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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - How to Manifest All God's Promises in Your Life

Sid Roth - How to Manifest All God's Promises in Your Life

Sid Roth - How to Manifest All God's Promises in Your Life

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Sid Roth - How to Manifest All God's Promises in Your Life

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest says the Kingdom of God is voice-activated. She also says the kingdom of darkness is voice-activated. She also says that she can teach you how to manifest the promises from God's Word every time. Interested?

Sid Roth: I absolutely love the gifts within this woman. She is a rapping, rhyming prophet. I mean, she really is. But you have seen what's coming in the near future. Paint me a picture.

Dr. Clarice Fluitt: There's a difference between a mercy drop and a tsunami. And we have known a mercy drop of God's grace and favor, and power, and now we are people that have been filled with divine discontentment. God has put that on there. We have never loved God more, but where we are we know we must go beyond where we are, and when you begin to know that God opens a revelation, not information. See, information without revelation produces imitation and always produces stagnation. But revelation, which cannot be earned or learned, is given by the Holy Ghost, the Lord and giver of life. Our identity is that it is no longer Abba as Christ. So you can put all the Bishop Wonderful and Dr. Marvelous, and all of these wonderful things like it, but the reality is that God is not coming for a visitation, but a habitation. He's coming and in a day a nation will be born. Let me tell you, this is so good. I was given this teaching. This lady came up and she says, "I'm bound by drugs, alcohol, wrong relationships, I just don't know what to do". And I was in the process of leaving quickly, and I just handed her a CD. She called me two days later and she says, "Oh," she says, "I've got to tell you what happened". She says, "You gave me that CD and I went home". And she says, "The power of God came on me, and she says, "I'm not wanting any drugs, I'm not wanting anything. I'm completed delivered. Jesus filled me. I'm praying in tongues". I said, "What CD was that"? She said, "Oh, I don't have a CD player. I just laid it on my stomach". So now, there's so many amazing things.

Sid Roth: I thought the kingdom of sound was activated. That's ridiculous.

Clarice Fluitt: Well we have to take off the limitations. There's a limitless God and then we think, oh well, God can't do this or God can't do that. God can do anything. His will is always created and his Word activates the creative will of God.

Sid Roth: You learned about the voice when your own mother started prophesying the most ridiculous thing to you.

Clarice Fluitt: It was awful. It was awful. My husband's desires in life was to make millions of dollars and mine was to spend his money. We had this wonderful thing worked out and my mother was more Baptist than Scofield. She would run ramped. She would say, "We're Baptist born and Baptist bred. When we die, we be Baptist dead". And we lived right down the street from the Baptist Church and went to church eight days a week. We probably would have sinned, but we were too tired. Mother would say, "Now honey, you got to know, if God sends you a preacher, women don't have a place in the church. They can cook, they can clean, they can be supportive. You can sing in the choir, so learn to sing and play the piano, and that's the way God will use you". Well that was Mother. She was so full of tradition. I mean, she was, she believed it. It escaped me. In the midst of this, I come by and she says, "Oh, I've had a vision from God". And I said, "You have"? And she said, "Yes. I see you preaching". I said, "You have been in the sun too long. I'm telling you, that ain't never gonna happen. I mean, you"... She says, "No, I see you and George talking to thousands of people and this, and this, and this". I said, "Mama, you don't even believe in women preachers. How could God give you a vision about that? You don't even believe that". So our traditions make the Word of God to no effect, but God will go over your traditions. There are things we're sincere about, we're just sincere and wrong. So when she kept confessing to me the Word over and over, she'd say to me, "There's mama's little preacher girl". And I said, "Mama, you got to quit that". Because what happened, she was activating the Word of God with her mouth. And of course, a few months later, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And I am telling, I got so ignited, excited and delighted, I was activated, ratified and prophesied. I mean, it was...

Sid Roth: I told you she likes to rap with rhyme.

Clarice Fluitt: My mama would say, "Honey, I over-prayed".

Sid Roth: You know, I want you to give me the short version of how you saved your daughter's life by activating the Word of God. And the thing that struck me the most outstanding, astounding thing is the plan of the devil. All your daughter did, and she even confessed it to you as a young girl, is she smoked a joint of marijuana, and it was a doorway.

