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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Supernatural Keys for You to Walk in Greater Glory with David Herzog

Sid Roth - Supernatural Keys for You to Walk in Greater Glory with David Herzog

Sid Roth - Supernatural Keys for You to Walk in Greater Glory with David Herzog
Sid Roth - Supernatural Keys for You to Walk in Greater Glory with David Herzog
TOPICS: Glory of God

Hello, welcome to my world, where it's naturally supernatural! My guest has been walking in the tangible Glory for years, with the most amazing signs and wonders! But God has given him a glimpse of the same Glory that Smith Wigglesworth prophesied. Wigglesworth said it was a thousand times greater than anyone had ever seen! And the miracles under Wigglesworth we don't even see today! A thousand times greater! David Herzog says the best preparation is for him to mentor you on how he started walking in the Glory. Interested?

Sid Roth: Well I'll tell you what, David, I love talking to you and interviewing you, because the Glory just pours out of you. Uh, but uh, there are many people here that perhaps are not familiar with you. Tell me j just what is going on supernaturally with you recently.

David Herzog: Uh, recently we've been seeing so many different things! Even the last couple of weeks and months I've been seeing I was in Kiev, Ukraine, just like a week or so ago, and the Glory of God was so thick that people would come up and say I didn't even call it out, like, "Oh, my holes in my teeth are filled", "Uh, all my tumors are gone". Uh, two people with terminal cancer, they brought them into the back room after the right after the meeting. And some of them were on staff, and they looked like literally about to die, like their skin was grey, and the Glory just filled the room. I said, "Well everyone, get out, just leave her here, maybe with the husband". Began to pray, and within minutes, demons started coming out of the people, and literal spirits of cancer terminal cancer and their skin color came back, the pain left. The next morning I asked...

Sid Roth: Did you actually see the skin color change...

David Herzog: Oh yeah!

Sid Roth: ...before your eyes?

David Herzog: Right in front it was last week right in front of me, in the pastor's office. I'm like, "Whoa"! And then the next day, the husband was my driver, to the airport, so he told me that since then she was depressed, she used to be the worship leader of the church complete shift: No more pain, doesn't feel the tumors, the skin color changed, and full of joy, getting heavenly encounters. So, even just that, like terminal cancer, that's a big thing!

Sid Roth: Uh David, there are some that uh, need a definition.

David Herzog: Sure.

Sid Roth: We're talking about Glory.

David Herzog: Yeah.

Sid Roth: Let's not take things for granted.

David Herzog: Yeah, yeah.

Sid Roth: It's the Glory of God. What does that really mean? What is it?

David Herzog: Well basically to I break it down this way: If you were to go to Heaven right now die and go to Heaven what would you be experiencing, right now? That's the Glory, the Heavenly atmosphere...

Sid Roth: The presence.

David Herzog: Presence of God's Shekinah Glory, as if you were, you were dead and went to Heaven, but you're still alive and living in the Glory. That's what it so you're walking around as if you're in Heaven, but you're on the Earth. And so it's more than just a gifting, or an anointing, or an ability. It's like the presence of God's full Glory all around you and inside you. That's it's Heaven, it's Heaven on Earth!

Sid Roth: Now we know about the Glory, and we also know about the anointing. Would you define the difference between the two?

David Herzog: Sure. The anointing for years, I'd minister under a heavy anointing, which means you'd minister, you pray for people, you lay hands, you do all this stuff, and it's like coming from inside of you. It's like a battery, you charge it up, you pray, and then you release it, and you feel virtue, but you also feel tired sometimes. If you were you lay hands on a thousand people, or deliverance, or healing, you feel a little worn out, like part of your body is invested in it.

Sid Roth: A and you know what, when I lay hands on someone, uh what I I feel as though I can actually feel that presence coming out of me, into that person.

David Herzog: Exactly. And it's, it's biblical.

Sid Roth: Right.

David Herzog: And I did that for years, and but you would I would get tired sometimes, like, "Wow"! But then when I hit the Glory, it wasn't coming from inside me, I was connecting to the Glory, and the hand of God, out of the Glory, was touching people directly, from the Glory cloud. So as opposed to me getting it through me to the person, I would tell the people, "Raise your hands in the audience", and then God would touch them directly. So it was bypassing me, and going straight from Heaven to the people.

Sid Roth: But well you know what that does? That gives God all the Glory!

David Herzog: Yeah! 'Cause they can't say...

