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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - 1999 America Prophecies Coming to Pass

Sid Roth - 1999 America Prophecies Coming to Pass

Sid Roth - 1999 America Prophecies Coming to Pass
TOPICS: America, USA, Prophecy, Future

Vaughn Clark is a prophet who has been shown what is going on behind the scenes in America that will shortly change our lives.

Sid Roth: Hello, I'm Sid Roth, your investigative reporter with Vaughn Clark. Now, Vaughn, age what? Four years of age you tried to kill yourself. Did you realize what you were doing?

Vaughn Clark: No, you know, foolishness is in a child's heart, and I took a large box of kitchen matches into my father's workshop and was systemically dropping one lit match after another into a 10-gallon can of gasoline.

Sid Roth: Oy! So what happened?

Vaughn Clark: Well, eventually, you know, the first few the gasoline put out, and then finally one took and a flame shot up through the gas can and it started to make noises and expand. I got very afraid and I felt a hand on my shoulder, very forceful but gentle, and a voice spoke to me and said, "Don't be afraid. Don't ever do that again". And the gas went out.

Sid Roth: This wasn't your imagination.

Vaughn Clark: No, it was not my imagination. I know that it was either an angel or a visitation from the Lord Jesus.

Sid Roth: But then you kind of went on to be a parent's worst nightmare.

Vaughn Clark: My exact words, and I found out when I was 18 that my poor father had twice as much life insurance out on me as the rest of the family put together. And when I asked him about it, he said, "Well, son, I love you, but nobody can live like you do and last for long, and we want to get back some of the money we've blown on you".

Sid Roth: Well, did you go on to college?

Vaughn Clark: I went to college. I had gotten into drugs before I went to college, and alcohol and you know, the lifestyle of the 60s, and, you know, got pulled over into a degree of the occult, and just the crazy lifestyles that were going on at that time, searching and looking and, you know, trying to find a place for myself and had decided that I was going to solve the problems of mankind through education.

Sid Roth: Of course.

Vaughn Clark: Of course.

Sid Roth: Well, what changed your mind?

Vaughn Clark: Well, you know, if you really are an objective person and you say that you are, and you have normal intelligence and you begin to see that everything you're doing is a dead-end, and you see the death that is in the lives of people around you, and you can look down the road and see people doing the same things that you are, you know 10 or 20 years down the road, and they're more miserable than you are, that everything that you've touched, you know, falls apart, it kind of gets your attention.

Sid Roth: Now, you were at one of these wild parties, and something happened to you spiritually.

Vaughn Clark: Well, actually, it was my birthday party, and there were people there from all over, I suppose, in the United States, people from a lot of different states where there was a wild party going on, anything you could dream of taking place, and I was sitting there with people around me and, you know, I was high and had been drinking, and had a drink in my hand, and all of a sudden my eyes were opened, and I know it was by God, just the evil that was around me. The lives of the people there, what they were doing, how shallow, how phony, you know, really how worthless I was.

Sid Roth: It's almost like a spiritual cloud was removed, and you could see truth.

Vaughn Clark: Right. And I just looked at somebody in midstream in a conversation. I said, "God, help me"! And they said, "What did you say"? And I said, "I said, God help me, because if he doesn't, nobody else can". It was just kind of - and I can't say that I became a Christian then because I was extremely rebellious and very hard-hearted, but it just really started a period of time where everything that I thought was important in my life was unveiled, and it was the most miserable miserable experience that I could ever imagine.

Sid Roth: Eventually you talked to a pastor.

Vaughn Clark: Yes. What precipitated it is that someone that I knew rather well, I was told - I was at another party and I heard people laughing and making fun of this young man, and I said, "What are you talking about"? And they said, "Well, haven't you heard that he became a Christian - he's a Jesus freak"? And it's weird that something just rose up inside of me, and I said, "Leave him alone! You know, God is real! Just because we're not living the way we should doesn't mean that he's wrong. You just leave him alone". Well, that, you know, that was completely out of character for me, and I ran into him. In fact, I prayed and I said, "God, if you're real, I want you to show me where this young man is". And I actually saw myself going at such and such a time to such and such a place, and that young man being there. I suppose it was a vision. And the next day I did exactly what I saw and he was there, and I began to talk to him and I just asked him what happened to him. I said, "I need help". And he said, "If you're serious, I want you to go to church with me". Well, curiosity got the best of me and I didn't even wait. I went to the church. I asked to talk to the pastor, and I was shocked. It was a man that was almost as young as me, and began to ask him questions and to talk to him, and over the course of the next several days a lot of things happened. It's a strange thing, but when the Holy Spirit begins to deal with a person, when God begins to open a person's eyes, it's the strangest thing, but Satan will make sure that every evil thing that they've wanted will start to come to pass. And that's what happened to me. All of a sudden I was mr. Popular. All of a sudden people that couldn't have been bothered with me, you know, were interested in taking up time with me, and there was a demand on me, and I was perceptive enough to know that, "Wait a minute, this wasn't happening last week, but it's happening now". And one of the things that I think people need to know is that, especially if you've been involved in sexual immorality, when you start to make a move toward God, Satan will make sure that the man or the woman of your dreams is right there in front of you to try to keep you from taking that step, and that relationship will last just long enough to mess your life up.

