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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Miraculous Story of Healing from Crohn's Disease with Dianne Evans

Sid Roth - Miraculous Story of Healing from Crohn's Disease with Dianne Evans

Sid Roth - Miraculous Story of Healing from Crohn's Disease with Dianne Evans
TOPICS: Healing

Suffering from Crohn's disease, rather than submit to a colostomy, my guest received a miracle healing, next on this edition of It's Supernatural!

Sid Roth: Hello. I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter. I'm here with Diane Evans. Now Diane did not have a normal upbringing. Diane, at a young age you were sickly. What was wrong?

Diane Evans: I had Crohn's disease and no one knew really what it was when I was 12 years old.

Sid Roth: Why didn't they know?

Diane Evans: Well at that time, you know, just doctors didn't know too much about it. It was only discovered by Dr. Crohn and Dr. Janowitz in '51, so the doctors that I went to as I was growing up just didn't have that kind of information.

Sid Roth: So what were the symptoms?

Diane Evans: Chronic diarrhea, very tired.

Sid Roth: Sort of like Epstein Barr type of thing?

Diane Evans: Yeah, something like that, yeah. And malnutrition, low blood, tired, you know, low iron. They always wanted to pump me up with Geritol.

Sid Roth: But I understand it got so bad that you actually felt you should write your will? at that young age?

Diane Evans: Well no, it wasn't at that time. I was diagnosed when I was 21 with the disease itself. And in the later '80s I found myself bedridden, and my children were around 12 and 16 at the time, and well it was pretty bad. Staying in bed was kind of like a lifestyle.

Sid Roth: Describe to me your, what you were like at your worst moment.

Diane Evans: My worst moment would be laying in bed crying in excruciating pain, hoping and praying that God would just take the pain away for a minute. Just a minute would help. That would be the most excruciating time. Other than that, just rolling around in bed thinking of maybe I will have enough strength to get up today to take a shower. That was... That was a feat.

Sid Roth: What did your children think about this?

Diane Evans: Well my son Todd at the time, just a month before the healing, they had to write an article for school, and his article was what you would do with a million dollars. And I think his second paragraph in his little letter kind of described what it did for the kids, and if you would, I would like read that part.

Sid Roth: Please.

Diane Evans: It says, "My mom has a disease that does not have a cure. I would give money to the laboratory that is trying to find the cure. I would also give money to help pay for all the medical treatment she would need". And it was really, really that time was the worst. I talked to them about probably dying soon and going to Heaven, and–

Sid Roth: Was this the medical prognosis or you just felt you would die?

Diane Evans: Well if you're bed all the time and you cannot be productive in life, and you can see your body kind of wasting away, it was something that I was really crying out for God to do. He either had to, you know, I gave Him, I guess I gave God an ultimatum. Because I was so unproductive, I wasn't really a mother or a wife, or, I wasn't really good for anything here. And so I knew I was kind of wasting away and it was a matter of time for me. That's how I felt inside. So I was either going to get cured or I was going to go home to see my Maker, and that's where I was.

Sid Roth: Now did you go to a good doctor?

Diane Evans: Well I certainly did. I went from doctor to doctor, to doctor. You know, I just kept trying to find someone that would help me. And we met this couple, a Jewish couple, and they sat at our kitchen table, and they said, "What you need to do is you need to go to New York. You need to sit down with this doctor. He's a gastroenterologist, and he's the guy you've got to see at Temple Sinai". And of course, we wanted to go. I wasn't going too far from the house because I needed to be close to a bathroom. Riding in a car was too painful. A minor bump in the road was excruciatingly painful for me. But we took the trip to Manhattan, which was about a three-hour ride, I'm assuming. My husband, he's together with all that kind of stuff. I'm not. But we took the ride and we saw Dr. Janowitz and when we walked in we knew we were at the right place.

Sid Roth: Was he an expert on Crohn's disease?

Diane Evans: Oh, was he an expert. He was one of the founders of Crohn's disease with Dr. Crohn in 1951. So I guess we were at the right place at the right time, and I figured he was going to cure it all. But he said there wasn't a cure.

Sid Roth: And what was his prognosis?

Diane Evans: His prognosis...

Sid Roth: To stay the way you are?

Diane Evans: Well there are tradeoffs with Crohn's disease. Most doctors will tell you that the medication will tell your body you're not sick in hopes that it will go into remission. And he led me to a doctor in Rhode Island that was going to try to change my meds, but his letter said that I would probably have to go for surgery for a colostomy.

Sid Roth: That's a very bad thing to look towards. What did you feel he said you needed a colostomy? That's a horrible type of operation.

Diane Evans: Yes it is. But more than just the operation itself, the study that I have done on the disease told me other things that when you do have Crohn's disease, if they take out part of your intestine it will come up in other areas: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, throat, you know.

