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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Baby Raised from the Dead Caught on Video! with Charles and Frances Hunter

Sid Roth - Baby Raised from the Dead Caught on Video! with Charles and Frances Hunter

Sid Roth - Baby Raised from the Dead Caught on Video! with Charles and Frances Hunter
TOPICS: Miracle, Resurrection

Sid Roth:Hello. I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter. My guests, Charles and Frances Hunter, just before we started the television show told me that they got so many new body parts, and they're not talking about transplants. They're talking about supernatural body parts. Tell me about that, Frances.

Frances Hunter:Well I believe with my heart and soul that God has a warehouse of spare parts. God is smarter than General Motors who make new parts for their cars when they wear out, and so God does exactly the same thing with human beings. As a matter of fact, Charles often says, “I have more new parts than I have original parts.” When I celebrated my 80th birthday down in Acapulco, Mexico a few years ago, I received a telegram from the owner of the television station and he said, "Since your heart is 26 years old," and he said...

Sid Roth:Wait. Your heart is 26 years old?

Frances Hunter:I got a new heart 26 years ago. I had an enlarged heart with a hole in it. My blood pressure was 225 over 140.

Sid Roth:Sounds like you were ready to pop.

Frances Hunter:You're right, you're right, you're right. And Charles jumped up on the bed. Oh, I had such a violent headache with that blood pressure. He jumped up on the bed and he spoke a new heart into me, and in 12 minutes my blood pressure went down to 140 over 80. And if you want to take it right now, that's exactly what it would be. Isn't it incredible? I went to the doctor; I had the same doctor, the same hospital, the same x-ray technician, and they said, “You got a new heart.” They said, “You got the heart of a 16-year-old.”

Sid Roth:Charles, I'm always curious on this sort of thing. Obviously, it's an emergency. It's a life or death type of issue. What did you do? You put your hands on your wife and what did you say?

Charles Hunter:I just said, “In Jesus' name, I command a new heart,” and that's all.

Sid Roth:Did you have doubt? Did you think you were losing your wife? Charles.: No, no. For some reason, no. I guess that's the supernatural of it. But this is a lifestyle for us. When a situation comes up, we command it to be healed in Jesus' name, and everything God taught us. And so in that case, I had prayed probably 24 hours all kinds of things; binding the devil, praying to God, almost begging God; and finally a technician had come to our home to visit, and she took the blood pressure, and that's where it was 225 over 140. After three hours of blood pressure medication, when she did that, I started - actually I talked to the heart the same thing over and over again.

Sid Roth:You talked to the body part itself.

Charles Hunter:Absolutely. I said, “Heart, in the name of Jesus, I command you to be created new. I command the blood pressure go down to normal, and stay there in Jesus' name.” I looked out of the corner of my eye; this technician - I thought her wig was going to come off. She was getting really excited. She was writing it down about every three minutes, and for some reason I kept talking for 12 minutes on the clock. And when I finished that 12 minutes, she said the blood pressure was 140 over 80; perfect; and everything else cleared. She went back to the doctor and checked her out. All the technicians checked her and said, “Perfect; you've got a new heart”, and her doctor said, "You've got the heart of a 16-year-old girl".

Sid Roth:Frances, why is it the people hearing us right now, they believe God heals, they pray, and they don't see results? You pray for hundreds of thousands, millions of people all over the world, all these years, and seen so many healings. Why do you see it and they don't?

Frances Hunter:You have to ask God the answer to that one, because I have to be real honest: I do not know. To this day, every time I see a miracle, which of course is often, it amazes me; it astounds me and it excites me, just like the first one did.

Charles Hunter:One of the major causes people don't know how to heal the sick, most Christians - spiritual Christians - pray for the healing. Jesus never prayed for them to be healed. He prayed a lot, but never for anybody to get healed. He healed them - and paraphrasing the Bible, He said, “It's not by my power," Jesus said, "that I do these works and miracles, it's by the power of my Father". And you, Sid, and you believers are going to receive this power“ when the Holy Spirit comes upon you”, with this power, "And my authority," Jesus said “…you go do the same things I have done and greater.” And that's where we saw the baby raised from the dead.

