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Sid Roth - Palestinian Leaders Healed by Jesus

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Sid Roth - Palestinian Leaders Healed by Jesus

Sid Roth: This man prayed for Arafat and his leaders, and Arafat and 60 members of his cabinet were physically healed on this edition of It's Supernatural.

Sid Roth: Hello. I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter. My guest Dave Duell met with the man that has been in the news, Arafat, in a way different than any news reporter has written it. Now Dave, how in the world did you have a private meeting with Arafat?

Dave Duell: It was all God, Sid. I have a good friend in Denver and he drilled some oil wells over there in Israel, and he became acquainted with different people, met the mayor of Bethlehem, and told him about a plan that God had given him for different things for Israel and the Palestinians. And before long, he was invited by Arafat, and this man was looking for a couple men to go with him, and he got laid on his heart that I should go with him. And so I got to go with he and his son, and we ended up in Tunis, Tunisia.

Sid Roth: How did you even say, can I pray for you? I mean, I just don't picture that, Dave.

Dave Duell: We were talking about different things and politics, and all this, and pretty soon my friend said, "Tell the Chairman what you do". And I knew this was my opportunity. And I stood right up in front of him and talked to him about what I've seen in my life, what I've seen God do in miracles and casting devils out of people.

Sid Roth: All right. Tell me the greatest, we'll pick up right here. But tell me the greatest miracle you have seen with your own eyes.

Dave Duell: I was in England, Sid, and I was doing, just ministering and they brought up a healing line there. And here comes this woman in a wheelchair, and her head was about this big, swollen. Her eyes were swollen shut. Her nose was about like my fist. Big lips, she couldn't talk. And the reason, she had this big upside down tumor sticking on her head with hair sticking out of it.

Sid Roth: What a horrible.

Dave Duell: Horrible looking thing. And man, you just wanted to grab and shake it, and man, I prayed.

Sid Roth: I don't know. I don't that would want to even touch it.

Dave Duell: I just hated that thing. And man, I just did everything I could, prayed over it, demanded that thing to leave, and didn't see anything. So I went to the next person. I looked back and it was shaking, Sid, just like it was a vibrator. And I told the people, "Take a look, look at this! Look at this"! And in two minutes time that thing disappeared, disappeared in front of her eyes and it was just like pulling a mask off of this woman's face. As a healing power came down her head, her head became normal and her eyes opened up, and her nose became normal, her lips came normal, her neck went down. And we're all amazed. And she walked out of the wheelchair, going, "Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus"!

Sid Roth: Now you told stories like this to the PLO.

Dave Duell: Yeah.

Sid Roth: These people are, I mean, this just isn't your Sunday afternoon social that you're having there.

Dave Duell: And as I was talking to them, just the anointing of the Holy Spirit came in the room and they didn't say who they believed in or whatever. They went, "God"!

Sid Roth: Really.

Dave Duell: "God is here". And I told Arafat, I said, "How would you like to see my Jesus heal all of your men".

Sid Roth: What did he say?

Dave Duell: He said, "I think that be a good idea". I said, "Follow me". I became like commander in chief in his office and I just walked around and looked at these 12 key PLO leaders. And the Holy Spirit began to speak to me which, what was the problems. I told a guy about a back problem and I said, "Your right leg is about that short". And I said, "Now watch this, Arafat".

Sid Roth: Stop. What did, did the thought cross your mind if when you said, "Watch this Arafat, it didn't happen?

Dave Duell: No. I know my Jesus, praise God, and it was a Divine assignment. And I prayed for so many people.

Sid Roth: All right. You say, "watch this", this was to Arafat?

Dave Duell: This was not on Arafat.

Sid Roth: No, I know.

Dave Duell: His key guys.

Sid Roth: But was Arafat watching?

Dave Duell: Oh yes and he got right down there.

Sid Roth: All right, tell me what was wrong with this key guy?

Dave Duell: His leg was about an inch short. And I said, "Now watch this". And the Holy Spirit lengthened his leg like that. And I said, "Perfect"! And Arafat goes, "Perfect". And went to the next guy, and the guy goes, "I'm healed! I'm healed! My back's healed"! And he bent up and over, and we went to the next man.