Sid Roth: And you're just you’re almost like an observer!

David Herzog: Yeah!

Sid Roth: You're having as much fun as those that are watching...

David Herzog: I'm a spectator!

Sid Roth: ...yeah! Uh, tell me what God has shown you about because that's the Glory you've operated in but God has shown you about this greater Glory! Uh, wh what is going to happen, when it fully manifests?

David Herzog: Yeah what’s...

Sid Roth: What do you see happening?

David Herzog: What I see is, you know, God always takes us from Glory to greater Glory, to greater it's like from faith to faith, glory to glory. But those of us who have been in the Glory for years and have been faithful in it, God's telling me He's about to release yet another dimension. And I said, "But Lord, how much more is this going to get"?, and He said it's going to be so great that the all the past moves of God that we've seen before will be nothing compared with what's about to happen. So you think the Jesus Movement, you think Kathryn Kuhlman, the Azusa Street revivals, Finney, Spurgeon, uh, uh Smith Wigglesworth all these revivals Wesley nothing compared! It'll almost be like a culmination of all those Glories in one, exploding on the Earth. And I said, "Lord! What is this going to look like"? He said it'll be so fast, that what would take years in one revival, would happen in days in this new Glory.

Sid Roth: David, when we come back, I want you to explain how you started operating in this Glory of God, this manifest presence of God. And again, anything David can do, anything I can do, you can do better!

Sid Roth: David, I'm going to take you back to uh, a friend of mine, Ruth Heflin, who had a camp place where people would stay, and meetings. And uh, she was teaching all over the world about the Glory, and David wanted to learn about the Glory, the manifest presence of God Heaven on Earth so he went there as an observer. But uh you didn't stay an observer. What happened?

David Herzog: Yeah. I walked in, I had just finished a 6-month revival, non-stop, it was great, but I was tired. I wanted something new from God, I knew she had it. I go over there, uh it was January the 2nd, 1999 I believe, and I go in! And I said, "Oh, I can't wait to be here"! I walk in the door, and she's at the door waiting for me. And she says, "Oh, by the way, young man, you're speaking tonight". I said, "Oh, no no no. I just spoke for 6 months, I really am tired, I'm hungry. I need something new that I don't have. You have it, I want to hear, you"! "No, I'm a Prophetess. You're speaking tonight"! So she insisted! I was like I I really insisted no, she insisted yes, she won, so I got up, "Alright". So I I was going to preach Isaiah 60 and 61. The Glory of God hit me on the stage. I sang two chapters of the of the Bible. That was my message.

Sid Roth: But wait. When you say the Glory of God hit you on the stage, use more descriptive words.

David Herzog: Yes.

Sid Roth: Explain what that was.

David Herzog: Yeah. Uh, I was getting there. And so, I got hit by the Glory! As I'm reading it, I start singing, the power of God hits my body, I'm covered in gold, and demons started coming out of the...

Sid Roth: Covered, what, covered in gold?

David Herzog: Yeah. This whole...

Sid Roth: Gold dust?

David Herzog: dust thing just covered my face and body, I didn't know it till after. All I knew was, I never sing my message, I preach my message! I'm singing, "Arise, and shine, for Your light" and I'm thinking to myself, "What are you doing? This is so embarrassing"! It wasn't me at all! It was not me! And my wife is looking at me! And then, I was in just ecstasy! And I looked back at Ruth, and she's just smiling, she knew if I would get on that stage, it would propel me into a new dimension. And after that, I was on like a heavenly realm, for 24 hours a day, for about a week. I didn't even know, think I was on the Earth, I was just like, "I can't this just can't be real"! This, this presence, I didn't even know it existed! I've taught on the Glory, but I had not really experienced that dimension of Glory, till that day, and I didn't know that was even possible to have that. I'd been around, I'd traveled the world, been on the mission field, seen revivals, seen miracles, seen salvation. Yeah, I thought I pretty much know how this works, but there was a whole 'nother dimension that not even compares to anything I'd experienced before. Had nothing to do with even desiring to preach. I didn't care about it, I just wanted to be in that realm.

Sid Roth: For someone that's watching right now and they definitely know Jesus, they're born again, they're even filled with the Spirit but they've never been in this Glory realm. I wonder if you could talk to them right now, and tell them how they can get into it.

David Herzog: Sure.

Sid Roth: But not a one-line answer, but not a long one, either!

