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Sid Roth - How to See the Angelic Realm in Your Life

Sid Roth - How to See the Angelic Realm in Your Life

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Sid Roth - How to See the Angelic Realm in Your Life

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest has learned how to partner with angels for creative miracles. He literally has studied the Bible and learned how to do this, and he's had miracles like people getting eyeballs, like the dead being raised, and he says any true believer can learn to partner with angels. Anyone interested? So Jeremy, you were a typical college student. You were drinking, you were into wild parties and you were really going down the wrong road very fast. And someone invites you to a meeting. I think it was the name of the meeting was The Call.

Jeremy Nelson: That's right.

Sid Roth: Tell me about that.

Jeremy Nelson: Yeah, I went to The Call, San Francisco.

Sid Roth: Are there many people at that?

Jeremy Nelson: It was around 40,000 young adults.

Sid Roth: That was many people.

Jeremy Nelson: So they were fasting and praying, and believing revival for America.

Sid Roth: So you're in the midst of that. What did you experience?

Jeremy Nelson: I experienced a baptism of the Holy Ghost of fire and it lasted literally three days. I mean, when it hit me.

Sid Roth: Explain what you felt.

Jeremy Nelson: Well what happened is during the time of prayer for impartation, atmospherically, Heidi Baker prayed. She was actually ministering and she, as she was praying I felt the tangible fire of God come on me. The best way I could describe is I literally felt like I was on fire and it lasted for three days. And at the end of those three days I was totally delivered from drugs, from alcohol. I never touched any of that stuff again, never had any issues, didn't have to go through therapy, anything. I've been completely set free from that day forward.

Sid Roth: Now God has put you in such a, I mean, I can see what that fire did to you. He has had 200 meetings in a row in San Diego, California. But a week before he started his first meeting, a friend of mine who's been on It's Supernatural!, James Goll, prophesied over you. What did he say?

Jeremy Nelson: So for the last 200 nights, we had been hosting what we were calling the Fire and Glory Outpouring, and a weekend before it broke out, which would be in January of this year, James Goll called my wife and I out of the conference and began to prophesy. And he said that the Lord showed him that the fire of God was going to fall from Vancouver, Canada to all the way down to Mexico, and that the first place it would fall would be San Diego, and then it would spread all over the United States, and it would go all over the world. And the amazing thing is, is that he had no idea, but my wife and I were putting on conference in San Diego the next week, and it's amazing because the rest is history. The fire of God fell on those meetings and it's never stopped.

Sid Roth: Now what did he say this thing would be, how did he title this thing?

Jeremy Nelson: Well he said that God was going to release a west coast rumble.

Sid Roth: I like that term, west coast rumble. There is a manifest presence of God. Explain what's going on in there, the presence of God.

Jeremy Nelson: There is a tangible, weighty presence of God. You know, we all know that God is omnipresent. He's everywhere all the time, but he's not always manifest present. And so what we've been experiencing is we've been experiencing the manifest presence of God. And when the manifest presence of God shows up the visible splendor of God shows up. And so night after night, the fragrance of God comes into the room during the worship times oil comes, gold, and it actually comes upon people's hands. And we believe it's an outward sign of an inward impartation that God is activating in the people. And what we're seeing is it's translating not just into the meetings, but even into streets.

Sid Roth: But that's the thing that's excited me. He takes the whole crowd out into the streets. Now these are just average people like you, like me, just average people. And what are these average people doing in the streets?

Jeremy Nelson: Oh man, we just had an outreach last week and I'm telling you, broken bones are being healed, deaf ears are opening.

Sid Roth: But these aren't professionals.

Jeremy Nelson: And they're preaching in the malls. I mean, they're just going right to the middle of the mall, open air preaching, releasing the things of God. Miracles and salvations are breaking out.

Sid Roth: Tell me about the first time you saw an angel that looked just like a real person. And the Bible says you may entertain angels unaware because they look just like real people sometimes. Tell me about that.

