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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Miracles Happen When LaDonna Taylor Plays Her Violin

Sid Roth - Miracles Happen When LaDonna Taylor Plays Her Violin

Sid Roth - Miracles Happen When LaDonna Taylor Plays Her Violin

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Sid Roth - Miracles Happen When LaDonna Taylor Plays Her Violin

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. When my guest plays the violin, miracles happen. But she told me just before the show started she was weeping. And she said, "Sid, I remember when I was dying in a hospital and the presence of God came into my room and I was miraculously healed". And that same presence of God is in this studio today. I can't wait to find out what's going to happen when she plays her violin. We did a television show with LaDonna Taylor when she had a great miracle. She was dying in a hospital. And as I was walking by to start the show you were weeping and told me about that same Glory that's here. Describe to me what you felt.

LaDonna Taylor: I remembered how desperate I was in the hospital bed and how healthy I am now, and the contrast is just absolutely amazing. The sweet presence of God moved in that hospital room and I remember the day that It's Supernatural came on, and I was laying in that bed watching, and that I picked my destiny back up.

Sid Roth: And when did you realize miracles go along with violin?

LaDonna Taylor: The very first time I played my violin in church I was 12 years old and they were taking the offering up. It wasn't even very special. Oh look, the little girl is going to play the violin. It wasn't even that. They were taking the offering up and the organist got quiet and my violin was, I'm standing there in front of a microphone. When it was over I prayed in the garden. And when it was over a lady came up to me, and she said, "I had a horrible headache and I've been having horrible headaches, but when you played your violin they're gone". She said, "I got healed".

Sid Roth: And this has been happening ever since.

LaDonna Taylor: Ever since. Just a few weeks ago, a lady was healed. She had been depressed for 35 years. She said she felt it leave through her feet. Two weeks ago I was in South Texas and I had some people raise their hands when I finished playing. "Who was healed of pain"? And this woman raised her hand, and I said, "What kind of pain was it and how long was it"? And she it's been three years. She said, but the pain was in her heart, "I was broken-hearted and hurting so badly". And she said, "I'm healed. It doesn't hurt anymore".

Sid Roth: Tell me about that red violin. I mean, did you go all over town looking for a red violin to buy it?

LaDonna Taylor: I was looking for a gold violin. I was at an auction with over 500 instruments. I was looking for the auction making notes on the auction paper and I just casually glanced at this one, and my hand just reached toward, and I passed over it. But when I started to pass over it and put my attention on another instrument, I heard the Lord say, "My blood and my fire colors". And so I turned back around, and I picked it up and turned it over and saw that it's the same colors of blood and fire. Sid, this violin carries an assignment for this show today.

Sid Roth: This violin, not any other violin, this violin that God said had the colors of the blood and the fire, this violin, what is going to happen when you play it, for those at home that watch?

LaDonna Taylor: People will be healed. They'll be delivered. They'll have peace. Their hope will be restored. Their destiny and dreams will come back to life. That's just what God does.

Sid Roth: Now you told me there is God's forgotten secret weapon. What is that?

LaDonna Taylor: The weapon of the blood of Jesus, the blood of Yeshua. Without his shedding of blood the Gospel would be powerless. There is power in that blood. His life was in that blood. I will not let them forget.

Sid Roth: I have recently been studying the power of the blood. But what does pleading the blood mean to you?

LaDonna Taylor: I looked up the definition a few weeks ago of "to plead". My favorite definition, there were many, but my favorite was "to present". You're in a situation or I get in a situation, I present the blood. It's the same as I plead innocent. It's not begging God, oh please, please, please, God, please help me by the power in your blood. That's not it. It's I present the blood. I present the power of the blood. I present all the power in the life of Jesus that was poured out in the blood. I present that to the situation.

Sid Roth: It's almost like it's a legal term and you're standing up for your rights. That's what I hear you saying.

LaDonna Taylor: Yes, absolutely, that's what that is.

Sid Roth: Okay. You had a vision when pleading the blood. Tell me about it.

LaDonna Taylor: I had just recorded the old hymn, "When I see the Blood" and inside I was singing that old hymn. I was sitting at my desk singing that old hymn as intercession because I had some friends that have a home in California and the wildfires were headed for that home, and they were getting very close. The news was saying the fire was not contained at all, the firemen cannot get control of it and there was mandatory evacuations. And I remember singing that hymn on the inside, and I began to hear angels singing with me. When I heard the angels singing with me I saw the fire stop. I saw it try to reach over a barrier, but it couldn't. And just in two hours, I got a phone call and actually saw in the news that the fire was under control and it had stopped.

Sid Roth: Well you know, I have friends that when they minister, when they speak there is a tangible presence of God we call the Glory. But most believers don't realize that in this Glory miracles are easy and everyone can get into this Glory. When we come back, LaDonna, I want you to teach us how we can get into the Glory of God where miracles take place. And by the way, someone is being healed in their teeth right now. You're actually getting fillings. I don't know if it's gold or silver, but you're actually getting fillings in your mouth. Wait until you hear about how you can access the Glory and watch the miracles pour out.

Sid Roth: Now LaDonna, I know you read the Bible a lot and you came up, I mean, how many times do you read through the Bible in a year?

LaDonna Taylor: Eighteen.

