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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Need a Miracle? This Video's for You

Sid Roth - Need a Miracle? This Video's for You

Sid Roth - Need a Miracle? This Video's for You

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Sid Roth - Need a Miracle? This Video's for You

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. For the last ten years of Kathryn Kuhlman's life, and as far as I'm concerned, she had greater miracles than I've ever seen in my entire lifetime, this woman prayed with her, worked with her and she got healed of an incurable disease. And when she got healed, that same miracle anointing that was on Katheryn Kuhlman stuck to her, and I'm going to have her pray that anointing come on you, and miracles are released. Joan Gieson, I felt Kathryn Kuhlman had the highest level miracle ministry I have ever witnessed in my life. You had the high privilege of being with her the last ten years of her life in, let's say her inner circle. Two of the three women that were part of that are in Heaven now. You were telling me that there were many times that you would hold her hand and the two of you would pray before a service. And one time you told me you almost felt like you were being lifted off the ground. Tell me about that.

Joan Gieson: These are experiences you will never forget because they're not normal, and literally, when you held that woman's hand you did feel like you were being lifted. There was such a power, such a simplicity that you walked in that. You walked in it. It wasn't anything you had to prepare for. You walked in the Spirit of the Living God. And today, that's as real today as it was then.

Sid Roth: Well let me tell you something, on this set, it's real right now. I believe anything is possible.

Joan Gieson: Absolutely.

Sid Roth: Anything is going to happen during this show.

Joan Gieson: Absolutely.

Sid Roth: I want to take you back. You're 27 years old. You have something that should happen to no one.

Joan Gieson: My husband and I had a little boy, and he was beautiful, and he was wonderful, and it was Michael and I in the house. And I stooped over to pick up one of the little toys he dropped, and when I raised up, I couldn't see. And there was a doctor at the end of our block. At the end of the street there was a doctor's office and they took me down there. And he said, "I don't think I can do anything. What I can see that there are hemorrhages behind both eyes and I want you to go to a," he was a brain specialist. His name was Edmond Smalleck in St. Louis. He was considered one of the very best. He looked in the eyes and the optic nerve behind both eyes were swollen into the brain and there were hemorrhages behind both eyes. Now that is the reason I couldn't see and they said I would never see. They said I would never live.

Sid Roth: In fact, you told me you were preparing for death.

Joan Gieson: I already had. I gave my little boy to my sister and I gave all my clothes, because my mom and I were the same size, and I became a young woman in a bed. And now it's Michael's first day of school. He's five and a half years old, time for him to go to school. I was determined to take him to school. So he helped me walk to the bus, got on the bus, went to the school and the teacher put a chair out in the hall. I said, "I'll sit right here and I'll wait for him". So the time went by and she came out, and said, "Joan, Michael doesn't feel well. You're going to have to take him home". I said, "Judy, I can't. I don't drive anymore. I came on the bus". And all of a sudden, there was a lady. I didn't hear her come up, I didn't see her, a lady, and she said, "I overheard and I'll be glad to take you home". And on the way home this lady kept talking about Jesus, and it became so simple to me. And she said, "I knew these people and I had to lead them to Jesus". And I said, "You did? Well how did you do that"? And then she was telling me, I was repeating it inside myself, "Dear Jesus, I am a sinner. Forgive me of my sins. The blood of your son covers me. Let me live. Let me be saved". That day I became a born again child of God, but I was still blind.

Sid Roth: And one day you heard a radio program and you heard a voice. What did that voice say?

Joan Gieson: "Hello there. Have you been waiting fah me"? Not for me, "fah me".

Sid Roth: And you just, she just knew that she could get a miracle if she could get to that Kathryn Kuhlman service. And so her husband Frank and her girlfriend Shirley, who had MS, went to this meeting. Now, when you got inside there, what was the first thing you could feel?

Joan Gieson: We didn't get a front row or a second row. We were in the 56th, as I can remember, row. Fifty-six, that was pretty far in the back. And we sat down, and I closed my eyes, and I started to cry. And Frank, "Stop crying". And I kept crying and crying, and crying. And I said, "Frank, I think I can see". And he said, "No, you can't. Stop talking. No, you can't". I said, "But Frank, I think I can". And he said, "No, you can't, you can't. Honey, don't get yourself all excited now. We're just here to listen to a sermon". And I opened my eyes, Sid, and I could see. I could see the color of the cloth on the pulpit. I could see the marble. I could see the people.

Sid Roth: You told me you felt a light on your head. Explain.

Joan Gieson: A light, just like the light over our head, shining bright, but it was a light that came down that went through me. I still feel the light.