Jeremy Nelson: So my wife and I, we actually were on a date and we were driving down to Vancouver, downtown Vancouver, Canada. And as we were on our drive we saw a man on the side of the road who had crutches and he looked pretty injured. He was dragging his foot while he was on his crutches. And so we decided let's pull over and let's pray for him. So we pulled over across the street from where he was walking, and as he came across the intersection, we picked him off on the other side. And so we walked up to him and really intentionally we said, "Listen, we're believers in Jesus. Can we pray for you to get a miracle for whatever you need"? And the guy said, "Sure". And so we said, "What's wrong with you"? And he said, "Well it's my hip". And so we ended up laying hands on his hip and prayed our best prayer, and after we were done praying, I said to him, "Try to do something you couldn't do before". So the guy lifts up his shirt and he had no hip. And so listen, my faith was like the water in the bathtub in that moment, like it was gone. And I thought, nice try, let's go to lunch. And the guy looks at me and he says, "What would you think if I prayed for you"? And so I thought this is interesting. We were going to pray for him and I thought we'd see the miracle. Now he's praying for us. And when he prays, he starts prophesying the secrets of mine and my wife's heart. He starts releasing an impartation of the fire of God, and when he does, it is tangible, like we can feel it. And I thought that he was going to be weeping and crying, and we'd get him saved. Well we were the ones that were like, by the end of this thing. And long story short, we give the guy a hug. We get in my car and we turn around. It's about 30 seconds, turn around and when we turn around he's totally gone. We can't find out. I get out of the car, start looking for him up and down the street. And the Lord speaks to me, and he said, "Jeremy, you are not going to find him". He said, "That man was an angel". And he said, "It's Hebrews 13:1-2, talks about how we always ought to entertain strangers and love on people because you never know when you might be entertaining an angel". And so God will test our hearts sometimes to see how hungry we are.

Sid Roth: So as you, as a result of this experience you started studying about angels. Tell me something you found out that we might not know.

Jeremy Nelson: One of the most fascinating things that I found is this, is the Bible says that if God is for us then who can be against us. Right? And you got to understand, a lot of people really don't understand who's for them. And one of the things I discovered is I read in the Bible was this, is that when Satan fell out of Heaven, when he got the boot from God the Father out of Heaven, he only took one-third of the angels with him. So what that means, Sid, is that means that there are two times as many angels on our side as there is on the devil's side. And so the principle that God has shown me is this, is that what you focus on you empower.

Sid Roth: Excuse me. That's so strong. I need you to say again. Say it again.

Jeremy Nelson: What you focus on, you empower. And so what I've been teaching people is if you want to see the angelic realm in your life, focus on the King of the Kingdom, because if you focus on Jesus then everything in his domain, everything in his kingdom begins to naturally be drawn to you. It's one of the benefits of intimacy with God.

Sid Roth: Okay. As you have focused on angels, are you seeing many angels?

Jeremy Nelson: I see angels in almost every service that I minister in and even in our home at times God will get my attention with flashes of light or a lot of times I'll sense an angel in the room, and so I know to ask the Holy Spirit what kind of angel is that.

Sid Roth: I want to learn how to partner with healing angels. Do you want to learn that when we come back.

Sid Roth: Jeremy, have you found that when you pray for people they start seeing angels?

Jeremy Nelson: Yes. We've had many people activated and a lot of it happens atmospherically, especially at the revival. We're not laying hands on people that much. I tell people this all the time. The anointing of God is more caught sometimes than it is taught.

Sid Roth: Now you have amazing creative miracles. Tell me about the person that got a new eye.

Jeremy Nelson: I was ministering in a meeting. We had about 6000 people in this meeting and it was in a tent. And it was amazing because I began to see in the Spirit that God had released a healing angel into the room. In John, Chapter 5, you see at the pool of Bethesda an angel that comes down from Heaven and stirs up the waters, and whoever steps into the waters first is instantly healed of whatever sickness, whatever disease they have. And I saw an angel of healing come into the room, and I saw him begin to stir the waters in this particular meeting. And as that happened I began to minister in words of knowledge. And one of the things the Lord told me was he was releasing creative miracles. And so I said to the people, "If you need a creative miracle, put your hand on that part of your body". Well I was shocked with the very first testimony that came up of hundreds, I mean, literally hundreds of people got healed that night. The first man that came up, when he came we interviewed him, and I said, "What happened to you"? And he said, "Jeremy", he said, "when I was two years old", he said, "my cousin threw a rock at me when we were praying and knocked my eye out". He said, "I've been blind in my eye. They had to remove it. I've been blind in my eye since two years old". And he said, "When I put my hand on my eye, God recreated my eyeball and my eye". And he could see 20/20 right there on the spot, Sid.

