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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - 2018 Prophecies About Trump, America and the World

Sid Roth - 2018 Prophecies About Trump, America and the World

Sid Roth - 2018 Prophecies About Trump, America and the World
TOPICS: America, Politics, Trump, Prophecy

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. Well it's a start of a year and I want to talk to three of recognized prophets of wonderful reputation as far as accuracy, what they see for 2018. If I was President of the United States I would want to see what these three proven senior prophets have to say about 2018. How about you?

Sid Roth: Okay. I want you to cause our expectations for this year to go off the charts because you told me that God said that this year is going to be a year of same-day blessing.

Hank Kunneman: Yes.

Sid Roth: How about you, do you like that same-day blessing? I sure do.

Hank Kunneman: God wants to raise the expectation of you that pray. You know, people have been praying prayers of someday. God is not talking someday, he's talking same day. We are expecting too much tomorrow, in the future. God wants to raise our expectation today, now, it begins to happen. And this isn't just individually, but I'm telling you, it's for the nations of the earth, because God is moving and he's speaking loudly. And it's one of the things that's going to mark this year is the voice of the Lord that's going to speak louder than the voice of man and the voice of the media.

Sid Roth: I've heard you say the fear of the Lord is so important at this moment because, let's face it, the church seems to be going the other way.

Hank Kunneman: And the reason why a lot of churches today don't have the fear of God is because they're excluding the Holy Spirit. They're setting up their own agenda. And God said this, Jesus asked a question, "What should we liken under this generation"? And he compared it to John the Baptist. He said, "What did you come out to see, a reed shaking in the wind"? There's too many that are bending with the trends. He also said, "Did you come out to see a man clothed in soft linen"? He said, "Soft linen belongs with kings and palaces". We want a soft message. God wants to come in his Glory, and the pattern and the foundation has to be right for it to come because God is coming with his voice very strong. And I hear the Spirit of God saying this: "This is the year that my voice shall speak and it shall speak loud. For the media has been speaking loud and they've had their moment. Now I shall speak". And God says, "When my voice comes it shall be as if the sound of thunder. Listen to the sound of thunder, even you in the United States, for where it thunders you shall say we have not heard it like this before. And you will look and say, where is the rain? But you will find no rain. But look to the lightning, for there shall be fascinations in the lightning. Why is this"? For God says, "My voice is as the voice of thunder and with it shall come lightning that shall strike down the forces of witchcraft that have been holding cities, that have been holding regions, that have been holding territories, and that has even held certain things with this administration". But God says, "Listen to my voice, for with it I will shake, I will break, I will divide and I shall make, and my way shall be heard, and my way shall be reported even upon the media. Watch how my name, the name of Yeshua, is declared loudly upon the airwaves as a sign of a shift that's beginning to come, says the Spirit of Grace". I saw a vision on New Year's Eve and I saw the President, President Trump, joining hands with the Prime Minister Netanyahu, and when they joined hands, it was more than just a hand joining. I literally saw a picture. I saw God's hand come down and put his hand of agreement on both of them. And when that happened, it marks a tremendous move of God that is going to begin to come over Israel and the United States. And the Lord has been saying this, Sid, about the United States.

Sid Roth: By the way, I'm just reporting, I'm a reporter, there are waves of the Holy Spirit coming over those words right now. Please continue.

Hank Kunneman: I'm not one that likes to set dates, but I'm telling you, the Lord is saying, "I want my people to get a picture". He's been saying this, look to 2020 where people will begin to get perfect vision, where they will see what God has been saying and prophesying through his prophets regarding a global move of the Holy Spirit. Too many of us are saying the Glory is coming, the Glory is coming. We need to start declaring this is that which was spoken by the Prophet Joel. This is that. The Glory is in manifestation. In fact, I hear the Spirit of God says, "Watch this year, 2018, it's a year of records. Records shall be made and records shall be broken. Why is this," says the Lord? "Because I want show those in the earth that even as it was said of Yeshua, we have never so seen this in all of Israel and this shall be said even in Israel once again, as they understand the Messiah, as they understand Yeshua". God says, "The records shall be broken as a sign of what I'm about to do, unprecedentedly, in the earth among my people". But God says, "Not just among my people, but watch the unprecedented things that I do in this nation with this administration, and watch how I shake Canada, watch how I shake Mexico, the leadership, and join them with the hands of the man of this land, and cause it to become North America the Great that shall have a great glory and a great economy among the three nations, says the Lord. "And this shall be a prototype that shall begin to affect other nations of the earth. And keep your eye upon Asia, for I'm about to break down the bamboo curtain. I'm about to shred a veil that has been over Islam". And God says, "They're going to come. They're going to come by the masses to the great awakening of what I'm about to do in a record number and a record way, says the Spirit of God.

