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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Essential Keys for More Supernatural Encounters with Patricia Bootsma

Sid Roth - Essential Keys for More Supernatural Encounters with Patricia Bootsma

Sid Roth - Essential Keys for More Supernatural Encounters with Patricia Bootsma
Sid Roth - Essential Keys for More Supernatural Encounters with Patricia Bootsma

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural! My guest had 5 million people in 3 years come to her congregation! She has such a passion, that people would not just have one or two supernatural encounters, with the Lord, or none. She says that you should have supernatural experiences every day! Often! Every day! That's normal!

Sid Roth: Patricia, you said you have a favorite quote from John Wesley. What is that?

Patricia Bootsma: It's where he said, "I want to be set on fire so other people can watch me burn". And that really has to do with, you know, our passion our passion for Jesus and we burn for Him! Because how else are we going to win the world, if we ourselves are not on fire? How can I say to somebody, "Hey, come to know Jesus, and be bored like me".

Patricia Bootsma: You know we need to be full of the Spirit, full of passion, like walking out the great commandment to burn for Him, and then people will be set on fire, because we'll be set on fire!

Sid Roth: Well, you were at the Toronto Airport Church at its very beginning, but recently, something new is going on there. What is going on in your congregation?

Patricia Bootsma: You know, that's true. It’s like a second wave has been released. But I would just say a big in one word, presence, the presence of the God, just so absolutely thick, ah!, which we just love, you know. I love those experiences.

Sid Roth: Do you realize when you said that, the presence of God

Patricia Bootsma: Oh.

Sid Roth: just descended on us! I believe some of you are feeling it in your home. I really do! Now, you at age 12, you became a Believer, you learned how to get ex-communicated for seeking the supernatural as a young girl.

Patricia Bootsma: Yeah, that's true, that's true.

Sid Roth: At 19, you bumped into something that you weren't too happy about. A demon!

Patricia Bootsma: Wow!

Sid Roth: And you couldn't get rid of it! You had prayed to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and you didn't speak in supernatural language. What did you figure, when you didn't speak in supernatural language?

Patricia Bootsma: Well I found out I needed it.

Sid Roth: I know you found out you needed it, but did you kinda give up on it? Did you think that perhaps "Maybe it's not for me"?

Patricia Bootsma: Yeah. maybe my story will help someone, because when I was 17, I received prayer for the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and nothing happened! And so I'm thinking, "Oh no, God doesn't want me to have this, it's only for an elite few". So then He put me in a corner to show, you know that I really needed it, and that was when I was 19. I was home from university for the summer, and every night at 2 a.m. for 3 weeks straight I was awakened by demonic beings in my room. That's not...

Sid Roth: That's got to be scary to anyone!

Patricia Bootsma: Oh, absolutely! I wanted to go sleep with my parents, and I'm 19. So I was, you know I saw hooded creatures, I heard voices, a candle would throw across the room, something would fall off the wall. So I'm petrified! And unless

Sid Roth: So it's real, it's not your imagination.

Patricia Bootsma: Absolutely. And I'm like, "God", you know, "what is going on"? And I knew that I lacked power, I lacked authority, to really take authority over these beings. And that's when I went after a pastor that I knew that was filled with the Spirit, and I just said, "Hey, look, I really", "I need this", and 2 years ago, nothing happened. But, so anyway, so he prayed for me. I felt fire, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, and both

Sid Roth: Now people say that. Did you really feel fire?

Patricia Bootsma: I did! I did. It actually felt like liquid fire, and very, for me, it was very distinguishable. Drove home, in the car, started speaking in tongues! And I'm just so overwhelmed, I'm just, you know undone in God. I go to my room and say, "In the name of Jesus, get out"!, and that was the first time I slept in 3 weeks. And I tell you, I learned something. I learned the authority that we can walk in, in God, through the power of the Holy Spirit!

Sid Roth: You know, you had something else: You, personally, and your husband, live a lifestyle of supernatural experiences, and your children live a lifestyle of supernatural experiences. Tell me about one of your children, and their experience.

Patricia Bootsma: Well, for example, our daughter, Gabriel, she is right now on staff at International House of Prayer in Kansas City. But when she was little, she I heard a crash from her bedroom. I go tearing into her bedroom, and I find her in the top bunk of a bunk bed with this little sheepish look on her face, and what she told me was that she was climbing the dresser to get something from the top. The dresser started to topple, when she was picked up by unseen hands, went through the air, carried through the air, onto the top bunk of the bunk bed. And, I mean, unbelievable you know, to us there was no doubt, it was an angel. I certainly believe in the power of prayer, and the angelic warriors all around us!

