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Sid Roth - This Is the Real Source of Fake News

Sid Roth - This Is the Real Source of Fake News

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Sid Roth - This Is the Real Source of Fake News

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. In my entire life, I have never seen America, and actually the rest of the countries of the world, so divided. We're divided politically, racially, economically, every area you can think of. But not just divided, to the point of anger and violence, and even murder. I've never seen this before. My guest says it's not flesh and blood. You guys are looking at the natural. My guest says it's an ancient demonic spirit that he knows how stop it in its tracks. Anyone interested in finding out? You know, about 13 years ago, Lance and I developed a friendship, and you and your wife came to Israel with me because I was going to speak at a new age festival. We didn't know what to expect, but it was a horror story. That's the only way I can described it. And it had rained the day before and we were slushing through the mud, and there were people there with drugs, looking the way they normally look at these new age festivals. And so I start my lecture, and we bumped into a spirit, an ancient spirit, and both of us were not aware of it until after it surfaced. Lance, what was your recollection of that?

Lance Wallnau: It was like Woodstock. That was what was unusual about it. No one expects Woodstock in Israel. So I'm going down there with you and I figure, okay, we're going to have like a nice Christian tent meeting. We get into this tent and it was the most bizarre and enlightening experience of my life. It's like I could never understand when Paul would preach and there was these riots breaking out. At any church there were some ushers were grabbing somebody because they were afraid. I've never been in a riot. You created a riot. You start talking and they got the nude swimmers in the back and the foreground in the ocean. We've got people with like mascara on and voodoo hats. It was bizarre, canes, walking around doing curses on them. And then we've people manifesting, shouting at Sid right in the middle of his message, and they're cursing at him, dropping these obscene words. And I'm standing there in shock. I'm thinking, I didn't expect this at a meeting. And the yelling is going on, and Sid is engaging this person who's yelling back at him. I said this is total chaos. And in the middle of it, one guy who's clearly not a Christian, Jewish guy, is laying down on a towel watching all this, and he sits up and he goes, "Wait a second. Hey, I don't know what all you guys are yelling about, but my back just got healed". Sid goes, "What? In the middle of all of this your back got healed? Is anybody else getting touched by God"? And this is stupefying the people yelling at you because now they're being interrupted by a supernatural act and they don't know what they're saying. They were cussing at you. That worked. Now other people are going, "Hey, my neck, check it".

Sid Roth: But Lance, what you did not know and what I did not know, I left and I thought I failed you, God, miserably. I mean, I saw the healing and a few people raised their hands, a bunch of these were Jewish people and received the Lord. But I just figured what a mess. I'm sorry I even got involved. I get back to the States and I find out one young man got saved who today is the leading evangelist, Messianic Jewish evangelist in Israel. Well Lance, you know what God is doing in your life. I mean, out of nowhere, USA Today has an article. They say you're one of the few people that prophesied Donald Trump would win. You even went beyond that. You talked about what would occur. He'd be like Cyrus. He would do some things for America that like no one else could possibly do. He had a bestselling book before he won, saying he was going to win. How could you be so sure he would win?

Lance Wallnau: I think that ignorance is bliss. I was so focused on the battle for America. There was such an urgency in me for the outcome of this thing that, and I had people come up to me and said, "Lance, why would you destroy your whole ministry credibility on a political prediction? People can go down". And I said, "Look, it's not a political prediction. I'm just saying what I heard God say: "Isaiah 45 will be the 45th president. I believe that this to happen in America, and I think the church has a choice". And you know, most people don't know this, but the victory that he had in the Electoral College was based on .008 percent of the total votes and that means .008 percent of the total votes showed up in five swing states that gave him the Electoral College. It looked as though he had the Electoral College sweep with 300 votes, but the reality is it was the Christian turnout at the last minute that produced the .008 in five swing states. In other words, God did this by a razor thin margin and a remnant of believers really determined the future for the United States. And it gives you just goose bumps to realize that it always comes down for us to the remnant. It's a remnant that will make a difference in America and the world.