Sid Roth: And when we come back, I'm going to have Chuck Pierce on. Chuck just had a visitation from an angel who identified himself as the Angel of War.

Sid Roth: Now, I have all three of the prophets that are here today are personal friends. But I really appreciate the gift that Chuck Pierce brought to the body. One of the things you have revealed to us is the understanding from ancient Israel of understanding how to have access to God, how to worship God. Even the year that we're in now, 2018, those numbers have meaning in Hebrew and in English. Unpack it for us.

Chuck Pierce: We are coming into a place, this year, where it will be a Now moment for us, a Now moment where you'll hit a moment in your life and all of a sudden a blessing overtakes you, and that comes because we have returned to God's Order. That's what this year is about. Eights are always linked with new beginning and first. They're linked with the prototypes. Seven, you're completing, eight, you're beginning. This year is like a new beginning for all of us.

Sid Roth: Now it's 2018 on our calendar here, and what is it on the Jewish calendar?

Chuck Pierce: In the Jewish calendar it's 5778. So you can see it a little different from a Jewish perspective, from a covenant perspective because 70 is different than 10. See, whatever year you're in, whatever calendar you're in, you're in the eight year. That means you're in this new beginning. Eight is also linked with gate. But in Hebrew, see, 10 means testimony, in Hebrew it means you're coming out of captivity. Seventy is linked with I and God watching you. The Lord is watching you come out of captivity into the testimony for your future, this year. We have to understand that this year is a year of Divine visitation. It's a year of Divine help for us. Because see, every Christian should understand they need Holy Spirit. They have to have Holy Spirit to help them, the helper. Jesus, Yeshua, is at the right hand of the Father. Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead helping us. Now, they have to have the Body of Christ. That's why the Lord says, "Forsake not the assembling of yourself". You've got to know your ecclesia.

Sid Roth: And yet, so many, Chuck, Christians have been bored with church and they're not bored with God, they're not bored with reading their Bible, they're not bored with praying, but there's like an exodus out of churches. You're saying we need to reverse that.

Chuck Pierce: They're bored with the no-wine scam. They're bored with the church that didn't shift. See, church you build, and Jesus said, "Seek ye first". Now remember this year is about first. "Seek ye first the Kingdom". That means this year is about unlocking not just what you have built in the past, it's unlocking your future. You unlock the Kingdom, you build the church. And see, what happens is if we quit unlocking the Kingdom, if we quit moving in God's plan for us how he wants to move, we, our structure gets old. We got to take off our old garmet. Our old sorrows from the past season. We've got to make a shift with the new anointing and we've got to be willing to go into the harvest field. And I think that's why I had the visitation in 2006.

Sid Roth: That's what I was going to ask you. Tell me about this visitation. You haven't had a chance to release this one.

Chuck Pierce: No, really, I've been going so much this year and I've not really been able to discuss, but I will summarize this way. This year is about gates, doors, angels and war. So if you'll think like that, and I mean, personally in your life, don't be afraid of the word "war". It just means conflict to breakthrough, conflict to enter into risk. Now, what happened was I awakened from a dream and there stood an angelic being. Now, that has only happened to me two other times in my entire life, so this isn't something very usual for me. And this angel was peering out, and it was almost like, all of a sudden, we were in a different place and I could see what the angel was seeing. Hank said something. This is a year of truly understanding the Lord's Prayer. Atmosphere: "Our Father who art in Heaven, may your will be done in Earth," earth environment. This angel, some way or another there was a Divine alignment. This angel was peering out and the angel turned and looked at me with red eyes, fiery red eyes, and instead of falling down and being afraid, I think I knew the Word well enough that they always tell you to get back up and don't be afraid.

Sid Roth: Okay.

Chuck Pierce: So I said, "Who are you"? He said, "I am the Angel of War for God's Covenant Harvest Plan". And all of a sudden, I could see what he saw, and I could see nations. Now, I want to say this, I believe, and I'll go with what you and Hank were saying, I believe because Donald Trump and America, our President, decreed that Jerusalem would be the Capital of Israel, all of a sudden, America and the nations took a huge shift. Something happened worldwide in the Spirit when he made that decree. No president before has ever been bold enough to do it. I'm not even sure if he knew what he was doing.

Sid Roth: And candidly, I was shocked that he did that, and I was as pleased as could be because I also know what was released on America by him making that decision. That was a godly decision. The countries that go in covenant with God are going to see the greatest advances this world has ever seen.

Chuck Pierce: Absolutely.

Sid Roth: We'll be right back with Rich Vera.