Sid Roth: And it's not just her daughter, by the way. Tell me briefly about your son!

Patricia Bootsma: Well our son saw, with his natural eyes, a green snake in his bedroom, a white light come and consume the green snake, and so he comes tearing into my room, he was so afraid. And so we prayed, you know, we broke off fear, all that. But it was a week later, in Canada we get a lot of snow, and we were my father in law was actually blowing snow with a big snow blower, these are very powerful machines. He unwisely had left it running as he just got something in the house. My son's scarf got caught in the snow blower. His face was being dragged into those powerful blades when they

Sid Roth: Oh, that's awful!

Patricia Bootsma: just stopped oh! Just stopped at the last minute. And this was, you know, a few days after this green snake, white light, and we were like, we just know that we know that the Lord sent an angel to protect him.

Sid Roth: You had a major life event when in a dream you went to Heaven.

Patricia Bootsma: I would say this: My body was on Earth, but my spirit was in Heaven. And I saw all these people, and I just immediately knew they were my family tree or my ancestors. And I saw my grandmother! And she had been dead for 10 years at this point, and I'm thinking, "Oh my goodness, I'm not dead yet" But I am seeing all these people, and my grandmother, and I just remember them saying things to me. They said, "You are Patricia, and our race is over, and our time is done, but you have the capacity to bring light into dark places. Tell them of this place. We're cheering you on". And they said, "Tell them of this place, and tell them He's worth it all. He's worth it all"!

Sid Roth: Hm!

Patricia Bootsma: Aah!

Sid Roth: Some of you are sitting back, and saying, "I hear what Patricia is saying, and that's wonderful. She's so gifted". But she has a husband, and her husband would say he believed a lie actually. He would say, "She's the one that hears from God, I don't hear from God, I'm just a good teacher". It was a lie, and many of you have believed a lie! We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: Now, I know a lot of you are being "provoked to jealousy" with Patricia, and saying, "Boy, I wish I moved like she moved in the spirit". Oh, you're blessed because you're watching right now. That's her job, to help you do that! I gotta know when you wake up in the morning, what are the first things that you do?

Patricia Bootsma: Well, to be honest, before I even get out of bed, I soak. And I would say that...

Sid Roth: What do you mean by soak?

Patricia Bootsma: Yeah. I would say it's like, is Isaiah 40:31, which says, "They that wait on the Lord will renew their strength, they will mount up with wings as eagles". Now I'm a type A personality, go change the world, all that, but the Lord really was teaching me I need to be before I do. I need to receive before I have anything to give away, and so this was a lesson in learning to rest in God. So for me, it can look different for other people but I actually have an iPod goes everywhere I go with anointed music, "Presence of God". Put it on. I'm not even out of bed and just soak in His presence, however long I have. It's really about experiencing His presence. You know I unashamedly say I'm a presence of God addict. I want the presence of God in my life, I want it in my family, I want it in my ministry and so, therefore, we need to cultivate it at home, alone with God. It's like the roots of a tree, you know, it's what you don't see is the roots, but the tree itself, and the fruit that will bare is directly related to the root structure! So we need to have a life in God! I need to be before I do.

Sid Roth: Okay. So you're soaking, being still before God. Do you ever hear things from God while you're soaking?

Patricia Bootsma: Yeah! It helps to put myself in that position, about getting still, you know, being in His presence, so I absolutely do. And by the way, sometimes, you know, there will be the enemy will sometimes try to distract, "well, you gotta send that email", or "oh, you gotta make that phone call" or "you gotta do this".

Sid Roth: What do you do?

Patricia Bootsma: I actually will write it out. I will just write it out, okay that's true, I do have to send that email, but I don't want to focus on that right now, I just want to get back into, the presence. So sometimes I have my journal is always with me and just write it out, and say, "Ah, I'll take care of that later".

Sid Roth: And then, well then you go into what you call is prophetic decree. What is a prophetic decree?

