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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Close Encounters with Angels

Sid Roth - Close Encounters with Angels

Sid Roth - Close Encounters with Angels
TOPICS: Angels

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest spent 50 years walking in Divine health, perfect health. My guest had a worldwide miracle ministry. My guest was hit, after 50 years of Divine health, with cancer. My guest, the devil wanted to take out for the whole purpose that he's created for. My guest has not completely manifested his healing yet, but God has assured him he will. He is now walking in some of the most outstanding miracles that I have ever heard of. Do you want to hear him?

Sid Roth: You know, Dr. James Maloney, you have such an outstanding ministry with signs and wonders, and being translated to other parts of the world, and there are so many things we've talked about previously. But 50 years of Divine health and then you get hit. What happened?

James Maloney: At 58 years of age, I had been in the ministry over 40 years or so, and I just got exhausted and allowed some frustration in my life over hundreds and hundreds, and hundreds of services. And I opened up the door to vocalizing the frustration and it had turned into anxiety.

Sid Roth: Would you say you got very critical?

James Maloney: Yes. I began to murmur and complain. First Corinthians 10:10 says that, "The Children of Israel, as they murmured and complained in the wilderness," we all know this, "that they opened the door and they were destroyed of the destroyer". And my particular situation, I want to make it very clear to our viewing audience, that none of this God authored. None of it is in his perfect will. I'm the one that opened up the door to verbal frustration and complaining. Now you know, I don't want anyone out there to think we've all complained at one time or another that if you have just a little open door of complaining and murmuring that's really going to open up a major door of the enemy against you. No. Just in my situation, God expected more of me because of what I've seen and experienced.

Sid Roth: You found the open door. What did you do about it when you found it?

James Maloney: Repented. And I mean fell on the rock and just came into, cut into even a greater referential fear of my Heavenly Father in just a childlike simplicity of no matter how difficult, painful, whatever I was going through, that I could just cast all my cares upon the trustworthiness of God the Father. You know, I don't understand all of this, what doors were open. When the door or the revelation came, I quickly repented, but as many of us could relate to this, I wanted God the Father to do an instantaneous miracle.

Sid Roth: You've come a long way because I talked to you when you couldn't go out, your condition was so bad. But you have a long way to go. You are a hundred percent convinced it's going to manifest and I would not have you on the show if I wasn't a hundred convinced it's going to manifest. But why aren't you just waiting? Why are you coming on in this condition you're in?

James Maloney: Well I refuse to give up. I refuse to die.

Sid Roth: Even though it hasn't manifested completely on the outside, you are now moving in such extraordinary miracles, such extraordinary presence of God coming from you, it would be a crime for you not to be on television right now.

James Maloney: Thank you. I'm going to do something here. I'm going to smile over that statement because it's so gracious of you, Sid, but I have to have a little help, so I'm going to lift up this left lip.

Sid Roth: A merry heart is good medicine.

James Maloney: Hey, I want to first state before everyone, I do not have cancer. I'm completely healed of it.

Sid Roth: Praise God. And I'm going to tell you something else. The Anointing does not depend on the way the temporary earth suit looks. Did you know that? And James is now walking in such extraordinary creative miracles. When we come back I'm going to have James share just a few of them. And I have to tell you, in all the years I've been investigating miracles, I've never heard of so many outrageous miracles. I mean, you went through hell, but you entered into Heaven on Earth. Be right back.

Sid Roth: I'm with Dr. James Maloney here, and we're having such a wonderful time. I'm glad that you decided to be with us right now because, James, tell me about the person, the man without a tongue.

James Maloney: Well I was in a very large conference in Portland, Oregon. And he came up, and I had some words of knowledge and discernment, and I said, "How are you doing"? And he couldn't speak, muffling sound. And I said, "Excuse me". And then his wife said, "Well he doesn't have a tongue". And not only that, the teeth, his teeth were turned inward, flat. I said, "Let's just look up to the Father". And immediately when I said that, I entered into a flash like a mosaic picture of him with big white pearly teeth, perfect teeth in his mouth, smiling. And I said, "God is doing something now. Put your finger," I just saw like the finger of God go in his mouth. So I said, "You just," in faith, I don't know why I told him to do this, "stick your own finger in your mouth and see if you feel anything there in the back". He was born with no tongue. And when he pulled out his finger this big tongue came out.

Sid Roth: Did you see it just come right out?

James Maloney: Yes. A thousand people saw it. And so, Sid, he gave a testimony going around sticking his tongue out at everybody, wagging his tongue.

Sid Roth: There's a funny guy I know that smiles like this.

James Maloney: And overnight, his teeth were restored. So the next night, he had pearly teeth.

Sid Roth: Okay. So you go from glory to glory. At least the Bible says that. I have to ask you this, with what you have gone through, I can't even imagine how tough it's been what's you've gone through, you must have so much compassion for hurt people.

James Maloney: Well Sid, I tell you, I thought I did, but you know, when you go through something of this nature, what is so amazing in my broken state, and trust me, it's humbling. It really is. It's terrible. I mean, the worse thing about it all is just to see perfection marred. It's just, I'm teasing. I tell you, every person that stands before us, they're the most important person in our lives. Really, I don't say that lightly.

Sid Roth: Tell me about the person that had metal in their body.

