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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Watch This Video and Receive Your Miracle in the Glory

Sid Roth - Watch This Video and Receive Your Miracle in the Glory

Sid Roth - Watch This Video and Receive Your Miracle in the Glory
Sid Roth - Watch This Video and Receive Your Miracle in the Glory
TOPICS: Miracle

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. I have three of what I consider the forerunners of the Glory of God that for years have been operating in the Glory. And I have asked them to team up together, and I believe there will be a synergy of release of miracles like we have never seen before in this show, now! Now my first guest David Herzog carries the ability to release the Glory of God and for miracles to take place. And as a matter of fact, I guess I'd have to say some of the wildest miracles that I've ever seen with my own eyes have taken place in the Glory that you release. But for starters, David, how would you, what is the Glory?

David Herzog: The Glory is like if you went to Heaven, what would you be sending, feeling, seeing? It's the total manifest presence of God, Heaven on Earth. It's the highest you can get in God.

Sid Roth: Tell us a few of things that you have seen take place in the Glory.

David Herzog: It's like if you went to Heaven right now, and even if you had a cancer you immediately would be healed because of the Glory.

Sid Roth: Of course.

David Herzog: So when that Glory comes here we see amazing things. Even in Heaven, I believe if you're bald, you'd probably have hair when you're back up in Heaven.

Sid Roth: I'm going.

David Herzog: We've seen bald heads growing hair because God is a creator. We've seen tattoos disappear off people. Recently in Jerusalem we had people growing taller.

Sid Roth: I can attest. I was at one of David's meetings. There was a woman with grey hair, beautiful grey hair, seated right in front of me, and while I'm watching, it turns brown. I'm serious. A number of years ago you were what most young believers would be ecstatic over. He's in France, he's having revival meetings, he's having signs and miracles happen, but there was kind of a discontent. What was going on inside of you?

David Herzog: Well I had a six-month revival breakout in Paris, France, in 1998, but I felt like it was good. It was mostly anointing, and God was healing and delivering. But I felt there was another dimension of God's Glory that I just didn't have. I was preaching. I'd feel okay after. I just, that feeling like there's got to be more. I'd read the Bible of Peter's shadow healing the sick, the Glory cloud that Moses saw. So I feel like I'm not seeing that. I'm seeing some things, and I realize I was seeing a little bit of Acts, Chapter 2, but you know, they went out and healed the sick, but Acts 4, a whole different thing. And suddenly, I just started seeking his face. I quit meetings, I quit speaking, I pulled out of the revival. I was so hungry, which sounds crazy, and I knew there was more. And after a few months of seeking God, something new came and a whole new revival in my own life happened of the Glory and that just changed our whole ministry.

Sid Roth: You went to a meeting of a friend of mine who's now in Heaven. Her name was Ruth Heflin. What happened at that meeting?

David Herzog: Ruth Heflin was an amazing woman of God. I had heard about her, I had read her books. In fact, reading her books convinced me to pull out of the revival to see God. And after it was over the six months, she invites me to come to her camp. So I just through to attend, so I went to attend. I was excited to go. I needed something new. And I get there, and she says, "You're speaking tonight". And I said, "No I'm not. I don't want to hear myself speak. I want something fresh". "I'm a prophetess," she said. "You're speaking tonight". I go, "No I'm not". She goes, "Yes you are". And she had that laugh, ha, ha, that laugh she had. And so I thought, all right, that's not what I came for. So I got up, okay, I'm going to preach, and she sits there like she always did, and she knew, and she saw the angels, and the Glory hit me. I sang my sermon. I don't do that. I went, "Arise and shine for the light". I thought, what is going on here? I was looking at myself going, what are you doing? I was completely wasted. For two hours I sang the whole Isaiah 60-61, signs and wonders started falling, gold teeth, gold dust, miracles. There were tumors disappearing, there were healings, deliverances, and I had gold all over me. And I said, what is going on? But it wasn't about the signs. I got back to my room and I felt like I had died and gone to Heaven. The Glory was so thick. And I thought maybe tomorrow it will lift. It never lifted. Three days, a week, a month, it was like I got saved again. It was like, wow, every day, it was just like, oh you're here. It had nothing to do with ministry anymore. I was in a whole new experience with God I didn't even know existed. I thought I knew the Anointing, you read, you preach, you pray, you read your Bible, you do your thing. It was a whole different thing. It was a new lifestyle with God. I didn't care anymore about if I preached or I ministered or I didn't, if I was known or unknown. I didn't care about anything. I just wanted to keep that presence close to me.

Sid Roth: If someone isn't and they're being honest, they say I love God, but I'm not desperate, what do we do?