Sid Roth: Wait. I want to go back to the thing that Arafat was watching. In other words, someone extended their legs.

Dave Duell: Yeah.

Sid Roth: And there was a difference in their heels.

Dave Duell: Just like that.

Sid Roth: Is there a difference in my heels, by the way?

Dave Duell: Yeah. Would you like to?

Sid Roth: I would you like you to pray, yeah.

Dave Duell: Okay, okay, let's sit you straight. Now watch camera. You see his leg right here? I don't know if you can focus in on right there. That's an inch short.

Sid Roth: There is a difference.

Dave Duell: Yeah, there is a difference.

Sid Roth: I just wanted to see.

Dave Duell: Okay, you see that right there?

Sid Roth: It's about a heel difference.

Dave Duell: Okay. Now watch this come. Here comes the power, Sid. See that thing lengthen? Praise God. God just lengthened your leg right there. Did you see that grow?

Sid Roth: Now, I want everyone to know this is not a trick. This was not preplanned.

Dave Duell: No.

Sid Roth: This was, you did this, Arafat's watching.

Dave Duell: Yeah. You want to see a replay of this?

Sid Roth: No, I don't know.

Dave Duell: Look at that replay. The Holy Ghost just put it back, just like it was a minute ago. Now watch it grow again. Boy, if TV can do it, Jesus can do it. Do you see that thing grow? Perfect.

Sid Roth: Yes. That is amazing. Dave, all right, Arafat was as amazed as everyone watching us right now. What happened?

Dave Duell: Oh, he said, "Perfect"! So I went to the next man and he had coke bottle glasses, real thick. I said, "Take your glasses off". He took his glasses off. I just blew in his eyes. I went, I said, "Now read". He could read perfectly. He was instantly healed. The man, this big strong man, started crying like a baby.

Sid Roth: These are the Palestinian leaders.

Dave Duell: That's exactly right.

Sid Roth: You're talking about.

Dave Duell: This is the top of the line.

Sid Roth: These are suicide bomb people, everything.

Dave Duell: Oh yes. They were all around there. And that guy started crying like a baby. And I went to the next guy, and Jesus healed him. The next guy, and I said, "Okay, now Chairman, it's your turn. You got a bad back problem right here, and your right leg is that short".

Sid Roth: This is Arafat.

Dave Duell: Yes. And I'm telling him this.

Sid Roth: How did you know his leg was short?

Dave Duell: I saw it, one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that God has put in my life, years ago, when God gave me that power of the Holy Ghost. And man, so I said, "Okay, Mr. Chairman, you sit in the chair". And just like we saw your leg lengthen there, it lengthened. I said, "Okay, your back is healed". And he checked, and he said, he leaped out of the chair and he said, "I'm healed! I'm healed"! And man, everybody jumped. You know, when the boss jumps, everybody jumps. There was a knock at the door and that's when all these men come started parading up there. And, Sid, in my life, I don't know why Jesus did this, but I believe every person was healed we laid hands on.

Sid Roth: Now Arafat invited you back. Is that right?

Dave Duell: Oh, he was so excited. He put us first class back. He said, "Please come back. As soon as you can, please come back". So we came back two months later and he introduced us to all the key PLO leaders.

Sid Roth: Listen, I want to find out, I want to know how these miracles work with me, work with Arafat. I want to understand this.

Sid Roth: Hello. I'm Sid Roth here speaking to Dave Duell. I'm going to tell you something. This man found himself in front of Arafat and all of is big shots, prayed. Arafat saw miracle and invited Dave Duell back. What happened when you came back?

Dave Duell: Oh, he introduced us to all his key PLO leaders again and he just said he was so excited. He said, "We're so happy to have these men back with us, the men who love us and the men who know their God". Man, that sounded like it was just like it came right out of the Bible. Man, I tell you it was so excited, exciting. And he opened up all his offices to us. Everywhere we went we had miracle services. There wasnít one office closed to us.

Sid Roth: Out of curiosity between the two of us, did Arafat or any of his chief lieutenants make Jesus their Messiah?