James Maloney: Well they just, this particular person fell on a grenade or something of that nature and it blew off his shoulder, basically. His entire right hit. He had basically no knee. The ankle was shredded. He went through countless surgeries. Now, the reason why I know this is because my dear friend that knows this gentleman, she is a medical doctor at a prestigious hospital there in Topeka, Kansas. So she has verified, this is medically verified. He had a plastic insert for a shoulder, but he made his way up. And I turned, as I was ministering someone, here he was leaning on this walker. Of course, my heart just went out to him. And when I reached out my hand, all of a sudden, I felt the weight of this person on my right shoulder, which when it comes time in ministry healing the miraculous, I have this wonderful what I term strength angel that leans upon my right shoulder. And when I touched his right shoulder, I feel a fire ball. And when I sense a fire ball in my hand I know that's the working of miracles, and instantaneously, the plastic disappeared and he received brand new bone and brand new shoulder.

Sid Roth: But what all about?

James Maloney: Then I didn't know what was wrong with him. And so I started speaking a perfect word of knowledge of the incident I see and the explosion that you were in. And God began to show me the shrapnel areas. And then as I went down the titanium hip replacement, and then as I went down his right hip, all of the metal spurted out of his skin. And then when it got to his ankle it spurted out, landed on the carpet. He started dancing in it. He hadn't walked in decades.

Sid Roth: What about that mutual friend that was a medical doctor?

James Maloney: The medical doctor took her hand and she was analyzing it. She's a medical doctor. She's a great woman of God and she put her hand down on that nasty stuff and it covered her hand, and she put it up to her nose and it smelled like an old battery, you know, rancid battery, you know, that acid smell, and just was just overtaken. She was the one that took him to the hospital the very next day, got it all MRIed, and he's perfectly normal, perfectly whole to God's Glory and honor.

Sid Roth: You know, when we come back he had an encounter with a messenger angel that changed his life forever. And when you hear about it, it's going to change your life forever. Be right back.

Sid Roth: James, March 2017, an encounter with a messenger angel. Tell me what happened.

James Maloney: I was awakened at 10:30 and right there was a person at the foot of my bed. I about lurched out of the bed. I looked and then I really got overwhelmed. Here was this person lit up and had a dynamic word. The wonderful message was that I would see an acceleration in my restoration that I'm on the other side, Hallelujah, and that now it's, my body is clean, it will remain, and now the process of recreation has begun. And so I'm now, just in the last couple of weeks, I'll be getting healing back into my left side and usage.

Sid Roth: But you don't understand. The doctors said this will never happen. Am I right?

James Maloney: Never happen.

Sid Roth: That's right.

James Maloney: Impossible.

Sid Roth: Tell me what was said.

James Maloney: And what was so remarkable about this amazing experience, and I want everyone that's watching, everyone in the audience, listen, it's not about James Maloney only. I'm just an empty broken vessel of clay, honestly. That's not false humility. Trust me when I say that, and I emphasize the clay aspect of it.

Sid Roth: No one knows that better than you.

James Maloney: Or my wife.

Sid Roth: Or me. I know that anything you see, all these wonderful things, I'm along for the ride. That's it.

James Maloney: That's it. We're just empty vessels.

Sid Roth: I'm just glad he's letting me ride.

James Maloney: Amen. And I just was told that there is coming, it's now, the shift, I mean, this angel said, "The shift now is upon your life to enter into this aspect of operation, but you're going to be like a spiritual father like many others that are going to be used to help impart the portion of whatever gifting, whatever operation".

Sid Roth: I can tell you this even without having seen anything happen on this show, yet there is such a presence of the tangible presence and anointing of God that's just radiating out of your broken vessel.

James Maloney: Yes. It used to be, Sid, where I would have to approach God and say, "Father, I need access". Now because of all this brokenness that he has used, now I just instantaneously know, I have automatically, at any time I'm in access with him. I don't have to exercise any step of faith to get into that access. It's just there.

Sid Roth: And God has called you to freely give what you freely received. I'm going to have you, in a second, hold your hand before the camera, and what is going to happen to people that are hungry for more? What's going to happen?

James Maloney: The angel made it very clear that what I have operated in and a measure has been impartational, like for Randy Clark and others, but now it's just universal. There is no distance in the realm of the Spirit. I can reach out to this camera and in their home they can enter into an impartation of greater sensing of God's faith, God's love. The audience is well. Thank you, Father, for those that are assembled here and those that are watching all over the world. I want everyone that's watching to reach your hands out to the Lord. He's the Anointed One. All honor goes to him. These are just wonderful manifestations of your grace and it's to be freely given to everyone in these difficult, turbulent times. But yet as difficult as it may be in this world, yet there are those men and women in the Body of Christ that are going to rise and shine and they're going to enter into the manifestation of your grace that's going to be the exact impartation of healing that people need. They're going to become the therapists to a generation that needs the manifestation of God's Father's heart revealed to them and his majestic holiness. And I speak forth and impart right now all that I've gone through, all that has been imparted through me, through the years and those that have gone before me that have imparted in my life. It's transgenerational. I see now that that inter reaching of God's grace, God's charisma, God's power, God's love is being manifested. And Sid, right now, I believe people are just absolutely being overwhelmed by the Spirit, I sense it right now, of healing that's taking place inwardly because they can relate to that young man that was embarrassed because he didn't have a tongue and the crippled gentleman. There's so many more to God's Glory and honor. And I just speak it forth that it just doesn't happen in Brother Maloney's ministry, but only as an example that it could be impartational to them for their family, their loved ones, those that they are influencing. In Jesus's name, we proclaim that breakthrough. This is vigor anointing that the angels said that has come upon the church in this hour. The shift is upon us. It has begun. It started in March of this year and now we are accelerating into this manifestation like we've never experienced in church history to God's Glory and honor.

Sid Roth: And I have a word for you. Here's the word that I have. Someone's eyes are being healed. I don't know if it's being, eyeball is being created, but someone is having a miracle in their eyes. And now I command you in the name of Yeshua Ha'Mashiach Tsi'Kaynu, Jesus the Messiah of Righteousness, give it away!
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