David Herzog: What you do is you say, God, help me in my not being desperate, kind of like Thomas said, "You know, I have unbelief". Okay, help me in my unbelief. So if you're being honest, God, I want to be more hungry. And there's times in my life where I wasn't as hungry as I should be and I'd see others, and I'd say, "God, make me desperate like that person". And I would get hungry again. So ask and ye shall receive.

Sid Roth: And you know what, you had the impartation, you have the prayer. Would you look in the camera and lead people in that prayer. I'm going to say it right along with you right now.

David Herzog: I'll do it right now. So if you're watching right now and you're desperate, you're like, that's me, I want more of God. I want the Glory or I want to be desperate, I don't know how to be, just pray right now. You can close your eyes, lift your hands. And I just pray right now for those watching all over the world that are desperate for God, whether you're a believer or unbeliever, a Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, European, African, doesn't matter what you are, what you believe, I pray the desperateness for God and for his Glory to come on you right now in Jesus' name. I pray the presence, the Kabad, the Glory, the weightiness of God will come upon you in Yeshua's name and the hunger would come. You would be so desperate and hungry for God, and that will start to attract the Glory of God in your life right now in Jesus' name.

Sid Roth: Okay. Kathie Walters recently saw a vision that is for everyone. That means you.

Sid Roth: Kathie, you were doing some special recording for us a few weeks ago and God spoke to you. What did he show you?

Kathie Walters: The Glory is for everybody. It's not just going to be for a few people on a platform, but the whole body, everybody is going to be operating in the Glory realm, in the supernatural and with the angels.

Sid Roth: What I'm hearing you say, people that are just spectators will start praying for friends and miracles of the magnitude you see on television will be happening to your next door neighbor.

Kathie Walters: Yes.

Sid Roth: So let me tell you about my friend Kathie. She doesn't look it, but she ran off away from a nice Jewish guy in England, David, wanted to marry her. She runs off to Australia, gets involved with the Mafia. I mean, if she does it, she does it all the way. Gets involved with the Mafia and then has a radical encounter with God, and now she's going to get killed because she's going to leave the Mafia. But somehow she gets out, she marries David and she bumps into, I think this is fabulous, a real move of God's Spirit. What happened?

Kathie Walters: Well we were in our very theological church. When I came back that's where we were and we were theologized up to here. Suddenly, someone showed up that was filled with the Holy Spirit, and suddenly we ran smack into the Glory of God. We knew nothing. When we started to have meetings we didn't know how to have a meeting. Everybody got filled with the Holy Spirit. People were coming from miles, from all over. We didn't know what to do with them. Somebody said we should pray for them. We said, well what should we pray? And he said pray for them to prophesy. And we said, what's that. So anyway, we came into a tremendous move of the Glory of God. Why it was so awesome, I believe it's because God used everybody.

Sid Roth: And you said that it took a while sitting in the Glory, but you lost your religious mindset. Explain that.

Kathie Walters: Yes. Well God, see, we were full of theology and God washed our minds probably for three years. We probably laughed for three years, actually, and he just washed our minds.

Sid Roth: Now by the way, natural medicine tells you that if you have cancer, if you see comedy shows and laugh it releases something in your body that heals. But they could have just looked at God's Word, which says, "A merry heart is good medicine".

Kathie Walters: Yes. But I think also the laughter is not just is good for you, the laughter actually is a warfare weapon because God looks at his enemies and what happens when the laughter comes is your spirit begins to pick up on a victory that's happening in the Spirit realm, and then the laughter comes and brings it. Sometimes the angels play with you. You know, they push you around a little bit to make you lighten up. They want you to lighten up because heavy is not, the Holy Spirit is not heavy. If you want to live and be in the Spirit realm, you want to lose the heaviness because if it's heavy it means it's you. It actually says, "My yoke is easy, my burden is light and delightful". It actually says "light and delightful" if you read it in the Greek. So his yoke is easy, his burden is light and delightful because he puts his desires in your heart. The religious spirit always makes you try and do something God has already done. He tries to make you own something Jesus already paid for. He already paid for everything, but the religious spirit always tries to make you qualify. But he's already done it. He already paid everything. There's nothing you can ask for that he hasn't already paid for. What we have to do is receive it, embrace it and believe it. That's it.

Sid Roth: You know what, as you're speaking right now, Kathie, God is telling me that there are people that have pain in their fingers, and if you will move your fingers you'll see that that pain is all gone. And Julie Meyer has been ushering people into the Glory of God for decades. Wait until you hear what God showed her about this particular program. She also has the best revelation I have ever heard for walking in God's Glory. And I'm going to tell you, that one, she has a number, but that one is going to change your life. Be right back.

Sid Roth: I'm here with Julie Meyer. And Julie, God spoke to you about this program. What did he tell you?