Sid Roth:Tell me about that baby.

Charles Hunter:Frances needs to tell that story.

Frances Hunter:Oh listen, that was one of the most blood-curdling moments that I had ever experienced in my whole life.

Sid Roth:The baby I understand was on a monitor; on a heart monitor.

Frances Hunter:Yes.

Sid Roth:And I saw the footage - we'll see it in a second - of that, as you put it, that blood-curdling scream when the mother realized, I mean, everyone was happy and dancing, and everything, and all of a sudden you can hear the scream. And I guess the mother must have realized that the baby was dead.

Charles Hunter:Yeah she saw the monitor.

Frances Hunter:Well, see I noticed the baby when I went in because the baby was a tremendously small baby. So I talked to the mother, and she said the baby had been born with a defective heart. And so I said, “Be sure and let me pray for the baby, because I want to pray for a new heart.” And she said the baby has to have the monitor all the time because they never know when the baby's heart is going to stop. And so they were sitting at the very back of the theater, back of the church; and it was at the end of the service, and a lot of people had come forward. They were just rejoicing in the Lord because of what had happened to them. Many of them had gotten healed. A lot of them had gotten the baptism with the Holy Spirit, and it was just a real joyous night, when suddenly the whole atmosphere changed because a blood-curdling scream -

Sid Roth:Let's take a look at that blood-curdling scream right now.

Sid Roth:Now Frances, I have to ask you, what happened to that baby?

Frances Hunter:It was the most incredible thing that I've ever seen in all my life, because the grandmother picked up the baby and ran down the aisle as fast as she could run, screaming at the top of her lungs, as you heard, and screaming, "The baby is dead! The baby is dead"! And so when she ran up on the stage - the television equipment had been taken down and I did the most unusual thing. And this had to be directed by God himself, because normally I would have grabbed the baby. But if you noticed in that, I didn't grab the baby; I grabbed a microphone. Now there was a very good reason for that. All of the television equipment had been taken down except one individual who had their little camcorder. And had I not picked up the microphone, you would never have heard what happened on there. Now isn’t that unusual, because I have never failed -

Sid Roth:What happened to the baby?

Frances Hunter:The baby was just limp and turning blue, and I commanded that spirit of death to come out in the name of Jesus, because that's where all miracles occur. Suddenly there was a little movement in that little right arm. If you notice the little arm that was hanging down, there was just a little movement; just enough to let me know that the baby was alive. And soon the baby breathed normally and was perfectly healthy, and to this day is perfectly healthy.

Sid Roth:How do you know that?

Frances Hunter:Because I keep in touch with them. As a result of this - the father was not a Christian, but he accepted Jesus when he saw the supernatural power of God. And I believe with my heart and soul, when people who are unbelievers -

Sid Roth:I'm gonna tell you something. You are going to see the supernatural power of God. Don't go away. We'll be right back after this.

Sid Roth:Hello. I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter. I'm here with what are known as, affectionately, “the Happy Hunters”, and you'd be happy too if you prayed for dead people. Something like five dead people they've prayed for that have come back to life. You think that's something. I understand that in Bogota, Colombia, you - I mean, I find this hard to believe; I know I should not, and they don't know what we're talking about, but I want to hear you explain what happened in Bogota.

Frances Hunter:And I will also tell you that all of these miracles that we tell or 99 percent of them we have on video stored in the archives in our office. So if anyone wants us to prove it, we can go through all these miles and miles of television and tell them. Well this was an incredible story because we had gone down to Colombia; it was our first time down there, and we were having a healing explosion, which is where we train the ordinary believer that you can lay hands on the sick.

Sid Roth:Can ordinary people pray for the sick and have the same type of results as you did?

Frances Hunter:Absolutely. Absolutely.