Dave Duell: Yes. It was wonderful. One of the key men, I mean one of the men that was used in a lot of this stuff, his wife had a bad chest problem, couldn't find out the problem, didn't know what the answer was for years. And he said, "Would you please come to my house and pray for my wife". And he said, "Oh, it would be a wonderful thing". And we went there and visited a little bed. And all I did, Sid, was just blew on her, released the power of the Holy Ghost. She said, "It's gone! It's gone"! She, both of them started crying. And we introduced them to Jesus through the blood covenant. Both of them received Jesus.

Sid Roth: I'm curious. How did this power happen? Did it just happen one day? How do you move in this kind of power?

Dave Duell: I grew up on a farm and a ranch. I knew Jesus when I was a little boy, but I never had the power. And I went through live saying, where's the power, where's the power, got to have the power. And the Bible says, when you get hungry you're going to find it, when you seek you're going to find, when you knock the door will be open to you. So God put a man into my life, told me about these things. I was introduced to this power of the Holy Spirit at a businessmen's meeting and I received that infilling of the Holy Spirit, my life changed instantly. The Bible came alive. I started praying for my sick cows and horses. God started healing my sick cows and horses.

Sid Roth: Serious.

Dave Duell: Serious. I started practicing on them. And like I said, you know, my reputation began to go throughout the land. One cow told another cow. One horse told another horse. Sid, I got speaking engagements all over.

Sid Roth: He's just kidding. I want you to know. Am I right?

Dave Duell: Yeah.

Sid Roth: But you did pray for the animals.

Dave Duell: And they got healed, yes. And that's, I saw God's power there and then God put me in a supernatural situation up in Canada, my first miracle service where I was scared to death. I couldn't preach. It was terrible according to me. And I saw a woman healed of multiple sclerosis that was blind, on crutches. Her blind eyes opened, crutches fell and she went right in front of the crowd. That's my first miracle I saw.

Sid Roth: Now I've heard of a famous world-renowned evangelist, I believe his name is Robert Thom.

Dave Duell: Yes.

Sid Roth: All right. And he had an amazing thing happen in reference to you.

Dave Duell: Yeah. He was a prophet from South Africa. I read his book, "New Wine is Better".

Sid Roth: I read about him, too. This man really moved in the power.

Dave Duell: Oh, it was powerful. Little did I know that I'd ever meet this man. And God gave him a vision in a Denny's in Oklahoma City to go to our town and through supernatural connections, it was done immediately. And I got the privilege of picking him up. I traveled with this man.

Sid Roth: Did he come to your town to see you specifically?

Dave Duell: Yes. The Holy Ghost told him that. Go immediately to this town. And I got to pick him up and traveled with him for a week, and that's how my ministry started. He said, "Stand next to me". He said, "The gifts I got, you'll get". He said, "You"...

Sid Roth: So the gifts, if I can use a medical expression, are contagious.

Dave Duell: They are. You become who you hang around with.

Sid Roth: I'm going to hang around with you.

Dave Duell: It's not work. It's not taught. It's caught

Sid Roth: Did he pray for you to have these gifts?

Dave Duell: Yes, he did pray over me in a little city out in Eastern Colorado, and I was under the power for, under the power of the Holy Spirit, laying on the floor. He prophesied over me for about 20 minutes. Things, Sid, that he prophesied to me 20 years ago are now coming to pass in my life at this very moment.

Sid Roth: You know, one of the first times that I met you, Dave, you prayed for me and I talk about this all over, because it was the most amazing thing. You prayed the way this man prayed for you. You came towards me. I don't know that you even touched me. I doubt if you even touched me. And I felt like a karate chop.

Dave Duell: I remember.

Sid Roth: Over the back of my knee like this and like this, and you know, you can't stand. If you're standing and something hit you there. Now when I fell over, I got up. My son-in-law was in the front row. I walked up to my son-in-law. Now this is the honest, this is the truth. I walked to my son-in-law and I said, "Who hit me"?

Dave Duell: That's right.

Sid Roth: Now I knew that it was God. But I mean, who hit me? You answer me. Who hit me? My son-in-law said no one was behind me. Who hit me?

