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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Use This Strategy to STOP Satan in His Tracks with Dawna DeSilva and Teresa Liebscher

Sid Roth - Use This Strategy to STOP Satan in His Tracks with Dawna DeSilva and Teresa Liebscher

Sid Roth - Use This Strategy to STOP Satan in His Tracks with Dawna DeSilva and Teresa Liebscher
TOPICS: Spiritual warfare, Satan, Angels, Strategy

Sid Roth:Hello, I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter and I have two women here that move in such unusual gifts of the Spirit, Dawna DeSilva and Teresa Liebscher and we're going to have a demonstration of a very, very unique understanding of the invisible world. Now Teresa, you found many years later that as a child you went through some very traumatic experiences. What did you go through?

Teresa Liebscher: I was had Satanic ritual abuse and then it went on to other issues of different kinds of child abuse.

Sid Roth:Did you just like block it?

Teresa Liebscher: Totally repressed it, totally blocked it out.

Sid Roth:You hear about people like that.

Teresa Liebscher: Until I was 39 years old, and then at 39–

Sid Roth:Excuse me. How did it affect you for those first, did it have an impact on your life, those first 39 years?

Teresa Liebscher: Lots of fear, lots of anger, just actually trying to press through and function in life, just trying to survive, just trying to make it without successfully committing suicide, attempted several times.

Sid Roth:So how did you remember what had occurred?

Teresa Liebscher: Something happened in a relationship with my husband and I can't even really explain to you what happened except that God came in and totally opened the floodgate and all the memories started coming, all the stuff that had been blocked and recessed had just, there was flood, just started coming like crazy. My husband said that it was like having an epileptic for a wife because all of a sudden, out of nowhere, because I had a lot of things that would trigger my memory, a lot of sounds, smells, that kind of thing, I would just regress back into a memory and have body memories and pictures, and all kinds of things. I really can't explain to you to this day exactly what triggered the dam bursting.

Sid Roth:But how did you get rid of it? That's the most important question.

Teresa Liebscher: How did I get rid of it? Jesus just came in and walked me through the memories, walked me through the healing process of dealing with all the emotion, coming to understand and forgive all of the people that were involved in what was going through, and then asking God to bless them.

Sid Roth:The real you, Teresa, the real you, how are you different?

Teresa Liebscher: How am I different?

Sid Roth:Yeah.

Teresa Liebscher: I'm not afraid. I believe I'm not crazy any more.

Sid Roth:Did you think you were crazy?

Teresa Liebscher: Oh yeah. I always had thoughts that pretty soon they're going to find out who the real me is and they're going to put me in a mental institution and I'm going to be locked up forever or they're going to find out, you know, that I had done something awful and, you know, nobody is going to want to talk to me, nobody is going to want to have anything to do with me.

Sid Roth:These thoughts that you had inside, just turmoil.

Teresa Liebscher: Yeah, just turmoil, like, the biggest thing is the one, the day, one of the big days of my rejoicing is, is that I was working at the time and my boss came up behind me and spoke to me behind me, and I did not know he was there. Up to that point I knew where everybody was in a 10-foot radius of me. I even, behind me, I can even tell you what they were wearing. I had to be so constantly aware of where everybody was.

Sid Roth:Why?

Teresa Liebscher: Because they were going to come and get me and do something bad to me.

Sid Roth:You were paranoid.

Teresa Liebscher: Yeah. I was so paranoid because people would always come out of nowhere and grab me, and take me, and do bad things.

Sid Roth:They never did that, but you thought they would, or they did it as a child.

Teresa Liebscher: They did it as a child and so I just assumed that everybody did it to me as a child, so I just assumed that when I was an adult that they were just waiting for the right opportunity to get me because I wasn't protected.

Sid Roth:You must have been pretty hopeless.

Teresa Liebscher: Yes.

Sid Roth:You said you attempted suicide.

Teresa Liebscher: Yes.