Charles Hunter:In the Ukraine, the United States, and Brazil.

Sid Roth:It doesn't matter what country.

Frances Hunter:No.

Charles Hunter:It doesn't matter.

Frances Hunter:Well you see, Jesus said in the last chapter of Mark, “…those who believe," and He came right down to the end after He said, “… preach the Gospel to every creature”, He came down and he said, “.., [every believer will] lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover". Now there's a difference between the gift of healing, which is when people get supernaturally healed in their services just by sitting in the power of God. But the other is for the ordinary individual, and Jesus said, “… he who believes in Me, the works that I do will you do also; and [even] greater works … because I go to be with my Father". And so the ordinary Believer can learn to do exactly the same things that we do.

Sid Roth:Now I found out something very, very interesting about the Hunters, and that is after they became Believers, they were very much opposed to many of the supernatural manifestations, like speaking in tongues and being baptized in the Holy Spirit. And a woman by the name of Kathryn Kuhlman laid hands on them, and I believe they not only had a powerful encounter with the spirit of the Living God; I believe that's when the miracle ministry was released. I really do. Now let's go back to Bogota.

Frances Hunter:Okay. So we're in Bogota. We have trained these people; we had trained about, well actually we had trained 6,000, but we didn't have enough room to use them all. So each pastor selected a certain number from his church, so we had 1,500 on the healing teams. So we had to have two piggy-back services; so in the first one, Charles and I demonstrate, and we always demonstrate healings in our ministry.

Sid Roth:How do you demonstrate?

Frances Hunter:Well we call people up; we say, "If there's somebody here who has a lower back problem and you're in pain with an exploded vertebrae, would you come forward.” And that's how we demonstrate. And when they get healed; it's hard when people see a miracle right in front of their own eyes, it's hard not to believe it, isn't it?

Sid Roth:It's - what I'm curious about is those people in wheelchairs. Tell me about that.

Frances Hunter:Well in Bogota, this is really something. The first service, we conducted a few miracles in the beginning. Then we turned the healing teams loose, and then the miracles that they did were incredible. Then came the second service, which was about two hours after the first one was over, and I never saw so many wheelchairs in my life. And you have to remember in South America where they don't have hospitals and where they don't have Medicare, and Medicaid, and AARP, and all those kinds of things that we do, there are people that are crippled, and their only hope is God. In other words, they can't get medical care for it, so if they can't get that, the only thing they can rely on is God, which is why it's so easy overseas to see people healed. So we went into the service, and just before we were to release the teams, the pastor said to us, "I believe that God would have you personally lay hands on the wheelchairs in this service". And I started to say, "But we came down to show the people that they can do it if we can do it," but God just said, go ahead, and we said, "God, if you're not in this, we are sunk". And you are. If God is not in your miracle service you are sunk.

Sid Roth:Of course.

Frances Hunter:So we walked out, and the first man was horribly crippled. I mean, there were just parts of his body that were - and his legs, and it was terrible. And so I know a little bit of Spanish, and so I said, in Spanish, "Receive your healing in the name of Jesus". And then with people in wheelchairs, we always say to them, "Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have I give unto thee. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk". And I didn't want to say that much, because when you're having to translate into another language; it takes a little more time. But I couldn't, and I just wanted to say, “Get up and walk.” I couldn't think of the word "to walk".

Sid Roth:In Spanish.

Frances Hunter:In Spanish. So this is what I said, I said, "God, I don't know the word ‘to walk’”, and he reminded me in the most peculiar way. You probably, as a little child, sang the song that we did, called "La Cucaracha".

Sid Roth:I remember that.

Frances Hunter:You know what that means?

Sid Roth:No.

Frances Hunter:“The cockroach, the cockroach”; now he is unable to walk.

Sid Roth:I used to sing that song, and I was singing about a cockroach?

