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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Want to See More Miracles? Here's How

Sid Roth - Want to See More Miracles? Here's How

Sid Roth - Want to See More Miracles? Here's How!
Sid Roth - Want to See More Miracles? Here's How!
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Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest is a Jewish mega-millionaire that got so upset when he would see healing evangelists and miracles, and God surprised him. God overpowered him and today he walks in more miracles and he will talk anyone, convince anyone that it's not fake. He gets doctors to verify his miracles. He doesn't believe in exaggeration, so skeptics, come on!

Sid Roth: You know, David, looking back, you really were sabotaged. You really had no chance in life. I mean, your Russian Jewish father walks out when you're, what, one year of age, and he was addicted to gambling. And then your mother remarries to a pastor and the pastor gets drunk on Saturday night and preaches on Sunday, and slaps you around. You should have been, you should have hated all religion. That's what you were being set up for, I believe.

David Turner: Yes. Actually the enemy was on me before I knew there was an enemy, and from the beginning of my life it was up to destroy what now I know that God was going to do in my life. But the plans of God can never be defeated, so here I am today. And what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. The very curses that the enemy thought he was putting on me, God used at, Romans 8:28, "For my blessing". Because I hated phoniness and hypocrisy, and I couldn't stand it. That became my greatest blessing coming into a miracle ministry where I won't exaggerate and won't have phoniness in my life.

Sid Roth: Okay. So 14 years after you get born from above you had a revelation from God and you start a Bible study in this mega-million-dollar business that you have. And your wife then says, "You should have him counsel you on some of that". I mean, you went through a lot of stuff and you need a counselor, especially because of the interpersonal relationships that were so wounded throughout your life. And so you make a meeting appointment with this pastor that's running the Bible study in your business, and what happened?

David Turner: Yes. And by the way, my wife said to me, she said, "Go see that pastor. He can break that off your life". And I'm thinking, what it is an icicle or a barnacle, you're going to break it off my life? What is that? And but it took me about three months before I'd go see him.

Sid Roth: And by the way, how skeptical were you of miracles?

David Turner: Because of the phoniness and the things that I had seen and people that said things in the name of Jesus or God I didn't hear anything anyone had to say because all I had known was phoniness, so I was very, very skeptical about other things that were not real. I basically, I was like Thomas. I had to see it and know it, otherwise I couldn't believe it.

Sid Roth: Even though it was in the Bible, you still had to see it and know it.

David Turner: Absolutely. There was no way because I believe Jesus was right, the people representing him I don't think were so right.

Sid Roth: Okay. So what happened when you got together with this pastor?

David Turner: So I go to meet with this pastor. I'm thinking it's another counseling session and I always have all the right things to say. If you're happy with your life today you got to be happy that happened to you to make you this way. I knew all the right things and felt I was doing fine. But I told my wife, I said, "I think God wants to do something in my life and something is holding me back. I think it's my past". So what happens is I go see this pastor. I'm thinking it will be a counseling session. He doesn't let me speak a word. He opens up the Bible. He shows me all the verses for two hours for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and tells me all these things.

Pastor: Suddenly a sound like that of a roaring, rushing wind.

David Turner: And afterwards he says, "What do you think"?

Pastor: What do you think?

David Turner: I'm worn out. I'm exhausted. I said, "I think you wore me out. I'm exhausted". He goes, "No, what do you think"?

David Turner: I said, "I always have two prayers. One is Jesus, I want to know you better, and the other is, I always said, Jesus I want all that you have for me. He goes, "That's good enough for me. Stand up, hold up your hands and I'm going to pray for you".

Sid Roth: Had you ever held up your hands like King David said, "I lift holy hands to..".?

David Turner: Never, never. I came from a very conservative background.

Sid Roth: Okay.

