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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - What Happens When a Satanist Comes to Church with Francis Frangipane

Sid Roth - What Happens When a Satanist Comes to Church with Francis Frangipane

Sid Roth - What Happens When a Satanist Comes to Church with Francis Frangipane
Sid Roth - What Happens When a Satanist Comes to Church with Francis Frangipane
TOPICS: Satanism

My guest had a vision of the End time outpouring of God's Glory, and it is so real, that he feels it's coming soon! I know better. It's coming sooner than soon! I know that every show I do from now on, I am expecting the presence the manifest, tangible Glory of God to show up and when that Glory shows up, every Promise in the Word of God is instant!

Sid Roth: You know Francis, you're such a nice guy, I find it hard to understand how you had thousands of witches and warlocks fasting, and praying, and cursing you. But even more important question than that is, you survived. How did you survive?

Francis Frangipane: Well the short answer is, you know, life in God and the Holy Spirit forces us to find our shelter in them, in the Most High. And the situation you're referring to was back when I had written a book called The Three Battlegrounds, and um that book and a Bible was given to this fella who was into witchcraft, and he had a large mailing list. And that mailing list, um, when he got saved, this guy came to Christ, and when he gave his life to Jesus, he began giving out Bibles and The Three Battlegrounds. And and I remember telling him I don't need this kind of promotion, you know.

Sid Roth: Thou I mean you have thousands of witches and warlocks.

Francis Frangipane: Yeah, really! But but I went on with my life, and you know, cities were opening up, and there were moves of God, and there were personal blessings, and it was all these wonderful things happening! And now a few years later, we had led this lady to the Lord, and um, she had been involved in a coven that was putting curses, trying to put curses on us. And the amazing thing to me was, I didn't even know it. I couldn't tell that there was a curse that was trying to get through the protection of God. And every Believer has that, we're sealed with the Holy Spirit. And to be able to be, to live in that and to function in there, and to walk through life "though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil", because the Lord is with us, amen? Amen.

Sid Roth: So, you had already prepared for this, not even knowing this was ever going to happen!

Francis Frangipane: No. I, my focus really is is on the Lord on this, and um, if He tells me to deal with the enemy, I do.

Sid Roth: Alright, speaking of that, you had a woman that was actually part of the group praying and fasting and cursing you, came into a congregation you were speaking, and tell me about that.

Francis Frangipane: Well, the woman was through a witness relocation program, was moved to the city where we lived where I lived and, she was she took advantage of an outreach that we had to a home, a group home where she could be secured from her husband who was trying to kill her. So one of our ladies, our dear ladies in the church, brought her to church on a Saturday night we had a Saturday night service at the time and it happened that I was speaking that night about how God will not allow a curse to light upon the righteous! All of a sudden, this lady realizes she's in the church of the man they were trying to put curses on! And she begins to manifest demonically. She was picking people up and throwing them. She was a bigger, stronger but d demonized human, throwing men, picking up ladies, and throwing ladies. And right after the service, the woman that was in charge of the prayer team that took her into the back room, to have a prayer, she comes down. When now when she first came to church, she looked great, had a little bun on the top of her head. She was very personable, you know. Now, after the service, her bun is hanging down, you know. She got to looking at me cockeyed, and so I go walking over to the room. at the time, I had tennis elbow. I couldn't, like pick up my cup, I had no strength at all in my right arm. And I was carrying my briefcase in my left arm when I went into the room. When she said, "Francis is here", she bent over, and took out of her purse a fishing knife. And in her demonic frenzy, she lunged at my face with this knife. And the Lord this was the sore the arm I couldn't pick up a coffee cup, the Lord how many of you know the Lord loves photo finishes? He healed my arm on the way up! And it's that knife came right to you gotta shout, that was a shouting moment. But He...

Sid Roth: That was that was such a shout, you wouldn't be here if the Lord didn't show up!