Frances Hunter:Yes. Now he is unable to - what was the word I needed? “Walk”. Now he is unable to walk. And then it says, "because he doesn't have - because he lacks marijuana to ‘fumar’.” That means "to smoke".

Sid Roth:Oy vey.

Frances Hunter:Would you believe that that was the way God reminded me of the word "to walk", which is. So I said, which means, "get up". And the man got up, just like that. And you know, some people think, “Oh, those kind of people have great faith.” No, we're just like everybody else. I leaned over to Charles and I said, "He must not have been as crippled as I thought he was".

Sid Roth:Really? Did she really say that?

Charles Hunter:She really said that.

Frances Hunter:Yes, I really did.

Sid Roth:But there were a lot of people in wheelchairs. How about the others?

Frances Hunter:So then went to the second one; and if it works, do it the second time. So we said the same thing to the second person, who was also all crippled up, and they got up and walked. So I said, “Let's try it again.” And so we went to the third one. We went down the line; 16 people got out of wheelchairs that, when the minute we laid hands on them, the 17th one sat there like “a bump on a log”. That shocked me, and I thought, “What's the matter with you? 16 got up; what's the matter with you?”, you know. They either get up or they don't get up. And so we went all the way around, and before we finished up, over 100 people had gotten up out of their wheelchairs or had gotten up out of stretchers; or one man was blind and he was totally healed. And a camera was on him the second that he opened his eyes, for the first time, it was absolutely wild. Now the interesting thing is, the last 20, we went around the circle like this, and before we ever got the last 20, they got up out of their wheelchairs and they ran over to us asking us to heal them.

Sid Roth:So about a hundred got healed?

Frances Hunter:Yes.

Sid Roth:Did you hear that? About a hundred people in wheelchairs stood up, walked, were healed, blind eyes were opened. God is the same. He's the same, and if you only believe “… all things are possible”, we'll be right back after this word.

Sid Roth:Hello. Let's find out who our guest is next week. I'll go to Janie in the control room. Janie?

Janie:Sid, have you ever heard of the healing rooms in the early 1900s in Spokane, Washington?

Sid Roth:Sure, John G. Lake.

Janie:Well that, so many people were healed. People used to go to Spokane, Washington, all over the world, and they were healed. Well a man that you're going to be interviewing by the name of Cal Pierce has opened up healing rooms in Spokane, and people are coming from all over the world and they are getting healed.

Sid Roth:Well I'll tell you something, I believe that when you see this telecast, that healing room is going to come right into your living room, right into your bedroom. But you don't even have to wait for that, because I've got the Happy Hunters here right now. And I want you - I have to ask you this question: Is there any reason why people that are watching us right now cannot be healed?

Frances Hunter:No reason at all.

Sid Roth:Is there anyone in a wheelchair that cannot get up and start walking?

Frances Hunter:No.

Sid Roth:Anyone blind that cannot see?

Frances Hunter:No.

Sid Roth:Anyone with cancer that cannot be healed?

Frances Hunter:No.

Charles Hunter:Is there anybody but Jesus? Yes.

Sid Roth:You really have faith for this, don't you?

Frances Hunter:Absolutely.

Charles Hunter:Because it's happened so much. You know, you don't have to struggle to have faith to drive your car, do you?

Sid Roth:No, it's automatic.

Charles Hunter:So is healing if you do it often.

Frances Hunter:With us, it's just an automatic thing. I mean, we lay hands on people on airplanes and wherever we go. In restaurants, we lay hands on the sick and see them recover. But I think it's because we have done it so much that we believe. We just expect it to happen.

Sid Roth:What advice - why don't you just look into the camera, right now, and give advice to those that are ready to receive and then pray for them.

Frances Hunter:All right. Charles, you want to give them a little teaching on healing first of all.

