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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Amazing Discovery Found in Ancient Biblical Codes with Dr. Joel Young

Sid Roth - Amazing Discovery Found in Ancient Biblical Codes with Dr. Joel Young

Sid Roth - Amazing Discovery Found in Ancient Biblical Codes with Dr. Joel Young

Sid Roth:Hello. I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter. I'm here with Dr. Joel Young. He has found the most amazing discoveries in the Jewish Scripture that conclusively prove that the New Testament is by the same author as the Jewish Scriptures. Before we get to that I want to find out how a Jewish chiropractor had an encounter with Jesus. Joel, did some Christians get a hold of you and grab you by the tie and say, repent of your sins?

Dr. Joel Young:No, I never met one at that time. I grew up as a good Jewish boy, starting at five going to Hebrew school and then Hebrew high school, Bar Mitzvahed, had a twin brother for a long time and we basically were about the same

Sid Roth:A long time got that.

Dr. Joel Young:Yeah, and it's been wonderful. And my personal experience was very interesting. I was at school. I was pretty much introverted, which my mother said, I'm making up for lost time now and in school I went into one particular day no different than any other, I went into the bathroom just to shut the stall to have a little quiet time in between class and I had a vision of the Lord. No one had witnessed to me before, no one had spoken to me before in my personal experience, and there was an instant knowing that he is the Lord himself.

Sid Roth:Had you read the New Testament at all?

Dr. Joel Young:No sir, not at all. I was a good Jewish boy.

Sid Roth:So what did you do with this revelation?

Dr. Joel Young:Well, some say I was between a rock and a hard place. I figured I was standing on a rock at this point, and that was the right place to be. I went home and I was in college at the time, in graduate school, and I started to read the Brit Hadasha, the New Testament, and I found it was written by a bunch of Jewish boys, and it was Jewish, straight through.

Sid Roth:How did you get into this Bible code business? I mean, it's hit the news. It's a bestselling book.

Dr. Joel Young:Yes.

Sid Roth:And most people are hearing little bits and pieces. Is that how you got in to it, you read the book?

Dr. Joel Young:No. What happened to me, I was preparing a Bible class, Isaiah 53, that technically starts a few verses earlier, 52:13, and at the time the Lord had spoken to me and he said, once I had done a certain level of studies he told me, "I'm in there" and I began my studies. So I began to study.

Sid Roth:He is, Jesus is in the 53rd Chapter of Isaiah in code.

Dr. Joel Young:Very much so, in plain text, yes sir.

Sid Roth:So how did you find this?

Dr. Joel Young:Well what I did, that's a good question. What I did is we went on a premise of not being seekers, but researchers. I don't believe in just shooting the dark. I need a guideline. The New Testament is my guide. We understood that St. Augustine said a statement, "Once the new in the old is concealed, the old in the new is revealed". I would say the new in the old is clearly concealed, the old in the new is clearly revealed. So the premise and understanding that we're going to look for what God has revealed, but find it in the Tanakh, and the Hebrew Scriptures, that was the understanding. We already knew that in Isaiah 53:8, 9, 10, he would be cut off, he would be buried, he would be resurrected. So with some understanding of the New Testament and the Tanakh we went to look where we knew we would find him.

Sid Roth:So you know to be candid with you,

Dr. Joel Young:Please.

Sid Roth:I come from a Jewish background also.

Dr. Joel Young:Great.

Sid Roth:And my dad always said, "Show me where it says Jesus". He didn't say his name, he said Yeshua, which is what he was called. Show where it says Yeshua.

Dr. Joel Young:Yes.

Sid Roth:In our scriptures. And I would read Isaiah, the 53rd chapter.

Dr. Joel Young:Yes.

Sid Roth:And he would even say that sounds just like Jesus, but show me where it says Yeshua.

Dr. Joel Young:Exactly and it's spelled out letter by letter that Yeshua is there. We have a code that says...

Sid Roth:Explain for those of us that haven't studied this simplistically what is the code?

Dr. Joel Young:That's a great idea. One of the understandings of the code is just the same way they have won wars. Codes are encrypted. That's not a new phenomenon. They win wars. You want to send a message, so you hide in a normal text. The letters don't change. God wrote it, you can't add, delete or change. Every so many spaces is one method, you look for a code, and then when you drop off the rest of the text, those letters that remain give you a message, and wars have been won and lost on that, too.

Sid Roth:So let's say you cracked the code. Is that fair?

