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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Supernatural Strategy to Take Back What Satan Stole from You with Cindy Jacobs

Sid Roth - Supernatural Strategy to Take Back What Satan Stole from You with Cindy Jacobs

Sid Roth - Supernatural Strategy to Take Back What Satan Stole from You with Cindy Jacobs
TOPICS: Spiritual warfare

Sid Roth: You know, Cindy, you were recently in Portugal and there were group of gypsies. You were speaking to them, and one was brought forward who was in the last stages of cancer. What happened?

Cindy Jacobs: Well it's very interesting There was actually a gypsy man who was in the hospital, and yeah just last stages. They were gonna see what they could do to help him, and we arrived, and they said well you know this is so sad what are we gonna do? And so we sent a cloth that we prayed over it's it's amazing you lay hands on a cloth, and the power of God goes into it. So they took it to the hospital. The next morning they did they operated on him and so when they opened him up they just closed him back up and because there was no cancer in his body.

Sid Roth: You know, Cindy, you're known as an intercessor. But what exactly is an intercessor?

Cindy Jacobs: Well you know an intercessor is one that prays more for others, although you can intercede for yourself, but an intercessors is going to hear from God, you know sit in the presence of God, and let him give some instructions to them on how to pray. It's very important. You know, don't just– You can pray petition praying, which is a list you pray. I have lists I pray over every day. You know, there's five things I pray every day for myself. But I want to say to you it's very important to pray like militant prayers. You know, I mean you know many times we're very quiet when we pray. That's great. I pray those kind of prayers, but I remember a story about Gordon Lindsay, you know. Can I tell the story? It's such a great story let me let me just talk to you guys here on the camera.

Sid Roth: Excuse me. You use a word and I haven't been able to shake this word when you talk about this prayer of Gordon Lindsay. It's called violent prayers. Have you ever heard of violent? You're about ready to hear about it.

Cindy Jacobs: Yeah, well you know there comes a time in your life where you say enough is enough. There's a great Spanish word for it: Basta! I mean it means "No more! That's it! It's over"! And when you know sometimes a situation will be in our life and all of a sudden it occurs to us, wait a minute I have power and authority right here and I can stop this. And it's like a holy indignation. There's something that just comes up from inside of you, and we call it violent, militant intercession, and you know where we just you know say: "Satan, you will stop! Basta! You are not doing this anymore! It's over! Your reign is over! And your authority"! Well, this is such a good story, such a good story. Well I write in my book "Possessing the Gates of the Enemy: A Training Manual for Militant Intercession," that's a gutsy subtitle isn't it? But anyway. And that Gordon and Freda were in a place and a woman heard Gordon's voice and she said to Frieda: "Mrs. Lindsay," she said, "were you at Shreveport on such and such a day? And was he praying those kind of prayers on such-and-such a day"? Because Gordon said everyone should pray at least one violent prayer every day. At least one. You know, just rev it up there. And so so sure enough, Freda thought yes we were and she said: "You know my husband always prayed like an atomic bomb going off. You know he'd get up at 5:00 a.m. and just pray these violent prayers that shook hell and populated Heaven through the intercession. And so anyway, but he did that and he was known for that, and you know I think that it's important to pray prayers with authority and and declaration and and you know I've heard you prayed those prayers, Sid. You believe in that.

Sid Roth: Every time I've read that story about Gordon Lindsay, don't you forget that. He believed you should pray one violent prayer per day. If there's something that you're so angry with the devil over. Have you got a child that doesn't know the Lord? Have you got a child that's in drugs? I can think of a lot of reasons why you want to pray a violent prayer. But there's another aspect that this woman does that I want I want to understand. I understand Satan hates it when you laugh.

Cindy Jacobs: Yeah. That's great. That's great, Sid. I mean, I was I was casting out demons one time.

Sid Roth: No wonder he hates it.

Cindy Jacobs: Yeah it's a great job. Anyway, I was casting out demons, and you know this this demon, all of a sudden I started to laugh, and this demon manifested like this: "I hate that voice! I hate that voice! I've heard that laugh all over the world"! Of course that just made me laugh more, right? You know I was just laughing, and laughing, and laughing. But you know Psalm 2 talks about the Lord laughs in derision, right? You know?