Francis Frangipane: I know, I know! I know. So, you know, I actually broke her wrist when our my hand her arm came down, and then she passed out and then eventually, you know everybody took her home. And I called the next day. And I got her number at this group home, and I called her next day and I said, "You know, I could have you arrested for you know, attempted murder. But, I want you to know that Jesus loves you, and He brought you here. You think you came on your own, but He brought you here, because he wants to show you His salvation". And she said "Well I ", she says, "I hate men. And my dad my father, abused me, my pastor abused me, the street evangelist abused me. And your God is a man, and I hate them, and I hate you, and I hate God". And I said, "Look, I'm calling, I could send you to jail for a long time because I have all these witnesses that saw you try and kill me". And I said, "But I'm not going to do that. I want you to know that Christ forgives you, that our Lord Jesus forgives you, and He wants ", and all of a sudden, this girl began to cry. She hadn't cried since she was a little girl, and she accepted the Lord. But the... the amen. That was a good. I'm not going to keep telling you when to clap, alright. So, so anyway. So it was in the context of that, that the Lord began to show me how He had structured my spiritual walk so that I would be under you know, "under the shelter of the Most High", that I would be in His presence. It's not that I always walked perfect and never failed or stumbled, it's that there are principles, spiritual principles, that I that I put in the book, The Shelter of The Most High. They weren't, it wasn't a theory, it wasn't just theology, it wasn't just doctrine, it was o something that God had done in me, and to me, and through me, that made that barrier of His presence immunize me from the attack of the enemy.

Sid Roth: Now I'm told... I agree. I am told that Psalm 91 protects you from every conceivable thing that could be thrown at you in this life, that's what "the secret place" is! Do you realize every protection you see in Psalm 91 is in "the secret place"? But most don't know how to get to "the secret place"! When we come back, we're going to get to "the secret place"!

Sid Roth: Okay. We've been talking about "the secret place".

Francis Frangipane: Yes.

Sid Roth: Describe to me what is "the secret place".

Francis Frangipane: Alright. Um, I believe "the secret place" is the point of contact where the Holy Spirit and my human spirit are engaged. "Unless you are born of the Spirit", those that are born of the spirit, "that which is born of the Spirit; is, spirit". And so that union of my spirit being regenerated to the Holy Spirit. But let me just say, the way to the holy place, and we can say the way to the holy place is Jesus, and that would be true. But I also notice that there's a lethargy, there's a passivity. Christians, we too many of us give our life, to the Lord in a momentary experience at an altar, but we don't really hunger for what else there can be, how much more of God there is. That's the biggest enemy to getting into the holy place, is that we think where we are is good enough. You know what I'm talking about. Where I am. Amen.

Sid Roth: And there is so much more!

Francis Frangipane: There's so much more.

Sid Roth: If you only knew! "Eye has not seen" that's what God says to you "Eye has not seen, ear has not even heard, all that God has in store for you".

Francis Frangipane: Amen. And it goes on! and this and it and where Paul says, "But to us, the Lord revealed them through the Spirit, because the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God". Come on! The "depths of God", that is that that's the limitless reality of the Almighty. The Spirit that we have in us, that we are born of. Jesus is jealous, for that Spirit, because He wants to bring us into that fullness. And so but we need to the discipline of it all, you know. We're to...

Sid Roth: When you call "the secret place"...

Francis Frangipane: Yeah.

Sid Roth: ...the place of immunity, what do you mean by that?

Francis Frangipane: I mean if we live in there, "all the promises" from Psalm 91 "are 'Yeah' and 'Amen'". They are, truth.

Sid Roth: And you also use another term that I read in the Bible, I don't hear anyone talk about it, Lord, excavate my heart.

Francis Frangipane: Amen.

Sid Roth: Explain. Isn't that a good term? Excavate my heart.

Francis Frangipane: When I pray, often I start with a simple statement that says, "Holy Spirit, lead me into the presence of Jesus. Take me to where I hear His voice. Scan me, so He can tell me if there's any hurtful thing in me, or any presumptuous thing". It's the beginning of the real steps into the presence of the Lord. The "The sacrifices of God are a broken and a contrite heart", that breaking of the outer man, the old man, that and when I say the old man, I'm not talking about your husbands, ladies, I'm talking about that old, that thing that we used to be, the thing that we don't like in ourselves. That thing that tries to offer protection, but it's hostile to the ways of God. And so but now but now we're on that journey inward. We're in that journey, where the Holy Spirit can begin to speak, begin to show us what needs to change. Begin to did I did I was I harsh to my wife this morning? Was I unconscious of the need of my daughter? Was, you know what I mean, I have a point, I have a place, a mirror, if you will, where the living presence of the Lord begins can speak to me about what needs to change in me. It can speak to me, with what needs to be healed in me! And those, the 91st Psalm is telling us that it's anything we come to the Lord with, He will He will be there, and He will meet us there, and He will heal us there.