Sid Roth: You know why? Here's what I believe. I believe it was at that moment that God selected Joan to be a helper to the Kathryn Kuhlman Ministry and equipped her with amazing gifts of the Spirit. Okay, what happened to your friend with MS?

Joan Gieson: She got healed. She came out of the wheelchair and she walked in front of however many of that church held, and she walked, and she ran, and Miss Kuhlman would go like this: "Well do it again. Do it again". And Shirley would run and she'd come back.

Sid Roth: You told me, last night, that people with MS are going to be physically healed.

Joan Gieson: Absolutely.

Sid Roth: Will you pray for them right now.

Joan Gieson: Absolutely. Father God, in the name of Jesus, you have given me the Word, Father. You spoke that to me. I've heard that for one and a half days that MS people, right now, there's someone getting out of your wheelchair. Right now, you're standing up for the first time in a long time. Don't be afraid. Just walk. Just walk. Now, that was a man. There's a woman also, you're hesitant, honey. You're hesitant. Don't second guess it. Just get up. Get up out of your wheelchair and God will help you. There's many of you and it doesn't have to be MS. It's anyone in a wheelchair, anyone with an infliction. The Spirit of God is here. The Spirit of God is on you. Just like us in this studio, he's touching you. He's personally, you can feel him. I've got goose pimples everywhere. You can feel his touch. You're not alone in that house. He's with you. Do something you could not do before. God is real. Don't be afraid. It's okay. It's good. It's the Holy Spirit alive right next to you, in you and around you. Ask him for anything that you have need of. Yeah.

Sid Roth: But you know what?

Joan Gieson: What?

Sid Roth: You didn't tell me what happened to you and Frank when you went up to tell Miss Kuhlman that you were healed. Is Frank convinced you're healed at this point?

Joan Gieson: Well he's confused. I mean, he brought me to a healing service and he didn't want me to go anywhere. I said, "I'm going to go". He said, "You can't go. You can't see. You can't do this". And I said, "I can". He said, "No, you can't". And I said, "I believe God just healed me". So I got up and started walking down, and I heard this little voice say, "Hold on, I'm right behind you". And it was Frank. And we got down to Miss Kuhlman. And here I am the star of the show, okay, I'm the one that's healed, and she looks at my husband, and she goes, "Oh, the Glory". And he goes up, and they get him up, and she goes, "Oh the Glory". He goes up again.

Sid Roth: Okay. Then she finally prayed for you. I mean, you were getting a little jealous, I think.

Joan Gieson: Absolutely, just a little bit. Just a bit. And it took us 18 hours to get back home, and we're talking about Jesus all night.

Sid Roth: So what she did is she started renting buses and filling it with sick people, and bringing these sick people to the Kathryn Kuhlman meeting to get healed. But something happened along the way. Most of the people, many times, were physically healed before they even got to the meeting.

Joan Gieson: Yes.

Sid Roth: Tell me about one person that had cancer, a little girl.

Joan Gieson: Oh, a little girl. Oh, that was Fabia. She must have been about eight years old and she was from Missouri. She was from St. Louis and she got healed, and it was in her leg. They were going to amputate her leg. And it was big, huge, huge, big. Here was this little bitty, frail girl, seven, maybe eight, and this leg, and it was hideous looking, and the odor, you could smell it, and instantly God healed that thing. Instantly God healed that thing. And there's 56 usually to 60 seats on a bus, and there was probably 56 people on that bus, and they watched it. They saw it. You talk about faith.

Sid Roth: I imagine anyone could have been healed of anything.

Joan Gieson: Anything.

Sid Roth: But the thing that's so amazing is it's on the bus going to the meeting before they even get there.

Joan Gieson: That's right. Hallelujah.

Sid Roth: But then, I mean, you've got, we have a Hebrew word, it's called chutzpah.

Joan Gieson: Chutzpah.

Sid Roth: It means nerve. You've got chutzpah, lady. Let me tell you what she does. On her own, God starts talking to her. Tell me the first person that was healed in a meeting that you walked up to and how did that happen.

Joan Gieson: The guy is deaf, and of course, I didn't know that. I didn't know he was deaf. And I walked up to him and I put my hands on his ears, not his ears, just his head, and I said, "Something is wrong". And he said it was his stomach that was healed. And he just sat there and all of a sudden he said, "Look, lady, there was never anything wrong with my stomach". And I said, "Okay, you can grieve God if you want to, but he's healing you anyway. That stomach is healed". He said, "Lady, there's never been anything wrong with me. Never have I had one thing wrong with my stomach". Now he's irate. And I said, "All right, I don't grieve God's Spirit". I turned and started to walk away from him, and I hear this... And I thought, oh now what, and I turn back, and here this lady next to him is sobbing, sobbing from her inside. And I said, "What? What"? She said, "That's my husband and he has not heard a word for 40 years, not a word". And the lady said, if I would have said, "Your ears are deaf," okay, "he would have never, ever done anything because he would have thought it was a setup".