Sid Roth: It was no win.

Diane Evans: That's right. It would up somewhere else. Sooner or later, it would get worse. So I said, well know you, I'm not going for that. It's not worth it. It will just get worse. As it was, I had sores in my mouth and my ears, and the pain in the bones and back. It just kept growing.

Sid Roth: Now you have your x-rays and long medical reports over there, which pretty much substantiate everything that you've been telling me. But did he offer, did this doctor offer you hope?

Diane Evans: No he didn't.

Sid Roth: I mean, he's one of the founders of the disease.

Diane Evans: That's right.

Sid Roth: And he didn't offer you any hope.

Diane Evans: That's right. That's right. He said I had to learn to live with it, learn to change my lifestyle. And my lifestyle wasn't any good. I mean, staying home wasn't too much fun.

Sid Roth: So what did you do? You just said, "Take me," or "cure me"?

Diane Evans: Yeah. I got to the point that I'd even tell my husband at night, you know, I just really want to die. And um...

Sid Roth: How did he react when you'd say that?

Diane Evans: "Oh no you don't. You're not sick," he would say. Man of faith, I'll tell you. He'd roll over in the bed and I couldn't even stand the movement in the bed because it would hurt. My body would just hurt all over. And I had a cleaning lady, and she came, and she said to me, she says, "You know, we're having a couple come in to our church and they're going to teach us about healing, and I'd like you to come".

Sid Roth: Did that interest you?

Diane Evans: Oh, did it. This was like the ray of sunshine came into my house.

Sid Roth: So medically there's no hope and this couple is going to teach on healing. What have you got lose?

Diane Evans: Exactly. And I knew that somehow deep inside I just knew that I knew that this was my time. I was going to be healed. I knew it.

Sid Roth: And you know, just as you knew that you knew that it was your time, I believe there are people that are watching us right now that know that they know that it's their time. You're about ready to hear a glorious miracle.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter and I'm here with a woman that had no reason to continue living. The pain was so excruciating from Crohn's disease. Medical science had no answers. They wanted to give her a colostomy, and then the disease would have gone to some other part of her body. It was called no-win. Then her maid said to her, "Diane, there's a couple coming to my church and they're going to teach on healing. Will you come"? And Diane said, "I've got nothing to lose, it's a ray of hope". So you went. What happened next?

Diane Evans: We went to the church, and my husband at the time was working. We're self-employed, he's self-employed. And so he made way for him to be with me. I would never go without him.

Sid Roth: Why?

Diane Evans: Well when we got married, we made a vow that we'd do everything together, and so we're really attached, I guess, like Siamese twins.

Sid Roth: And he stuck with you in this Crohn's disease.

Diane Evans: Amazing. To this day, I don't know how he did it. I was miserable. I was grouchy and snappy, and at the time his two-year-old daughter used to say, you know, "Mommy is really grouchy". And she'll tell you today how miserable I was. And I don't know how we did it.

Sid Roth: But you went to the church. This healing couple, they were teaching on healing.

Diane Evans: That's right.

Sid Roth: This was the Hunters. Who are friends of mine.

Diane Evans: That's right, yes.

Sid Roth: And what happened next? You went with your husband. Did your maid go, too?

Diane Evans: Oh yes, yes. Marie came with us, and the three of us sat together, and it was very interesting for us because I had never seen anything like it. They were teaching about how to lay hands on people and that was like weird to me. Lay hands on people. You know, it was odd. And we saw some miraculous healings while we were there. That whole time we were there we saw clubbed feet, you know, just toes spring out of people's...

Sid Roth: You had never seen this before.

Diane Evans: Never, never. And people were like falling over, which I know is called slain the spirit. But I'm saying, my God, what is going on. It was totally bizarre. If I would have saw it on TV I would have said it was a hoax, it was TV magic, all of that. But miracle after miracle in front of us, carpal tunnel, and everybody getting all these outward things you could see from the outside. And mine, as you know, was in the inside, other than the fact that I looked really sick, and I said, my God. But they never called me up. That whole first session, they never called us up.

Sid Roth: Were you disappointed?

Diane Evans: I was, yeah, I was thoroughly disappointed and our cleaning lady was thoroughly bold, and she was the quiet, mildest person you ever want to meet. And she got boldness on her. I couldn't believe it. She wrote notes to the ushers and sent ushers running around with stuff.

Sid Roth: Pray for my friends.

Diane Evans: Yeah. It was like incredible. And finally she says, "Before you go, you're going to meet them". She brought us in the back room before lunch, and she says, "You'll meet them". And we did. We met them back there and they both said a couple of little words over us, and she touched me on my shoulder, and my cleaning lady was standing behind me. And I didn't know what it was, but man, it felt really weird and my whole body kind of shook a little, and she went flying up against the wall.