Sid Roth: Right. I have to ask you a personal question. You're so involved in the political arena today. Has this been a passion for many years?

Lance Wallnau: Not at all. I absolutely hate politics.

Sid Roth: I don't blame you.

Lance Wallnau: I got to tell you, I'm so ignorant in politics. I had a door open up in Washington through the Cedars Fellowship years ago, which works with all these ambassadors, and I wanted to go down to the global evangelists. And at dinner, I'm meeting with a major senator's wife, and I was saying, "You know what would be a good person to run with your husband on a ticket," and I suggested somebody who was from the other party. And it was like, everybody stared at me and I said, "You know what, I don't know what I'm talking about". I had no political bearings whatsoever. I'm a revivalist. I want to talk about revival. I don't want to talk about politics.

Sid Roth: Then you find yourself in Trump Towers with President Trump.

Lance Wallnau: Oy vey.

Sid Roth: And you're saying, "God, how did I get here"? And he spoke to you.

Lance Wallnau: That was ridiculous. I mean, I'm on my second trip there and both times I felt uncomfortable. But the second trip, I was brought in, imagine this, I was brought in by some of the African-American leaders who wanted a deal with building better race relationships with Donald Trump. And when I'm up there in the second visit, and everybody is yelling, all of this activity, I'm saying I don't want to be in politics. I don't want to be in race issues. I just want to preach the Bible. And that wasn't what the Lord said to me. "I'm only answering your prayers". And it was like a clear thought. I thought I'm off track. And I said, "Lord, when did I ever pray that I want to get involved with presidential politics or complicated race relations"? The Lord said, "Every time you pray in tongues you tell me you want to get involved with healing the nation's problems and I'm putting you where you can do it". At that moment I thought, my gosh, like you, I'm a passionate believer in praying in the Spirit, but I thought I was praying something else. I thought I was praying for financial support. I was praying my way into Trump Towers.

Sid Roth: You were praying God's Kingdom be on Earth as it is in Heaven. That's what you were praying.

Lance Wallnau: And after that, every time I pray in tongues and I think I have no idea what I'm setting myself up for, but it's the plan I've got.

Sid Roth: Okay. Now we have a phenomena that everyone is talking. It's called fake news. You know what's behind that phenomena. Clue us in.

Lance Wallnau: Yes. So I'm watching, I know this is a spiritual battle going on with Trump. It is clearly a spiritual battle. And the reason I know that is because just the manifestation. You're doing a supernatural show. If there is in your synagogue everything is going wrong and Jesus comes in, and suddenly, somebody starts screaming and yelling because you know the problem isn't the new preacher. The problem is that there's an anointing on what's happening and it's driving to the surface something that's hidden.

Sid Roth: It's like what happened at the new age festival.

Lance Wallnau: Precisely. It was the chaos that was going on because of the anointing. And you and I are looking at it thinking something is wrong. It was actually an evidence that God's power was visiting.

Sid Roth: But you have identified there was an ancient spirit behind this. Tell me about that spirit.

Lance Wallnau: Yes. Because I'm saying these manifestations in the nation, the race riots, the this riot, the that, the Berkeley, these are manifestations of demons, Sid. This is demons stirring up flesh into, and why are people so passionately and ideologically toxic over this? Here's how the spirit works. It is a world-ruling class spirit. There are spiritual principalities, powers and rulers of the darkness of this world. This is a world ruler. It is the prince behind mind control. So when you're in like propaganda stuff like Nazi Germany or in Communist Mao, this spirit works through mind control on a mass level. And it works in order to divide people against people. So Satan knows that he can create poor against rich, male against female, young against old, black against white, heterosexual-homosexual. The more division he can create the more power he can consolidate. This spirit is an expert at serving Lucifer in sowing division to divide people to create new power structures.

Sid Roth: And by the way, it's not just politics. It's right in your home, right in your church, right in your children's school. It doesn't discriminate. It hits everyone. Lance, the word "revive" means twisting serpent, like a crocodile or an alligator. Tell me why.