David Herzog: Okay. Alright. So, you're hungry, you're desperate, you're, maybe you're dry. You you've seen some things, but you're like, "But how do I get that, that you're talking about"? One of the things was I was just desperate not even hungry desperate, like beyond hunger, like if you don't come here, God, and touch me, I'll go up to Heaven and get it if I have to. That desperateness that comes. And then out of that, there's intimacy. You're just, "God, I just want to be with You. I'm not coming to You to get something from you. I just want to be with You". And then worship, worshipping Him in your own intimacy. Not just songs you know, just worshipping Him, singing to Him. It's just that deep longing for Him, desperateness, and from that, something starts to come in. A new presence starts to fill your being, your room, your life, and then from there, He takes you to the higher and higher realms. So be desperate, number one, intimate with Him like you've never been before. Or remember the first time you were saved, that intimacy you had. Go back to your first love, and then start to worship Him with all your heart. And just wait until that Glory floods your room, that manifest presence, and you'll be addicted. It'll it's like a holy drug, once you've tasted the powers of the Age to come, you can't go back to what people call "normal" Christianity, which isn't really normal anyway, it's dead.

Sid Roth: Now you told me that you used to do this sometimes for hours, but now you're instantly in the Glory.

David Herzog: Yeah. I always say to people they say, "Well how do I stay in this after a great weekend in the Glory in your meetings"? I go, "Here's the secret. Ready? Take notes". They take notes: "Don't get out"! So the greatest way to stay in the Glory, is never, get out of it! You know maybe you had a faster way into it, or you worshipped for 5 or 10 hours, and you were in a great conference. Well, when you go home, stay in that realm! Worship Him! Love on Him! Intimacy just stay in it! Don't go back to normal of just like compartmentalizing God, and then oh, when there's another meeting, then I'll get spiritual. Stay in the realm on the way to work, changing your baby, going to the office. Just be in the realm all the time, and when something comes up like I was in Israel the other day, and a guy comes out of the elevator, and he was sick! I think it was an Arab guy, maybe he was Jewish, I can’t remember. And I just noticed his arm was hurting. He said, "Yeah, I can't lift my arm"! "Well, let me pray for you"! Boom! Instantly healed, and I just kept going! You just you're just in the realm. You don't have to go, "Oh, let me go pray and fast for a week so I can pray for you", you're just in the realm, and then as you go, God uses you.

Sid Roth: You know it's there's so many wonderful, supernatural things that happen to people when they're in the Glory! For instance, people literally get younger, in the Glory! David has seen this. We'll talk about it when we come back in a moment. Uh, but I can tell you one thing, and that is, I know what gets you older. Witchcraft gets you older, the Glory gets you younger! I like Glory! We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: Uh, I was just "kibitzing" that's a Hebrew word "just joking" with David! You know, two Jews get together, what do you expect! Uh, and I said, "David, am I getting younger"? And so, seriously though. You, have been in meetings where people have gotten younger. Tell me one.

David Herzog: Yeah. Uh, many meetings where, when you, you know when you get younger, God reverses! So let's say you had no hair, we've been in meetings where the hair grows back! Or white hair starts turning back to their black color. We've seen this on camera.

Sid Roth: I I will never forget. I was at one of your meetings uh I think I was speaking, I'm not even sure and I was sitting behind a woman that had uh long, gray hair. And I'm watching you, of course, and I'm looking at her because she's blocking my view a little bit. And I literally saw it start turning brown before my eyes.

David Herzog: Yeah!

Sid Roth: That was so good of God. I love to see God operate!

David Herzog: I think that was in Miracle Valley.

Sid Roth: It could have been.

David Herzog: Wow. That's fun.

Sid Roth: It's um, that was where A.A. Allen had his ministry, and uh, and uh, you had a meeting out there. David, transportation. Um, I have had this happen to me that I know of once. But how is it that someone can travel 8 hours in 2 hours? An 8-hour drive in 2 hours, or something like that? How does that happen?

David Herzog: Well, that happened to us! We were on one side of France, driving it's 8 hours and we were just worshipping, and laughing, and having fun in the Lord, and all of a sudden we got there in less than 2 hours, like an hour and 45 minutes, and we couldn't believe it. Because even if you went as fast as you possibly could, there’s no way in the world you could get there that fast. So what God does is He your spirit goes into Heaven where there's no time! And God bends time, and brings you to the other location, supernaturally fast.

Sid Roth: Now you talk about a distinction between declaring, and a confessing Scripture. Explain that difference.