Sid Roth: Eighteen in Hebrew is Chai. It means life. No wonder you have so much life. You said that you have seen a pattern and the pattern is always the blood before the Glory. Explain.

LaDonna Taylor: Yes. In Hebrews 10, the Word actually says that you enter into the holiest through the blood, into his presence. You see, because the blood was shed, as the blood was dripping down the old wooden cross in the same city, in the same geographical region of the earth, in the Temple, the veil was being torn from top to bottom at the very same time. And God was saying I'm not going to be separated from you anymore. Through the holes in his arms he wants us to be able to come into his presence and into the Glory.

Sid Roth: You tell me that God has shown you literally a map. Tell me about this map. That's buried than a buried treasure.

LaDonna Taylor: Absolutely. I did learn this from a dear woman of God. Praise until the worship and worship until the Glory comes.

Sid Roth: That's too simple.

LaDonna Taylor: It's too simple. Because the blood was shed, we can praise him. And I'll tell you in two ways how to do this. You can look when Abraham was going up the mountain with his son to offer his son to God he told the men that wanted to go with him and help him, he said, "Stay here. The boy and I are going to worship". He was taking the thing that was so dear to him. He knew what God had asked him to do, but he was calling God his provider on the way up that mountain. All the way up that mountain Abraham was praising God. He told the men what he was going to do. You call God what he's worth to you. How do you find out? In the book: He's my provider, he's my healer, he's my miracle worker, he's my Creator. God, you gave me a destiny. You're my everything. Somewhere in that praise you're going to lock eyes with him. When you just keep telling him all these things that are valuable and you just want to love on him and you just want to adore him. Somewhere in that adoration and love, in that worship, either you're going to touch him or he's going to touch you. Now you're in the Glory. You see that same thing happened to Abraham. He got up there. He was praising and when he was ready to give everything to God he was in worship at that point, looking in God's eyes and then the Glory happened. Abraham, here's my presence.

Sid Roth: LaDonna, I want to release you right now. And I'm telling you, when she plays the "Glory Medley", the Glory of God is already here, but it's going to intensify and get stronger, and stronger. LaDonna Taylor.

Sid Roth: LaDonna, even science is catching up with what the Bible speaks about the power of the spoken word. Explain.

LaDonna Taylor: The first soundwaves ever was "Let there be light". Look what happened. From the soundwaves ever we progressed to the point to where I can play my violin and God heals people, and we can get in the Glory. He loves when we point notes to him. Like I can take my violin like a bow and arrow and point notes toward healing or deliverance, and it's soundwaves, but God is using it. You see, ultimately healing, the Word of God says, comes from his stripes on his back. But there's atmospheres and things that God uses. God uses music to create an atmosphere. He loves notes to be played to him.

Sid Roth: What does science say about the creativity of this?

LaDonna Taylor: It has been proven that music can actually affect your behavior. Soundwaves can affect your behavior. Now we all know this from every day. We go in a dress shop and we hear a certain kind of music. We go in the grocery store and we hear another kind of music. That's because scientists and marketing experts have proved that soundwaves can affect our behavior. In the Word of God it tells of a little shepherd boy being sent for because a king is being tormented, to play music, soundwaves for the king that was being tormented, and the king got relief. The evil spirits, the Bible says evil spirits left because of the strings being plucked on that harp.

Sid Roth: So you say it isn't the music that does the healing. So what does the music do?

LaDonna Taylor: It sets an atmosphere. It actually sets an atmosphere. You know, there are, we're talking about science. There are actually doctors that have degrees in music therapy because they know how effective it is. But when you mix that with pointing that music to God and when the notes and the vibrations of the notes are crying out deliverance on God's behalf, healing comes from the stripes of the back of Yeshua. That's what the Word of God tells us.

Sid Roth: Would you plead the blood and pray as God tells you over those that are watching right now.

LaDonna Taylor: There are those of you that are watching that today you begin to understand some things. You've learned that you can start praising God and saying, Lord, you're my healer, you're my miracle worker, and there's a point to where you know you just want to look in his eyes and there you are in his Glory. Things were hopeless before you started watching us today, but his presence has come in. You know, maybe it's a cell. Maybe you're watching us from jail. Maybe you're watching like I watched one day, past, several years ago, from a hospital room and the doctors have given you no hope. Maybe you're watching us and the one human being that you loved so much has said goodbye to you, I never want to see you again, and you're broken-hearted. Right now, this minute, I plead the blood. I present the blood of Yeshua, the blood of Jesus in this situation, in your situation. I present the blood. I plead the blood on their behalf and in the name of Yeshua it's done. You know, those of you that need healing, you've been having, there is someone listening, more than one person, you've had back problems more than 15 years and you can get up right now. You won't even be able to find that problem. Another one, there is a tumor on the back of your neck. If you reach back there right now that tumor will be gone because of one reason. There is power in the blood. Yeshua shed his blood. He poured his life out and there is power in that blood.

Sid Roth: LaDonna, I want to release you right now for "The Power in the Blood Medley". And as she plays that, you receive your healing. You receive your deliverance. You receive your answer for prayer because says the devil himself is overcome by the power of the blood and the Word of your testimony saying I love the blood of Messiah, Yeshua, my Passover Lamb who has taken away the sins of the whole world.
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