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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - I Saw Lightnings of God Strike the Earth

Sid Roth - I Saw Lightnings of God Strike the Earth

Sid Roth - I Saw Lightnings of God Strike the Earth
Sid Roth - I Saw Lightnings of God Strike the Earth

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest has seen a vision of the lightnings of God that are about ready to come to those areas of the world that are dry and thirsty for more of God. But there's something you have to do. Can I tell you? I know.

Sid Roth: Ryan, you don't know how blessed you are. When you were just a young man, you had a vision of the Throne Room. That provokes me to jealousy.

Ryan LeStrange: Yes. I had a life-changing encounter and my story was I was bound in darkness. I got radically set free. Now, I'm really pursuing God. I say I'm in hot pursuit. And all of a sudden, I'm taken into the Throne Room, and when I'm taken into the Throne Room I'm literally in the Glory of God. I see the Glory cloud. I see the feet of the Lord. It's like I am just this little tiny creature looking up at this skyscraper kind of sized entity. But I was swallowed in the Glory. Right after that happened, Sid, I went somewhere to minister and the most remarkable thing, I think perhaps I never saw this since then in this manner, I was ministering. The Glory came in, as I told what happened, and every single person, all of a sudden through the course of the meeting, was knocked down in the floor in the power of God. And that's one thing, but the other thing was...

Sid Roth: How does a teenager handle that kind of power?

Ryan LeStrange: You know, I think you're just so shocked because you've been in the Throne Room. It's real to you. So when it's happening, this is an extension of what you saw in private, but now it's happening, and people were being miraculously healed. You know, it's one thing to have an encounter like that, but I always want to ask, okay, what is the result? And the result was people were delivered and healed, and set free.

Sid Roth: You recently had a vision of the lightnings of God. What do you mean by lightnings of God?

Ryan LeStrange: Well this was one of the most stunning visions I've had, and I'm seeing it come to play in America, but I believe it's for the nations. I saw this huge Glory cloud. I knew it was a Glory cloud because I know enough about that to know. But inside of this cloud were storm systems, if you will. There was tornadic activity. There were lightnings. There were rain clouds. As far as the lightnings, the lightnings, they are different things. They're revelation. Light in the Bible represents revelation, but also, they're moments and types of ignition. After I saw this I realized what the Lord was saying, "I'm literally going to release my lightning strikes in dry territories," and they are going to become a blaze with the power and the fire of God.

Sid Roth: And you know, the drier the area is, the greater the fire. So there's hope.

Ryan LeStrange: And maybe, Sid, they're like, well I'm in such a dry place, what can happen? But you know what, God is setting you up for a lightning strike that's going to shift your life, your city, the people around you. We need to get out of this demonic haze of saying it's hopeless and it's impossible. The Glory storms are coming, the supernatural is upon us and it is time for the church of Yeshua, the Lord Jesus Christ, to step into her prophetic destiny, not later, but right now.

Sid Roth: I have to ask you this question. I've gotten to know you a little bit. I know some of your trade secrets. This guy sees writing above people's heads that's got something to do with what God wants to tell them. This guy has prophetic dreams and visions, and hears words, and all the gifts are activated. Is it, are you special? Can anyone do, move in any of these areas you move in?

Ryan LeStrange: Anyone and everyone can and I believe they're going to. I believe this is the hour of activation. That's why I want to invite people into this practical theology of supernatural access that when you got born again, the Lord opened it up for you to come into the fullness of who he is. I say it this way. A satellite dish doesn't get up in the morning and say, I pray I receive a signal. This is where the enemy is duping many of us. A satellite dish simply is a receiver and we are receivers. And in fact, I hear the Lord say right now there are people watching this broadcast, and even in this audience, you felt blocked. There is a lady named Regina, you have been under a heaviness and I see the Lord removing that. There's a man named James in Ohio and you have been in ministry, but you've become so dry and under attack, and the Lord says there's refreshing for you. "I made you," says the Lord, "all of you, every one of you to hear, to see and to know, and your eyes and your ears are being opened because you have access to all that Heaven has to offer". And it is the time, now, I want you to get that now into your spirit, now, for every one of us to move in our God-ordained purpose.

Sid Roth: But sometimes the instructions seem so crazy.

Ryan LeStrange: Crazy, yes.

Sid Roth: We think it's our thoughts.