Lance Wallnau: It's referred in Job as a creature of the Nile, so we really do know it's talking about the species. And the way that it operates is 40 percent of the crocodile is teeth. So that tells you that this spirit mostly is in the mouth. It's mostly a communicating spirit.

Sid Roth: Big mouth.

Lance Wallnau: A big mouth, yes. And its teeth like a crocodile, when a crocodile fastens on you it doesn't have the ability to move its jaw, so what it does, and you see these on like National Geographic. You'll see this spinning like in... this thing is spinning. This poor water buffalo is getting tormented. What they'll do is, two of them at a time will go up and sneak up. Here's the key. They're undetected. Then they suddenly come up, grab a hold of a limb, some vulnerable point and they do what's called the death spiral. They sink their teeth in and they spin, and use their body weight to tear the limb off, and by dismembering they can destroy. If that isn't working they spin and pull you under into their realm and cut off the oxygen. And I'm looking and seeing five times in the Bible the spirit is referred to as Leviathan and it's in the water. And Lord, what is it that you're saying about the operation of this? And here's the pretty clear truth. David said, as a king, "All day long do my enemies twist my words. They're my enemies without a cause". Meaning David had political adversaries who would seize on anything he said in order to distort the meaning of it to divide his administration.

Sid Roth: You know what, we have all seen that happen in our life. I won't even mention the names, but two names that are household words in Christendom, I was at a planning meeting with them and I spoke for a little bit. I sat down and one of these two got up and said, "I'll take what anyone says, but I cannot take what you just said". I'm thinking, what did I say? These are national leaders. And they said, "You cannot say it is wrong to evangelize Jewish people". And I thought that's the last thing I'd ever say. And a woman sitting next to me said, I didn't even know, stands up and said, "He didn't say that". That was Leviathan.

Lance Wallnau: Exactly.

Sid Roth: Makes no sense whatsoever.

Lance Wallnau: Exactly. Imagine if he hadn't spoken it. He could have walked out of there.

Sid Roth: And thought it and gossip.

Lance Wallnau: And thought it, and said to other people in a closed room, "I heard what Sid Roth said". And you would then go, "He said what now"? Now the division starts. Now the dismembering starts and that's how that spirit works. When this thing works, what I've noticed is I've noticed is that spirit, it's called the "king over the children of pride" in Job, which means that when you're under that influence you'll notice that people that are actually torqued out by this spirit are not in a teachable moment. If you try to correct them it's difficult to win the argument, which is why your approach on dealing with this spirit has to be the wisdom. That's why we do training in the material that we've got on how to deal with. Because there's three levels of stronghold in politics, in ideology, in religion, for Islam, Christian, three levels of stronghold. And this by the way is in Pentecostal teaching. This is the three levels of stronghold we work with in corporations when we're changing a corporate culture. The first level is opinion. People just have opinions because they pick it up like a virus. They just pick it up on social media and friends. The second level is belief. The third level is conviction. The hardest one to beat is the conviction level. What this spirit does, when it gets a hold of you is it moves you almost supernaturally into angry conviction. People become radically conditioned.

Sid Roth: This is what we're seeing in the fake news?

Lance Wallnau: That's what I'm saying. It's not even an opinion. It's a conviction and people are certain they're right. But pride makes you unteachable, so it's like how do you win the argument with that. The spirit is doing a breakup job on America. It does it on marriages. It doesn't it on businesses and churches.

Sid Roth: Okay. We recognize this spirit. We've seen it operate in our life, in our families, in our nation. Enough is enough. Let's find out how to get rid of it. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Lance, tactically tell me, how does this play out in a family, in America or Paris, France, or wherever you're watching?

Lance Wallnau: It's easy to detect once you see it. So like the creature in the Nile, you can see those crocodiles, they're floating, they're eyes are protruding. And it's like the moment you catch it, it goes back underground. If you hit a moment when you are flooded, Sid, with toxic thoughts that produce rage, anger, hatred and a sense of violence towards someone or something or an idea, you can know it's not coming from Heaven.