Sid Roth:Did you just think about it or did you actually–

Teresa Liebscher: I attempted it, yes. There were, I didn't do it like cut my wrists or like point a gun or anything like that. It would be like you'd be driving down the street and you'd go, oh, here's a semi, turn into the semi, or oh, there's a tree, turn into the tree. When I was kid, I did it. I tried to throw myself in front of train and things like that.

Sid Roth:So your boss came up behind you and you realized.

Teresa Liebscher: I did not know he was there. That was a glorious day for me.

Sid Roth:It sounds like such an insignificant little victory, but it’s not. It’s major. And many of you have a lot of problems that you see the symptoms, you don’t even know the causes, and I think you’re going to get some keys. Tell me about this ministry you have, sozo. What does sozo mean?

Teresa Liebscher: Sozo is a Greek word that means saved, healed and delivered. It’s translated mostly ‘saved’. It’s translated a few times ‘healed’ and a couple of times ‘delivered’. But Jesus wants more for you than just salvation, just going to Heaven. He wants the complete package for you. He wants you healed, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and he wants you delivered from all the strongholds, all the things that you struggle with. It’s not just fire insurance. It’s not just going to Heaven.

Sid Roth:Carlos Annacondia, the one great evangelist from Argentina says something along those lines.

Teresa Liebscher: Yeah he says in the United States we get about six percent of the people saved, and they have about 85 to 90 percent who get saved because they get them free. We don’t get them free. We just get them saved and that’s what the issue of sozo is, is Jesus wants more than just salvation. He wants you free. He wants to give you freedom.

Sid Roth:Dawna, tell me, I was reading in my notes about a woman that was a lesbian that you ministered to that also had a number of other troubles. Tell me about her and what how it was accomplished.

Dawna DeSilva: Well for her, she didn’t start out as a lesbian. So you know, her, she became a lesbian through her husband introducing pornographic material to her that was of lesbian nature.

Sid Roth:That simple?

Dawna DeSilva: Yes.

Sid Roth:Is that how it happen?

Dawna DeSilva: That’s how it happened.

Sid Roth:What’s happening with people throughout the world as they're watching things on the Internet and all the pornography that’s going into the homes?

Dawna DeSilva: You’re introducing a whole realm of the demonic. You’re just, you’re opening up.

Sid Roth:So she picked up that spirit just by seeing pornographic material.

Dawna DeSilva: She acted upon what she saw and she said even if she would read it she would know that it wasn’t right, but there was curiosity. And she further listened to the lie that, well our relations in the bed is not good, so you must be a lesbian because you’re not fulfilling my needs as a man. And so there were lies that built on that, and as she built on those lies she took them for what they were, and she acted out in a lesbian relationship.

Sid Roth:So why did she come to you for help?

Dawna DeSilva: Because she knew it was sin. She knew that it was not the way God made her and she came for help. Her marriage was in the pits. Her children were going to be taken away from her.

Sid Roth:Now some would say that a lesbian was born that way, but this is almost concrete, that it’s a spiritual problem. And we’ll be back in just a moment and you’re going to find out there is hope for the most hopeless situations. Be right back.

Sid Roth:Hello, I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter and I’m here with two women that are so gifted in the Spirit of God, Dawna DeSilva and Teresa Liebscher. And these women can see or hear into the invisible world and help people be free. For instance, they were helping a lesbian through supernatural help. Tell me a bit about that, Dawna.

Dawna DeSilva: Well I think the most important part of that is that men don’t realize what importance they have in the family. And if you’re a man out there you need to know that you have a covering over your wife that is ordained by God. And what the man did in this is prior to giving her the pornographic material, he took off his wedding ring and said, "You are failing me as a wife". And what he did in the spiritual realm is he disconnected his covering from his wife and he targeted her for the spirit of lesbianism. So I think for men, they need to know that they have to cover their wives even if they don’t know to handle it, and say, you know, we cover you. And for the wives, they need to submit to that covering. And when he brought home the pornographic material, it just, she said, okay, well this must be okay, it’s from my husband. And it was not okay and it just opened a total realm to where she would not have gone on her own.

