clogged up and I couldn't hear hardly anything. And I said, has it come back, and she said, yeah, and I prayed again, and it left. It was just like a spirit, a demonic spirit afflicting her, causing that particular illness. Some illnesses are biological or physiological, some are psychosomatic, and some is demonic in its origin.

Sid Roth:Now thousands and thousands of people have been healed through words of knowledge and you've witnessed this thing. Do you take it for granted? How do you feel when someone is healed with all these thousands of people that have been healed before that you've prayed with?

Randy Clark:I always, I never take it for granted. I always get excited about it. And I don't want to get to the point that I become jaded. If it takes for more to get me excited than it used to, I think that would be, and I don't think that would very appreciative of what God would be doing. So I get excited, especially if deaf ears open up, or blind eyes see or a tumor disappears. That's when I get most excited.

Sid Roth:Well I'm going to believe that you're going to be excited because I believe that something good is going to happen right where you are, right now. You see, God knows you. He knows you by name. Randy, you told me that your grandmother had something wonderful happen to her that has affected you even to this day.

Randy Clark:Yeah. My grandmother is, when she was younger, she was illiterate and my grandfather had gotten her pregnant when he was married to another woman, and she wasn't Christian and he was a womanizing, wife-beating alcoholic. And she, I don't know how she came to the Lord, but then she gave her life to God, and then she heard a voice in the bedroom say, "Go in the other bedroom and pray, and she had a large goiter on her neck, "and I'll heal you". So she went in the other bedroom and she began to pray, just having come to God, just discovered him like a few weeks before, and she said, "I felt like a hot hand go down my throat and it vanished like that". Now what the result of that night, it so touched my grandfather that he went to church, and he and my dad, both the same night, knelt at an altar and gave their life to God, and it changed him. He never touched my grandmother in anger again, never touched another woman in unfaithfulness again, never touched another drop of alcohol in his life.

Sid Roth:So your grandmother had one of these big goiters coming out.

Randy Clark:Yes.

Sid Roth:And I know people that have these things and have surgeries to try to remove them today. But you're saying just instantly it disappeared. What affect did this have on you?

Randy Clark:Well I was five years old when she told me that and it created an interest in me in healing. And I've always been interested in healing ever since then.

Sid Roth:But at age 18, you almost lost your life.

Randy Clark:Yes, I was almost killed in a car wreck and from that I had paralysis, and my digestive system, and my back, the vertebrae in the middle of my back were compressed 20 percent. I had severe pain, 50 milligrams of Demurral every three hours, and most of the bones in my face were crushed three places in my head and hairline were, and these were all broken here and this was like a washboard. And God healed me through prayer, and as a result of that–

Sid Roth:When you say God healed you through prayer, with medical science what it is, could you have just been healed through medical science?

Randy Clark:Well to me, the timing is what makes it interesting.

Sid Roth:What do you mean?

Randy Clark:Well they were going to send me to another hospital in a large city to be operated on and to have some other work done because of the digestive system not working. And the night before I was to be sent to this other hospital, my church prayed for me and when they came in to check me the next day, I wasn't paralyzed any more.

Sid Roth:Did the doctor say this is highly unusual?

Randy Clark:I don't know what the doctors said, they expected I'd be in the hospital seven to 11 weeks and I was in 20 days. I would have been out in 15, but they wouldn't release me until they could get a brace for me, for my back, and I would wear it and I'd take it off when mom wasn't around because I knew God had healed me. So all the pain just left and God healed me.

Sid Roth:You know, in my notes I find this hard to believe, it's medically impossible. There was a woman with Parkinson's disease. How, what percentage of her brain cells were dead?

Randy Clark:Well you know, I don't remember now if was 800,000 or 800 million that's in this one area of the gray matter of the brain that Parkinson's particularly affects. I remember hearing it was either 800 million or 800,000, and she had only 50,000, 50 million left, so that's the percentage proportionally. She was losing control of her bladder, her bowels. She couldn't walk without the aid of her husband. She couldn't remember a name, a telephone number. She had never held her two-year-old grandson and God instantly healed her just in a matter of probably ten or 15 minutes.

Sid Roth:I mean, what kind of, how did she react? And when you say instantly healed, how did you know she was healed?

Randy Clark:Well I didn't know at first because I didn't know what Parkinson's was. I saw her shaking. She shook literally like this and God had told her if I prayed for her, she didn't know who I was, never heard of me or anything, and that she'd be healed. So I reached out to touch her and when I did, God knocked her on the floor and then I just went on. But then I couldn't...

Sid Roth:Wait a second. Hold that thought. God knocked her on the floor. We'll come back. Brain cells that weren't there are all of a sudden there. You know something, all things are possible. I'm glad that you're watching right now. Be right back after this.