Sid Roth: Flying?

Diane Evans: Yeah, flying.

Sid Roth: What happened to her? In other words, the same power that touched you went through you and went right into her?

Diane Evans: I guess that's what happened. Because she ended up, it was like a bolt, I guess.

Sid Roth: How far did she go?

Diane Evans: She went about five or six feet right into wall behind me.

Sid Roth: What did you think?

Diane Evans: I looked at her and I said, "Wow. What did she trip or something"? I didn't know what was going on. And Charles came over to me and said, you know, "You need another jolt of that". And she went flying again. I just didn't know what was happening.

Sid Roth: This is evangelist, the husband, Charles Hunter, he prayed for your maid and she went flying in the air?

Diane Evans: No, he touched me and she went flying again.

Sid Roth: Wait a second. He touches you and she flies?

Diane Evans: And she went flying. I know. It was weird.

Sid Roth: I don't want to be around you when someone touches you.

Diane Evans: You might fall right down. It was totally crazy. I had no clue what was happening to me. Other than the fact, we're walking out and she said, "You know, you have to come back in the afternoon. Can you come back"? And Dick and I just glanced at each other's eyes and, you know, he said, "Yeah, yeah, we'll come back". And all I knew walking out of there before lunch was that my insides were like Jell-O. I was shaking and quivering on the inside, and Dick was holding onto me as we were walking to the car. And he thought I was going to get sick, so he kept inquiring how I was. And I said, "Well no. I feel fine, but you know, I'm feeling weird inside. I feel like Jell-O. Everything is shaking inside". It was just a weird thing. And she told me before we left, she says, "Well you go and have a great lunch". You know, it was days since I had eaten. So I could tell you exactly what I ate.

Sid Roth: Now I can see when you even talk about it, it's like that person doesn't even exist today. But did you eat then?

Diane Evans: Oh man. May 28, 1991, I had my first real meal. I had...

Sid Roth: Did you get sick?

Diane Evans: Oh no. And it tasted so good. I had a half a turkey club sandwich with all the stuff you're not supposed to eat, like all the roughage and all that stuff with the tomato, and you're not supposed to have seeds. They give you a whole list of stuff you're not supposed to eat. I ate it. And I had french fries and a Coke with ice.

Sid Roth: That should have, if you had had that before they prayed for you, what would have happened?

Diane Evans: Before I finished eating I would have been running to the bathroom in pain with diarrhea, sweating, chills. I would have had it good. But I ate it all and I came back. We came back for the afternoon and we sat there, and there was a little music going on. During the music, I just started crying my eyes out, kept crying and crying. And I knew that day I was going to walk out of there healed. And I looked at my husband and I said, "Honey, I don't know, but I'm going to be healed today. If I go up on that platform I'm going to be healed. But I know the Lord wants something of us". And I said, "I won't go up there unless you want to be a part of it with me".

Sid Roth: So you made your husband go with you.

Diane Evans: No, a part of whatever God had for me. If he didn't want to do whatever God wanted us to do, I wasn't going to go up there. Because I...

Sid Roth: So you were basically saying, we're making a commitment.

Diane Evans: Yeah. I knew that if I didn't go up I would probably die. But I also knew if I went up I would live and the Lord would have a mission for us.

Sid Roth: And you wanted your husband with you.

Diane Evans: Always.

Sid Roth: So you went up there. What happened?

Diane Evans: When I went up there, it was amazing. Francis started telling the story of this nurse that had Crohn's disease and she prayed for her, and she was healed. And I said, "Well that sounds neat, but what about me"? You know, I'm just standing there, little old me, you know, well here I am. And she looked at me, and something happened when I connected with her eyes.

Sid Roth: Hold that thought. Something is going to happen to you when you connect with the Messiah of Israel through Diane's eyes in this next segment. Don't go away.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth back here, your investigative reporter. I'm with Diane Evans. And Diane is just a normal woman that's trying to live. She has Crohn's disease and her body is not functioning normal. She doesn't even want to live. She writes her will. She says, "Either heal me or take me". And she goes to a healing service where she is taught for the first time about healing. She goes forward to be prayed for by the evangelist. What happened next, Diane?

Diane Evans: Well I looked into her eyes and before you know it, I was on the ground. I had no clue...

Sid Roth: What were you doing on the ground?

Diane Evans: I didn't know. Something came over to me. I just went, whack, down I went. And it was the horrible feeling I have ever experienced in my life. I felt that I was in a tidal wave. My whole body was erupting. My legs were flailing. My stomach and my chest was heaving.

Sid Roth: Your husband must have been really upset.