Julie Meyer: I'll sing it. "There's an open Heaven. There's no ceiling, angels ascending, descending again. There's an open Heaven". That's what he said.

Sid Roth: I like that. Tell me, you're a dreamer and you had a dream about angels of revival. That interests me. What did you see?

Julie Meyer: Yes, I had a dream and in this dream I was told by the Lord to call forth the angels of revival. And I was told to call them forth three times. And so in the dream I just, I did, I said, "I call forth the angels of revival". And I could see these great angels, it's like they were sleeping, like in the Swiss Alps. I mean, they were sleeping and they got up and suddenly, the dream shifted, and I was with James Gaul, and he looked heavenly, and this host of Heaven was with him. In fact, he looked so heavenly that in the dream, I said, "Are you here or do you live there now"? And in the dream he was so James, and he goes, "No, I'm not there". He goes, "I didn't go up". But he goes, "Heaven's coming down". But when he said "down", it just reverberated. I mean, it just blasted, and this host of Heaven, this host of Heaven, this heavenly choir came down just to invade the earth. And I believe that we are on the very, very brink of the greatest revival the earth has ever seen. I believe that.

Sid Roth: Me, too.

Julie Meyer: I do.

Sid Roth: Me, too. You know what, I believe as Julie believes it's strictly the mercy of God because I've read Revelation. I know what's coming in the future and God does not want one person to not know him. You know, a lot of people say, well prayer, that's for so many people at IHop it's not for me. Why is prayer so important?

Julie Meyer: Prayer is important for everyone. And we see it in Revelation 5:8, where the living creatures and the elders, they're holding a harp and a bull. And the harp is worship, but the bull is the prayers of the saints, meaning Sid, your voice is there because prayers don't die, bodies do. We can change the earth by praying. They ascend. John wrote it, "If they're in the bull, our voices are there along with John Wesley and George Whitefield, because prayers never die. They're before the Lord, continually.

Sid Roth: You were given by God four very special keys that you were supposed to release on this show.

Julie Meyer: The key was to keep walking. It was Psalms 84: "If you're in the Valley of Bakkah, don't stop, stay steady, keep walking". Number two, Philippians, it was, "Forgetting what lies behind". It was delete, just press forward, forget what lies behind. And number three was Matthew 25, "It's time to get oil". And that's just talking to him, singing to him, sing the Word, just keeping that relationship open with the Lord, having conversation with the Holy Spirit. The fourth one was singing the Word.

Sid Roth: I'm not a singer. What about, can someone sing that's not a singer?

Julie Meyer: Absolutely. We need to break that ceiling that singing is only for worshipers and singers. When you sing your brain actually functions as one. The different lobes are working together and you're activating parts of your brain that you've never, ever used before. Therefore, bankers need to sing the Bible. Entrepreneurs need to sing because it expands places in your brain you've actually not used. And I think how creative is this of God because King David, it is said that he went to battle, went to war with a sword in his hand and a song on his lips. He sang his way to freedom and victory.

Sid Roth: Now you actually in your own life, and you found many others that have understood what you teach and start doing to get the same results, you had a creative miracle. Tell me about that.

Julie Meyer: It didn't have... This upper door. I had extreme acid reflux. I had all this yucky GERD in my stomach. It's awful. And actually, I had two scopes in Kansas City. You know, I didn't have this. You have to stay on this medicine for the rest of your life. I get to Santa Maria. I sit in the healing room. I pray in the House of Prayer. I sing, "O Forever People", the Bible. I go in for my scope a year ago, and I have my paperwork. And the doctor came back, and he goes. "You're fine". And I go, "Wait a minute". I go, "But I don't have a door". He goes, "No, you do. You have one". And he said, "Go off your medicine". And I said, "Is my stomach"? And he goes, "Your stomach is fine". And he goes, "Your body is healing itself". And I said, "No, Jesus is healing, but it's the power". Amen. It's the power of singing the Bible. It's not just about singing, it's what are we singing? The Word. The Word heals.

Sid Roth: Okay. He sent his Word and healed them. Julie, again, that's you. But you tell me when you teach this, this is happening to others.

Julie Meyer: It's happening to others. A woman got a hold of me because she said, "I started singing the Word". I always say sing Psalms because they're already songs. She started singing the Word. And she was suicidal, and she said, "It broke off". And she said, "This is what I've been waiting for". It's a natural healant.

Sid Roth: I'm going to tell you what, Julie, I am going to release you right now to sing the Word. I want you to show us what we can be doing at home. But now, more important than that, I want you to do what God is telling you to do. Go for it, Julie.

Julie Meyer: So right now all I'm doing is I have Psalm 103 opened in my Bible and I'm just simply making up a melody to it, and this is how we praise the Lord and this is how we get free and healed.
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