Sid Roth: Now, you could see this, but how did you choose?

Vaughn Clark: Well, I actually went to a church service. And again, you know, you'd have to understand the lifestyle that I lived, it was a lot of parties, a lot of drug dealing. You know, all kinds of sexual immorality, and there was another party that was going on, and people would just drink and do drugs until they were just, you know comatose almost, and I said, "I'm going to church". Well, of course that attracted everybody's attention. They said, "You're what"? I said, "I'm going to church". They said, "You're crazy"! I said, "Well, I'll be back at such and such a time". So I left the party. I went to church and I thought to myself, "These people are insane! I'm in a cult"! Because, you know, when I had gone to church, you know, you went to church, and if you had crossed your legs in front of you and bumped the pew in front of you, it would have broken-up the whole service. And here were people singing, raising their hands, and I thought, "This is crazy"!

Sid Roth: The drunken brawl partying was "Normal"...

Vaughn Clark: That was crazy. But me going to a nightclub and acting like an idiot, that's not crazy. But to go to a church where people were doing something other than sitting in dead silence, that was "Crazy". And I said "This is the wrong place for me to be. I'm leaving". And just before I got up to leave, the pastor said, "You know, we need to sing to God" and so they began singing in a language that I'd never heard before, and when they started to sing it's almost like things just started to break down inside of me. I could just feel something just crumbling inside of me. And I was still going to go and I was about to leave, and this voice spoke to me. And Sid, whether it was an audible voice or something that I heard inside me, I cannot tell you. It was very real, and this voice said, "If you leave now, you'll never hear my voice like this again".

Sid Roth: Hold that thought, because you're going to find out how an amazing gift started operating in Vaughn Clark.

Sid Roth: Hello, I'm Sid Roth, your investigative reporter. I'm speaking to Vaughn Clark. Now, Vaughn heard a voice. Was it an audible voice?

Vaughn Clark: I can't tell you. It was so real, Sid. I can't tell you whether it was inside me or I heard it out here, but it was very real. It was concrete.

Sid Roth: And that voice said?

Vaughn Clark: That voice said, "If you leave now", and I was sitting in a church service. "If you leave now, you will never hear my voice like this again. If you leave now, you will never feel any guilt or remorse for anything wrong that you do". Because at this point I was really eaten because my life was exposed in my own eyes. I saw every wrong thing that I was involved in. I saw it for what it was worth. I was a user and an abuser in every sense of the word. I discarded people, you know, a hard-hearted, cold - cruel in so many ways.

Sid Roth: There comes a point if you say "No" to God enough times, your conscience is literally seared, and that's what...

Vaughn Clark: This voice said, "If you leave now, nothing that you do wrong will ever bother you again". And then the voice said, "This is the last time that I will ever speak to you in this way".

Sid Roth: How'd you react?

Vaughn Clark: Well, it's odd. I was getting ready to go anyway. And then something just happened. I can't imagine what - I don't even know. I know that it had to be just the hand of God because I had a party waiting for me. I was a popular person. You know, when you're young you can afford to be a gypsy, and so I was there, and that's the life that I lived, and I was going to leave, and something just melted inside of me, and at the same time a battle started because when I said - you know, I literally went forward and I said, "I want Jesus", but a battle started inside of me, and this voice came out of me and said, "Don't hurt me"! And so I knew that there was a spiritual battle. I had enough perception to know that there was something in me that was wrong.

Sid Roth: So which voice did you listen to?

Vaughn Clark: Well, I actually went. I said I would like to receive Jesus. They took me into another room. They prayed for me. I received the Lord. They baptized me on the spot. I was completely ignorant about anything that was going on around me. When I came up out of the water I heard music, even though there was no musical instruments that were there. And people were saying things to me.

Sid Roth: What do you mean?

Vaughn Clark: Well, at the time I didn't understand what it was, but people were saying things to me about what God's plan was for my life, and now I realize that that was prophecy, but those things have come to pass since then.

Sid Roth: What were some of the things they said?

Vaughn Clark: Oh, just how I would be a doctor for the Lord and I thought, of course, I'd go into the medical profession. But now I realize it means being a healer. You know, someone that brings healing to the soul and healing to the body, and that I would go to other places in the world, and that God's hand was on my life to challenge, you know, the works of darkness, and things like that.