Clarice Fluitt: It opened a tragic door for her. It was 27 years. We had a home for my church of young women bound by drugs, alcohol and wrong relationships. And she went over there to see the girls, and one of the girls offered her a cigarette, a marijuana cigarette. She took it, she came home and she was crying. She said, "Mama, I did a terrible thing". We prayed and I had no thought or idea of discern that that could, you know, marijuana, and I said, "Honey, don't ever do that again". And she says, "I won't". But there are some people, their body chemistry or whatever you want to call it, they are, they just cannot do the drinking and all of these things. It's evil and it can open the door, and it led her to 27 years, heroin addict. She was in prison. I could on. Her rap sheet was over 42 pages. And this is what God told me, he says, "All of your children are disciples to the Lord, their peace and undisturbed composure". And do not be moved by facts, but you move those facts with the Word of God. You agree with God. Whatsoever things you desire when you pray, if you believe it, not doubt, you can have what you say. So it's not what I pray, it's what I say. So when I would hear from here every now and then, and she would say, I'm here or I'm there, the story is incredible. It should be a movie. Her story is incredible. But after 27 years, she had an encounter where she took an overdose of heroin and she was legally dead. They had her on life support for 72 hours. They said her brain was completely wasted and that she would never do this, and never do that. She came out of that. She went to prison and while she was in prison she had a conversion, and she went through a rehab program, came out, and today she is the director of the largest facility in southern California for restoration of people bound by drugs. Yea!

Sid Roth: You know what, you have a gift to convince people to believe God.

Clarice Fluitt: Believe it. Believe it.

Sid Roth: You are sincere. We're going to be right back. There's many of you that have prayed and prayed, and now you've given up, and you literally have lost your hope. It's about to change. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Clarice, what does it mean to see things from God's perspective?

Clarice Fluitt: Well that means you must ascend on wings of worship and praise, be seated in heavenly places and choosing to agree with God. You must know in the depths of your heart, in your, that you are born again, spirit-filled, tongue-talking, devil-chasing anointed, appointed individual, standing in the stead of Christ to execute the judgments of God that have already been written.

Sid Roth: That's a mouthful. I don't even think you came up for air. But what can someone do that is stuck? They're prayers, they prayed for their family's salvation, nothing. They prayed for some health conditions, nothing. They know God's Word. How do we get unstuck?

Clarice Fluitt: Well first of all, we have to understand you have a great big God and a little bitty devil and the only thing that works on him is his lying mouth. So we have got to understand who we are that our life is hidden in Christ. So when these circumstances and situations that are not in agreement with the holy Word of God, then you recognize it for what it is, then you send an army of words. It's just an army of words that rise up, and you say, devil, you are old and ugly. You're defeated. You'll never know the love of God. You lost your glorified body, for every second you have oppressed me, I claim the soul for the Kingdom of God. Then you begin to say...

Sid Roth: You know what, the devil could not take that kind of heat.

Clarice Fluitt: Put him up. Don't let him leave. Say, I'm not through with you yet.

Sid Roth: Now I read somewhere, so and so said, aren't you afraid of saying that? He may come after you.

Clarice Fluitt: Well he can't find. See, I'm hidden in Christ. If he knew where I was, he can't get me.

Sid Roth: Now, you say everything in God's Kingdom is voice-activated and it has a lot to do with the frequency of our voice. Explain.

Clarice Fluitt: All right. Well everything is moving. We look like we're stable, but everything has got a vibration. Everything has got a frequency. Every now and then you're going to meet someone and they're going to say something profound like, hi there, how are you, and you're going to feel something come, I like that person. There's something about their voice. There's something about their gestures. And then you begin to recognize your tribe. That's a frequency that begins to take place. The biggest problem from my perspective that people have and understand that we're trying to do something rather than be something. If I be the righteousness of Christ then I'm as righteous as God. If I know that, I operate from a revelation, not an information of a finished work. So I don't beg and plead, and call that intercede. I open my mouth and let the seed enter into the ever-present now and begin to understand that the prophetic voice of God can landscape the soul of the souls of people that have endured great praise.

Sid Roth: How do you handle it when you go to a doctor and a doctor says you got six months to live. What would you do?

