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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - An Angel Came and What He Did Blew Me Away

Sid Roth - An Angel Came and What He Did Blew Me Away

Sid Roth - An Angel Came and What He Did Blew Me Away
Sid Roth - An Angel Came and What He Did Blew Me Away
TOPICS: Angels

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest died, went to Heaven, but was sent back with revelation of the invisible world. Most Bible believers don't have a clue. Most non-believers don't have a clue. All the action is occurring that's causing all the things going on, good, bad or whatever in your life from the invisible world. He even downloaded how to have every one of your prayers answered. Anyone interested in finding out?

Sid Roth: Hello. I'm here with my friend Kevin Zadai, and Kevin was having a dental procedure. He died. He went to Heaven. You didn't want to come back.

Kevin Zadai: No Sid, I did not. I still can't understand how beautiful Heaven is and how different it is to be down here. It's so slow. I just can't understand.

Sid Roth: What do you mean so slow?

Kevin Zadai: This realm is just working so slow because it's a fallen realm. And so once you experience the other realm you don't want to come back. I mean, there's no way that you want to come back. And so he did send me back. He wanted me to teach people about prayer and how it works, and so that they don't get disappointed. But this realm is in a slow mode to me. It's everything slow.

Sid Roth: Now I feel such a strong presence of God as we're speaking right now. Let's just kind of jump into it. What do we do? What's the first thing we should do to get our prayers answered all the time?

Kevin Zadai: When Jesus was talking to me, Sid, he wanted me to come back and tell people to be aware that their prayers will be answered, but they got to get on the same page as him. And so he has a command about him, and when he would talk he'd say this is the way it is: "We've had meetings without you. We don't include you on the planning part of it, but this is the way it is and if you will get on the same page then you're going to have all your prayers answered. Everything you desire when you pray if you believe, you shall receive it". That's what he told me.

Sid Roth: You said that we have to pray ourselves into our answer. What does that mean?

Kevin Zadai: Well I saw, Sid, that the Spirit of God was standing by to coach us, and so he was there to tell us exactly what to say, what to pray for and that he would give us in advance glimpses of the future. And so he was there to help us pray into our future. You see, Jesus told me, he said, "I'm sitting here right now looking at your future because it's my now. But it's your future, but you can see it now if you will stay with me in the secret place".

Sid Roth: And that's something that we've heard, the secret place, but what exactly is it, how can we get there and how can we stay there? You look to me like you stay there.

Kevin Zadai: Well it's a safe place. Trust me, if you came back to a place that's not like Heaven you're going to find the closest place you can to God and that is right in the secret place. He showed me where it was and I was amazed at how the Cherubim are on each side of God and they cover him. He said, "Kevin, if you'll stay right there in the secret place of the most high, right there under my wings, which is the Cherubim wings, then he said, "all these things are yours". And the verses 9 through 16 go through, in Psalm 91 go through those benefits. But he said, "If you're not making the most high your dwelling place, if you're not in the shadow of the most high then these things, these goodies," he said, "are not for you because you're not close enough to me".

Sid Roth: You were telling me about you have seen since you've been back here on Earth, it's always at times you can see what's going on in the invisible realm. You saw something in New Orleans. Tell me about that.

Kevin Zadai: Yes. I wondered why the Lord had sent me and my wife to New Orleans because it's such a hard city in many ways. And so he told me, he said, "Because I trust you". And so we began to pray thinking, okay, well this is our assignment. So we spent a lot of time in prayer and all of a sudden our eyes started to be open to what's going on around us. And we would pray and spend time with the Lord in long periods of time and actually fast. And our eyes were open one night, and saw these entities that were coming from the city of New Orleans, they were coming out into the rural areas where we lived. And I had not seen them until them, but I could suspect it's like some of the people at home would know they could sense when something is bothering them, I saw three entities coming up from New Orleans and I saw an angel come and visit in our house. He grabbed me and he said, "I've come in answer to your prayers". He picked me up and he blew those entities back to New Orleans, back to the city. And he said, "This is how we take care of things on our side". And he dropped me, he put me back on my feet and flew away, and I thought, you know, what else is going on that we don't know about. But I just want to speak to the people out there right now because I feel like a lot of you are going through some things, but you have to know that the angels have been sent to minister for you and to you, and that they have come and answered prayers. The angel said to me, "I come in answer to your prayers and we're going to take care of this, and this is how we take care of it. And I'm telling you right now by the Spirit of the Lord that this show is for you. I'm speaking to you because you are going through some attacks. And I'm telling you by the Spirit of God that the angels are going to be dispatched and they are going to help you in this fight, and not to give up because the Lord is with you in a great and mighty way".