David Herzog: Yeah. A lot of people confess daily like it's like taking your daily multivitamins.

Sid Roth: Um-hm.

David Herzog: Lord, I confess today that, "by His stripes, I am healed". I confess my debt's going to be paid off. a lot of times when people confess, in their mind they're thinking future tense, "I'm confessing," "How's your back doing, Bob"? "Oh, I'm still confessing, towards my healing". A decree is like Jesus would do Yeshua. "Lame man, get up, and take your bed and walk now". So a decree is like, a now, realm. And when you're in the Glory and you decree something, it's created at that moment, so it's creative. And like prophecy, even in the Glory, is more creative in nature. The old days, "One day you'll go to Africa, my child", and you write it down, and maybe you'll go. But in the Glory realm, I've had decrees happen whereas it's being said, I'm getting the invitation on my cell phone within minutes. It's creative in nature, that's the difference. There’s an acceleration of decreeing in the Glory, versus just confessing what you're hoping God to do.

Sid Roth: How does the average Believer walk in this Glory, 24/7?

David Herzog: Well if 24/7, they'd have to never sleep no I'm kidding. But you stay in the Glory realm, even when you're sleeping. You start the day right. If you start the day with God, if it starts good, it ends good; worshipping Him, loving Him, intimacy, get in the Word. Just spending just enjoying to be with Him, where it's a delight and not a discipline. You just enjoy it. Then the rest of the day, He's with you. You take Him in your car with you, you take Him to work, to ministry, so it's just there! There’s a presence, always being aware of His presence. That's the secret to staying in it all the time: Just being aware that He's there. And a lot of times you don't realize He's there. You pray for someone, and boom, it's there, the power is there. So staying in the intimate even in your mind, just thinking on Him all the time.

Sid Roth: There are people, you that, uh you know the deal about religion, and believing in Jesus. And some of you have known since this little, some of you it's brand new. But very few of you have experienced the great mystery, "Messiah in you, the hope of the Glory". I want to pray a prayer if you will mean it. The Messiah of the Creator of the world wants to live inside of you He's chosen you! Repeat after me: Dear God out loud dear God, I'm a sinner. Please forgive me for all of my sins. I believe the blood of Jesus washes them away. And now that I am clean, I make Jesus my Messiah and Lord. Amen. David, I want you to proclaim intimacy with God, Glory, and healing over the people right now.

David Herzog: Alright. I pray for those watching right now. Just lift your hands, close your eyes, and just be hungry right now, as I pray for you. Father God, in Yeshua's name, I ask You, that You would flood the people, right now, with the heaviest presence of the greater Glory that they've ever experienced. The greatest intimacy they've ever experienced. Let it be days of Heaven on Earth, right now in their homes, in their cars, on their cell phones, on their TV sets. Let the Glory just invade their homes, their entire being, inside the cells of their body, their heart, their emotions, their spirit! Let the greater Glory visit them now like they've never had before, and let them completely change their life like they've never been changed before. Let it change their family, their thinking process, their ministry everything they do! I pray that the greater Glory, the intimacy of God, right now I decree it is coming onto the TV sets, and phones, and wherever they're watching, even if you don't know Jesus or Yeshua, it's flooding you! You could be Muslim, or Jewish, or Atheist, or whatever you are yellow, black, white, red God's flooding you with His Glory right now, because He loves you! The Creator of Heaven and Earth loves you, and through His Son, Jesus Yeshua you're being invaded, with the presence of God's Glory! Greater than even that Moses experienced or the Apostles. The greater Glory is being released now, for you in this season. I just release it over you the tangible presence of God's Glory! Just receive it now. Receive it now! And some of you are getting flood right now. I see some of you are crying. Some of you are laughing hysterically, you don't know why you are laughing. Some of you are getting like a deliverance, of just the old of religion, of the old ways. And some of you are just getting healing, even in your body. You didn't seek for it, you just sought Him. But as you're seeking Him, He's doing all these other things. But you're you the intimacy with God is reconnecting right now because you were so hungry enough to even watch this whole show. You said, "I gotta have what they're talking about", and because you asked, it's coming to you, right now. Right now, right now, right now, it's coming to you! Let us know what happened to you! If you got visited right now, we'd Sid Roth wants to know. Let them know the testimony of what's happening to you, right now.

Sid Roth: And the people with arthritic fingers, you are healed, in Jesus' name.
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