Clarice Fluitt: Well it's just really interesting. We were in the airport just the other day and there was a man that was sitting with a dog. It was a big service dog and he didn't look too happy. And I just smiled over to him. So I said to him, "How are you today? Does your dog bite"? And he says, "He might".

Sid Roth: That's not what I would expect.

Clarice Fluitt: And I said, "What's his name"? He says, "Murphy". And I said, "Hi, Murphy". Frequency. Murphy knew I love dogs. I just love them. God did good when he made a dog. I've got two dogs. One's named Money and the other is named Debt-Free.

Sid Roth: She's not kidding. She's not kidding.

Clarice Fluitt: I'm not kidding. And he says, "Murphy is going to get a new home in two weeks". And I said, "Well you love him so much. Why are you going to give him away"? He says, "Because I'm going to die in two weeks". So I go over to where he's sitting and I sit down next to him, and I said, "Hey, show it to me". He said, "What"? And I said, "That expiration date. Where is it written on you"? He said, "Well the doctor said". And I said, "Dr. who"? I said, "That's Dr. Men. All he knows is what he sees. Thank God for him". But anyway, I said, "Here, I've got something for you". And I said, "What I'm going to do is I'm going to pray for you. I have an anointed cloth that I've held in my hands. I take it around with me". And I put it on him. And he says, "I have brain cancer". And I said, "And I have God". The big "C" is not cancer, it's Christ. Anyway, I had the opportunity to pray for him. He was born-again, spirit-filled man that had just made a decision to agree with a bad decision. And we are people making choices. God will not violate your free will. If you want to be over it, suppressed, repressed, depressed or possessed, you certainly can.

Sid Roth: You know, you really, not only do you rhyme, what you say is so profound.

Clarice Fluitt: I say it so fast.

Sid Roth: For instance, listen to this, I have to write it down. God is not asking you to be some, to become something you're not. He's asking you to become who you already are.

Clarice Fluitt: Already are.

Sid Roth: When we come back, I want you to answer that.

Clarice Fluitt: Great.

Sid Roth: I really like some of your writing here. I mean, your life was over before it began. God's not asking you to become something you're not. He's asking you to become who you already are. Now unpack that.

Clarice Fluitt: Now, if I'm going to unpack in four or five minutes, you have to understand from God's perspective.

Sid Roth: Yes, but there's no time in eternity. You just told me.

Clarice Fluitt: God is a God of now. Everything is now, present tense. So say, out of every rumor has a mouth. Out of my belly flows rivers, rivers of love, life, joy, peace, healing, deliverance, rivers, rivers, rivers, and every drop, every word that I'm speaking is saying I must become a part of something greater than me. I must become, which I already am. Because from God's perspective it was over before it began. He always starts at the end. So if anybody asks you what comes first, the chicken or the egg, if you're talking about God, it's always the chicken because he always starts with things finished. And when you understand that, you begin to think with that. Then past and present have collided into the ever-present now, so you do not think about someday God is going to this and yesterday God did that, so I'm not left with anything here. I'm just muddling around. No, now is the time. Never has there ever been a day like this. This is the day the Lord has made and we will begin to decree, proclaim, establish and begin to speak. And right now, I want to tell you, there is someone that is listening here and you have an abscessed ear. And in the authority of the name of Jesus, I open your ears with the infallible, inherent and awesome Word of God. Those that have cancer nodules on your throat, I bind that in Jesus's name. A collapsed vocal cord, in the name of Jesus, I command you, wake up, wake up and proclaim the Glory of God. I speak to those that are bound by drugs and alcohol, and wrong relationships, be delivered in the authority of the name of Jesus. May the angels of the Lord pursue you, devil, on a dark and slippery path. A hole you've dug for them, I put you into it. Father, in Jesus's name, thank you for power.

Sid Roth: Now, there are people that are watching right now and you feel hopeless. Everything is closing in on you. If that were you, what would you do right this minute, if you were that person?