Patricia Bootsma: Yeah. It really helps kick start my prayer time, but it’s this: It's really speaking out those things that are in agreement with God. So that can be when agreement with His Word, or agreement with His prophetic words over us. So the Lord really was teaching me this, about just the power in our declaration! You know, from Joshua 1:8 it says you will "meditate" on this word, and "then you will make your way prosperous, and have good success". Well what, you would know more than I the what's the Hebrew word for "meditate" is "hagah", and that has to do with pondering out loud to oneself. And so, as I ponder out loud...

Sid Roth: Excuse me. One of the definitions of that is "mumble", or "mutter".

Patricia Bootsma: Right! Mumble or mutter! And so then I have things that I am going through each day, reminding myself of who I am. I'm a lover of God, I am, God loves me. You know, I am a woman who walks in the fullness of God's calling, and anointing, and those things. But then, also about my children. For example, I love the prayer of Jabez, and I pray it over every one of our family, and "Oh, that You would bless", I insert their names. Judah is my son. "Oh, that You would bless Judah, indeed, and enlarge Judah's territory", "Your hand might be with Judah". I feel the anointing on this, you know. And how did God create the world? He spoke. Nothing happens in the Kingdom unless there's first a declaration. And I think it's what the Apostle Paul said when he said wage war for the prophecies over your life. Wage war! Wage war for them in your mind, but in the declared word of the Lord, and then see it come to pass!

Sid Roth: You started this "House of Prayer", and briefly, as a result of praying faithfully, what happened in your city?

Patricia Bootsma: In the City of Stratford there was a big drug problem, the church hadn't been doing so well. And what happened is as we cried out and said, "God"!, you know, "How do you re-dig wells"?, and "How do you see, transformation"? He really spoke to us about the importance of prayer, and worship, and declaring He was Lord of that city, so we began to pray! First with John and I in our home, it was just us, giving our mornings, every weekday morning, to the Lord. Then we took it to the church, and other people gathered. But we saw unfold before us transformation! Like, really what happened was, first of all, prodigal sons and daughters came home to Jesus! They came repenting to the front, freeing get free of their drug addictions, their sex addictions. And then, drug houses started to burn up or blow up, or... yeah, it's true!

Sid Roth: You know, "Eye has not seen, and ear has not heard, all that God has for us"! We just haven't entered it yet, so let's enter it! Your husband, he doesn't hear from God, he's happy. You go to sleep Saturday night, and you know what's supposed to happen Sunday morning. He checks with you what's supposed to happen. But now that's no longer true! What happened?

Patricia Bootsma: You know, you can talk about, left brain, right brain, but my husband is very, maybe left brain in terms of, you know, he just knows the Word inside out, he's like I call him a walking concordance. And so he would say things like, "Well, my wife hears God, but I don't really hear God". He, therefore, did not hear God, because he believed the lie. So I remember when a visiting prophetic guy came, pulled him out of the crowd and said, "Sir! You need to stop leaning on your wife's ability to hear God because you can hear God"!, and I'm like cha-ching, you know! You'd think I'd paid the guy to give that word! But, so, what happened is John repented! He repented for believing the lie that he couldn't hear the voice of God, or live a prophetic lifestyle. And I'm telling you, even last weekend we were prophesying overloads of people as we were ministering in a different city, and there he is, prophesying with the best of them, and hearing God, and journaling, and so we can all do this!

Sid Roth: Can you get everyone prophesying, and dreaming, if they follow your instructions, getting prophetic dreams?

Patricia Bootsma: You know, I do believe, but I want to say this is God's instructions, it really is. It's where He is saying, "Look, this is what I died to give you! Not just your salvation, but your abundant life". I tell ya, I can I think hearing God, and living a prophetic lifestyle is part of "abundant living", and living His purposes for us, so the answer is yes!

Sid Roth: Now, you're going to be shocked. When we come back, science is finally catching up to the Bible! It's saying the most amazing things from scientific studies are happening to us when we pray in tongues, in supernatural language! We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: Okay. I know everyone can't wait to find out what is science saying about speaking in supernatural languages or tongues?

Patricia Bootsma: As I've studied this, I found, like Dr. Carl Peterson for example, Oral Roberts University, did a study on the brain of those who speak in tongues, "glossolalia". Two secretions, chemical secretions are secreted in the human brain only in glossolalia, and they boost our immune system 35 to 40%.

Sid Roth: Seriously! I don't know any vitamin that can make that claim!

Patricia Bootsma: That's true.