Sid Roth: What about the addiction to drugs and party and alcohol and...

Vaughn Clark: Sid, I know that there are people that struggle and my heart goes out to people, and it doesn't mean that they're any less of a Christian because they struggle. Now, there were other areas that I struggled in, but I was a 4-5 pack-per-day cigarette smoker of unfiltered cigarettes. Those went. I had been literally a problem drinker since I was 16-years old where I would have blackouts, and would appear to be completely normal and actually - and I didn't know it at the time, but had serious liver damage from alcohol and drugs, and a doctor told me that I needed to quit drinking. I tried to quit drinking at 21, and started to have DTS, and so I decided to start drinking again and, you know, did drugs profusely, and all of that just went, you know. And I was bound to sexual immorality. That went, and it was almost like I lived in a bubble for a period of time. I just couldn't imagine - I literally walked for a year with the presence of God around me so completely that I don't think the devil could have touched me if he had tried real hard.

Sid Roth: Tell me about this gift that God gave you of prophecy. I mean, I've seen it operate for nations and for individuals. How does this operate?

Vaughn Clark: Well, you know, for a long time, Sid, I thought I was crazy. You know, after I became a Christian, asked Jesus into my heart, I would be in meetings and I would start to see things. I know that one of the first things that ever happened to me, I had been a Christian less than a week. I had a vision of Jesus, and I also had a vision about the end of my life. I mean, it was a very frightening situation. I started having open visions almost, and i...

Sid Roth: What's an "Open vision"?

Vaughn Clark: It's a vision where you would be in a place, and all of a sudden you'd be in the same place, but everything around you would be completely different, and you were a spectator. You were watching it happen, and it's almost - it was very frightening, and then it would change again. These things started happening to me about great social upheaval in this nation, and great trouble that was ahead, and this was in 1977 when this started. And I would know things about people.

Sid Roth: Give me an example.

Vaughn Clark: Let me give you an example. A friend of mine that was an older Christian said there is a group of people who are into transcendental meditation, and I was in some of these things to a degree and, "They're having a meeting on campus and I'm going to go. Would you like to go with me"?

Sid Roth: A lot of people feel that's not a religion.

Vaughn Clark: Right, but it is. It's very much a religion. And these people that were here presented it as a part of Christianity. They said that they all attended churches, and it was "Just a way to get closer to God", and something just happened to me. Here I was: I was a very young Christian, and when they were closing the meeting down and started to go into a trance, I just sprang up and found myself saying something to them, like, "This is an abomination in my eyes, and I'm going to hold you accountable for the innocent blood of people that you're deceiving through this abomination". And it just broke the whole meeting up, and this woman came up to me and she said, "How dare you! How dare you do this! How dare you"! And I said, "You're hysterical". She said, "I am not hysterical"! I said, "Well, yes, you are, and what's more, three days ago you were more hysterical than this because of what's going on in your household"! She broke down and started to weep. She came to me and she said, "What's going on in my household"? I said, "You're having trouble with your daughter, and your husband's a homosexual".

Sid Roth: How did you know that?

Vaughn Clark: I just knew it!

Sid Roth: What did she say?

Vaughn Clark: She broke down. She became a Christian. She got saved on the spot because it was true. And you know, sometimes it's not as dramatic as that, but...

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what, Vaughn. Hold that thought. We'll be right back. I want to see what God's showing him about the United States of America, and really, the world. Don't go away.

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth, your investigative reporter. I'm speaking to Vaughn Clark. Now, Vaughn, the Lord has entrusted you with a gift. What are you seeing as far as the future of the United States of America? Where are we headed? Where are we right now?

Vaughn Clark: Well, I believe, right now, that Jesus is a stumbling block to the church, and...

Sid Roth: Wait a second! To the church?

Vaughn Clark: Yes, sir.

Sid Roth: What do you mean?

Vaughn Clark: For all practical purposes we have a false or synthetic model of Christianity in America today where ease is an indication of success. The lack of opposition is an indication of what God wants. If I feel good about doing something, then that's the will of God, but if I don't want to do what the Bible says to do, then I have an option: obedience is optional. We are not disturbed about the problems in our society, per say. We honestly believe that favor with God means that everything goes right in your life all the time. If someone expects us to do something that's hard, then all of a sudden that's controlling, or that's not the will of God, because we've created this mindset where God is like me. He thinks like me, he wants what I want, he agrees with me, and if I'm hearing a voice, or I'm hearing a word spoken to me that disagrees with what I want, that has to be the voice of the enemy: that has to be the voice of Satan. And you know, we act like the Garden of Gethsemane was convenient for Jesus, and that he had pom poms on out there: that the cross was not difficult. And we're coming into a place where, just like Mary was told by Simeon, you know, "A sword is going to pierce your heart", and our heart is going to be pierced. The cost of our faith is about to be presented to us in this nation.