David Turner: So anyway, what happens is this pastor, I stand up, hold up my hands, he prays for me. At first, he starts praying things that he knew about my life no one could have ever told him or he didn't know. I didn't know at the time, but it's called a word of knowledge. So then as he's praying, this power of God goes right through me. I didn't know what it was, but I'll give you the example. When I lived in Buffalo, growing up it was cold. If you go into a restaurant and they opened the door in the winter, a draft would blow through you, your jacket and you would feel cold. Well this was the same thing. It was like a draft that blew through me, except it was on the inside of my body. So I feel this and I'm saying, what is that? As I'm thinking about this draft, all of a sudden this pastor says to me, "What do you know about healing"? I said, "I know it happens in the Bible". He goes, "No, no, it happens today". I literally said, "No disrespect, Pastor, I'll believe it when I see it". He goes, "You won't see it, you'll do it". I said, "Why don't I just see it first and then we'll talk about doing". That was the end. But I want to tell you, this is how skeptical, and he prayed for me. It was amazing. I went home that night, I thought, this pastor tricked me. He had me hold my hands up so long that my body went numb and that's why I had that feeling.

Sid Roth: But you felt something.

David Turner: But I thought it was the devil telling me no way.

Sid Roth: You know that devil is diabolical.

David Turner: You know, he is and I didn't know that at the time, which made it worse. So many people, I was like, when people talked about the devil, you know, I said if people would pull themselves up by their bootstraps and stop blaming the devil they'd be just fine. I didn't believe that stuff. And the funny thing is I still tell people today that's still partially true. Sometimes people are so busy messing up their own lives it's not the devil. But the truth is I fight the enemy all the time, and we'll get to that, I'm sure.

Sid Roth: Okay. But what I'm interested in right now is something happened with all that garbage over all those years, all the hurts and wounding.

David Turner: Well let me tell you because this is key. So the first miracle was actually a healing of my past. I had so many stories. My daughter at six years old could tell you everything that happened to me. I would tell the story every night. My wife would tell you she was so sick. If we went to a restaurant, a waiter offered fish, I wouldn't just say no, thank you, I'd say, "My grandmother shoved fish down my throat all my life and made me sit there while it was cold for ten hours. She died and I won't forget it". I had such an issue from my past. Here's what happened. The minute he prayed, literally, half of the stories from my past I couldn't even remember, they were erased. The other half, it was as if, I'll give you the example. If you were in Vietnam watching your friends getting shot in the trenches versus if you were at a home, you didn't know anyone over there and you were reading about it in the newspaper, you have all the facts, but there's no emotion. From that day until now, my past has never come up again.

Sid Roth: But beyond that, he got a gift, a supernatural gift of healing. The whole thing that he thought was phony baloney, he now has. He gets healed two times himself and then he heals a prominent NFL football player. And I want you to share, and this is so important, the most important secret that you have learned to walk in everything the Bible says you can walk in, every promise is yours. Yours.

Sid Roth: David, you have seen so many miracles. Actually, you're moving into creative miracles. You were in India. Tell me, let's pull one woman out of those tens of thousands of crowds out there, begging to know Jesus. Tell me about one woman.

David Turner: This was early on, so it was a very special miracle to me. The woman was brought up to me. She was deaf and dumb. Her tongue his hanging out like a rabid dog. She has Down's syndrome, so as you know, like her head is swollen, is on her shoulders, bigger than normal. I lay my hand and I start praying. As I prayed, she starts shaking violently. Her tongue goes back in her mouth. Literally, her head shrinks before my eyes, and literally, I'm holding my head saying, "Oh my Lord," me, the great evangelist in shock myself. Literally, her tongue goes back in her mouth, her head shrinks to normal size, and she just starts speaking completely normal.

Sid Roth: That has to be, if that was all you ever saw, it would have been, as we say at Passover, it would have been enough.

David Turner: But I see cancers. There was a baby, let me tell you, a woman comes up to me in line, I'm in a meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, she holds out a blue blanket. She says, "My daughter is two. She has leukemia. I wanted to bring her tonight, but she's in the hospital. She's about to die. They wouldn't let her come". And I have the fear of God, so I don't just say this, but I prayed over the blanket and I said, "Your daughter is healed right now in the name of Jesus". That was the end of that. I have lunch with the pastor four days later. He goes, "You don't even know what happened, Sunday. When you prayed, she went to the hospital. They were so freaked out. The cancer was gone. The leukemia was gone. They didn't know what to do, so they sent her home with the child, brought her back for testing. Not only was the leukemia gone, she had records this thick and they said there was no sign the child ever even had leukemia".