Sid Roth: What else have they found out?

Patricia Bootsma: Yeah! And New York Times even published an article. the University of Pennsylvania did some studies. They had some monitors on the frontal lobe of the brain of 5 ladies who were speaking in tongues. And now normally, and as I'm speaking to you. my frontal lobe, of my brain, is active. But for them, in speaking in tongues, it was not active, right showing what they were saying, which was this isn't just me talking, this is a supernatural language. One more I thought was interesting is a study in the U.K. A thousand people were surveyed, and found those who spoke in tongues regularly were much more joyful, much more satisfied with their lives.

Sid Roth: How would you like to walk in peace? How would you like to walk in destiny? How would you like to block the devil out from interfering with your life? How would you like to have dreams, in which you see the future? Tell me some people that we might have heard of, that had dreams, that literally changed the world!

Patricia Bootsma: You know, God speaks through dreams. for example, there's Frederick Banting discovered insulin, that came in 2 dreams. Or how about Einstein? He had a dream about the theory of relativity, that’s how he got that. Niels Bohr, with the discovery of the structure of the atom. Those all came in dreams. And by the way, you know more warning dreams, that I would say this. After the Titanic sank, did you know that it was hundreds were saying that there were dreams or premonitions of this happening. As a matter of fact, for some of them, they had canceled passage on the ship. Or for others, like Eva Hart, for example, was a survivor who said her mother had had a dream, but her father still wanted to go on the ship. But as soon as that bump came in the night, they were on the first lifeboat, and saved because of the mother her mother having a dream. So we can pay attention to dreams. I just want to add this: When you have a negative dream, we need to also pray against it. It may be that God is just giving us second Heaven revelation what the enemy wants to do so we can intercede, and see it not happen. Let's say that you're having a dream about something like I mentioned, about something negative, you want to intercede against it, or get revelation! For example, I will sometimes get dreams, yeah that are for, the church! So it's interesting, God is a revealer of secrets. He wants to give us secrets, you know that also are for, fruitfulness, and for expanding the Kingdom of God! Just need to pay attention!

Sid Roth: Okay. You, your husband now, your children are operating all this way. But you have a large, large congregation now.

Patricia Bootsma: Um-hm.

Sid Roth: Do you find, when you or your husband teach in these areas, they can do the same as you?

Patricia Bootsma: Yeah, absolutely! I would say that! Again, it’s the Word of God. Jesus died to give us this. So, some of it is believing that God has desired this for us, and some of it is learning to just tune in. I kind of put it this way: Right now in this room, there's cell phone waves, you know, there's TV waves. If we just have the right antenna, we can pick it up. So we have to we have the right "antenna", it's called the Holy Spirit. And so, we just need to get in tune with our "antenna"! Do you know? I would really hate to get to Heaven and find out there was so much more; that Jesus died to give me, that I didn't walk in. And I think, you know, that's what God is saying to Christians here today, and listening today, is Jesus died to give us the tools to walk in the supernatural to hear His voice, to dream His dreams, to understand mysteries, and to live it out! And so, why wouldn't we want that?

Sid Roth: I believe you're going to release destiny, and gifting on people. Would you pray right now?

Patricia Bootsma: Absolutely, absolutely. Lord, we thank You for the "chabod" "weightiness" of Your Glory coming right through the airwaves, right in this audience. Lord, the weightiness of Your presence. We welcome You. We love You. Lord, we just say come, in Your Glory. And Lord, I thank You for helping us to get up and go on with the calling and the destiny that you have for us, full of faith, Lord, exercising, believing, and saying, "Yes, Lord, here am I, send me". So, "Let Your Glory come upon us", just like Moses said. If you don't hey, it must be Your presence that leads us, and then I will go. So God, come with Your presence, come with Your Glory. I even see right now, just people getting healed, getting healed of things that have held them back, from God's calling in their lives. It's like where that backache, or that migraine headache that's been so persistent. In Jesus' name, it's broken now, through the power of the blood of Jesus. I also see financial provision. You know, just tithe anyway. Give anyway. You give, and see what God does. And another thing, "Resist the devil, and he will flee from you". And there's something about us standing up in our authority, and saying, "Hey, I'm not going to have any more of this robbery. I want my calling, I want my destiny, and I'm gonna have it, in Jesus' name. Amen".

Sid Roth: Amen!
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