Clarice Fluitt: If I was that person I would make a decision to agree with God. As quickly as you can, you can say, you can look at the symptoms, you can look at the circumstances, they are facts. Facts and truth are not the same thing. And as soon as we realize it is Satan that is the accuser of the brethren, but he can only have the power that you give him. All power in Heaven and Earth, has been passed. It's given, all there is. I asked the Lord, I need more power in my life. And he said, "Well I don't have anymore". One of the greatest things that keeps us from being healed is condemnation, self-hate, low self-esteem, unworthiness, agreeing with the reports of the endemic nature instead of the new nature. So as we choose to agree with God, Jesus in you is the hope of glory. Christ as you is a manifestation of glory.

Sid Roth: What I want you to do is speak the Word over that person that's hopeless right now.

Clarice Fluitt: Father, in the authority of the name of Jesus, we just thank you that you are a God of the impossible. Hope and despair, frustration, hearts that have been made heavy, awful things that have happened, Lord God, we thank you right now that you are the God of the hopeless, hurting people. And with mercy and compassion, we release into the atmosphere the antidote to the Antichrist, which is name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, the Word of God. We thank you, Lord God, that the great angels of God, ministering spirits sent forth from God to aid us with the heirs of salvation, take these words and let them be implanted into the heart of the hopeless. Hope deferred that has made your heart sick, I bind and break it in Jesus's name. It's time for you to decide. Ha, ha, ha, he, he, he, the joy of the Lord really lives in me. Strengthen yourself with the joy of the Lord.

Sid Roth: As believers, we need to become who you already are.

Clarice Fluitt: That's right.

Sid Roth: Explain that.

Clarice Fluitt: Well from God's perspective, you know, I was praising God. I said, O Lord, I just love you, and I do crazy praise. You know, I battle with the rattle of a tambourine. I jump around. I love God. I just love him. I'm addicted to him. So when I said to the Lord, he said, "Be transformed through the renewing of your mind, pulling down strongholds and pain imagination". I said, "What's a pain imagination"? He says, "Anything apart from my Word. It's a luxury you can no longer have". And so I thought, oh, will be transformed by renewing your mind. Where was my mind new? Will you tell me about that? Put R-E in front of it. And he said, "Well because you came from the heart of God". He said, "Your DNA is a divine nature attitude and the whole heart of God was imparted to you and it's coded into your being, and the more you fellowship the Holy Ghost you begin to realize you are already who you already are". It's already, we are sons of God. And sometimes we think of like I'm a verb, I'm a noun, I'm an adjective, I'm an adverb, and God says, "You are epistles being written by the hand of God". So if I'm a noun in the body of Christ and all I do is hang around with nouns, I'll never have a sentence. I'll never be able to express the fullness, so I've got to have diversity. If I'm a noun, I have to have a verb, an adverb and an adjective, and I've got to find some dangling participles, and a preposition here and there, and then we put them together, and then our life begins to make sense. Together, we'll glorify God and we were created for God's Glory. So when we're talking about it was over before it began, I am becoming who I already am, God saw it from the end and he says, "This is what I see. When I look at you, all I see is Jesus". The scripture says, "See no man except in Christ". And you decree it with the fruit of your lips. You begin, "I will judge you and I will you judge you up". The spiritual man judges everything. So I judge you as a king, as a priest, as a prophet. I judge you as redeemed from the curse of the law of sin and death. I judge you up. I judge you healed and delivered, and prosperous because that's what salvation is about.

Sid Roth: You know what I'm hearing you say? This is what I'm hearing you say. She's actually saying it to you, and I want you to say it to those watching right now. Tell them they're a champion. I like the way you say that.

Clarice Fluitt: Oh! Aww! Listen, champions live differently than normal, average people. You see, champions look at situations and circumstances and say, "Greater is he that is in he than he that in this world". So I began to chose to agree with God. I said to God, "What makes you happy"? He says, "I'm glad you asked. We become that which we adore". So we are learning how the adoration of God brings us to a place that these are words that come from a champion spirit. We have come before God Almighty. You are kings with crowns upon your head, you are priests that bring the people to God and God to the people, and you are prophets that hear the Word of God and declare change the atmosphere. You may not ever be on this program, but there is something you're on every day. You could be washing dishes, you can be at the office and all you have to do is open your mouth and say... You begin to release the rivers of love and life, and you will change the world. Champions do. Agree with me. Say it with me, all of it: We are champions!

Sid Roth: We are champions!

Clarice Fluitt: Hallelujah.
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