Sid Roth: What if you say, but there are real reasons I'm feeling the way I'm feeling. There are always reasons.

Lance Wallnau: There's always reasons why that happens. The secret is that out of nowhere you'll be thinking about a person or a thing and the feelings will start to come up. That's the underwater part. If you can detect it, the moment you can detect it, and this is particularly important for businesses, ministries. We've all seen it. The setup is this. You have a bit of a strained relationship with somebody. All that it takes is one incident, one wrong word and snap, it's as though everything that you were thinking about them is confirmed. And in truth, that first seed that got put in you was a spiritual seed. So I tell people this, that you have to be able to catch toxic thinking towards relationships that are in your life. Satan is in the business of tearing relationships. I can't necessarily deal with everything going on around the world, but I can have authority over what's in my own garden. And so I'm going to make sure that whatever feelings I have towards the people that are around me that I catch it when the feelings come if they're negative and I say, is that you, Lord? Is that discerning? The only time you'll ever get anything negative that's from Heaven is a discerning of spirits.

Sid Roth: And that's the missing ingredient.

Lance Wallnau: And that's the missing ingredient: discerning. Jesus knew. He said, "The man who is going to betray has his hand on the table". His spirit was troubled. That's far different than having toxic thoughts that are hostile and negative about another person. When a man gets it towards his wife it's the beginning of the divorce. When a woman has it towards her husband it's the loss of respect that leads to a divorce. When a child has it towards a parent, it's the moment they stop listening to correction. And so the spirit gets, once people get the teaching they see it and the moment you see it, you can break it. It's as though you've no longer got control over it.

Sid Roth: Here's the thing that amazes me. I know if you're dealing with a demon. You say with a loud voice, "Get out in the name of Jesus! I bind you"! And you say that won't have any effect on this spirit. What does?

Lance Wallnau: And that's the mystery because when you're dealing with a world ruler like this level, the smart strategy is to let the Lord do the deliverance. This is one spirit where what we do is we have to pull out of the emotional connection. You see people that get into a fight on the street. It's going be escalated matched with escalated. What we have to do is deescalate. We literally have to go into a place of humility and the love of God, and it disconnects the power that hook from us. That doesn't mean that you're not going to come back. Like for instance, I deal with media. I have to constantly do what Jesus did. He said, "Take heed what you hear and take heed how you hear". Well how am I supposed to do this when I'm dealing with political subject matter? I have to hear what they're saying even if it's Leviathan. The Lord said, "Take heed how you hear it". Don't let it get a reaction in you where you start to become a problem, too. I have to be able to be in a sense able to see the lie, able to love the voice that's talking to me and able to turn it around to find out how to show the people what's really going on. I can't afford to get hooked in that spirit.

Sid Roth: Lance, would you pray right now for people to operate in discernment. I need this discernment because we're coming into a moment in history like the world has never seen before. It's a borrowed moment that should have not been there. But God rearranged things for the destiny of America to evangelize the world and we need this discernment. Pray that right now.

Lance Wallnau: We need it. This spirit of discernment, the one gift that the church needs most, we talk about word of knowledge, we love it. We talk about healing. We love prophecy, we love faith. But the discerning of spirits is going to save your life because it will protect you from the wrong partnership. It will protect you from being sucked into the wrong fight at the wrong time. Here's my prayer. I pray for you right now that in your marriage, in your ministry, in your business and in all future partnerships, especially some of you I sense the favor of God is on you. You're entering a new season. You have to be very careful because when you have favor, you attract the right and the wrong opportunities. I pray for the discerning of spirits. May you discern Leviathan, that twisting serpent when it's trying to produce division between you and somebody God called you to walk with an agreement. I pray in the name of Jesus that you'll have a gut level spiritual discerning that you won't have to be analyzing with your head, but you'll have it in your heart as Jesus had it when his spirit was disturbed because of the breach of covenant at the table. Father, I thank you that the discerning of spirits is operating to understand what manner of spirit we're dealing with in Jesus's name.

Sid Roth: And Jesus summarized it best: Love never, never failied.
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