Ryan LeStrange: Yes.

Sid Roth: Like for instance, there's a Jewish fisherman by the name of Peter, in the Bible. He's fishing all night. This is his profession. So a carpenter tells the fisherman to throw the net out again. Now, the fisherman should have said, "What do you know about fishing, carpenter? I've been fishing my whole life". But he decides to follow the words of the carpenter, Jesus of Nazareth, rather than what his sense knowledge told him.

Ryan LeStrange: Yes. It's a stunning story because Jesus is giving Peter an instruction that makes no sense.

Sid Roth: Yes.

Ryan LeStrange: Miracles are on the other side of an instruction that makes no sense. You were talking about the letters. I was on a plane ride. I see letters over a young man's head. The letters are "writer". It spells out "writer". The young man is telling me on the plane ride he wants to work on an oil rig. And I am so literally, I am so confused in my own brain, not in my spirit, in my brain, that I get up into the restroom in the plane and say, "Lord, you have got to speak to me". And he said, "You are seeing right, son. Go out there and say what you see". When we say what we see it opens up the realm of the miraculous. Sid, when I told that young man, "The Lord says there's a writing gift in you," his eyes got this big. He didn't know Jesus. He wasn't born again. He knew nothing of the supernatural. But he said, "I began to write a novel and I got stuck, and I had just given up on that whole thing". That word was a gateway into his life. Same with Peter. When Jesus spoke that, Peter wasn't in sin, he was doing what he knew to do. But Jesus gave him a confounding instruction and when Peter launched out on the instruction, the miracle came. The miracle is always on the other side of an instruction and it's going to seem crazy. You ask can anybody do this. There are soccer moms God wants to use, school teachers, business people, CEOs, God wants to use.

Sid Roth: His most favorite way of receiving information from God is in dreams. Why do you say that?

Ryan LeStrange: Because it's one of the times you can't hardly mess it up, you know. When we get those words we talked about earlier, sometimes we don't know what to do with them and dreams can be very mysterious. They're one of the most mysterious ways God talks.

Sid Roth: But you say something that really is intriguing to me. You said you figured out how to crack the dream code. You know, I've often wondered, Ryan, why does God speak to us in code. What would you say to that?

Ryan LeStrange: Well I would say that the reason why these things are in code, often times, is not that God is hiding something from you, he's hiding something for you. Now, in the area of dreams it's very interesting because dreams can come from really three different places primarily. Dreams can come from your soul. Your soul is your mind, your will, your emotions. It can be a result of a trauma that happened in your soul, a memory, a favorite childhood place, and those dreams are not real significant. They're basically your brain processing information. The night sees it when your body is asleep. The other area dreams come from is the realm from the Spirit and twofold, the dark realm, the Satan's kingdom and the enemy's realm, and then the Kingdom of Light. They come from Holy Spirit, your born again spirit processing spiritual communication information, and that's the code that has to be cracked there. And most people never get beyond the first level, which is discerning where did the dream come from? Was this a dream based on something I watched? Was this a demonic dream? Demonic dream, you discern because there's fear. You discern because there's anxiety. Even if God gives you a prophetic warning, you are not going to have a spirit of fear. There's going to be the voice of the Lord and wisdom. So step one, to crack the code, is discern where it came from. So I teach people to crack the code, discern it, and then Paul, "Casting doubt imaginations". You immediately break that, you cast that down and you refuse to partner with it.

Sid Roth: Okay, speaking of that, let's suppose I have a dream. I want to know what you would advise me to do. I wake up. I just remember that dream. What would you do if that was you?

Ryan LeStrange: The first thing I would try to sort out, is this dream something that seems to be in high depth to me. I don't mean just visually, but I mean spiritually. I've had prophetic dreams that shifted my whole life. I say they're among my favorite things because I can't mess them up. When you have a dream, you can't mess it up because it's not flowing through your own self like when you're prophesying over somebody, whatever. So first step is write it down. All prophetic things are to empower pursuits. That's why there's a mystery involved for you to pursue. Now, you crack the code. Once you've written it down you start to pray over it and then you start to analyze.

Sid Roth: Excuse me, you have to help me, what do you mean you pray over it?