Charles Hunter:Okay. First of all, healing is all done by God's Holy Spirit, by the power of God. Jesus himself said, "These miracles or works that I do are not done by my power, but by my Father's power". And you Believers that receive this power, when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and with this power of the Holy Spirit and using my authority, Jesus said, "Then you go do the same things I have done and even greater". One of the principles are that people often pray for the sick; well you ought to pray, but not for the sick to be healed; you heal them by the power of God. If a nurse started to give you an injection she wouldn't do it by prayer, she'd do it by an injection, and that same thing, we inject the power of God; release it into people's bodies, and that's what heals, and God gets all the glory through Jesus. So that's basically the principle. So yes, over the television we've seen multitudes get healed. There's no reason that anybody can't get healed right now. All you need to do is just suddenly believe; "Well you know, I believe that's true”, and so you just accept it.

Sid Roth:Frances, I am ready for that miracle.

Frances Hunter:Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah. All right, let me just tell you this. The reason that we believe so strongly, first of all, the Word says it only takes two things for a healing: The name of Jesus, and the power of God's Holy Spirit. And the power of God's Holy Spirit can come right through this television camera. It can touch you wherever you are. It can touch whatever disease you have. And for some reason or another, in my spirit, I feel there is somebody out there who has cancer. The prognosis is bad, bad, bad. But I have good news for you. I have good news for you. God is healing cancer today like never before.

Sid Roth:Frances, this is what I want to say. Just before she said, “God has given a revelation that someone with cancer” - not someone - anyone with cancer is going to be healed; I heard the same thing.

Frances Hunter:Hallelujah.

Sid Roth:God is really after cancer right now.

Frances Hunter:Amen, amen, amen. All right, cancer is strictly from the devil. Sickness does not come from God; it comes from the devil. Put your hand on that part of the body where you have cancer, and believe as I say this for you. Devil, I bind you right now by the spirit of the Living God, in the name of Jesus, you foul spirit of cancer, I command you to come out right now. In the name of Jesus I curse the seed and I curse the root of every cancer cell in those bodies, and I command them to die, in the name of Jesus. I speak a new immune system into you. I speak a new blood system into you; a blood system that will not accept cancer cells. And I command all of the electrical and chemical frequencies in every cell in your body to be in harmony and in balance, and to digest every cancer cell in your body be healed right now from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. If you couldn't get up, get up and walk right now in the name of Jesus because it's done.

Charles Hunter:If you had pain, check for that pain. It should be diminishing or gone by now.

Sid Roth:And pray very quickly for any condition, very quickly now.

Frances Hunter:Father, in the name of Jesus, You are “… the same yesterday, today and forever”, and with you, nothing is impossible. So father, we pray right now, we just ask you to extend Your hand. We command every sickness to go. I command that diabetes to go in the name of Jesus. I command the spine to be straightened out of those people that have back problems and who have scoliosis of the spine. And there's somebody out there with bursitis in your left shoulder, you have not been able to raise your arm, but raise it right now in the name of Jesus; and that bursitis is healed in Jesus' name. There is somebody that has an ear infection as well, and your ear has been draining. That drainage just stopped right now because you have believed as you watch this television program. Then there's somebody who has a stomach - well I got two words of knowledge real fast.

Sid Roth:Quickly.

Frances Hunter:Somebody has a stomach problem. Right now, you've really been having stomach problems. I speak healing in the name of Jesus. And there's somebody who has a left knee where your cartilage has disappeared. I speak new cartilage in that, and I command that knee to be healed. Right now in the name of Jesus, get up and stand on that foot, and you'll be amazed what happened to it, because you just got new cartilage in your knee.

Sid Roth:And I was hearing some of the same words that she was speaking. Right now, God really wants you healed. But I heard something I've never heard before in a word of knowledge. I heard someone with AIDS is being healed right now in Jesus' name. And someone's back and neck, and hip, and I'm going to tell you something: All things are yours right now, in Jesus' name. All things are yours. Do something you could not do before. Do something. Get up and do something. Just get up and dance if that's all you can do. Start dancing for joy.

Frances Hunter:Yes.

Sid Roth:This is your moment. I'm so excited about what God is doing now.
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