Sid Roth: So in effect you are laughing at the results of what you've just accomplished.

Cindy Jacobs: Yeah. If God is gonna laugh in the earth realm, He's gonna laugh through us, right? Just like He would pray through us through the power of the Holy Spirit. So that's a great kind of intercession.

Sid Roth: You talk about all over the world, that when people understand intercessory prayer, they can avert a national crisis. Tell me about one.

Cindy Jacobs: Absolutely. Oh, there's so many oh I'll tell you a good one. You know, I always say: "People, you need to pray for my husband, Mike," because you know, Sid, being married to an intercessor is just a different life. You know, I always tell him: "Mike, you're gonna have more starch in your crown for just being married to me". So I wake this guy up of a dead sleep, and I say: "Mike! Mike! Wake up! There's gonna be a terrorist attack on a plane, and it just left! You know we gotta pray right now for it to stop". Well you know he kind of like open one eyeball and like kinda rolled over and handed me his hand you know, and we prayed, and it was averted that night. It was the shoe bomber.

Sid Roth: I have heard so many stories, you don't have any idea how much power and authority that God has entrusted to you. But you know when I hear intercessor, I think of someone interceding for someone else, but guess what? If you know how to intercede for someone else, you know how to intercede for yourself, for your loved ones, for your job, for your peace, for anything! Is it a boring life being an intercessor? That's enough. We got the devil mad. We'll be right back after this. We will be right back to It's Supernatural!

Sid Roth: Okay, Cindy. What do you mean when you say: "possessing the gates of the enemy"?

Cindy Jacobs: Well remember we were given a promise in Genesis 22:17. It was given to Abraham. We're Abraham's seed that we would possess the gates of the enemy. So, you know, what are doors that are closed to you? You know, this is part of the word for this year that that God will give us these gates like, what if you needed a promotion, or maybe your children aren't doing what they need to do, or you know maybe you could just feel oppression all around you. Satan is trying to close you so you feel depressed. That's a gate. That's a gate to your emotions, and so we have authority in the name of Jesus to open gates. Isaiah 22:22, "Open what no man can shut". "Shut what no man can open".

Sid Roth: And you said we should expect answers when we talk to God, and not give up.

Cindy Jacobs: We've got to be persistent in our praying. And one thing we need to do that will, this is a time of acceleration we talked about that spiritual acceleration. Things are going faster and faster. Is when we pray, take time to listen to God, what is the solution to pray? Many times we pray the problem but we don't pray with authority what the solution is. For instance, your child's in darkness. Well that's not God's will. That's your child, your seed. So we say in the name of Jesus, Father this child was created for glory. This child was created to do great things.

Sid Roth: Excuse me, as you just prayed that

Cindy Jacobs: Mhm

Sid Roth: the power of God was so strong on you.

Cindy Jacobs: Yeah.

Sid Roth: It was so strong, go ahead. You know I observe things. I'm a commentator.

Cindy Jacobs: Yeah. Yeah. He loves the anointing. Well let's just do it. Why don't we just do it? In the name of Jesus–come on let's all agree–we just stand right now, and we say that the power of Satan is broken over our children, over our finances. Satan you can't rob us of our dreams. I mean, we say enough is enough. So again that good word in Spanish: Basta! Enough! It's over! You lose! You lose! And we win!

Sid Roth: I don't know, you better watch out. Look what you did this to my audience.

Cindy Jacobs: That's right.

Sid Roth: But imagine what they're doing at home.

Cindy Jacobs: It's packed full of intercessors.

Sid Roth: You have a synonym for intercessor. And I have to tell you, there's something that just gets excited in me when I hear this synonym for intercessor. You call it an enforcer.

Cindy Jacobs: Yes.

Sid Roth: Tell me about how you enforced in Zambia.

Cindy Jacobs: Oh in Zimbabwe.

Sid Roth: Zimbabwe.