Ryan LeStrange: That's a good question. So I write it down. I had a dream and I'm in water, and I had the peace of God all over me. I begin to pray, Father, I thank you for proper interpretation of this dream. I thank you for the spirit of wisdom. I maybe pray the Ephesians 1 prayer, "The eyes of my understanding being open". Then I go from there to looking at symbols to help me crack the code. Water in Ephesians is the Word of God, but water is also type in shadow of Holy Spirit. Dreams are one of the most profound leanings in the Bible. In fact, in the Old Testament, he says, "He speaks to his prophets through dreams". We look at Paul. Paul's whole ministry was shifted by the Macedonian encounter. It is a high level of communication for people.

Sid Roth: Okay. I want to go somewhere else right now because I love the phrase you use in your writing. You call this, which happens to be my favorite of all the supernatural things, my most favorite thing I love to do, you call it the great equalizer. What is that?

Ryan LeStrange: Yes. It's praying in the Spirit. I have become the biggest fan and advocate of praying in the Spirit.

Sid Roth: Have you become as big as Paul? Paul said, "I pray without ceasing". I'm just reminded.

Ryan LeStrange: I'm working on it. I'm working on that. But that's the goal. Because really, when you pray in the Spirit, you enter the classroom of the Holy Spirit. He's the master teacher. The Bible says, "He'll bring all things to your remembrance". So I enter into unlimited wisdom. I may not know how to do this and this, but when I look up with Holy Spirit and pray in the Spirit, he begins to teach me. I believe personally you cannot pray persistently in the Holy Spirit, in your prayer language, without revelation being a major part of your life. To me, it's the gateway to all prophetic revelation. You have got to learn to pray in the Spirit, and once we learn that it takes the limits off everything, revelation-wise.

Sid Roth: It is the greatest tool for a breakthrough in your life and I'm going to believe, when we come back, not only will you speak in tongues, but you'll have a breakthrough in your life with the breakthrough anointing.

Sid Roth: Ryan, people are so, people who are believers are so hungry for the supernatural. Give us some basic instructions. How do we begin?

Ryan LeStrange: Well the starting point for me, what I did and what has really helped me, is I became very intentional about cultivating the supernatural in private. When we're in an atmosphere like this it's easy to cultivate it because we've got all these people here and at home.

Sid Roth: Why is it so difficult in private?

Ryan LeStrange: Because I think we're distracted. We're very distracted and we're not intentional. So we have this mindset of I'm going to walk through my house and pray and if the Lord wants to show me anything, he'll show me something. What I started to do is I literally created a space in my house, and not everybody can do this, but I created a space where I spend the majority of my prayer time when I'm home. I began to put pictures up that are, to me, prophetic. I have keys that people give me. I have different, these are personal things that jog my prophetic sense. They bring what I call prophetic kick start. Everybody is different.

Sid Roth: One of the things that I do is I have a list of prophecies people have given me.

Ryan LeStrange: That's great.

Sid Roth: I start reading them.

Ryan LeStrange: You read those. And I also play worship music because sound frames atmospheres and sound informs cultures. So I create sounds that engage in atmosphere. I don't have to have a sound because I need to be developed as a believer to preach, prophesy, cast out devils wherever I'm at. I don't always have a worship leader with me, but in my secret place, I'm creating that atmosphere. I'm intentional and this is where we've got to start. We've got to be intentional. Today I'm going to hear from God. We've got to learn God speaks in different ways, that's a whole other subject, and then we take some time in that place of prayer to be still and listen. And every single time something is being communicated we just have to learn the methodology of the communication. Sometimes, Sid, it's profound, I see something, You asked me did I see anything today. I see a river coming through this studio. Now, I understand that when I see something in the studio, it's going to the home, to you, as well. But I see a Glory river coming through and the Lord says, "Today, I want to catch you up in my river". The Lord says, "I'm literally going to begin to move people right now, in the next 30 seconds, out of things that have gripped you and held you". There's a lady named Betty and the Lord says, "I'm literally delivering you out of heavy mental torment, Betty. In fact, you've had a season of terrible, gripping, fearful nightmares, and I'm delivering you". There is someone in the studio audience that has had that same thing and the Lord says, "Get swept up in the river". I see new lungs hitting people right now, by the authority of Jesus's name, breathing restrictions and constrictions being broken. I see joints, and if you're in the audience, you can begin to pray if you have a joint problem. I see joints being healed, ankles, hips, bones and necks being healed right now. We're just going to jump into this river that is sweeping us up. And the Lord says many people are being activated right now, activated to hear, activated to see, says the Spirit of God. Father, I release that healing river right now in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Somebody's lungs are being healed. Somebody's heart is being healed. The Lord says you will not die of that heart condition, in the name of Jesus. There is a woman who they've told your father he is going to be out of here within 30 days, and the Lord says, I cancel that death sentence in the name of Jesus. I break that death sentence. And Father, I loose in this studio, into the online and to the television audience the river of healing, miracles and Glory, right now in Jesus's name. Amen.