Sid Roth:Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter and I left you on the edge of your seat. What happens when someone has Parkinson's disease and somehow they know they're going to be healed? I mean, most of their brain cells are destroyed. They're shaking all over. So what happened to this woman, Randy Clark?

Randy Clark:God knocked her to the floor.

Sid Roth:When you say God knocked on the floor, explain exactly what you mean by that.

Randy Clark:Well I was going to say, when I normally start to pray I say like, "Come Holy Spirit". So I got "come" out and she just fell over backwards to the floor.

Sid Roth:What pushed her?

Randy Clark:Nothing. I mean, it's the Spirit of God's presence. The presence of God, it's like a weight. It just pushes you down. So I went on to pray for somebody else but I came, I couldn't get her out of my mind. So I went and asked her husband what Parkinson's was and he told me, and I had been asking God, I had been fasting for, it was the 23rd day of a 40-day fast, asking for the healing anointing to move to creative miracles. So I said, she doesn't need a miracle of healing, she needs a creative miracle. So I went down, put my hand on her head. I remember, I prayed, God, like I got a gift of faith or something, I said, I ask you for 500,000, 800,000 new brain cells. And when I did that she started screaming on the floor and said, "Oh stop! Stop"! And she's screaming, "It hurts my head! It's killing me! Stop praying"! I really didn't know what to do then. They didn't teach me this in Bible School or seminary what to do in that situation. So I just remembered, I said, "God, don't listen to her prayer, listen to mine more, more". And then instantly stopped screaming and I whispered in her ear, "What's happening"? and she said, "I don't hear anything, I don't feel anything. I just know you're here and Jesus is here, and Elvis is here," which is her husband's name. And then she started doing all these tests that she couldn't do, you know.

Sid Roth:Was she shaking?

Randy Clark:No, she stopped shaking. As soon as hit the floor she stopped shaking. And then she started doing this, you know, which was a test for Parkinson's, and then she would drink water, but she had lost the ability to drink water from a cup. She had to sip it through a straw. And then she got up on the stage and squeezed her husband's hand and she started talking about all the money they had spent on medication, she needed to be in a nursing home and they couldn't afford it. And then she went and played the piano, and started singing, "He Touched Me" and this brought the house down. "He touched me and now I know he's touched me and made me whole".

Sid Roth:So the latest scoop is there is a cure for Parkinson's disease and he has a name. His name is the Messiah, Jesus. Now we are told that there are certain Messianic miracles that the only way we'll know whether the Messiah has come is if these miracles occur. Now one of the miracles is someone that is born blind gets their sight back. Another miracle is someone that was born deaf all of a sudden can hear. Now Randy, in the Messiah's name, in Jesus' name, you have seen these things happen. Tell me about that.

Randy Clark:Well last year we saw three people born deaf and 30 people deaf in one or both ears get their hearing back. The first one was a young woman in Medellin, Colombia, in her 20's, and her sister was interpreting through sign language, and that's how we communicated with her. And it took about two hours of prayer, and it just, she felt heat in her ears and just kept getting better, and I'd do this, and I'd be behind her and have her raise her hand, and I'd get farther out like that. And then finally I realized, you know, she's at the point she's getting ready to hear. And through the sign language through her sister, she doesn't know words yet. She doesn't know language. And I understood that, and I said, "The sound, the next sound you hear will be your mother calling your name". Then I told her mother to call her name. And when she heard it, the girl just began to smile and tears ran down her face. And there was a bunch of people watching, a lot of young people in the place, in this church we were at, and like most of the people there, were under 25 years old, and they all started calling her name, and she'd point to them, you know, whoever called her name. That was the first one. Then we saw a young girl in Korea that was about seven in a Methodist church who was born deaf, and got her hearing, and young guy who was traveling, in his 20s, 19, actually, who was praying for her. And then the last, we were in Londrina, Brazil and it was the fall, September, it was October, and we saw that with a teenager get healed. It took three nights for her though. She came each night, we prayed and it got better every night.

Sid Roth:Now sometimes you see more miracles than others. For instance, in Argentina and Brazil, in a four-week period you saw, was it, 4000 miracles.

Randy Clark:Four thousands, yes.

Sid Roth:Why there? Why not New York City or Chicago?