Cindy Jacobs: Yeah. Z word. This is such a great story, and I love it because I'm on my way to Zimbabwe. Well there was a guy who was so evil, Mugabe, who had been over Zimbabwe a long time and just didn't want to leave, and so we got together a group of prophets It was so powerful. Prophets from 35 nations. And we began to decree over Mugabe that he was out. We said: "It's gonna be a suddenly. It's gonna happen now. It's not going to be later. It's gonna be sooner". And, Sid, like I told you as we prayed, the tanks were rolling into Harare, pulling Mugabe out of his office. As we prayed we made news. And then we began to decree over other dictators. And one of the evil, you know, presidents or whatever the next one was Zuma out of South Africa. And he's gone too, and there's a Christian guy I'm told I'm go to South Africa too. There's a Christian guy I'm told that is now the president of South Africa. God is realigning nations through militant intercession, through people who know we can stand up, we have been given authority through the name of Jesus. Remember the Word doesn't say that Jesus said whatever you asked me to bind for you. No, that's done we've been given authority. Whatever we bind in His name. And there's a real difference there.

Sid Roth: You know, here was Cindy's saying, and she was with a group of powerful men and women of God. You say: "Oh I'm just little me. I am not gonna be..". A child can do this tell me about with your son.

Cindy Jacobs: Yeah oh that's a great story, Sid. Yeah my son when he was six came into the house, and he said: "Mommy my I don't feel good. Now again that discerning of spirits is important. Was he physically sick or was there something spiritually that we needed to attend to? So I discerned it was the latter. And I said: "Daniel, what is it God's saying to you"? And he looks at me. This is, listen, listen, guys this is so important he looks at me and he says: "Mommy, could the president be killed"? A six year old's telling me this. "Yes," I said, "absolutely. It's called assassination". He said: "Yes". I said: "Do you want to pray right now about that"? He goes: "Yes". And this a little six-year-old–you know the Holy Spirit isn't junior size. So he he learned how to let the Holy Spirit move. So Daniel starts praying and saying that's gonna stop and it's not gonna happen in the name of Jesus, and all of a sudden I said: "Well did you do it? Is it covered"? "Oh yeah. It's fine now, mom". He went out to play.

Sid Roth: You have been called to be an enforcer of the Kingdom of Heaven against all darkness in your life and your loved ones' lives. Cindy, there's, you know I got a problem. There's so much we want to cover with you and there's just not enough time. And if you want to see the extended content of this program all you have to do is log on to It's And when we come back, I want to know how to possess the gates of my future, of your future.

Sid Roth: Cindy, recently God told you it's time to possess the gates of our future. What does that mean?

Cindy Jacobs: Well, you know God has a destiny and a plan for all of us and some people seem like you know one bad thing's happened after the other, and they lose hope, they think they'll never be restored. But we need to go back and say okay what what is my legacy? What is it I should be doing? Don't declare detente to the enemy just say: "Well I guess that's never gonna happen in my life". You know those dreams I had.

Sid Roth: Or I'm too old.

Cindy Jacobs: Or I'm too old. That's a big one. There are things that have been delayed and delayed and delayed. And we need to say: "No, I'm taking it back. That is mine. It was meant for me". I mean such as your inheritance. Mike and I decided we were gonna look at our heritage and call back what should have been. For instance Mike's family owned about enough property in Tennessee it would been several counties worth the property, and somebody gambled it away. So we went back and cut that gambling spirit, and we said but the wealth for that should have been for our children and our children's children. You see Satan robbed us. That's a gate of the enemy. But even generationally we don't just have to say "Oh too bad". And we have prospered so much since we started doing that. Well, you know there are things, Sid, that we have believed for a long long time and we just didn't have it. You know it just seemed like it wasn't working and, but when we realized we had to seize the moment, we had to say okay we're gonna take these opportunities, and the door is going to open, wow I can't even talk about all the doors that are opening for us now. It's so big, and of course we meet with a lot of presidents, a lot of people around the world, but the gates are even bigger because we are seizing those moments. We're believing in them. Listen. I'm gonna refire till I go to be with Jesus! I don't think retirement is really in the Bible. You know? And so I think I think it's a season that we've got to learn to walk from season to season to season in our life. Maybe you always wanted to go on a mission trip maybe you wanted to do a lot of things but you were a nine-to-fiver. Now you're in God's army. You're in the army now, and you can get up you know mobilize. There's something you can do. And I want to talk to somebody right now. So there's someone watching this show, and you have just retired, and you're a little bit at loose ends. the Lord says: "Open your eyes. Open your eyes. I have things that need to be done. I have gates that need to be open. And you need to make a change in your mentality".