Diane Evans: Oh I'm sure he was watching with wide eyes. We talked a lot about it later, and my arms were all over the place, and I was screaming, and I thought everyone afterwards would have heard me, but apparently, it was internal. And I was screaming for the Lord to help me, to help me. And I didn't hear everything what Francis was saying, but she was speaking to my intestinal area of my body to be healed. And I got up off that floor and she said, "Do something you couldn't do before". And I started banging on my stomach because I couldn't touch that before.

Sid Roth: What would happen if you had banged on your stomach before?

Diane Evans: Oh I couldn't touch my stomach.

Sid Roth: But if you did it, what would have happened?

Diane Evans: I'd just be in pain. I would double over in pain. I couldn't lean on the kitchen sink without being in pain. So it was better off like all hands off, you know. Just don't even touch me. So I was banging on my belly and twisting around, and feeling kind of really weird, very unstable. And next thing I wanted to do is I just wanted to be in my husband's arms to tell him that the Lord really touched me and healed me. And I couldn't believe it. It was like suddenly it happened. And it seemed like all those years went by in the flash of an eye.

Sid Roth: What are you holding here?

Diane Evans: Well this is a prayer shawl and it's a tallit, as you know. And during that time of my illness, I was really calling out to God to touch the hem of His garment. And in Luke, it talks about the woman with the issue of blood, that she just was able to touch His garment. So I have this today for people to see that they can touch the hem of His garment, actually touch the Lord. And if you out there are thinking about your illness, if you have Crohn's disease.

Sid Roth: You know what I want you to do? I want–you've prayed for people with Crohn's disease that have been healed.

Diane Evans: Yes, we have...

Sid Roth: How many years has it been since you received your healing?

Diane Evans: Since '91, so I believe it will be nine years.

Sid Roth: Okay. I want you to look at those that need a healing. If you need a healing right now, I want you to look right on the screen and Diane, look right into the eyes of Diane and she's going to, you see, now she moves in supernatural words of knowledge. She knows things. How does she know? The Spirit of God tells her. The Spirit of God is going to talk right through her to you. And Diane, what I want you to do is for you to take that, the tallit, the fringes, and I want those that need a healing to just reach out to by faith to touch these fringes. Now you look at them. Let them look in your eyes.

Diane Evans: Well, I know right now for this very second as I'm speaking there's someone thinking that, you know, she's speaking about me. I don't want to go on. I don't want to live like this any longer. So I'm telling you right now, yes, the one in desperation, I just feel the Lord is saying there's someone in desperation crying out to Him, looking for Him. This is your point of contact with your Lord, your Messiah. He is going to heal you today. Know that the Lord will cover you and cleanse you, and clean you out of your diversity and your illness and you'll be healed.

Sid Roth: In Jesus' name. You see, Diane said, suddenly, suddenly, suddenly, suddenly it's in the name of Yeshua. It's in the name of Jesus. Suddenly. I don't know whether you felt anything or not, but I can tell you I felt a tangible presence of the Living God. And when you have the Word of God, and God is speaking to me, Diane, right now, and God is saying there is someone that has a pain in the neck and you are healed. In fact, a curse is literally, it's coming off of you right now. And now there's someone that has something wrong with their spine, with their back and you're being healed, you're being restored. Diane, are you getting anything?

Diane Evans: The Lord says that, oh my God, the Glory of God is this place.

Sid Roth: I know. I know.

Diane Evans: It is awesome. You know, right now the Lord is just pouring out his Glory on someone. The one with the pain in the neck, the growth in the neck, right now, it's just dissolving by the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is dissolving it right now. I feel it gone. It's gone. It's gone.

Sid Roth: And some of you are saying, well he didn't say what I have. Well, I've got news for you. Once one word is spoken from God and these were words spoken. We're just good secretaries. I happen to be a good Jewish secretary. I heard God say about the neck. Diane had a little bit more. Once these words are spoken, I tell you that the heavens are opened for healing. And the person with the problem with the back, I keep hearing about you, I want you to stand up and I want you to bend over. And the person with the bad hip, if I were you, I'd get out of my wheelchair. I would get out of my couch, you couch potato, you, and I'd start running around. I'd rejoice. How much did you rejoice when you were healed?

Diane Evans: Oh my goodness, did I jump around. I jumped, came home, told my son, my 16-year-old son. He couldn't wait. He had to go to church to figure it out for himself. Everywhere I went, I told the miracle that God did for me. And everywhere I went, I touched someone else for healing.

Sid Roth: And that's what the Bible says you're supposed to do. That's what you're supposed to do. You, it says, "The devil is overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony". You see, the blood talks about the healing, and the word of your testimony has you proclaim what God has done, and then people will want to know about God. It's so simple, you need help to get confused. So you pick up the telephone, and you tell someone, God just came in my living room, God just came in the bar! God just came–in the bar? God just came into my kitchen! He healed me! He's good! He's real! Jesus is alive! Jesus in me is alive. Get excited. Come on, you can do it.
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