Dr. Joel Young:We were there and available, thank God, yes. We were one of them. All right. What did you find in Isaiah 53 that, my father has died, but would have satisfied my father?

Dr. Joel Young:I believe it satisfies every serious seeker who is open to the truth of God. We found Yeshua. We found all of his apostles.

Sid Roth:All right. Yeshua is Hebrew for Jesus.

Dr. Joel Young:Yeshua is Hebrew for Jesus, and we will not find it in English or in his English name because he's Hebrew all the way through. We don't find Paul, we find Saul, as Shaul, because his name is not Paul. The Hebrew Scriptures are in Hebrew, not in English. Therefore, God gave it in a Divine language. There are 6000-plus languages, but there's one Divine one, it's Hebrew.

Sid Roth:I'm just curious. How about our ancient sages, the rabbis? Did they understand this equal space lettering code?

Dr. Joel Young:Yes, I believe it goes back centuries and even the fact of letters equaling numbers goes back to second century Maccabean coins. So the Jews have known these things, but with the advent of computers and in the last days knowledge will be revealed, we see many of these things come into the world

Sid Roth:Okay. Let's take you back to what you found in the 53rd chapter of Isaiah.

Dr. Joel Young:We found Yeshua. We found Messiah, which is the Messiah, the Mashiach, that he is the anointed one. We found all of his apostles except one.

Sid Roth:There were 12 followers of Yeshua.

Dr. Joel Young:Yes, yes.

Sid Roth:And you found, did you find their exact names?

Dr. Joel Young:Yes, we found their exact names and one of the names is also by inference that is brought out. It's a little more technical. The one name though that we didn't find was Judah. Judas is the Greek form, but Judah, which means "praise". The Hebrew is not there. We searched over and over. But the one who refused to give him his own name, "Judah, praise the Lord", because he sold it out to another to praise who we won't even mention. But we found, well you say, if he's not there what does Acts 1 tell us? There's a replacement. Let's think. We found his replacement there, Mathias.

Sid Roth:So when Judas died they replaced him with Mathias and you're saying he is in code in Isaiah?

Dr. Joel Young:Yes, exactly, the one that is replaced. He has lost his office, he's not there. Now how did Isaiah know this 700 years before? He didn't know.

Sid Roth:Seven hundred years before Jesus came.

Dr. Joel Young:Yes.

Sid Roth:That was encrypted in code.

Dr. Joel Young:Yes.

Sid Roth:Well how do we know, and I have to be candid with you, how do we know this wasn't just a coincidence that you found those names there?

Dr. Joel Young:That's good. Several things mathematically when something goes beyond 1 to the 50th power, physicists will technically tell you it's technical absurd. Our stats are better than 1 to the 50th power when we start to crunch out these numbers, number two. Number, the next issue is that all of the facts we find are already in the New Testament. So you would have to control both the Old and the New Testament to put this all together and not change the grammar, not change the text, not add, delete or change a letter, which would throw the whole thing off.

Sid Roth:Have they tried to crack codes in the same way let's say in the Koran or in the Talmud, or any of these other books?

Dr. Joel Young:In the Koran they had tried and I believe they have not. They may havefound one pattern, but it falls into probably what we call randomness there.

Sid Roth:Okay. But did they find anything so direct as we find in the Torah?

Dr. Joel Young:No, no.

Sid Roth:Nothing. How about in the Talmud? Do you know if they tried that?

Dr. Joel Young:I don't know. But the premise of the Talmud is that it's not from God.

Sid Roth:I see.

Dr. Joel Young:Yes.

Sid Roth:So I mean, this is really fascinating.

Dr. Joel Young:Yes.

Sid Roth:If you were not a believer in Jesus, which you are, and you examined these codes, would that convince you? You're a scientist.

Dr. Joel Young:Intellectually, yes, it would, because I would say you've had to control the text and the context before. Because to encrypt a code I would to design a program, I'd have to control the text, the story at every level to bring out the same message. We'd have to have all the players, the right thing at the time. How do you do that without a Divine hand and a fingerprint, if you will, on every facet of it?

Sid Roth:I'm looking forward for this next segment, because we're going to examine in detail and the worst skeptic cannot afford to be a skeptic anymore, if you think for yourself. We'll be back right after this.

