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Sid Roth - The Deaf Hear and the Lame Walk

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Sid Roth - The Deaf Hear and the Lame Walk

Sid Roth: Hello, this is Sid Roth. I'm in beautiful Redding, California, but I'm not here for the beauty. I'm here because miracles are breaking out! Can the deaf hear? Can the lame walk? I have two people that say they got a miracle! Yes!

Sid Roth: Hello. I'm Sid Roth, your investigative reporter, and I'm speaking to Rainy Zinn. Rainy, when you were just, what, in the third grade they did an operation on your ear? What'd they do?

Rainy Zinn: They went in and they tried to correct some hearing loss that I had. I couldn't hear out of my ear and stuff. They went in to try to correct it by removing two bones, and I'm not exactly sure the medical procedure and stuff or what they did, but I know there was two bones missing in my ear and that it was to correct hearing or so, and I went through it and then afterward I got out and it corrected my hearing, a partial percentage of it, and then I lived for about a couple years with that and then it started just decreasing, the hearing.

Sid Roth: And so, it was down to decreased about 90%, from what I understand.

Rainy Zinn: Yeah, it was.

Sid Roth: So you're missing a couple of bones. You can't hear too well in that ear. Did it bother you in any way or limit you in any way?

Rainy Zinn: Yeah, like, we would have my mom would talk or something and I would just hear a totally different word that she would say and it just would mess up everything, you know. I'd say, "Did you just say that word"?, and she'd just be like, "No, I said this word", and it's similar but it just threw me off. I'd have to listen really closely to people and what they were saying or else I'd misunderstand them and stuff.

Sid Roth: You know, you went to Bethel church. Before you were prayed for, did you think that you would get your hearing back?

Rainy Zinn: No. I just lived with it. I thought it was something I just gotta live with.

Sid Roth: Well, did the doctor say you might get it back?

Rainy Zinn: No. I stopped going to the doctors after the surgery. Just didn't go anymore.

Sid Roth: Rainy, tell me about that Sunday night when a miracle happened in your life.

Rainy Zinn: Okay, it was a Sunday night, as you said, and it was after the service during ministry time and I was standing around with my mom and my grandma and a couple of other people, my sister, and we were just hanging out. It was after quite a few people had left, closing down the service, and we grabbed pastor Bill, or my mom did, and she came over and asked him if he'd be willing to pray for me about my ear, and so I thought that was okay and everything. It caught me off guard. I wasn't prepared for it or anything. I had no expectations of it or the outcome of it and stuff, and so he just began to pray and everybody around me laid hands on me and started to pray. And then, not very long after they started praying well, first he asked me, "Is anything changed"?, or stuff, and nothing had after about two minutes, so he continued to pray with his finger in my ear and he touched my ear and just continued to pray, and then probably, I'm not sure how long, a couple minutes after he started doing that it started heating up and I had the scar was, it was like, goes from here to here on my ear and it just started getting really hot.

Sid Roth: Where you had that original surgery where they took the two bones out of your eardrum?

Rainy Zinn: Um hm.

Sid Roth: Really hot or just...

Rainy Zinn: It was a noticeable heat. It wasn't like, oh, you know, I'm embarrassed, a heat-up kind of a thing. It was noticeable.

Sid Roth: I understand.

Rainy Zinn: It was hot.

Sid Roth: So what happened next.

Rainy Zinn: I told him that it started getting hot and stuff and he continued to pray, and about a little while after that there was a pop in my ear and it was just, like when your ear is popping going up in elevation or something like that. That's how it felt, but it was more of a pop that kind of it was a little painful. I noticed then it hurt and then I told him and he said, "Okay" and he continued to pray and he started talking to me and it was just like, I thought, you know, either he's talking louder or what, but he talked to me and stuff and then he came near me and he was just, like, "Can you hear this"? And I said, "Yes, I can" and I just started crying. It was just he was awesome, because he was kind of just, you know, God was healing me through some other things and stuff, and through all that, you know, he took the time just to the little things mattered to him. And so, it was just...

Sid Roth: Did you ever go to a doctor then to check this out?

Rainy Zinn: Well, I didn't really go to a doctor to prove it because I knew it was done and everything, but I had to go to a doctor appointment as my monthly checkup and I went in and he just does the regular checkup of, like, blood pressure and stuff and he had one of those little scopes that he put in your ear, and he looked in it and he goes, "Well, you had a recent surgery" and I was, like, well, yeah, and...

Sid Roth: But wait, no, you didn't have a recent surgery!

Rainy Zinn: Well, I considered it a recent surgery by the Creator...

Sid Roth: You mean God operated on you.