Sid Roth: I want to get in that secret place 24/7, so that among other things all the promises of Psalm 91 are going to be activated in my life and I want you to get there, too. We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: I want to talk to you about this invisible realm. There are what you call momentum breakers and you identify who these momentum breakers are. You call them assassins. Explain.

Kevin Zadai: I explain it this way because when I came back I realized that I did not distinguish that my enemy hated me and wanted to take me out. And I think as Christians we lose our edge that there is an enemy that hates us and we think that somehow that he doesn't really hate us, that he just is misunderstanding and doesn't understand what's going on. But these demon spirits that come after people, they're momentum breakers. What they do is if a Christian starts to break through and break away from the system of this world, they start to get into a pace, I call it. Jesus said that when you get into a pace then you stay in that pace for the race. He said these enemies know that if you continue in that pace you're unstoppable. So Jesus told me, he said that these assassins come. Their whole goal is to take you out, because Christians, he told me, Christians have to start realizing that these demons' goal is to take you out and that is why you need to be sober-minded like Paul told Titus. And so I tell people all the time, listen, there's things that are being sent out to you and they are to trip you so that you never get to that momentum that breaks out. And so that's what Jesus sent me back for. He said, "Tell the people that they can break out and that the devil is going to throw everything he has to stop them, but if they'll continue in their pace they're unstoppable".

Sid Roth: What are some of the areas that these momentum breakers that these are actual demons whose job is to be an assassin. They don't care if you die, they want to stop you from having that momentum that God has for you to fulfill your destiny.

Kevin Zadai: Yes, sir. I felt, Sid, that after, the Anointing is strong right now because this is some of things that will happen. You'll start to set times aside to pray. You'll start to say the right things that the Lord is saying to you and repeat them. The angels start to come because they are attracted to what's written in your book. So when you start things..

Sid Roth: The Book of Life.

Kevin Zadai: Yes. So then these demons will come and what they'll do is they'll start to do things that will show that your relationship with God is not what you thought it was because things will start happening that are bad. And the Lord said this has nothing to do with me and my relationship with them, that these bad things are assassins that are supposed defame. They're sent to defame God. So you think that because you prayed and you started doing things in a direction that it just could increase the warfare, and see, they want you to back off. The demons want you to back off. Jesus said don't. Keep pushing through, keep in your pace and he said, you'll gain momentum and break out, and there will be no demons.

Sid Roth: In other words, what he's saying to you and what you're saying to them is don't give up. That's the word for you. Stop, don't give up. Okay. So you went to Heaven. You saw the Book of Life. What was that like seeing a book that tells your whole life, all the future?

Kevin Zadai: Yes. I saw that Psalms 139:16 was absolutely true. I saw that people's names were on the bindings of the books and they were the acts of God through individuals, and everybody has a book. And I saw the angels are only a sign to help people with their books, and so most of the time when people get in trouble angels come and rescue them, but that's not their main job. Their main job is to help you with your book. So when you pray in tongues you actually have the Spirit of God reading your book and your angels say, hey, that sounds familiar. That's the code words. They're like military officers. They'll just get ignited and start to do that. They'll just accomplish the book. So remember, angels are sent back to do your book and there is a book written about you before you were born.

Sid Roth: So if I'm hearing you right, what you are saying is there's a book that has your whole life. Nothing happens on Earth unless a human speaks it and by speaking in tongues your book, you are speaking your entire destiny. That book is so specific. You told me that you saw exact amounts of money people would make. Explain that.

Kevin Zadai: Yes. There was one of the books was a friend of mine and he was actually very wealthy as a young man was going to make a large amount of money in this lifetime. Jesus had it down to the penny. He said, "This is what he'll be worth when he passes away and comes with me". He said, "He's not trained in the Spirit. He's not speaking in tongues". And so the Spirit of God is not allowed to have utterance through him, which means that he's not reading his book. His book says, okay, this is what he showed me, and Jesus pointed to the figure. It was four times the amount that he was going to make if he didn't speak in tongues. So if by speaking in tongues, it increased his net worth in his lifetime, four times, not because he was focused on riches, but because the Spirit of God was leading him into all truth, which in fact was God's assignment for him to make money for the Kingdom.

Sid Roth: Jesus said there was a number one way to get into the Spirit. What was that?