Sid Roth: Francis, when we come back, I want you to share how many years ago, you had one drop of God's glory, and what is about ready to hit Planet Earth! We'll be right back!

Sid Roth: Francis, you "provoke me to jealousy", 50 years ago, you had one drop of God's glory. Explain.

Francis Frangipane: We were just in this circle praying, just seeking God and praying. And all of a sudden, I felt this I could actually see it with spiritual eyes, but I felt this drop, like a mercury touch my head, and it just went down my back, down my neck, down my back, and it just leached out all the years of when I was unsaved, and all the consequences of those crimes and sins against myself and others, before I was a Christian. It just leached it all out. And I said to the Lord, "Whoa, Lord, what was that"?, and the Lord said, "That was one drop of My Living Water". And I said, "Lord, evermore, give me that water", and He said, "You only need one drop". And that's and from that moment, till today, every time I think of that moment in time, that same cleansing thing goes down my neck and quenches my thirst, spiritually.

Sid Roth: Tell me what happened to the vision you had in 1970.

Francis Frangipane: As a new Christian, my wife and I were reading our Bibles for the first time through, we had never read the Word of God.

Sid Roth: And you made an interesting point to me last night at dinner. You told me most Christians read the Promises, but they don't read the Bible!

Francis Frangipane: Yeah.

Sid Roth: There is a distinction!

Francis Frangipane: Yeah, there is. For a couple of years ago I started um taking every word, every verse that Jesus spoke and taught, and asking the Lord, "Am I walking in this"? "Am I living in this"? You know you the hard verses and the easy verses, there's, you know we tend to pick cheesecake verses and leave the liver verses, you know. But we need the whole thing, we need the whole package. And you know, and so I 'd say "Lord, am I walk, am I really a disciple, or do I have a religion about You"? But, you understand, it's am I standing and searching for the museum of what You did or the power plant of Who You are, and having both. But, you know, "Lord, what ", "am I walking in this? I not, how m how much am I lacking"? Or maybe I the next verse was what "Lord, when did You put this verse in the Bible"?

Sid Roth: So what you're doing is you're letting the Word of God excavate you! That's what you're doing.

Francis Frangipane: Dig out all, to bring in the new.

Sid Roth: Take you back to the vision of 1970.

Francis Frangipane: Yeah, thank you. Um, so we're reading, I'm reading in my Bible. I read Isaiah 59, I shut the Bible, I went to sleep. I woke in the middle of the night, and there is a city covered in darkness. In the darkness, there are faces coming out, a massive amount of people. the place is obviously desolate. The time is already passed for anything good, it just looked awful. But, the Holy Spirit began to flow through us, our faces were radiant with the light of God! I felt the surge of the electricity of God, like a geyser of life coming out from me. And there were multitudes were receiving the Lord! And when I woke, I turned for the first time in my life I picked up my Bible, and for the first time I turned to the page, and I read Isaiah 60. Isaiah 60 is a Promise for the End Times, amen! That Isaiah 60 says, "'Arise, shine, for your light, has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.'"

Sid Roth: And that's what we're this is what we're about ready to have on Planet Earth! And I feel a bubble of it now, but I'm going to tell you something: When this Glory comes in, you won't have to just feel it, you will see it! It'll be tangible. Will you pray for a, great there's more of God, pray for us to be as hungry as you are, right now!

Francis Frangipane: Lord, we do pray, Father, for everyone here, and everyone watching. Father, I pray for the hunger of God that thing that compelled Paul where he said, "I press on for the upward call of God in Christ Jesus". Lord, I pray for every heart who's been disappointed, that they would be set free, and they'd be able to walk out of the past and "the snare of the trapper", into the arms of their Beloved, in Jesus' name, amen, and amen.

Sid Roth: Now, Moses I want you to pray, this is important. Moses prayed a prayer, and this should be on, your mouth 20, 30, 40 times a day! This is what Moses prayed: "Show me Your Glory".

Francis Frangipane: Yes, Lord.

Sid Roth: "Show me Your Glory"!
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