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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Prophecies About President Trump and Future of America

Sid Roth - Prophecies About President Trump and Future of America

Sid Roth - Prophecies About President Trump and Future of America

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Sid Roth - Prophecies About President Trump and Future of America

Sid Roth: Welcome. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. Any of my three guests you would want to hear, but when you put three world class prophets together there is a synergy of the Spirit that I'm expecting things to happen that they've never thought of. I'm expecting you to have an amazing encounter with God. Two of the three prophets, when they were previously on my shows, prophesied with 100 percent accuracy. Anyone interested in finding out what they see for 2017? Well Cindy, I am personally very, very intrigued on the gift of prophecy and you had that from a very early age. What happened at four?

Cindy Jacobs: Well my dad was in seminary, Fort Worth, and I went to my mother and I said, "Mom, I'm going to have a baby sister". And she said, "Well no, we're not having any more children". And I said, "No, I'm going to have a little sister". And she was pregnant.

Sid Roth: Why were you so sure you were going to have a little sister?

Cindy Jacobs: I knew. I was always kind of an unusual child. I mean, people would call the house and I'd look at the phone when it was ringing and I'd say so and so died. I mean, I knew. I was having dreams. So that gift just grew as time went on.

Sid Roth: At nine, you really had a heartfelt prayer to God. You were at a camp, a Christian camp. What did you pray?

Cindy Jacobs: Well the teacher said, "Go sit on a rock and let God talk to you". I did and he did, and what he said was, "I have something for you to do". In other words, there was a calling there and so I gave my life for world missions, but I know it was a call to the nations.

Sid Roth: And then 21 years later, God answered that prayer what you were supposed to, but it wasn't the way you thought it would be. You're married with a couple of kids and what does God say to you?

Cindy Jacobs: He said, "I want to use to preach all over the world". And I thought that was a pizza dream. I'm 30, I have little children, and besides, nobody knows me. In fact, somebody might be in their home and saying the same thing, something is happening, I think God wants to use me. Well I was in a little town in Texas and God found me and opened up all these doors fast. I went from preaching almost nowhere to churches of 5000 members for their women's groups and a lot of things like that. So God was in a hurry. I wanted him to use me. And so I just started praying audacious prayers and I started just, those little, nudges from the Lord, those little nudges, Sid, I just did what he said. And people started getting healed, they started getting change. You know, none of us are meant to live a boring, stupid life.

Sid Roth: Speaking about not living a boring life, you're in Costa Rica, you see someone that is ravaged by a stroke and you prophesy something very outrageous.

Cindy Jacobs: Yes, that was an outrageous day. I was leaving my stadium.

Sid Roth: By the way, I have an idea. Every day is outrageous.

Cindy Jacobs: That's good. Yes! That's one of my goals in life, every day to deliver a supernatural day like yours. So I was leaving the stadium, I was going out and there was a man in a wheelchair, he had a stroke and he was like really crunched up. And so I walked passed him and a voice said to me, just like you could hear that voice, a voice said to me, "I want you to go prophesy that man will be the next president of Costa Rica". Well I looked back and, man, he didn't look like he was a candidate.

Sid Roth: It would be very easy for you miss that. No talent at all.

Cindy Jacobs: Yes, sometimes you have to take a little risk.

Sid Roth: That's not a little risk, Cindy.

Cindy Jacobs: Yes, that's true. But I built up to it, can I say that. So anyway, so all of a sudden the Lord says, "Cindy Jacobs". I don't know about you, but in a Jewish household when my mother called me by two names I was in big trouble. "Cindy Jacobs, I told you to go tell that man is going to be the next president". I looked around, I went back to his wheelchair, and I prophesied, and I said, "The Lord says you are to run for president. You will be the next president in this country. You're going to expose corruption, on and on, and on.

Sid Roth: Were you getting nervous when you were saying this?

Cindy Jacobs: No because by then I was under the anointing. Yea for the anointing. So I mean, you know, the gift of faith comes with it actually. And so I left. Two years later I was down there taping and I got a call and they said the president would like to see you. And I said, me of little faith, who is the president. It was that man and he was completely healed.

Sid Roth: You were created to lay hands on the sick and see him recover. Okay Cindy, now this is what intrigues me the most of everything and that is you are part of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders and they meet, and they want to find out what God is doing for the year. And the thing that also excited me is you have a new generation of prophetic elders coming in. So tell me some bottom lines of what they see for 2017.

Cindy Jacobs: Well these are very respected prophets, Sid, but also those coming up underneath this, Bishop Hammond, James Gall, Dutch Sheets, I mean, really great writings from Israel. Bottom line, the number 17 means complete victory.

Sid Roth: I like that bottom line.