Teresa Liebscher: She went into gambling and drinking also.

Sid Roth:So one thing leads to another.

Dawna DeSilva: Because she knew that it was wrong and you get tormented, and the tormenters don’t stop with just one little problem. They just throw on everything they can.

Sid Roth:So tell me what you did for her.

Dawna DeSilva: Well what we did is we brought her in. And she was desperate. She wanted free.

Sid Roth:Is that important, by the way, to be desperate?

Dawna DeSilva: It’s important to want to be free, not necessarily desperate. But she was desperate and she was about to lose everything that meant anything to her at all. And we just prayer her through and the one session that we had with her, she was broke free of the spiritual hold that those things had. And I called her pastor who is walking her through, you know, making it through this, and he said she’s not returned to any of the relationships, and she’s not drinking, she’s not gambling.

Sid Roth:Tell me about the doors that people open up unbeknownst to them to problems. What would you call these doors?

Dawna DeSilva: Well calls them four doors and I’ll let you explain.

Teresa Liebscher: The four doors are sexual sin, occult, hatred and anger and what they have found basically comes from Pablo Bottari in Argentina and all the work he’s done in deliverance, he found that all the symptoms that we all deal with boil down to these four doors that either, somebody else has opened or we have opened.

Sid Roth:What do you mean somebody else has opened?

Teresa Liebscher: You know, it’s amazing how many parents, we have even seen doors open when the mother has been carrying the child in her womb.

Sid Roth:So these are like generational doors that it passes through to the child.

Teresa Liebscher: Generational doors that passes through the mother is worried or there’s fear, or there’s even violence. The child, the mother has been beaten in violence and the child has the spirit of violence or the spirit of death on them, just for being in the womb. And so all those things always boil down to what they have found with these four doors.

Sid Roth:Now the occult, would you give some description of what would be under that?

Teresa Liebscher: Occult could be as easy as playing with Ouija boards, the Magic 8 balls, you know, they even make fun of, all the way up to Satanic ritual abuse. So it can be...

Dawna DeSilva: Seances...

Teresa Liebscher: New age...

Dawna DeSilva: Channeling stuff, new age stuff or even any kind of manipulation that you do to get what you want unless it comes by using the power of God. Any kind of manipulation that you use to gain power from the demonic source opens you up to the demonic realm, even if you’re doing it innocently, even like horoscopes. Horoscopes will open you up to the demonic to become into your life.

Sid Roth:Now before this television show we had you pray with a friend of mine, and tell me what you were doing as you were praying for Jonathan.

Teresa Liebscher: Well Jonathan came to us and said the issue he wanted us to pray him through was anxiety. And what we found is that the door, you think, wasn’t fear and it wasn’t over work, but it was really was the fact that having to prove himself to be sufficient out in the world and that came from his mother not being at home and showing him value as a child. And so he carried on that instinct that I have to be good in the outside world. And we really prayed for him. We had him give his mom, bless his mom, renounce the lie that he was not important and to actually have him turn his heart back towards home.

Sid Roth:Now how did you know this? I mean, you were just there for a few minutes. How did you know these things?

Dawna DeSilva: Well Teresa gets to have a lot of fun because she actually, when we sat down she said, well there’s three things right here so she can tell me there’s three spirits here.

Sid Roth:Now how did you know?

Teresa Liebscher: I just see them.

Sid Roth:You see them or feel them?

Teresa Liebscher: I see them in the spirit. I can’t, I don’t see them like I see you sitting here, but I saw in my spirit that there was three spirits.

Sid Roth:Now out of curiosity, is this something to ask God for or you go in a restaurant and you can see them? Just between the three of us?

Teresa Liebscher: Just between the three of us, yes, I walk into restaurants and see them.

Sid Roth:Does this bother you?

Teresa Liebscher: Yes.

Sid Roth:I would think so.

Teresa Liebscher: Yes, but because of my background it’s that I got opened up into the demonic realm as a child and the Lord has just continued to use that, and now that is being used for his glory and not being used for why the enemy wanted to, why Satan wanted me to use it for.