Sid Roth: Is this a special season?

Cindy Jacobs: Yes!

Sid Roth: A special time.

Cindy Jacobs: Yes!

Sid Roth: There's something going on almost – God is doing something.

Cindy Jacobs: I tell you I can feel it in the atmosphere right here in this studio. I feel something. I mean, I feel it in the audience, I feel it here, I feel for you watching. Listen. The anointing of God goes right over these cameras into your living room wherever you're watching on your phone, the anointing of God is coming upon you for a season of suddenlies, a season of acceleration. Things that you've waited a long long time for, they're happening. Gates that have been shut, you're gonna command to open, that that promotion you're gonna command to open. So you just have to make a decision this show is for you. That you're shaking off that past, shaking off disappointments, and you're going to your future.

Sid Roth: Cindy, you just spoke to someone right now. Spoke to you. But there are others right now that are saying she has something that I want. I'll tell you what she has. She has experiential knowledge of God. I'll tell you what she has. She hears God's voice. I'll tell you what she has. She is not fearful of anything. I'll tell you what she has. She has the living God living inside of her, and I promise you you're watching this show because God is not a respecter of persons. If you will say this prayer with me right now and mean it, you will have what she has. You will have what I have. You will have what my audience has. Repeat after me right now: Dear God. I'm a sinner. And I'm so sorry. I believe the blood of Jesus washes away those sins. It's a new beginning for me. I'm not looking back. I am clean. And now that I am clean, I ask Jesus to live inside of me and be my Lord. Amen.

Sid Roth: You know, I recently interviewed James Goll, and he had a run to catch a plane, and this is what he said when he ran out. He said, "Sid, because you prayed that prayer, the one I just prayed, 1,000 people are now born from above and know Jesus". I want to remind you that we've got more with Cindy. And if you want to see the extended content of this program, all you have to do is log on right now to

Sid Roth: Now, you know, Cindy, there was a phrase I picked up from your book: It's a time to dream again.

Cindy Jacobs: Yes.

Sid Roth: What does that mean to you?

Cindy Jacobs: Well, you know, Jeremiah 29:11 says that the Lord has thoughts for us and a plan for us. Well we could also say the Lord has dreams for us, and you know we don't think about that. I mean I have dreams for my children and my grandchildren.

Sid Roth: Me too!

Cindy Jacobs: Yeah I mean this is my legacy. Well we're God's legacy, and so if He's gonna dream and bring things in the earth, He's gonna dream through us. And so there are things that we need to accomplish and that we have thought we would, but sometimes we let age or calamity or something just say well I guess that was for then, and I missed it.

Sid Roth: Or circumstance.

Cindy Jacobs: Yeah, or circumstance. We're victims of, you know. I mean life can throw you curveballs, but we need to understand that God is limitless, and that if He gives us a dream, He'll pull it back. I mean maybe plan A didn't work. Maybe people failed you or your marriage failed or whatever. But God's gonna come back and say no this is a plan, and I'm gonna let you do that. I mean I'm gonna give you that job.

Sid Roth: He's not gonna throw us out.

Cindy Jacobs: No. No.

Sid Roth: We haven't missed it.

Cindy Jacobs: We are not throwaway people. You know? And life can beat us down so much that we just feel like God doesn't love us. I mean, you know you feel like: "Well God, where are You"?

Sid Roth: There's so many people that pray, and don't see answers and say: "Well I know God answers prayer, but He doesn't answer my prayer.

Cindy Jacobs: Right. Exactly. Well I think a good point in this is to get more people to pray with you. You know? See because we talked about in the show about where from the first day that Daniel prayed the answer was sent. So did God send the answer? of course so the

Sid Roth: Yes.