Sid Roth: You know, I feel that river. I really do, Ryan. And I saw that God is doing things in the mouth, in the teeth area, in particular. Anything in that area, it's yours. Anything you need. I mean, wherever the river goes, it says in Ezekiel, there's healing. There's healing. And that river is pouring out of your computer screen, your television screen or here in the studio audience. Ryan, if I had to pin you down, what do you say is the greatest roadblock to healing?

Ryan LeStrange: The greatest roadblock to healing is condemnation. This is one of the real things Jesus came to just destroy the cross. And I want to explain this. Condemnation is the over-emphasis of something that has already been covered by the blood of Jesus. In other words, the Bible says Satan is the accuser of the brethren.

Sid Roth: So what do you do when you've repented over something and you keep getting that same accusation at strategic perfect times when you're weak? What do you do?

Ryan LeStrange: You know, the first thing I do is I try to muster up some scripture, because see, when Satan was attacking Jesus, he kept saying, "It is written". So I say, I come back at the devil. It is written. I then pray in the Spirit. And Sid, one master key is I do the opposite of what it's saying. So if I'm praying for sick people and the voice of the enemy says nobody is going to get healed today, I pray harder for them. I pray longer for them. I go after it with more tenacity because what the enemy is looking for is my back down point, and you've got to get pass the back down.

Sid Roth: So in other words, he's looking to see if you'll give up.

Ryan LeStrange: That's what he's looking for and we can't give up.

Sid Roth: And if you don't give up?

Ryan LeStrange: If you don't give up you're going to flow in the supernatural and you're going to breakthrough and break loose, and you'll break a barrier, Sid.

Sid Roth: Okay. People have believed lies, lots of lies about that they don't have the same ability as others, that they participated in an unpardonable sin. Their life was so bad before they became a believer. I want you to pray for them right now. I want you to pray the breaker anointing. Break it all.

Ryan LeStrange: Yes. I feel that right now. The breaker anointing. It's time to break up, break loose, break out, break forth. It's time that everything that holds you, confines you and restricts, and tries to bind you is broken. So we're going to start with condemnation and then that wave is going to come through this place and on your screen, and breakthrough is going to become manifest. I feel this is one of the words of the Lord for this nation of the United States in America now in this season. The Word of the Lord is I'm breaking down walls of restriction and confinement. This is a season, hear me now, this is a season of the rubble. There is a Holy Ghost wrecking ball going through broken systems and this is an uncomfortable, unprecedented time in every segment of society, but the breaking is about the breakthrough and to break loose. We are going to see a Joseph anointing release that people are going to be suddenly accelerated, suddenly promoted, suddenly burst forth. There are people that have been in the wilderness, you are suddenly coming out and there's a breakthrough anointing. So let's pray. Father, I thank you now that every live condemnation is broken. I break the voice of the accuser of the brethren. I bind fear of moving in the supernatural, fear of failure and fear of disappointment. What if I do it, Lord, and it doesn't work? I break those lies right now in the name of Jesus. And now Father, according to Micah 2, I say the breaker has gone up before us and broken out, and broken loose, and breaking us through the gateway. I release right now a wave starting here in the building and on television, around the nations of the world, a wave of the breakthrough anointing. I feel breaker prophets rising. Sid, I hear the Lord say you're about to come into breaker media appointments. The Lord said literally, "I'm putting a catapult anointing on It's Supernatural Network to catapult miracles around the world". For the Lord says this is the hour and this is the time of miracles. Even on Sid and Sid Roth Ministries and It's Supernatural, we loose a breaker anointing. And now on everyone at home, we loose that breakthrough anointing now. In the studio, we loose that breakthrough anointing now, be broken loose and broken out in the name of Jesus. Amen and amen.

Sid Roth: And that breakthrough anointing is for you.
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