Sid Roth:Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter. I'm here with Dr. Joel Young, and we are examining what is so hot today. So many people are talking about it. The Bible codes actually encrypted in code in the Jewish Scriptures are evidences that the New Testament is by the same author as the Jewish Scriptures. We're going to look at the 53rd chapter of Isaiah, penned over 700 years before Jesus even came to Earth, and we're going to find that in code, in a chapter that I can tell you I read for my own traditional Jewish father who was born in Poland, the last thing he wanted to hear was Jesus was the Messiah. But when I finished reading that 53rd chapter of Isaiah, he said, "You must be reading from a Christian Bible because it's talking just about Jesus". Dr. Young, I wish I had the information you're going to reveal today for my father, but I do want to tell you there is a good ending to the story. Before he died, in the intensive prayer, it was, in the intensive care ward of the hospital, my sister and I had the privilege of seeing my father become a Messianic Jew.

Dr. Joel Young:Hallelujah.

Sid Roth:And he received his Messiah. Now tell me about what you have for us.

Dr. Joel Young:This is for all the fathers and mothers, and sons and daughters that are here so they can see what the Lord has always revealed. The Lord has revealed himself very clearly, and for those that have the eyes to see and the heart to feel, may their hearts be open to see this, too. In Isaiah 53, we're going to see that we find the text very clearly, "Our ministry is called For His Glory" and we wish see Yeshua in John 12:21 is exactly what we're all about. When we go to Isaiah 53, we're going to see as an intro and now we're going to see the whole code, the first code, we're going to see Yeshua's name encoded in the text, straight up and down, this is Yeshua in Isaiah 53. His name appears in a vertical column.

Sid Roth:Which again, for those that didn't listen earlier, Yeshua is Hebrew for Jesus.

Dr. Joel Young:Yes. So we're looking without disturbing the arrangement of the normal letters, there is Yeshua. And if we add on the words above and below, and we just keep looking, we find "Yeshua is my name" and we continue to the next, we find–

Sid Roth:Excuse me.

Dr. Joel Young:Yes.

Sid Roth:This is so good I don't want to skip something.

Dr. Joel Young:Sorry.

Sid Roth:Yeshua is my name in Hebrew.

Dr. Joel Young:He signed it.

Sid Roth:It's saying, in Hebrew, it's saying, "Yeshua shemi".

Dr. Joel Young:Yeshua shemi, yeah.

Sid Roth:Jesus is my name.

Dr. Joel Young:Jesus is my name.

Sid Roth:So the 53rd chapter, that's what my father asked for. Show me where it says Jesus.

Dr. Joel Young:Here Dad. Here we are. Here we are.

Sid Roth:Go on, Doctor.

Dr. Joel Young:"Yeshua is my name" and we add on a few more letters. We just keep looking in the same sequence, equidistant letters, spacing just on Yeshua. First we see, "the one rushing from above, Yeshua is my name way from above". He said, "I'm from above, you are from below". He's rushing because he's a mission and a message for the masses to save their soul.

Sid Roth:So in Hebrew it says "rushing from above"?

Dr. Joel Young:Yes, sir. "The one rushing from above. Yeshua is my name". Jesus is my name. Phenomenal. And then it gets even more phenomenal. Criss-crossing it, we find the name, "Messiah" and it criss-crosses at the shin. Now we all remember this symbol, this is the shin. Remember Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy was Jewish, I understand.

Sid Roth:He was doing the shin.

Dr. Joel Young:This comes from the Aaronic blessing. This is the shin. They cross at the shin for God's name. So we see Yeshua is the Messiah on this code. And then as we go forward, we continue to find, as you go from one code to the next, we begin to find, well who else is there? I expect to find all the apostles there. As you go through the codes you begin to find each one of the apostles is there. We find, Yeshua the Messiah. The next one we find is Peter and you continue to go through all of the apostles all the way from Andrew, all the way down, we're going to find, just scroll to Jacob, not James. James is an English boy's name. It's Yacov. We find John, Yochanan. All the way down we're going to find that there's one man missing, Judah, or Judas in the Greek. But we don't look for Greek. This is Hebrew. We find, and the missing one, Mathias. Mathias was the one who replaced Judah. How does Isaiah know? The apostles didn't even know who's going to be the replacement. They were there. 700 years before, Isaiah, didn't even know who the apostles were.

Sid Roth:So what's your explanation?

Dr. Joel Young:The explanation is there can only be a Divine hand orchestrating it because the apostles when they drew lots, they did not yet even know who the replacement was among their own living souls. Isaiah was 700 years before.

Sid Roth:Help me, Doctor. What would a skeptic say to you? What could a skeptic say to you?

Dr. Joel Young:Usually it's an emotional answer, not an intellectual one.

Sid Roth:Forget the emotional for a moment.