Cindy Jacobs: Of course. So the first day we pray, God is sending the answer, and we are persistent in our prayers because our prayer life gives power to angelic activity. I mean you could prove that through the Bible. Hebrews 1:14: "They're ministering spirits sent to heirs of salvation. So we need to be persistent, and be strong and not give up.

Sid Roth: You also comment, this is a time of acceleration. What does that mean to you?

Cindy Jacobs: I love that word!

Sid Roth: Me too!

Cindy Jacobs: Yeah. You know it's because like what we used to take one year to do, we can take six months. Like say you need money for a project. You know, we're used to have to labor, and labor, and labor, and labor or money to send your kid to school or whatever. All of a sudden it's just going to happen. And that ties in with this word suddenlies. God is going to accelerate our faith, accelerate our prosperity, accelerate our blessings, because Genesis 22:17 says: "Blessing I will bless you". And you know that when it's doubly iterated like that it means like double. This is going to be amazing. And so we need to understand and believe it. You know we've got to exercise our faith in these matters. Don't sit there and be passive. You know, we're in a war here. We're in a war between light and darkness. You know, sometimes we have to stay stand at the gates of hell and look the devil in the face and say: "You are not getting my children"! You are not getting my children! I mean, listen!

Sid Roth: Now by the way, when I hear you say that, you mean it.

Cindy Jacobs: I mean it. Oh, I mean it. What I'll tell you a little quick story. My son Daniel, when he was like three, fell out of bed; broke his head open. So I'm driving into the hospital because my husband's with our other child. I'm driving to the hospital, and he looks up at me, and he's bleeding in my lap. And he says: "Mommy, don't let the devil hurt me again". "Oooohhh," said the mama bear. You know, something rose up. Some of you watching you know exactly what I mean. Something rose up from my toes. And so we're at the hospital, and I pointed just like this, and I said: "Devil, you dared touch my son. Let me tell you what this is going to cost you. This is going to cost you ten thousand souls"! And, Sid, I got them! I got them!

Sid Roth: You know, one of the things that you have the ability to do is to teach a brand new person about how to pray, as well as a mature believer. For that brand new person that, you know I pray bless me and my family. Bye bye, God. I'm checking out now. I'll see You tomorrow. Someone that's there.

Cindy Jacobs: Uh-huh.

Sid Roth: How do they start?

Cindy Jacobs: Yeah. Well I think this book I wrote, "Possessing the Gates of the Enemy," is very important, Sid because I start with elementary school, and we go to calculus at the end in intercession. Okay, so we explain different things, and I mean language like the language of intercession. In other words, you're in a prayer group and they say: "Oh we're going to pray through. We're gonna bind this. We're gonna lose this. We're gonna stop this. We're gonna pray the prayer of agreement".

Sid Roth: They don't have a clue of what you're saying.

Cindy Jacobs: No, I mean it's like: "Am I on Mars here"? You know, I mean I didn't understand a word being said in this prayer meeting. You know, but these are biblical things that we can teach them, and you can learn them, and these are tools of intercession, weapons of intercession that we can learn how to use. And it's not hard.

Sid Roth: Okay, but for me, I'm doing minimal prayer. Where do I start? What would you recommend I do?

Cindy Jacobs: Well, you know, pray what's on your heart. You know the burden that's on your heart. And that's a good way to pray. Pray scripture. Find some scriptures that will tell you. You know, get like a promise book they call them at the bookstores, just scriptures for different things. I started out praying like that. I just looked in that book, and say: "Okay, what can I pray for Daniel? What can I pray for my daughter"? And then it got inside of me. It was so deep inside of me and then I just prayed those things. And you know a lot of people I want to, I want to leave alleviate some guilt in some of you. You know, you get up at 0-dark-thirty, and you're so tired, and you have to get the kids ready or whatever you're doing. You have to get out the door. It's okay if you pray on the way to work. You know, I mean it's okay if you pray while you're cooking. It's okay if you pray while you're driving or different things like that. Yes God want you to set aside time for Him, give Him a tithe of the day. That's important. But God isn't there to beat you up. You know?

Sid Roth: Are you... Do you pray in Supernatural languages, in tongues?