Cindy Jacobs: That's right. Overcoming to complete victory. And I feel the anointing of God, Sid, when I say this. There are some people who have waited and waited, and waited for their breakthrough, and this is the breakthrough year. And I want to tell you, if you'll stand on this word, no matter what slimy things the enemy tries to do, if you stand up and say, no, the Word of the Lord is this is my breakthrough year, it's going to happen. And in Hebrew, as you know better than I do, 5777, this is the year of the crown sword, meaning great authority is coming. The sword of the Lord is going to cut off deception. It's going to cut off evil intent of our enemies. It's going to be cut off. The enemy is going to be cut off at the pass, as we say in Texas, a bit of colloquialism. And so God is going to do this. In fact, I know you know this, but when President Trump was inaugurated he was 70 years old and seven months, and seven days.

Sid Roth: I didn't know that.

Cindy Jacobs: Yes, 5777. What are the odds when God put all this together, many prophets prophesying about Trump coming into the office, that he would be exactly that age? Even if you weren't for him, and that might give you incentive to pray for him. I believe that God called him to do this office. God is going to anoint him. You know, we mobilize in our 50-state prayer network coast to coast for these first hundred days in the administration. The first day we had 48,000 praying for him.

Sid Roth: My goodness.

Cindy Jacobs: Yes, 48,000 on Facebook, live, praying together.

Sid Roth: Now you have so many revelations on what God is going to do with new technology, new ways of making money, new ways for Christians to be the head, not the tail. People are getting excited. But I have Perry Stone coming up and Perry Stone has a prophetic word that will revolutionize your life. Trust me.

Sid Roth: Now the last time my guest Perry Stone was on the air, I asked him what has God shown you about the next president? And you'll be amazed at what he said. Let's role that clip.

Perry Stone: So I started looking at number 45. You all ready for this? This is crazy. If you take the 40 and the 5 in the Hebrew alphabet it's "Ma", not mom, but Ma. Do you know what the word "Ma" means? What. It means what.

Sid Roth: In Israel, if I was to say Ma, what did you say?

Perry Stone: Here's what's going to happen. Everybody mark this down. Whoever gets in, people are going to say, what? That's what they're going to say. Remember. What? How did this happen? What? What is going on? Watch and see.

Sid Roth: What?

Perry Stone: It was really humorous because on one of the major networks, three days later, the lady looked and said, "All the American people are saying, 'what'"? And my wife just looked at me and shook her head because, let me just say quickly, biblical numbers have meanings and they do correlate with the Hebrew alphabet, which is God's alphabet, it's God's language. And a lot of times in studying prophecy from the Hebraic perspective we get hints, not necessarily a direct word, but a hit to say look out for this. So I think that was a hint.

Sid Roth: That was a real hint.

Perry Stone: That was a real accurate hint.

Sid Roth: I want to know what you really see for President Trump now that he's president.

Perry Stone: Well let me just say this. I'm not trying to be, I'm not going to drop names or anything, but I can tell you that he surrounds himself with more believers and he listens to their council. Think about this. At the inauguration, I'm sitting in a room with 400 other believers at the Reagan Center watching this, and the name of Jesus got more attention that day than any inauguration I can ever remember.

Sid Roth: You know what, God spoke to you a right now word for 2017. What was that?

Perry Stone: The 17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the letter Pe, which the symbol is the mouth, and this is the year where blessings are released, but blessings come through confession. With the heart you believe, with the mouth you confess, and so this is the year to claim the blessing by taking the Word and confessing as never before, releasing the power of God. I feel the anointing right now. But the other part of this is believers have to learn. Can I say something, you have Facebook, I have Facebook, great media. But since when do you have to post on Facebook your opinion when you were asked to post your opinion. Why do people always think that when you post anything they've got to give their opinion when you didn't ask for it? This nose, I'm going to take my glasses down. See this nose how big it is? It's not as big as it was when I was a kid because my face filled out. But look here. You know why it's big? I kept it out of other people's business and gave it a chance to grow.

Sid Roth: Perry, I am fascinated by what you call Satan's manifesto against America. Explain.

Perry Stone: Well let me just say this that there is a plot and a strategy in the United States of Satan himself, and here's the reason why. We are the nation, still are the nation that promotes the Gospel through Christian television. Most of your networks' headquarters are in the United States. Now some are overseas, but most are in the United States. We are still the leading nation for sending missionaries out. The money that comes to support missions comes predominantly from the United States. We are still predominantly the nation to take care of widows and orphans, build Bible schools, print Bibles. So the job of the enemy is to somehow try to effect in some way the ability of the Body of Christ, and the Body of Christ is large. It's not a particular denomination. It's people whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life from all over the world. That's the Body of Christ. But it's his job to disrupt the plan of God. And I'm going to tell you what I see and I just want to share this from my heart at this moment. One of the things I see, and this cannot happen to us, is the enemy is doing his best to create a racial division again in the United States. We have got to stop this mess where we make everything political in the Body of Christ. Blood should be thicker than politics. I'm a believer first.

Sid Roth: In a matter of a couple of minutes so they can get a taste of this manifesto against America, but in a couple of sentences, explain what you see.