Sid Roth: I want you to pray for miracles right now because there is such a presence of God in this studio that I believe what Jesus said is going to happen in your life. All things are possible.

David Turner: Right now, child of God, one of the works he does through me, he heals people right through the TV. You believe it right now. Close your eyes. Open your heart. Lord Jesus Christ, God Almighty, maker of Heaven and Earth, God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Israel, O God, you are Jehovah, you are Jesus, you are Holy Spirit. God, right now we come before your throne of grace and mercy. You are the healer, Jehovah Rapha, Exodus 15:26. In the name of Jesus, I break every generational curse off their lives. I bind, rebuke and destroy the work of the enemy. In the name of Jesus, right now, Holy Spirit anointing, fall upon them right now, resurrection power in the fire of God. Right now, I break every demonic curse, all the spirits of infirmity, medium and familiar spirits, unclean spirits, right now be broken off of your life. I heal you right now, migraine spirits, come out, deaf and dumb, mute spirits, blindness spirits, right now, body pains, weaknesses. In the name of Jesus, I heal right now every part of your body. Heart, diabetes, cancers, I curse the tumors to the bitter root. I say rise up child of God. What you couldn't do, by faith start to do it. Stretch forth your hand. Stretch forth your hand. It means do what you couldn't do. Make one step towards him. He's going to join you now. Right now, power of God, emergency, peculiar anointing, fire anointing of God, flow right now right through that television. Hallelujah. The Centurion said, "Jesus, send your word". Psalm 107:20, it says, "He will send his Word and heal you". We are speaking the Word. As we lift up Jesus and speak the Word, Holy Spirit comes. "The anointing breaks the yoke," Isaiah 10:27. Right now, over your life, I call health and healing per Jeremiah 33, Verse 6, I set you free. "Heal the sunsets free," John 8:32, is free indeed. Right now, right now, power of God, rivers of living water, flow unto you right now, in the name of Jesus, I heal you, I break the chains, I set you free in the name of Jesus. Amen. Amen.

Sid Roth: How would you like to take someone like David Turner home and just charge your battery. That's why this brand new book of yours is so sensational because we're going to get so many reports of miracles that have just happened. But the Holy Spirit just preempted our show. We didn't cover even what I said I was going to cover. But when we come back I can't promise what we're going to cover because I'd rather yield to the Spirit. How about you? We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: Okay. David, we never got to the greatest secret to seeing miracles. What do you consider that?

David Turner: The greatest secret, the Lord told me, is abiding in him. You see, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, and again, I only say he spoke to me when I actually heard him. And I hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and he said to me, "David, you can't do anything for me. All you can do is abide in me and my spirit will glorify my name through you". So you see, when we abide in his presence, when we speak the Word, lift up Jesus, speak the pure Word of God, again, he sends his Word. Then the Holy Spirit comes. When the Holy Spirit comes, "the anointing breaks the yoke, Isaiah 10:27. That's why it says in Second Corinthians 3:17, "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom". So that's the secret. The secret is it's what happens in my prayer closet. I am binding, Matthew 16:19, it says, "What's bound on Earth is bound in Heaven". He's given us the keys to the Kingdom. I always say, my son, if I said I'll give you the keys to the car, he hears what I say next. We have to hear that. I bind every day, spirit of infirmity, deaf and dumb spirits, every single spirit, 300 names of the enemy, every day. And then when that enemy, when I come in front of someone, I come near them, they just start to shake. The devils in them come out because it's demonic spirits. And you see, the devil is saying, I know Jesus, I know Paul, I know David Turner.

Sid Roth: Is that what happened to you many years ago when this pastor, you went for a counseling session. You probably should have been in certain areas of your life, some areas of life, you were A+, you were successful, etc. But some of your areas, the relationship type areas, that would have been a lifetime of counseling, and it just happened instantly.

David Turner: Well you know, and let me tell you this, the Bible says, First Samuel 16:7, "Man looks at the outside, God looks at the heart". He knows our condition. We all walk around and we're successful. We wear nice suits, clothes, drive a nice car. But inside, so many people, everywhere I go, they are broken hearted and they are wounded, and they are in pain, and there's so many demonic spirits. The Bible says, Third John 2, "Beloved, you will prosper in all matters as your soul prospers". So when we're prayed for, just like I was prayed for, Jesus will come and bind the wounds. Psalm 147, Verse 3, "of the broken hearted". He will heal us and when our heart is broken, when that depression, anxiety, fear is broken off of our lives, then automatically the physical healing is very easy. We can walk in freedom.