Rainy Zinn: Yeah, the Creator, but I told him, yeah, I had a recent surgery. I asked him, "What exactly do you see in there"? And he said, "Well, you have a brand new eardrum". And I almost started crying in the office. It was just it was confirmation and...

Sid Roth: Did you tell him who what the surgeon was?

Rainy Zinn: You know what? I didn't and I wish I had. It was like an opportunity...

Sid Roth: He said you had a brand new eardrum?

Rainy Zinn: Yeah, completely reconstructed and one of his comments that was just made me laugh was that, "And they did a pretty good job of it". I was like, yep, I believe they did.

Sid Roth: Yeah, you've seen a lot of miracles at Bethel church. Do you have any doubt that God wants to heal everyone?

Rainy Zinn: No doubt at all. I'm waiting for it, for people to just come and drive up the hill and be healed.

Sid Roth: And you were telling me you're in the Bible school here and they teach you explain to me about always being aware of the presence of God.

Rainy Zinn: They have times where we just sit in our chairs, and I think one of the teachers will get up and just start praying and then she'll go, "Okay, guys, we're going to pray and I just want you to let me know when you feel something", and, like, we have one teacher there that goes up there and she prays and she goes, "Okay, here it comes" and she goes, "Feel it"? And so the class is just like, wow, we really do feel it! And they're helping us to, yeah, recognize the anointing and stuff when it's there and everything, like, for example, they want us to take it out on the streets and, like, when we're walking around in a grocery store.

Sid Roth: Do you?

Rainy Zinn: I personally haven't done that.

Sid Roth: Why?

Rainy Zinn: Well, I'm still learning and, like, everyone gets sensitive and stuff toward that, but I'm growing in that area.

Sid Roth: I'd say that you're growing, and I have a sense that when God heals hearing in the natural, he does something to us in the supernatural, and what I believe is that I don't know if you're doing this now, that you're going to be hearing God's voice clearer than you ever have before.

Rainy Zinn: I have been to where it's blown me away and it's awesome. I love obeying God, especially when I hear directly from him through things and stuff.

Sid Roth: You know, we're going to interview next Bill Huff. You know him.

Rainy Zinn: Yeah.

Sid Roth: This is a man that was paralyzed from the waist down. In the next segment we're going to be talking about him. Were you here when he walked for the first time in the church?

Rainy Zinn: I missed that night. But I remember seeing him the first time I saw him was after his healing. I was driving down market street, I believe it was, and I saw him on the bike and I was just, like, wait a minute! He was in a wheelchair last I saw! And so, it boggled my mind and I was just like, God did that!

Sid Roth: What is a paralyzed man doing riding a bicycle? Better than that, what is a paralyzed man that the doctors say, "You'll never walk again" doing riding a bicycle? God is up to something. Do you know someone that needs a new eardrum? Do you know someone that might be paralyzed from the waist down? Do you know someone with cancer? Do you know someone with heart trouble? Do you know someone in pain from arthritis? Do you know someone with high blood pressure? Or someone that just needs peace? Well, you keep watching it's supernatural, and you know what? You know what, Rainy? I believe the Spirit of God will go right in and touch them and grab them, next, on it's supernatural.

Sid Roth: Hello, I'm Sid Roth, your investigative reporter. My guest, Bill Huff, did something any young person will do. He went swimming one day, but you got a lot more than you bargained for, Bill. Tell me about it.

Bill Huff: I was going diving off of a river bank, and everyone else was doing it, so I was, like, I can do it, so I jumped off and I didn't know how far I should have went out, and I didn't go out far enough. I hit the bottom, hit the sand and knew I broke my neck right then. I heard the snap.

Sid Roth: Did someone have to pull you out, or did you..

Bill Huff: No, I crawled out of there and I told my friend I needed help.

Sid Roth: Were you in pain?

Bill Huff: I was in pain, but I was more in shock, and I just I told them that I needed help and the last thing I remember was seeing my sandals in the bushes and that was it. I was in the ambulance and gone.

Sid Roth: Now, Bill, many years before that you were a poster boy for what organization?

Bill Huff: For the march of dimes.

Sid Roth: And why were you a poster boy?

Bill Huff: Just to I don't know exactly how it went, but I was just the poster child for all the other people, all the other kids in the California area.

Sid Roth: How come they picked you?

Bill Huff: I have no idea. I just...

Sid Roth: And you were born with one finger on one hand and two fingers on the other, and okay, so you the next thing you remember after you break your neck is, you're in the hospital. What was going on in the hospital, by the way?

Bill Huff: I woke up out of a coma. I was in a coma for a month and a half.

Sid Roth: That's a long time to be out of it!

Bill Huff: Yeah, and I didn't when I woke up I didn't even know what happened. I didn't know where I was. I was, like, I was totally lost. Really lost.