Randy Clark:I think part of the reason is that there's a God is, there's a greater need there in a sense that they don't have the medical insurance for this. A lot of these were poor people. They are not as skeptical to start with as North Americans and Western Europeans are basically, and particularly Brazil. Ninety percent of the people in Brazil have been to spiritualist healers, which is kind of demonic healing. And so they are aware of the spiritual realm much more than we are. We're much more secular, though that's changing in our society. So I think that's one reason. And I think there are countries that's just in revival and Brazil is going, becoming one of those and Argentina has been. And so in the midst of that, there are just these visitations of God that when they have it there are just miracles, a lot of miracles that happen.

Sid Roth:You know, some sickness is caused by evil spirits.

Randy Clark:Yes.

Sid Roth:And in Argentina in particular, tell me things that you have seen or heard in reference to the demonic.

Randy Clark:Well one of the main evangelists there is gifted in deliverance. His name is Carlos Annacondia and he has a sixth grade education, and is a very wealthy businessman, owns his own factory and everything, and God uses him. When the anointing of God came on him he could just walk by people, and they would just fall out, and begin to manifest like they're go into an epileptic fit, but it wasn't epilepsy, it was, it looked something like that. It was actually demonic. And it just happened in his life. And it was so strong, he would be preaching, you heard him on the radio, on the PA system that the bus drove up and stopped, people on that bus would start manifesting the demonic.

Sid Roth:When you say manifesting, explain what you mean.

Randy Clark:Well they would begin going into an anxiety attack or begin to be thrown to the ground, begin to thrash, begin to...

Sid Roth:But more important than even the manifestations, can these people be set free?

Randy Clark:Yeah. They take them to the deliverance tent and the bus driver would honk the horn and go get them, take them to the deliverance tent, get them delivered, take them back on the sidewalk, catch another bus and go home.

Sid Roth:I want to find out how Randy got this wonderful gift, because I believe that God has a gift for you during this telecast. We'll be back in just a moment. As a matter of fact, I want to find out who's on next week. You think this is good, wait until you see who's on next week. Janie, who's our guest?

Janie:Sid, you were talking about people who were deaf and then could hear. Well have you ever seen a person who was deaf and just start hearing, that was born deaf?

Sid Roth:Have you, Randy?

Randy Clark:Yes. These three were born deaf, I just told you about.

Sid Roth:All right. Well Randy has.

Janie:Well next week, we're going to be interviewing a woman by the name of Robin Harfouche and she saw the darker side of the supernatural. But then her whole life was totally changed and then she started seeing miracles. And she married a man where Robin and this man pray for the sick, and they're healed. But you're going to see actual footage of two women who were born deaf right before your eyes they begin to hear. It's amazing.

Sid Roth:It is amazing. I love miracles. I'm like you Randy. But you pursued this. You went after this. Explain how you pursued this gift.

Randy Clark:Well one, if you're healed yourself you're going to be a believer in healing and that was like the anchor for me. Then through school I would always try to specialize in courses dealing with the Holy Spirit in college and in seminary. And then I graduated I just kept always wanting to be around people who I could meet who moved in this, and I'd read, and I'd read all the books about the healing evangelists, and try to get old videos and watch them. Then there was also a time of fasting and prayer in different periods of my life. Particularly in 1995, there was a major time of pressing in for this, but a breakthrough in healing. And that, I think it was the timing of God, too. And we saw more healings in January '95 than I had seen in the first 25 years of ministry put together.

Sid Roth:Now you went to a church near the airport, it's called the Airport Church in Toronto, Canada, and since you've been there how many people have gone through their doors and been touched by the Spirit of God?

Randy Clark:Well about six months ago, there was over three million that had been there.

Sid Roth:Did you hear that? Three million people. He went and sparked something because he was so hungry for the supernatural of God. Did you have any idea that you would start something like that there in Toronto, which is people come from not just Canada, they come from all over the world.

Randy Clark:I didn't have any idea about the how big it would be, but I did have an idea 24 hours before I got there that something major was going to happen, because up to that point I was afraid that God wouldn't use me, and if I said, "Come Holy Spirit", he might come and he might not come. And so I felt very timid and actually anxious about going. But the night before I left at 10:00, I got a prophetic word, and I didn't even like prophecy at the time, I didn't know what I thought about it, that changed my life, and it continued to have the effects of it. And it was basically this, at 10:00 at night, a guy calls me, that God has used over ten years to actually give me money when I needed it without me ever saying a word to him, which got my attention.

Sid Roth:Right. It would get anyone's attention.

Randy Clark:Yeah. You know, sometimes I needed a thousand, sometimes two, and once $10,000 he sent me. And I never called and sent him a newsletter or anything.

Sid Roth:But you had the need.

Randy Clark:And God would talk to him and tell him, "Send Randy this much money". So and he asked me once if God hadn't had done that, could I believed in what he told me, and I said, no, I couldn't have. But God has spent ten years building this relationship of just this...