Dr. Joel Young:Okay.

Sid Roth:On an intellectual plane, how could a skeptic say, yes but?

Dr. Joel Young:I haven't heard a but that's substantial yet, to be honest. I haven't heard a good answer back intellectually, and I'm open to it, and that's not meant to aloof. It just meant I'm a good student and I'm willing to listen. I haven't heard a good response yet that meets the text in context at this level and can intellectually battle it.

Sid Roth:Is there more than that in this code?

Dr. Joel Young:Yeah, it gets even more. Now we keep looking, we find several other offices here. As we continue to the next slide, we find that several, and we're going to run down the list here, on the next slide, we find the name "apostle" [Hebrew], the apostles, the term "apostles" is there. We continue to go on right down the list, we find "Saul", we find Mary as "Miriam", and we go right down the list and we're going to find "lion", "lamb", "prophet", "priest", "king" and his three offices there. The Passover is there encoded in the text and the list goes on and on.

Sid Roth:Does it say Pesach?

Dr. Joel Young:Yes, Pesach! Yeah, exactly. It's phenomenal. And every code has a meaning. I'll just illustrate one if I may. When we find all these things they just become more and more phenomenal. We find Elijah, we find Moses, we find "resurrection", we find "ascension", we find "crucifixion".

Sid Roth:No one could say this is just a coincidence, finding so much in just one chapter.

Dr. Joel Young:Yes. There's much more yet.

Sid Roth:More?

Dr. Joel Young:Which we're going to do for book 2. Book 1 is already 608 pages. We had to stop before making it 2000. It's there. Come and see.

Sid Roth:Now it's one thing to prove to someone intellectually Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. But it's another thing to have your own encounter. Now Dr. Joel Young had quite an encounter. I mean, Jesus came to him and I found that the majority of Muslims that are coming to the Lord are having an encounter, and a large number of Muslims are becoming believers in Jesus, are coming to the Lord because of personal encounters. But I have good news for every one of us and that is God is so good that if you take a step towards him he will reveal himself. When we come back, we're going to find out that God not only had these hidden codes in the scriptures, but he's also a God of miracles. We'll be right back after this.

Sid Roth:Let's go to my producer Janie and find out who's up next week. Janie?

Janie:Sid, do you remember the happy Hunters?

Sid Roth:I've known them for years.

Janie:Well the reason why they must be so happy is because of all the miracles that they have seen God do, and I saw some footage of in one of their meetings there was a baby who died. You could just hear everyone screaming because this baby died. Well the baby was raised from the dead in the meeting.

Sid Roth:Can we see this on the next program?

Janie:We're going to be seeing some of that footage.

Sid Roth:I'm looking forward to that. Hello, I'm Sid Roth here your investigative reporter. I'm here with Dr. Joel Young and, I mean, strap on your seatbelt. If you think it's been something until now, wait until you find out what else he has found encoded in the Jewish Scriptures. We found all these things in the 53rd chapter of Isaiah. Let's go to another Messianic scripture, because Messianic, because it describes perfectly a crucifixion before they even punished people for crimes with crucifixion, hundreds of years before that. It's Psalm of David, the 22nd Psalm. Dr. Young, what did you find in code in the 22nd psalm?

Dr. Joel Young:Phenomenal. Phenomenal. Many things. There's one code I want to focus on though, in Psalm 22, when we looked at Psalm 22, we're going to find an amazing alignment here where we see Yeshua, which is in Hebrew for Jesus, and a psalm that's a first person narrative. We're going to look at Psalm 22, we see Yeshua's name encoded there. We're going to find above and below the name, there's Yeshua, Hebrew for Jesus, in Psalm 22. And we look above his name and just keep going in the same sequence and then below right there we'll take a look now, two vavs, the vav of two above, one below. What's a vav? A vav is a letter, it's the sixth letter of the alphabet. But if you look in the Hebrew dictionary and you look up the word "vav", vav means a nail, or wooden peg, but it's a nail. Now wait a minute. In this text written about a thousand years before David, you look and you go, now wait a minute, as you mentioned earlier, Sid, nobody knew about crucifixion. This was much later. The Romans perfected it in about 90 B.C. You're looking at it. We find two of those letters which equal, the vav is the sixth letter of the alphabet and one below, Jesus was crucified with three nails in a non-Jewish way. We stoned them.

Sid Roth:So the vav means "nail".

Dr. Joel Young:Yes.

Sid Roth:There are two nails above Yeshua and one below.