Sid Roth: You know, that is really a big blockage to most people getting their physical healing.

David Turner: The reason they don't see the Kingdom of God because the Kingdom of God is not just some eternal life place. The Kingdom of God is love, joy, peace and righteousness. How can you have joy, peace and righteousness when people have told you you'll be nothing, you're defeated, you've been abused and you're carrying that. You feel guilt, you feel shame, but Jesus doesn't want us to carry that. Those healings are actually more important than the physical because the moment they happen, automatically we're set free in the natural.

Sid Roth: When you and God are alone, what happens? You use a term, "abiding". What does that mean to you, experientially?

David Turner: You know, literally, I would start out praying, I started two hours a day when I saw the miracles of Jesus. Before that, it wasn't five minutes a day. When I saw the miracles of Jesus, I would sit two hours in his presence, not praying asking for things. I teach people how to pray, how to worship, how to glorify, how to, everything except just God, I need this. That's why people only pray for one minute. They can't think of what else they need. It's worship. When I sit in his presence and I worship, and I glorify his name and lift up his name, what happens is, literally, the Bible says, it says that at the name of Jesus devils will run away. At the name of Jesus, so lifting up his name alone, if you don't know what to pray, I say that a hundred times. And what happens is, all of a sudden, one day I felt like a butterfly inside, like a twitch. I didn't know what it was. It was the Holy Spirit and it would grow and grow, and grow to where it would go for 20, 30 minutes, I would break my prayer because I couldn't take the energy, if you will, that was within me, just going up and down my body.

Sid Roth: Everything that he is saying is available to you.

David Turner: Everyone. If they just do that, and here's what happened. Do you know I got to a point where all I have to do is shut my eyes, raise my hand and just say, Lord Jesus. As soon as I say that, my hand triples in weight. It feels like's it's throbbing like when you put your hand on the stove.

Sid Roth: Okay. I want you to pray a release of the emotional baggage you have carried that not just stops you from your healing. No, that's minor. It stops you from your destiny. Pray right now.

David Turner: We're going pray right now. Close your eyes once again. O Lord Jesus, you are the King of Glory. O lift up your heads, children of God. O ye gates be lifted up. O ancient doors for the King of Glory is coming in right now. His name is Jesus and he said, "Call upon my name and I'll say, lo, I am here". Isaiah 58, Verse 9, "Child of God". Jeremiah 33, Verse 3, "Call upon my name". Psalm 50, Verse 15, "In your times of trouble, call upon him". Isaiah 63, Verse 9, he said, "In all your afflictions he is afflicted". Isaiah 25, Verse 8, he said, "I came to wipe away the tears from the face of my people". Right now, child of God, he's wiping your tears. He's letting you know he sees you, "He is El Roi". Genesis 16:13, "The God who sees". And he's seeing you right now. His hand of anointing is on you. He's touching your heart. He's healing. Isaiah 58, Verse 12, it says, "He is the restorer and the repairer of the breach". He's healing, restoring, repairing the breach in your heart. Right now, all the depression, the anxiety, the fear, right now, I cast it out per Luke 11:20, "By the finger of God". In the name of Jesus Christ, I release you. I break the chains that have been holding you, all the childhood wounds, I pull out the arrows of the enemy right now in the name of Jesus. May the joy of the Lord come upon you. He's going to turn your mourning into dancing. Right now, the tears may last for a night, but joy comes this morning. In the name of Jesus, not the morning A.M., but the morning when we wake up to the knowledge of who he is at the next level. Your lamentation and your mourning and crying is going to turn to dancing. Today, child of God, in the name of Jesus, right now, join your spirit with the Spirit of the Lord, per First Corinthians 6:17, "I heal you, I bless you". Right now, the joy of the Lord, "Joy of the Lord be your strength," per Nehemiah 8:10. In the name of Jesus, I release the blessing. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Sid Roth: You know what amen means? It means so be it. It is finished.

David Turner: So be it. Hallelujah. Thank the Lord.
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