Kevin Zadai: He said it was praying in tongues.

Sid Roth: When he came back he provoked everyone in my audience, in the studio and at home right now to jealousy. He came back playing, he went to having zero musical instruments, he came back playing nine instruments. But then Jesus wasn't quite happy the way he played the sax. So Jesus gave him special lessons to play the sax. Did Jesus play that same sax you're going play when we come back?

Kevin Zadai: Yes he did and he was really good at it.

Sid Roth: Why am I feeling such a presence of God? I just heard a word of knowledge. There's someone with a pain in your neck, if you move your neck you'll see that the pain is gone, and in your head there's like migraines or tumors. And backs are being healed right now, and hips, fingers, arthritis. Why did this just hit me? I mean, the Spirit hit me and then I just started giving words. And by the way, you are healed. What's going on?

Kevin Zadai: I also feel like joints are being healed, and also I have the word for kidneys and livers, that there's healings going on right now with blood issues and it has to do with the kidneys and the liver, and there's somebody who just got healed, their eyesight just got healed.

Sid Roth: Okay. When we come back I'm going to commission Kevin to play the sax, the same type of sax he saw Jesus play, the way Jesus told him to play, and I believe you're going to prophesy with music for specific people. When you aim that sax at the camera, you at home are going to get healed, and when you aim that sax at our studio audience, who knows that's going to happen. I see what's going on with him. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Now Jesus taught Kevin how to play the sax the way Jesus played it, but he also taught you how to pray the way he prayed. What did he tell you?

Kevin Zadai: He told me that I didn't have enough depth in my prayers, that I didn't have enough access to the depths of my heart. And he explained it as this, Sid. He said in Psalms 16, David wrote that prophetically for me, he said. Jesus said that David wrote that psalm and he memorized that psalm because when he was in the depths of Hell, he said he that verse of that psalm over and over again, and he said, "I cleared away out in that place for you and for everyone, and Messiah to pray from those depths". He said, "I prayed myself out of Hell because I had the Psalm 16 and I prayed that continually and then the Holy Spirit came and resurrected me". He said, "When you pray, you pray with that kind of fervency where you know who you are based on the scripture". Because he said, "I had no witness when I was down there. I had no Holy Spirit help". He said, "If the Father had not given the command, he said, "I would sit down there until he gave the command for me to be resurrected. That's how much I trusted him". He said, "That's where you pray from. You pray from those depths, that trust".

Sid Roth: And then he visits you and taught you how to play. But what kind of sax did he have?

Kevin Zadai: It was interesting because there are several types of sax.

Sid Roth: I think in terms of a sax that's kind of curved.

Kevin Zadai: Yes. And I have all of them. But this particular one he had was a soprano sax. It was a beautiful gold saxophone and I was sleeping at the time, and I heard something. So when I woke up he was standing there and he had this sax in his hands. And he started to play it over me, because he sings songs of deliverance over us. But I found out that he was playing this beautiful saxophone over me and he took it away from his mouth and handed it to me, and he said, "You play". And I go, "Lord, I can't play like that". He said, "That's because you're doing it wrong". He said, "Let me show you". He said, "Stand up". So I stood up, my wife was still sleeping, and I looked around, and he goes, "See all that around you," he said, "that's the Holy Spirit and the presence and Glory of my Father". He said, "That's always there". He said, "What's wrong is you're not breathing in Heaven first". He said, "Breathe that in first and then blow it through your horn and it will work out just fine". So I took a big breath and all this gold air around me went inside of me, and I put that horn that he handed to me in my mouth, and I blew, and it was exactly like Jesus had played. And so he taught me that, he said, "Everything you do, Kevin, should be from the breath of Heaven".

Sid Roth: I am going to stretch Kevin. He has played instruments in front of groups of people and people have been healed, been delivered. But I want him to do something else, something that I don't believe anyone has asked him to do before. I want him to take that same type of saxophone he saw Jesus play. What is it called?

Kevin Zadai: Soprano saxophone.

Sid Roth: A soprano sax, and I want him to prophesy over selected people in our studio audience by not his mouth, but by that golden breath coming out of the sax. And then I want you to look at the camera and prophesy to specific people at home through that music. And I believe we're going to get amazing results.

Kevin Zadai: Yes.

Sid Roth: I've heard of this before. Now we're all going to witness it. Kevin, get that anointed sax, take a deep breath of that golden oxygen and play.

Kevin Zadai: Amen.
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