Dr. Joel Young:One below.

Sid Roth:Explain that.

Dr. Joel Young:Now exactly that's what we find in Psalm 22 without disturbing the text. The letters are left alone. We're not allowed to add, delete or change the Word of God. And just looking at the text, looking deeper.

Sid Roth:So when someone was crucified how many nails were used?

Dr. Joel Young:Three, one for each hand and the feet are together, and it's driven through the ankle and between the two wrists. Now we don't find three above or two below, we find just exactly the way Jesus was crucified that's encoded in the text, and the Jewish Scriptures and non-Jewish method they didn't even know about, two nails above, one below. And from a spiritual point of view there's another factor. That vav is the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. What's the thing about that? Six, 666. The whole 666 system is nailed to the cross of Christ.

Sid Roth:And of course, in the Book of Revelations, it says that this is a mystery of a man that will be the devil, literally.

Dr. Joel Young:Yes.

Sid Roth:An Antichrist.

Dr. Joel Young:Yes.

Sid Roth:And you're saying, no, you didn't say it.

Dr. Joel Young:I'm just speaking what the Lord said.

Sid Roth:The Bible says that the nails were 666, which were nailed?

Dr. Joel Young:Yes.

Sid Roth:That is phenomenal. You realize that alone could heal people right now.

Dr. Joel Young:It should because 666 is not on us. It's nailed to the cross. They're free from it. God freed them.

Sid Roth:Tell me a miracle that you've seen based on what Jesus did.

Dr. Joel Young:When I was in chiropractic college, once a fellow student asked me to go sit with him in a car with him, with a friend of his rather. His friend had a little girl, nine years old at the time, who was in the hospital in a coma with half her body paralyzed. He asked, the person who asked me was a new ager, but he knows when he sees God. I pray since he's come to the Lord. I don't know, I pray so. He asked me to pray. And what happened to me was very interesting. It was not something I tried to do. In a moment I was in a place where everything was possible, and all I said in that place, I said, "She's all right". I left and went back to class. I said goodbye. The next day I find out, that time the daughter came out of the coma, brain function was normal. She went home with her dad. Hallelujah.

Sid Roth:So what you're saying to me is you had supernatural, not natural, but supernatural faith and when he spoke the word, "she's alive", that's what happened.

Dr. Joel Young:There was a place where everything was possible, and in that place what one speaks happens.

Sid Roth:Tell me another miracle.

Dr. Joel Young:Yes. Okay. We had a lady as a patient, I was a chiropractor physician for a living. And she had a pelvic tumor, which was diagnosed on a sonogram and she came, and she was also a smoker and a non-believer at that time, I believe. And we had prayed for her. She was going back to surgery in a month. We had prayed for her and by the Lord's good grace she was healed and able to be diagnosed on a sonogram. Pre and post, the tumor was gone. I'm very big on evidence. Gone.

Sid Roth:You're very big on evidence between the Bible code and the miracles.

Dr. Joel Young:Yes I am.

Sid Roth:You know, there are viewers right now that say, I've never even seen a miracle. Are these the only two miracles you've seen or have you seen many more?

Dr. Joel Young:We've seen others. We've seen others. I had a gentleman who had ripped his bicep, all right, doing something, he ripped it and it was torn at the bone. When he tried to flex his arm, the muscle was just like a bowl of jelly over here. Now technically that is a surgical intervention. The person will get that muscle and tendons reattached to the bone. We worked with him with our hands and God's good grace that we attached without surgery and he had full strength. The strength came back up. The muscle integrity came back up. He was functional again.

Sid Roth:Is it medically possible for it to reattach by itself?

Dr. Joel Young:No sir.

Sid Roth:Did you hear that? It's not medically possible for that to happen. Well our Messiah said all things are possible. All things are possible. All things are possible, but first you have to repent of your sins and you have to make Jesus your Messiah and Lord. Start reading that Bible, and recognize that 666, every sickness, every disease, every sin was nailed on him and by his stripes, you know what happens with stripes? Blood comes. By those nails in his hands, those nails in his legs, he suffered because he didn't, did you ever think that no one loves you? He does. He suffered for you and by his stripes you were healed. Not you will be, but you were. If you start just raising your hand and getting a little meshuga, that's crazy in God and celebrating, before you see this event that's called faith. Faith calls those things that are not as if they were. Start celebrating and say, thank you, Jesus, I'm healed, I'm whole. Oh God, let your power fall, let your glory fall, let your healing fall now in Jesus' name.
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