Perry Stone: One of the things was the strategy of Balaam and it made no sense. I'm going to go through this real quick. It made no sense that Balaam's name was so negative in the Bible when if you go to the Book of Numbers he was told to curse Israel, but he didn't really curse them. He came back later and he said, "I can't curse what God has blessed". Now did he take the money? Yes. And so there was compromise there. But I realized as I started reading Revelation, I read Numbers, and I started reading Jewish history, this man did something to try to cause God to turn against his own people. That's the Balaam strategy and it's the strategy of the enemy. If I were to sum up a strategy of Satan I would sum it up the phrase "the Balaam strategy". And the reason, we only have so much time in this segment, and I'm going to run out of time here, but it would take about 15 to 20 minutes to explain in detail, but it's really what is happening in the United States right now. It's definitely it.

Sid Roth: Well you use a word in your description about compromise. What do you mean?

Perry Stone: We think of compromise as only being sin. But I'm telling you people are compromising the faith that was once delivered to the saints.

Sid Roth: What is going to happen in America, just briefly?

Perry Stone: Two quick things. There's going to be two parallel tracks. There will be some very great national, natural disasters in the next few years. People are seeing it prophetic all over the place. That's going to happen and we have to be prepared for that. At the same time, and I want to say this very quickly, the real jubilee year was not last year. The real jubilee year is this year. For real. This is the jubilee cycle.

Sid Roth: Okay. Speaking of the jubilee year, when we come back I'm going to have Rich Vera with me. He says in 2017, God will break longstanding strongholds that have stopped your prayers, family, finances, health and how to get a breakthrough. Anyone interested? We'll be right back to It's Supernatural!

Sid Roth: Well the last time Rich Vera was on It's Supernatural he said some pretty outrageous things. He said he that saw we were on the brink of a cure for Alzheimer's, we were on the brink of a cure for cancer. Guess what we've been seeing in the headlines? Exactly what you prophesied.

Rich Vera: Thank God for that. You know, the prophetic is not about releasing words, it's about releasing Spirit. And we are in the same spirit, the prophetic spirit, there is a spirit that's being released upon the people. And I believe today, around the world, you in your houses, God is releasing of what we're talking about that's going to impact your life, is going to impact the nations of the world. I see an incredible uprising in nations that is going to take place starting this season. I saw Egypt coming to an incredible revival. In Egypt, there's going to be a Holy Ghost bomb that's going to be dropped on Egypt and the Holy Spirit is going, I mean, the miracle, signs and wonders that are going to come out of Egypt is going to shake the entire region. This is the season for the nations and it's going to be an incredible time to behold.

Sid Roth: You talk about something you call or God calls the law of attraction. Explain that.

Rich Vera: Christmas, I woke up with this vision and the voice of the Lord spoke to me and said, "I'm releasing the law of attraction over my people". And the Lord just downloaded information and it says we're living in a season where all the seeds that have been sown, I'm not just talking about money, prayer, faithfulness, people that stop the church faithfully, all the seeds that we have shown in love, in kindness, this is the season that God is going to literally activate us, that is going to come back the seeds that we sow. The Lord spoke this to me and said and those that have been unfaithful.

Sid Roth: I was just going to ask you. There are many people, they haven't given to God. They haven't prayed. They just show up.

Rich Vera: God is going to give them a chance to push that reset button and start all over again. This is the season we reset our lives. God is going to give us a chance to go back to sowing good seeds that we may reap the harvest of blessings that God is going to draw to us. I mean, the seeds that we sow, we're going to attract what we sow. It's just a fact of life. And even the election of President Trump, last time I was here I prophesied that and I got thousands of haters, but I love you anyway.

Sid Roth: Now you are Hispanic and I imagine you have a problem in your Hispanic community.

Rich Vera: I have a problem.

Sid Roth: So how can you be for Trump as a Hispanic?

Rich Vera: Because if God is for it, I'm for it. Now when he speaks to me and says, I'm going to give him not only the authority to change government, but I will give him an anointing that he will pray and things will change. And God told me that the spirit of prayer was going to come over President Trump. And I want to declare over you, Mr. President that God is going to use you to change the landscape of politics. God is going to use you to change, God is going to use you to raise up a new breed of politicians and even leaders in the church that will stand for the people and not for themselves.

Sid Roth: We've been talking about the year 2017. What has God told you about 17?

Rich Vera: In this season, breakthroughs are coming. Restorations are coming. You know, family members are going to be saved. Miracles are going to take place in families. Curses are going to be broken, generational curses. And I'm going to release right now over America and the nations of the world that this is the season where the curses that the enemy put on your families for decades and years are coming to an end. The curse of sickness, of poverty, the curse of fear, we break it out of your life in the name of Jesus. And I declare that a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit is coming over your life today in Jesus' name.

Sid Roth: This really is your breakthrough. This is your miracle. No compromise. And this year the law of attraction is about to be released in your life. Are you ready?
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