Sid Roth: You know, the reason that I've selected these great prophets is they've been with me before and they've had their prophecies out there on the air, and their accuracy is so on target that that's why I wanted to find out about 2018. Rich, what is God showing you about the number 18, 2018?

Rich Vera: You know, 18 is so significant. Eighteen stands for bondage and judgment. But in the Hebrew, the number 18 is for life and new life. God is bringing us in this year to the finality, to the end of the struggle and the system that has kept us bound, and in 2018, God is judging, not people now. God is judging the system that has corrupted society. The church is going to, the church in America, and that's where we see all this crazy things going on. And also '18, we are beginning a new life for those that have been faithfully waiting in the promises of God.

Sid Roth: Rich, tell me about the fires in California, the weather things that are going on. What does that mean to you?

Rich Vera: So if you notice the fires, the floods happened on the east coast, Houston and it happened in Puerto Rico, and the fires happened on the west. Now the Lord spoke to me, and I prophesied this a few months ago in my church, and the Lord says the fires symbolize judgment. And the Lord says, "I'm judging the system that is corrupting society in the nations of the world". And the Lord says everything that comes from Hollywood, from California impacts the nations of the world. Whatever we watch on television, people in Africa, they want to be like the Americans they watch on television. People in Argentina, they all want to be like what they see on television. And literally from that state, it has corrupted the morality of the nations of the world. The Lord was telling me, "I'm judging the spirit. There is a stronghold in California that affects the rest of the world". And the Lord says, "I'm judging the system". And then when God is done judging the system and removing those that have been used of the enemy to allow the corruption to continue, God says, "I'm going to strengthen my church". God is going to empower the church on the west coast. I saw the church on the west coast as a feeble man that could not even move or get out of bed. And the Lord says, "That's the condition of the church on the west coast". And God says, "After this great cleansing, God says, "is going to empower the church to go back to the days of Aimee Semple McPherson, where this lady, by herself, impacted the whole state and souls were saved. Whether anybody liked it or not, she had an incredible impact with the Gospel of that state.

Sid Roth: And you know what's so amazing? Her background, you would say, how could God ever use her?

Rich Vera: Right.

Sid Roth: Divorced, a couple of children. Rich: And a woman preacher in those days.

Sid Roth: That's true.

Rich Vera: And that's coming back in this generation. And I want to prophesy to the church in the west coast, this is the season to rise up and to let this fear be put aside. God is going to anoint you with the ability to speak the Gospel with boldness. And God wants to bring back the conviction of the Spirit and God wants you to know that you'll be protected. If you speak the Gospel, signs and wonders will follow you and you will not be destroyed by the enemy in this season.

Sid Roth: Tell me about you talk about the judgment in sports, in other areas.

Rich Vera: Yes. I saw a lot of this cleansing is going to touch us. The prophets mentioned before different areas of society in America. And I saw in the sport industry, in the different categories, that God was going to humble the proud, especially those that claim themselves to be believers and they have forgotten the God that prospered them. And the Lord told me that many of them were going to be humbled to a place that they would lose everything so they can gain back their work with Jesus. And also, God is going to raise up those with a voice to proclaim the message of the Gospel and the name of Jesus with no shame in spite of the possibility of losing financial. So there's going to be a shakeup to humble them to realize that it was God the one that made them great, not the NFL, the NBA or anybody else.

Sid Roth: Tell me about, you told me that there was going to be a cure for breast cancer. And I just read an article that someone has just developed one.

Rich Vera: Yes. About six months ago the Lord gave me a vision and the Lord says, "I'm going to judge the killer of the babies". And I saw something that what was going to come out of a secondary resolve that was going to be like a discovery of something that will push back breast cancer on ladies. And as we saw today, two days ago, came an article saying exactly what we're saying, and you saw that.

Sid Roth: What about things like feebleness, Alzheimer's?

Rich Vera: You know, this is the most amazing thing. What happened in Israel with President Trump proclaiming Jerusalem to be the eternal Capital of the Jewish people, as Chuck says, is a significant thing in the spirit world, because for him to be the man that spoke boldly to the nations of the world, he released a spirit that opened a portal for blessings to be released from Israel to the rest of the world. If you look on Psalms 122, it says, "If you pray for the peace of Jerusalem". Now, the word "to pray" means more than just pray. It means if you do something about it, the Bible says, "There will be great prosperity among those that love Israel". So when the President went, and I saw this in a vision, and proclaimed that on television, there was literally a portal that opened up and it began to flush like a waterfall to America. And we are about to experience prosperity like we have never experienced before because the Bible says, when Jerusalem gets blessed or when something happens concerning the peace of Jerusalem, prosperity is the result that follows Jerusalem.

Sid Roth: Okay. There's my problem. These prophets have seen so much for this year. And we're going to have not just information, but activation.
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