Dave Duell: That's exactly right. It was either an angel, whatever, but it was so supernatural. That's what happens. You see, most of this you don't learn in seminaries. I call it burning bush university, man, where the Holy Spirit teaches you. He has taught me over all these years. He's given me a chop where I was, I was going to pray for this lady one night, and I was, God opened up my eyes and there's a supernatural realm out here. Even Arafat knew that. I told him that. He said, "Yes, there is". And God opened my eyes and I saw eight hoses coming out of the sky, like water hoses, into this woman's back. It amazed me. I said, "What is that"?

Sid Roth: What was going on?

Dave Duell: And the Lord said, "Those are curses of the generations on this woman, oppression, depression, sickness". I said, "God, what do you want me to do about that"? He said, "Take your arm like a sword and cut them off". And I was still seeing in the Spirit. But my arm turned into a sword and the fire run around it. That was a weapon God gave me, a gift of the Holy Spirit. And told that woman what I saw and she said, "Chop, brother chop"! And so when I chopped it, I saw all those hoses, and she was instantly free, healed. I never seen so much power released. She about killed two ushers. She banged into them and all three of them wept. And I've used that all over the world, and I see people that are oppressed just by cutting over their head. I know this sounds so funny and stupid, but I can get people set free just like that.

Sid Roth: From depression?

Dave Duell: Depression, sicknesses, any kind of things right in front of your eyes.

Sid Roth: Well let me ask you a question. Can we do this to those that are watching on television or watching this video when we come back in a moment?

Dave Duell: We sure can.

Sid Roth: Will people be healed?

Dave Duell: Oh yeah, of course.

Sid Roth: But let me ask you a question before we do that. How do you hear God's voice so clearly?

Dave Duell: I went out, when I receive that power of the Holy Spirit, I said, God, I want to know your voice, got to learn to listen to your voice. This may sound so stupid, but another farmer, rancher got filled with the spirit when I did. We said, we got to learn how to listen to the spirit. And so we played hide and go seek in the spirit.

Sid Roth: What do you mean?

Dave Duell: People are going to say, you're crazy.

Sid Roth: Well they already are saying that.

Dave Duell: I said, "You go get in your pickup and you go ride in town, and I'll ask the Holy Ghost where you're at". And so I took me a half a day to find him.

Sid Roth: You did find him.

Dave Duell: I found him after half a day. We practiced like that for six months, and pretty soon the city was too small, because I could drive right to him.

Sid Roth: Dave, we're going to be back right after this segment. Let me tell you something. If you know someone that is sick, you make sure they be back right after this word.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth back again with Dave Duell. You heard about miracles. You saw miracles already. But that's good for them. What about you? What about you? Dave, what about those that are watching us right now? You talked about being able to cut generational curses.

Dave Duell: Yes.

Sid Roth: Like strings in the spirit off of people and also they get healed.

Dave Duell: Right.

Sid Roth: What's going to happen right now?

Dave Duell: Well just as you were talking about that, this is the way the gifts of the Holy Spirit operate. I immediately saw in the realm of the Spirit, in my mind's eye, a man about 23 years old, dark, black hair. He's a nice looking man, but he's been under oppression for three years. He sits in his house and he can't do anything. He's immobilized. And Jesus is going to set that man free today.

Sid Roth: Now how about others that do not fit that description?

Dave Duell: You can hang right into it. You can come right into this thing and receive it for yourself.

Sid Roth: Okay. I want you to pray as God's spirit directs. You're hearing God's voice. I know that you're hearing God's voice and I know that the miracles are going to be released in a power explosion right now. Would you look at people and pray for them.

Dave Duell: Yes. You see, it's the Holy Spirit that brought us to this oppression, depression thing and so everyone that's oppressed right now, and there is a lot of people watching this thing. And we have authority in Jesus' name, so I'm going to pray a little simple prayer for you. So in the mighty name of Jesus, right now I command every oppressive spirit off of you. I command it broken. I command you released right now in Jesus' name. Amen. I tell you what, Sid. I found out the shorter the prayer, the greater faith. You don't have to pray long prayers.

Sid Roth: You know, as I read the New Testament, I don't see that Jesus prayed these long grandiose prayers that man prays.

Dave Duell: No.

Sid Roth: There's a big difference between religion and God.

Dave Duell: Oh man, I tell you what, we get baptized religion. I tell you what, Jesus came to destroy religion. Man, I tell you what, the only thing he put down because religion binds up people. And Jesus came to set us free.