Sid Roth:So what did he tell you?

Randy Clark:He said, the Lord says, "Test me now, test me now, test me now. Do not be afraid. I will back you up. I want your eyes to be open to see my resources for you in the heavenlies even as Elisha prayed that Gehazi's eyes would be healed. And do not become anxious because when you become anxious you can't hear me". That's what was the word.

Sid Roth:And what happened in Toronto that sparked it? What actually occurred when you were there?

Randy Clark:Well there was people would fall, they would cry, they would laugh, they would get drunk on the Spirit of God, inebriated on him. And I would see men carry their wives out and they'd have to carry other men out. And some people would fall and couldn't get up for two, three, four hours.

Sid Roth:What would happen to these people when they were touched by the Spirit of God in this way?

Randy Clark:Well many of them, God really began to use them. There's Many stories of people who came into a meeting and then they went back to their country, and then God would use them to actually birth this movement in their country, in their church. Some people got healed while we were out. The first two or three weeks, there were a few healings, but not a lot. The healing started the next year, a year later in '95, January, when there was a major increase of healing.

Sid Roth:Now you went to a little radio station, I believe it was in Melbourne, Florida.

Randy Clark:That was in Vero Beach. I was in Melbourne when that happened.

Sid Roth:Okay. You went to Vero Beach, a little radio station and you're just being you, and what happened on that station?

Randy Clark:Well this general manager, he wanted to interview me because he thought I was too controversial for letting somebody else do it. And as he's interviewing me, I look over his shoulder, there's one of his men that's shaking like this.

Sid Roth:Because the Spirit of God.

Randy Clark:The Spirit of God is on him and he doesn't know it. And so on commercial break, I said, "You know, God is on your guy here. Instead of us talking about it, let's just do it". I said, "Why don't you come over me," and I said, "and I'll pray for him right now". He did and he fell on the floor and started shaking violently. And then the commercial break is over this is live radio. And so he's trying to do the interview, but he can't do it now.

Sid Roth:Because he's shaking.

Randy Clark:Because this guy is shaking on the floor. So he basically just tells everybody what's happening and asks me to pray. We began to pray for people over the radio and I don't, I've never had this happen before or since then, but people began to weep because they heard the radio station. They'd be flipping through and get stuck on it, and they'd flip back to it. And some people, one guy was driving a Coca-Cola truck as his job, he started shaking so violently he had to drive his truck back to the base, wherever it is, and go home, and he shook all day. And people were crying, and the numbers of people, there were people getting healed and the numbers of people who the attendance was basically 50 percent more that next, that night. Interesting, when I left, because they asked me to pray for everybody, everybody we prayed for just fell off the floor.

Sid Roth:Now these were people that didn't believe that God's Spirit could do something like that. That was what was so amazing.

Randy Clark:Some of them didn't. Some did believe, but they had never seen it.

Sid Roth:Right.

Randy Clark:Others didn't believe in it and they were on the floor. So these are young guys and they had never done anything like this. And the general manager gets up, I had already left, and he says, he just told them what's happening on the radio, it was live, and he said, "If you'd like to come to the radio station, we'll pray for you".

Sid Roth:Randy, right now, I want you to pray for the people that are viewing because there are desperate needs there, desperate. Would you pray for them right now.

Randy Clark:Yeah, I will, Sid. But first, there's an Edith and Edith has multiple sclerosis and the toe next to her big toe on her left foot, on the, in the top joint, really pains her. And maybe, I don't know if that's how it started or if that's where it is now. But her name is Edith. So I want to pray for her and then pray for others.

Sid Roth:Do that.

Randy Clark:Father, in the name of Jesus, show yourself strong. Lord, make people come to believe in him. Even as he himself said, he was not ashamed of this miracle. He said, if you can't believe in me because of what I said, believe in me because of what I have done. So Lord, we declare that Jesus is the Messiah and that he is the fulfillment of Isaiah 61:1, "In his name the blind see, the deaf hear". God, we ask that you cause ears to open now, that you cause blind eyes to see. Lord, that you heal Edith of multiple sclerosis, God, the power would go through her spine, and in her brain and Lord, the lesions would just be dematerialized. It's on her spinal cord. And Lord, we pray for healing of others who have multiple sclerosis.

Sid Roth:Randy, there is, there is such a presence of God right now, such a wonderful presence of God that all things, something is popping in someone's ear. But even if it wasn't mentioned, I'm saying that the healing presence of God is pouring through your television set right now. It's pouring through anything you need in Jesus' name. Begin to thank God that it's done. He's not a respecter of persons. You are whole, I said whole in the name of Jesus. This is your time right now.
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