Sid Roth: So the whole thing was orchestrated by God.

Joan Gieson: God does it all. He's orchestrated today. He's orchestrated our audience listening today. There is nothing impossible with God. He's right there with you. We've prayed that before we even came together today at this table. There is nothing impossible. It doesn't have to be a ray of light or a thundering sound. His Spirit is gentle and kind, and right there to hear you. And there are people today that are coming out of their chairs. And some of you are not even in this country. It's difficult to understand English, but God is healing you and you're working. Get up. Just get up, he's holding your hands and just walk. And there are people right now that have been given death sentences. Don't believe it. God is the final answer. God is the true answer. Anything and all things are possible. Nothing is impossible. Just reach out. Just reach out. Reach out and take that healing, and hold them tight.

Sid Roth: Let's go back to Miss Kuhlman. A lot of people don't know about her compassion. Tell me what you observed.

Joan Gieson: In love with people where she gave her life. She gave her life.

Sid Roth: You would see her weeping over those that were not healed.

Joan Gieson: Her office was right at the end of the street. Her street came in like this and her office was up, I think it was on the sixth floor. And I went up there one day, and I walked in, and there she is. She's crumble. And she looked up at me, and she said, "Joan, why didn't they all get healed"? She strived for an answer to that. Of course, there's answer.

Sid Roth: I heard her say that a day would be coming in which entire hospitals would be cleared out.

Joan Gieson: I believe that. Do you know that's something I've prayed for. God let me in on that. Let me be there when that happens.

Sid Roth: We're coming, I'm going to tell you something, we're coming to that day. But in the meantime there's such an awesome presence of God that just as we're talking you're going to get healed. Tell me about the time she went, from a meeting, had to get away, so she walked through the kitchen. What happened? How many chefs were there?

Joan Gieson: Oh, the chefs were cooking the food. This is an auditorium. This is not her church. This is an auditorium. And here are the chefs. She's walking down the aisle and they're falling on the floor, and there's hats, and there's spoons, and it's going clang, clang. And Frank and Miss Kuhlman are at the elevator, and she turns around and she goes, "Oh my goodness". It was so precious. Everybody is on the floor. Miss Kuhlman knew that it had nothing to do with her. So she always kept herself humble.

Sid Roth: I'm going to ask Joan to pray for an impartation of the miracle anointing and pray for miracles when we come back.

Sid Roth: You know, Joan, there are so many things that I observed about Kathryn Kuhlman that really provoked me to jealousy. I really wanted those things. But I have to say the thing that was so obvious to me is she had such an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. Tell me a bit about that.

Joan Gieson: Yield is the word. Gift is the word. She had total relinquishment of her as a, just a regular woman. And this woman was committed. Her body, her mind, her soul, everything about her walked in that commitment. Now, I don't know if I am exaggerating the issue, but she would come out of her office and cross Fifth Street there, and she would walk through this traffic. And everywhere she went they didn't know who she was, but you could feel her, that atmosphere of God's Holy Spirit in that woman just walking down the street, and it touched people on the side of her. I love that...

Sid Roth: So she carried the atmosphere of Heaven.

Joan Gieson: Oh, she did.

Sid Roth: Wherever she went.

Joan Gieson: She did.

Sid Roth: But guess what, so do you.

Joan Gieson: I love it and I receive it, and I do and I want it always until my last breath.

Sid Roth: And so can you. Are you expecting this moment to get physically healed? Are you? Something very special is about ready to happen. When that light came above you, you couldn't see anything and then all of a sudden, you could see.

Joan Gieson: That's right.

Sid Roth: Something more was deposited. The presence of God was deposited upon you.

Joan Gieson: Yes.

Sid Roth: The Bible says, "Freely, I have received, freely, I give". Would you pray for people to receive what you have.

Joan Gieson: And Father, as this man, Sid Roth, spoke those words, a chill went through my body thinking how real, and what I have received, and what Sid has received, we give to you. Nothing is impossible. The Spirit of the Living God, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is here on you, on you. The Spirit of the Living God is raising you from that bed of affliction. Don't look back. What the doctors say is all right. They're good men, but this God, we breathe life into you. Take it back in Jesus' name, amen, amen, amen.

Sid Roth: All I can say is what Jesus said: "It is finished".
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