Cindy Jacobs: Oh sure. Yeah. Tongues you know it edifies us. It builds us up. When–I don't know how you feel, Sid, but when I pray in tongues, I literally can feel my battery getting charged. I'm kind of a feeler anyway. But I mean it's like when I pray, I mean it's like, wow! The switch gets turned on. Something happens inside of me. And so I think it's very important to– You know what? They didn't used to believe like tongues was a was a language for war, but there's times when I've been praying like for a national election or something else, and I'll switch into a completely different language. I've gone from nation to nation. I believe praying in the tongues of those nations. You know? And so, you know, it's for warfare speaking in tongues is for warfare, it's decree. It's sometimes we're so hurt, that's the only thing we can do is praying in tongues. We're in such grief. So but the Holy Spirit knows how to comfort us. He is the Comforter. You know? And that's... Everybody needs that.

Sid Roth: A loved one is sick in your family. Will you demonstrate how you would pray– No, better than that, there's someone in our studio audience; there are people watching that are sick right now.

Cindy Jacobs: Yeah.

Sid Roth: Would you pray for them right now?

Cindy Jacobs: Oh I would love to. I would love to. Yeah. Father in the name of Jesus, we just bind every spirit of infirmity. We break every curse of witchcraft, every curse of death in the name of Jesus. And we do that for our audience as well here in Jesus name, and we command those spirits to leave you. Jesus prayed just like this: The spirits of infirmity to go. And I say to you, be healed right now some of you are feeling something in your body, electricity, a warmth. That's a manifestation of God, a manifestation of the Holy Spirit. And just be healed. Now check yourself out. Move. Do something you couldn't do before. The healing power of God is there. We've seen so many people, Sid, healed over television. I know you have too.

Sid Roth: And you know what my experience is, Cindy? There are many people that feel they're healed, and they are, but there are many people that won't feel anything. Trust that prayer that she prayed. Let every man be a liar, but God's Word is true. So whether you felt anything or not you grab hold of that. Because why? I just heard her say she heard from God we're in this season of the suddenlies. And you tell you say take it well yeah well let

Cindy Jacobs: Mhm. Absolutely.

Sid Roth: And you say: "Take it"! What do you mean?

Cindy Jacobs: Well, let me give an instance. My hand got really sore, and I couldn't even like open a door, open a can, and the doctor said: "Oh, you don't have any cartilage left here". I'm a classical pianist so I've used my hands a lot. And I just said: "I'm not receiving that". So every day, "Father in the name of Jesus, I'm healed". I began to speak to that. "You are healed in the name of Jesus". And you know what? Now I can do all of that again. You see, but what if I just believed that? "Oh yeah That report says I have no bone upon bone in here. No, that bones got to grow. It's gotta change!

Sid Roth: You know someone is saying: "Well I wish I had that condition, because I would have been healed". But you know something? Jesus took it all upon Himself.

Cindy Jacobs: Yeah. That's right.

Sid Roth: He took every pain you'll ever have your entire life. He took every sickness you'll ever have your entire life. And I feel so strongly that God wants to take people with high blood pressure, and here's what I want you to do. I'm learning real quick from you Cindy. Here's what I want you to do. I want you to say, talk to your body. Do this at home too. Do this in the studio if you need your blood pressure lowered. Now if it's already low, please don't do this. Okay. Blood pressure, in Jesus name, I command you to be 120 over 70. Now! Now! Militant!

Cindy Jacobs: Yeah! Now! Now!

Sid Roth: You continue with that violence on that. You continue.

Cindy Jacobs: My father-in-law, his blood pressure was really high, and I said this is what we're gonna do. You take your blood pressure. He said what it was, and I'm gonna pray for you, and then you take your blood pressure. He said okay. So he took his blood pressure, took the cuff off, I prayed for him again, took it back, put it back on; it had gone down 20 degrees.

Sid Roth: Wow! And don't get faked out just because you do exactly what her father did, or she did for her father, and it doesn't, don't go on what you see with your eyes. God called those things that are not as if they were.

Cindy Jacobs: Right.

Sid Roth: And if you will hang on, this is what God's Word says for you: Through faith and patience you will inherit the promises. God bless you.
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