Sid Roth: And what did the doctor say had happened to you?

Bill Huff: It was a speech therapist that told me that she asked me, "Do you know what happened to you"? And I said, "Well, my neck, my..." she said I broke my neck and she said that you're here in UC Davis. That's all she told me. Otherwise she never told me anything, what really had happened.

Sid Roth: What had really happened?

Bill Huff: Well, when I broke my neck, when I...

Sid Roth: I know, but why were you in the coma? Because of the broken neck?

Bill Huff: The broken neck, the skull fracture, and meningitis.

Sid Roth: Oh! You really messed yourself up big time.

Bill Huff: They said I shouldn't have made it.

Sid Roth: All right. What did the doctors say would happen to you as a result of this?

Bill Huff: They never said anything. They never said anything at all. I walked out of the hospital. I was fine until three months after that.

Sid Roth: What happened?

Bill Huff: I felt like someone was punching me in the back real hard and made me I was crying, and finally my left leg started going numb. I didn't know what was going on the whole time.

Sid Roth: When you say someone punched you in the back, you mean hard.

Bill Huff: I mean really punching.

Sid Roth: Had you ever felt pain like that before?

Bill Huff: No.

Sid Roth: And so, how'd you end up?

Bill Huff: My left leg started going numb and then my and it went clean down to where I could hardly start walking at all, and then my right leg started going numb and by November 20 of '95 I was I ended up being in a wheelchair.

Sid Roth: And how'd you feel? I mean, here you're born with not all of your fingers and now you go a freak accident and now you're confined to a wheelchair. Would you eventually get better or what did the doctor say?

Bill Huff: The doctor said I'd never walk again. That's all I've had reports from Washington, down in redding here, and they said I'd never walk again.

Sid Roth: You must have been a very depressed person.

Bill Huff: Yeah, it was kind of like, how much more can you take from my...

Sid Roth: Did you think about taking your life?

Bill Huff: No. I never got to that point. I'm...

Sid Roth: I mean, the rest of your life you're going to be paralyzed. Now you're going to be dependent on other people. What did you have to live for?

Bill Huff: I mean, I don't know. It never came into my mind about killing myself or anything like that. It never did. I just, like, didn't want to I just, I was happy. I had lived with my arms being like this for my whole life, so, I mean, another step down. Well, you step on it, that's all.

Sid Roth: Okay. So, you were someone saw you in your wheelchair and had a little compassion and offered you a ride in Redding, California. Tell me about that.

Bill Huff: Yeah, me and my friend were going to cash in cans to get some money, and we were going by her place and she said, "You want a ride"? And I said, "Yeah, we'll take a ride". So we're and she takes us to a recycling place where they recycle cans, and the whole time she's talking about God. It was kind of interesting, but I was, like, I was stuck in the middle. There's nowhere I can go.

Sid Roth: You were a captive audience, is what you're saying.

Bill Huff: Yeah.

Sid Roth: I get them next to me all the time on airplanes.

Bill Huff: And she that's all she talked about, was about God, and it was kind of good. And we go back to our driveway and she said, "Do you want to accept Christ in your life"? And so she brought me to the knowledge of Christ.

Sid Roth: Then she told you to go to Bethel church...

Bill Huff: Yeah, she took me to Bethel church.

Sid Roth: And what did you think about that place?

Bill Huff: It was huge. It was just it was overwhelming.

Sid Roth: I mean the miracles! What'd you think about the healings?

Bill Huff: Well, I never when I first came here there was no nothing like that, but I knew what was going on.

Sid Roth: That's right. You were one of the very first miracles, and as a matter of fact, I want you to hear about the first miracle that opened the floodgates of miracles. We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: Hello, I'm Sid Roth, your investigative reporter, and I'm speaking to Bill Huff. Bill Huff, really, should have been an angry individual. He was born, birth defects: one finger on one hand, two fingers on the other. Then he went swimming. Freak accident! Dives: breaks his neck: in a hospital. Then he ends up being paralyzed from the waist down with no hope of ever recovering and a lady gave him a ride, told him about how he could have a personal relationship with God, invited him to her church, and you were kind of overwhelmed, you told me, about it being kind of big, but then two teenage boys started praying for you. Was this at every service?

Bill Huff: Yeah, every service since I came in that door.

Sid Roth: Why'd these two young boys pray for you?

Bill Huff: They wanted me healed.

Sid Roth: And what did you think? Did you think you would be healed?

Bill Huff: Yeah, I did. But and then it just...

Sid Roth: Why would you? You didn't know anything about healing.

Bill Huff: No, I know. I just think they'd pray for me and I figured I'd just walk right out of the wheelchair instantly like that, but it never happened that way.

Sid Roth: But did you like the attention of them praying for you every service?