Sid Roth: Now I notice that you have a certain joy, a certain, you're not real serious and deadpan.

Dave Duell: I love it.

Sid Roth: Tell me some of the funniest miracles that you have ever participated in.

Dave Duell: I tell you, the first devil I ever cast out of a person, you know, people out here say, devils, there's devils? The first one was in a Presbyterian lady and I was taught at that time you had to get their names. And so I said, come out!

Sid Roth: You had to get the demon's name?

Dave Duell: Yeah, I said, "What's your name in Jesus' name"? And for 15 minutes, I'm saying that. And all at once, this little voice comes out of her mouth, and boy, my eyes about popped out. And this demon said, "Straight hair"! Straight hair.

Sid Roth: That was the name of the demon?

Dave Duell: Yeah. That was the name of the demon. I said, "Straight hair, what do you mean straight hair"? "Straight hair"! I said, "What do you do"? "She gets a permanent and I make it straight". That was his job.

Sid Roth: And did she say that's what was happening?

Dave Duell: And she came alive and said, "It's true! It's true! And after I get a permanent, 30 minutes it's straight. I've never been able to hold a permanent". Man, I command that devil and it came out. She got a permanent. We prayed for her, and she came and said, "Look at this". It was stuck.

Sid Roth: Now you did something so funny that a national television show that showed what happened, you know, on videos and things like that, they showed it. Tell me about that.

Dave Duell: Oh yeah. I was preaching and I was telling them I heard God laugh. God laughs. God is, Jesus came down here to show about God. And it says in Hebrews 1:9, "Jesus had more joy above all his fellows". He was the happiest man on Earth. And that tells me we have the happiest God in the universe.

Sid Roth: So tell me what happened on that video.

Dave Duell: And so I was, when I heard God laugh and I heard God laugh. He went, "Ha, ha, ha, ha"! And I got so excited, I hit the pulpit and broke it. And they sent it in to this DVD deal, and it went off on, and I've been on it three times. And I heard God laugh! "Haw, haw haw haw"! I thought it was funny after I saw it.

Sid Roth: Dave, how can those that are watching us right now hear God's voice? How can those that are watching us right now have faith to believe that they can be healed?

Dave Duell: Yes. I know that's a process and we're all learning. Man, I just grew up in a normal so-called Christian family. And then after I had that explosion of the Holy Ghost, I learned how to listen to the voice of the Spirit and the miracles started happening in my life. And the more I practiced, you see, we're afraid to practice on people. And I learned to listen. I don't hear, Dave, now do this and this. I don't hear an audible voice.

Sid Roth: What do you hear?

Dave Duell: I'm strongly impressed. I know how the gifts function. We're spirit, soul and body. We have a spirit, we live in a body, we have a mind, we have emotions. And so many of us are, all we're taught all our lives is to listen to the brain. But we have a spirit and the Holy Spirit speaks through the spirit, and we're impressed. We're, you start functioning in the gifts, like if you have back problems. I can look at people and know where their back problem is. I can hear the Holy Spirit telling me exactly where it's at, where the problem is at, which leg is short. That's the way...

Sid Roth: So when you prayed for me earlier, you, I knew I had a short leg. There's no way you could have known unless God showed you.

Dave Duell: That's right.

Sid Roth: And then why did you pray to do it again?

Dave Duell: Oh, that's just for break religion. Man I tell you what, we get so religious. I believe when Jesus healed somebody, did he cry? He laughed. I could see Jesus walking around, healing people, laughing. It's a joyous time. I have more fun than anybody else. I laugh more than anybody. It's just the joy of the Spirit to see people healed, to be set free. Man, it's just exciting.

Sid Roth: Let me ask you a question. Are you being provoked to jealousy? What you're watching right now, it's not religion. It's not tradition. It's reality. You can know the God that created this whole universe. But there is no other name given unto men in which we must be saved.

Dave Duell: That's right".

Sid Roth: But the name of Jesus.

Dave Duell: That's right.

Sid Roth: You see, if you repent of your sins and if you make Jesus your savior and Lord, you then can have this life, this abundant life, this reality.
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