Sid Roth:Let me ask you a question. Can you pray for our viewers that they would forgive, ask them to even, you know, to forgive, break these generational curses over them and help them, and minister by the spirit? Can you do that?

Teresa Liebscher: Dawna can do that.

Sid Roth:Both of you can. How’s that. Both of them can. We’ll be back in just a moment and get ready.

Sid Roth:Hello, I’m Sid Roth your investigative reporter. Let’s find out who’s on next week. Janie in the control room.

Janie:Sid, you’re going to be interviewing two different people next week, and both of them had severe depression. One was a man who locked himself in his apartment for six months with no food, but was supernaturally sustained and the other is a woman who was sexually taken advantage of by her psychologist. She was on Lithium and but both were totally set free of very bad depression.

Sid Roth:And there’s lots of people with depression and you’re going to get supernatural help next week. But right now you don’t have to wait until next week. So Dawna, I want you to, as God instructs both of you, and Teresa, I want you to help our viewers right now because I know both of you have a lot of compassion. You’ve been through it, welcome to the human race, and so have they.

Dawna DeSilva: Well first, we always start, we always ask the Holy Spirit to come. So we invite the Holy Spirit to come into your living room, into your place of work, wherever it is that you are listening and watching. We ask him to come into you and just reveal to you the people that you need to forgive, people that have harmed because it’s a door to the enemy, unforgiveness will open you up. So Father, as you reveal that to them, I ask that you would have them repeat after us, and just repeat after us right now and say, I choose to forgive, and then put in the name of the person, for what they have done to me.

Sid Roth:Excuse me. You know, if you do not do this right now you are missing a supernatural moment in your life. So repeat these words after Dawna. Do that again, Dawna.

Dawna DeSilva: Okay. We like to say, I choose, because forgiveness is a choice, so I choose to forgive, and you’ll want to say the person’s name, for what they have done to me, and you can start listing off as we’re talking, just start listing off the things that they have taken from my bed into their bed and they have used me for their own satisfaction. It could be any of those things. Just say it as you go. And I break free, so you want to repeat, I break free, I break free of all that has attached to me because of those abuses, hindrances and harm done to me. And if you just repeat after me, I break up.

Sid Roth:Iím going to get in on this. I break up.

Dawna DeSilva: All generational curses.

Sid Roth:All generational curses.

Dawna DeSilva: That have been passed down.

Sid Roth:That have been passed down.

Dawna DeSilva: Either from my father’s line.

Sid Roth:Either from my father’s line.

Dawna DeSilva: Or my mother’s line.

Sid Roth:Or my mother’s line.

Dawna DeSilva: I command them.

Sid Roth:I command them.

Dawna DeSilva: Off of me.

Sid Roth:Off of me.

Dawna DeSilva: In Jesus’ name.

Sid Roth:In Jesus’ name.

Dawna DeSilva: And that’s all there is to it. And for breaking those off, what we want to do now is we want to say God will continue to reveal to you, you need to forgive. Just keep short accounts daily. We do it in the shower because you don’t need a tissue, because you bawl. But in that, we want to bless you. We want to say, God, just go target these people for healing, for blessing, and we ask you to open up the supernatural realm so that they can receive from the Lord Jesus.

Sid Roth:Now was that just a cosmetic prayer or did that help you?

Dawna DeSilva: If they repeated it helped.

Sid Roth:I believe that, too. I believe we’re going to get lots of letters of people that have had their life dramatically changed because these things are real and there’s such authority and power in the name of Jesus.

Teresa Liebscher: Yeah. I got the impression that there was probably several people the generational curse, that’s been a thought that had come through their mind and they had been wondering generational curses. And what Dawna just walked them through actually broke generational curses off of them just because God had been preparing them beforehand that they had you know, why did I have that thought of a generational curse, what does that mean, what does that mean, and the fact that what you guys just did took care of that.