Sid Roth: What is going to happen in this nation?

Vaughn Clark: Personally, and this is my personal belief, of what I believe that God has shown me, there's going to be a tremendous spiritual awakening in this nation, and the church will be oppressed by the government of the United States of America. Socially and politically I believe that we are exactly where the weimar republic of Germany was in the late 20s and the early 30s, and the media and the government are villianizing and propagandizing Christians in the same way that Jews were in Germany, and spiritually I believe that we are exactly where great Britain was at the turn of the last century. There was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the middle and the lower classes, and on the upper classes and the nobility there was a tremendous occultic outpouring, and the same thing is happening today in this nation. You know, the upper classes, and the intelligencia, and the elite, and the government is going headlong into the new age movement and into occultism, and I believe that there's a great awakening among the common people of this country and it's just like it was in the day of Jesus. The people, the common people loved him, but those in positions of authority despised him.

Sid Roth: What do you believe is God's opinion about the flaunting of homosexuality? Abortion?

Vaughn Clark: Well, there are two issues that I vote on as a Christian. I don't care about the name of the party, but the things that bring judgment on a nation is the shedding of innocent blood, and the exultation of perversion as an accepted way of life. God loves the individual: he redeems people out of every sin - homosexuality not being any different than any other sin, or murder, which is what abortion is - than any other sin, but we have embraced these things. And not only have we become tolerant, but there's an agenda to force these things down the throat of the American people, and God despises this. And I believe that we're in the beginnings of judgments already because of these things.

Sid Roth: Now, we happen to be doing this television show in Orlando, Florida. Has the Lord shown you anything about this city?

Vaughn Clark: Yes, sir. In 1994 I was driving through Orlando and had an open vision while I was driving. It scared me so desperately that I almost wrecked the car. But the open vision that I had of this city is that for 6 months in a time of social upheaval, this city would be under martial law with military checkpoints at every road leading into and out of the city, and for a period of 6 months, the only people that can go and come freely would be military personnel.

Sid Roth: You see this happening in other areas besides Orlando?

Vaughn Clark: Sid, as far as details, you know, the Lord shows me some things - some things that I know because he speaks to me. Other things I get by natural information, but we are headed for a time of upheaval in this nation that is so deep and so intense that the only thing that we can equate it to would be the civil war. But I believe that everything - everything that we know and embrace as normal life and what we expect as Americans is going to change radically in the next few years.

Sid Roth: And what about our current 20th century American Christianity? How is that going to change?

Vaughn Clark: Well, in the light of biblical Christianity, Sid, and in the light of Christianity in other parts of the world, and see, we're deceived to believe that we are the zenith, that we represent the very best focus of God and Christianity. Americans are notoriously ethnocentric, but spiritually speaking we're babes. The strength of the American church is that we have good teaching and we are a very generous people, but we have become very idolatrous, and I believe that we're a lot like Israel was when the southern kingdom was very weak militarily, very prosperous financially, very reprobate spiritually, but the northern kingdom had already gone into captivity. And I believe that we're living in the book of Jeremiah. I believe that there's a great abscess on the American soul. I know that the night that our president was elected in 1992, God spoke to me: said, "I put him in office to expose government to the American people. This election will not be the test for America, but in 1996 I'm going to expose the heart of America". And so for 4 years God exposed all the evil and the corruption and the wickedness in government, and in 1996, American Christians exposed their heart.

Sid Roth: That's what I understand. So what's going to happen now in, let's say, the next election?

Vaughn Clark: Well, there's a scriptural principle involved that when people love idols, that God will speak to them according to their idols. There's also a spiritual principle involved that when people deny the truth that they will say, "Peace, peace," where there is no peace, and trouble will come on them suddenly. I do believe that God loves this nation. I do believe that God is not finished with America, but I believe that we are going to be troubled, and challenged as no other generation of Americans ever have.

Sid Roth: Well, what about you? When all this turmoil is going on, are you going to be troubled and challenged, or are you going to have intimacy with God? Your money won't help you. Your stored food, your rifle - they're not going to help you no matter what you think. There's only one thing that's going to help you, and that's intimacy with God through the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua: Jesus, the Messiah: the anointed one. I would cry out right now! I would ask God to forgive me of my sins! We've touched enough sins right now that you can be repenting even now, and God - if you repent, will forgive you and will wash your sins away and then say, "I'm gonna make you Lord, Jesus, of my entire life"! Start reading that Bible. Get as close as you can to the Lord. Now, not later. You don't know what will happen later. Now! Now is the time!
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