Bill Huff: Yeah!

Sid Roth: I would think so, and so, tell me about the time you were healed.

Bill Huff: The time I was healed I was I went to another church. It was like a Wednesday night. It was like a Bible study, and they were teaching on John 11: John 11:40. And he kept on saying this verse and he kept on it'd stick to my it was really sticking to me. I really I really liked the verse. It was good. And it said, Jesus said to the lady, "Did I not say if you believe you'll see the glory of God"? And I'm in an electric wheelchair and I'm going home, and I'm going, "Lord, I really want to walk". And then I get home and I put the wheelchair in the house and I'm sitting there and I'm going, okay, Lord, I'm gonna I'm really gonna go for this. So I get to the kinda straggle myself up to the doorway and I'm holding on. I said if we're gonna do it, you gotta do it with me because I can't do it myself. And I started walking and every step I took, I just said, Jesus, Jesus, and I walked around the whole block. And I come home and I was I was fired up. I was, like, totally on fire and it...

Sid Roth: I mean, you're walking! The doctors said you couldn't walk and you're walking! Fired up? That's kind of you must have been the happiest man on two feet!

Bill Huff: Yeah, I was, but I just I was real I don't know how, holding it in. I held it in a lot.

Sid Roth: So, who's the first person you told?

Bill Huff: The first person I told was well, the lady who brought me to Christ. I told her.

Sid Roth: How did she react?

Bill Huff: She just wow! She came over and she was all happy, and I said, well, we've got to go to church. So...

Sid Roth: So what did you tell me about when you told your pastor.

Bill Huff: Oh, pastor Bill, it was I walked in the door and he's...

Sid Roth: You walked in the door. I caught that.

Bill Huff: I walked in there and I'm standing there right next to pastor Bill and he's greeting people. And I go over there and he looks at me and shakes my hand. He said, "How you doing"? I said, "I'm doing real good". And all of a sudden he looks at me, he looks up and down, he goes, "What"? He was kind of like, wow! Totally kind of blew him away, and he asked, "Well, what happened"? I said, "I'm walking".

Sid Roth: And that evening you shared with the church. How'd the church react when they saw you walking?

Bill Huff: They're all just they're clapping, hollering. It was just totally it was like a total amazement to them. They've always been praying for me, for me to walk. Everyone's always been praying for that. And when I did, they were just, like, a fulfillment of their prayers.

Sid Roth: But let me ask you something. How do you think your church is going to react when the next thing happens to you that you've had a vision from God on? Tell me what I'm referring to.

Bill Huff: Okay, there was a little girl. She was born with one valve in her heart. It was a friend of my well, it was the niece of the lady who brought me to Christ. She said, "Well, let's go pray for her". So we went up there and it was kind of odd I don't know how you'd we were praying for her and you could see God's hand above her. It was just it wasn't like...

Sid Roth: You had, like, a vision of God's hand above her...

Bill Huff: Yeah. And it wasn't like a fleshy-looking hand. It was just like a spiritual hand. It's just like rubber and all of a sudden it just dropped into her. And I'm sitting there going, 'wow!' I just and I told her about it and she just well, good! Well, that girl, she was supposed to have heart surgery three weeks from then and she never had heart surgery and now she's 2, 2-1/2 years old.

Sid Roth: Now, you pray for a lot of people, but there's a girl without a heart valve! You got that? A girl without a heart valve, got her heart valve back, but what I was referring to wasn't her. I'm glad you told me about her. But I was referring to what's going to go on here. What is going to happen? You tell me what's going to happen here.

Bill Huff: I'm gonna get 'em. These are mine. They're going to...

Sid Roth: You're going to get a full hand?

Bill Huff: Full hand, full arms, everything.

Sid Roth: The other one, too?

Bill Huff: Yeah.

Sid Roth: Are you sure?

Bill Huff: I'm positive.

Sid Roth: Is there anything impossible for God?

Bill Huff: No.

Sid Roth: Did you hear that? There is nothing impossible for God and you count you count! God had you watch us right now. This isn't an accident. This isn't a coincidence. This isn't happenstance. This is God saying, "I love you, and if you will repent of your sins and make me Lord, believe that Jesus died in your place and read the Bible and start doing what it says, you'll find out there is a destiny for you beyond anything you ever asked or thought or imagined or dreamt. This is your moment. Do something about it! Don't let this moment pass you by. Even when we go off the air, you make it right with God. Okay, Bill, now, we're going to satisfy everyone that's watching us. I want to see you because we just disconnected your microphone would you please stand up and just walk off this set, and every step you take, remember you said 'Jesus' every step? Say it: say his name. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Jesus! That's a miracle! Jesus! He's walking in the name of Jesus!
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