Sid Roth:What can someone do that says, I understand I’m supposed to forgive, but they have done something so bad.

Dawna DeSilva: Well forgiveness is commanded of us and forgiveness–

Sid Roth:But I don’t feel like it.

Dawna DeSilva: Well you know what, then I can’t help you.

Sid Roth:Well no, I feel like it. Help me.

Dawna DeSilva: Because if we’re not willing to forgive we’re not going to break free of the torment. God loves us so much that he allows the torment to continue until we look and say, okay, uncle, like you’re wrestling, help, okay, I give up, I give up. And we have a pastor who was there was a deliverance going on, and we don’t do it this way, but they were screaming and yelling at this girl, and he walks up and he said, “Stop, stop you guys, what are you doing.” So he gets down by her and says, “Who do you need to forgive?” “Nobody!” And he goes, “Okay, how about your dad.” And he goes, “I’ll never forgive him.” He says, “Okay, then I can’t help you,” and he walks away. And the girl is banging her head against the wall and she goes, “Wait, wait, I’ll do it!” And he came back and he led her, and he walked her through, I choose to forgive my dad who molested me when I was a child. I choose to forgive my dad for all of these things. And she walked out free.

Sid Roth:So what you’re saying is, the question is do you want to be free?

Teresa Liebscher: Right.

Sid Roth:That is the question, do you want to be free.

Dawna DeSilva: Well forgiveness is also releases you. It doesn’t say that the person what they did was right or wrong. It releases you and that’s the important thing, because we can’t deal with anybody else. All we can deal with is ourselves. And it releases you from the tormenters. It gives you the peace and the comfort that you need. It doesn’t say that person is right or wrong, and it doesn’t get them off of God’s hook.

Teresa Liebscher: Right.

Dawna DeSilva: Because God still will deal with what they did.

Sid Roth:And you said something to me, Teresa, that very much intrigued me. I said, is he ever going to Heaven, and you said, not the way most people have, but you go to the Throne Room. Explain that.

Teresa Liebscher: Part of my healing process had to be the fact that I had what we call a healed vision of Father God, that that is Father God is the one who is going to come in and protect me, and take care of me. And I go to the Throne Room a lot, and I play underneath his robe and climb into his lap. And I do that quite a bit.

Sid Roth:How do you feel when you do that?

Teresa Liebscher: It is great. It is so much fun. In fact, I pull the robe apart and stick my tongue out at all the people in the Throne Room. I have a ball.

Sid Roth:You’ve become a little kid. You didn’t have your childhood. You’ve become a little child in the Throne Room. Am I right?

Teresa Liebscher: Yep, I, and he says that we are to become like children anyway. But I really become like a child.

Sid Roth:I can tell. And how about you? Well you know what is the most important thing? The Messiah did say unless you become like a little child you’ll not even see the Kingdom of Heaven. I want you to see the Kingdom of Heaven. I want you to know him for yourself. I don’t want you to just believe in him and do a cosmetic prayer and go to church, and have greater intimacy with your denomination than you have with God. That’s not the whole purpose. Just because you’ve been turned off by the hypocrisy you see, don’t get turned off God. He’s the only friend you have. Right now there is an anointing that needs a presence of God for you to come to know him. Do not miss your opportunity. Repeat this prayer: Dear God, out loud, Dear God, I’m a sinner. I believe that Jesus died for my sins and by his blood I’m totally forgiven. I’m free. And now that I’m free I make Jesus my Messiah and Lord. Come inside of me right now. Oh God, I want to be a child. I want to go up to your Throne Room. I want to play. I want to be free. Use me. There is a destiny on your life. If you could just see the way God loves you, you are, you know what, he’s putting his arms right around you right now. He’s embracing you. His love is pouring like a river into you. That’s called shalom. That’s his peace and that is completing you in your spirit and in your soul, and in your body, and you are going to have the joy and the hope that you didn’t have before. And it’s not so much by even what we’ve said or done. It’s by the anointing of God, the presence of God has destroyed every yoke of bondage in Jesus’ name.
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