Sid Roth: You know, again, that's the type of thing we are getting into and it's available to every believer. Jeremy, one of the things that fascinates me is you can see angels and you know what they're up to, explain, by their appearance.

Jeremy Nelson: When I began to study the Bible and I began to really look at all of the different angels in the Bible, and this is what I tell people, if you want to see Heaven, study Revelations 4 and 5 continuously, because it will give you a framework of the Throne of God. And if you want to see the angelic realm, you got to study the angels in the Bible because meditation brings revelation, and revelation brings manifestation. The key though is your intimacy with Jesus. So when you study the Word and you have the Spirit, God will begin to cause what's in his Word to be illuminated to you and you'll begin to see the things that are in the Bible. And so for me, I minister a lot according to what I see. So often times if I'm preaching, and I may have a message on joy that's prepared, but what happens is I see an angel that's carrying a coal of fire. He has two wings that he's flying, two wings he's covering his face, two wings he's covering his feet, I will shift my message on the spot. Because I know because of Isaiah 6, that that angel is there for the same purpose as Isaiah is calling, which is to purge, to cleanse, to purify. And I know that that's going to be a night of deliverance and healing, not a night for me to reach on joy. And so when I've gone with what I see in the Spirit the results are staggering. It's every time when people get healed, they get delivered, they get saved, and so what I'm learning how to do is I'm learning how to see what Heaven wants to do. It's like Jesus, Jesus said in John 5:19 that he only did what he saw the Father doing. And when you operate in that manor creative miracles are easy.

Sid Roth: You teach on so many different types of angels that, frankly, most people have never even heard of. What's a Watcher angel?

Jeremy Nelson: The Watchers are some of the most fascinating angels. And so Watchers are found in Malachi, Chapter 3:16-18. It says, "Then those who feared the Lord spoke to one another and the Lord heard it". And it says, "A book of remembrance was written on behalf of those who heard". And so here's this group of people. They're pleasing God in their fellowship with the Lord. I can just see it. It's like God is looking in, in a meeting, even like we would have at church. And he's so excited about what they're talking about in their faith that an angel is now assigned to watch over and they write down a book of remembrance. And so in our meetings, what I've seen at times is angels that appear with pads of paper and pens, and they just watch as we're preaching. And I used to...

Sid Roth: They're good secretaries, these Watchers.

Jeremy Nelson: Yes. And so I used to be fascinated, God, what does that mean? And this is what he told me. He said, it's Psalm 103:20, "They watch over the Word of the Lord and perform it". And he said, "Jeremy, they literally watching over the prophetic word and they're watching for hearts that receive that word that are saying yes". And they write their name on the pad of paper, and then the pad of paper is taken to the Father, and the Father executes the Word over their lives.

Sid Roth: Tell me about the cherubim angels.

Jeremy Nelson: The cherubim angels are the angels that bring the Glory of God.

Sid Roth: Oh I like those cherubim angels.

Jeremy Nelson: In Ezekiel, Chapter 10, it talks about the cherubim angels crossing the threshing floor of the Temple, and it says the brilliance of God's Glory comes into the room.

Sid Roth: You showed me something before we went on the air. He had a visitation from an angel and this angel left a feather, that I've never seen a feather shaped like that, and he can literally pull a piece of the feather off and it will grow back. I've never seen it. I'll show it to you when we come back, if you want.

Sid Roth: I think it's wonderful that Jeremy can see these angels and you haven't heard anything compared to what this man has seen. But what about me? What about you? Can the average person see these angels and cooperate with them the way you do?

Jeremy Nelson: I believe we can. Ephesians, Chapter 1:15-19, Paul was praying for the church. He prayed that we would receive the spirit of wisdom and revelation, and the knowledge of God, and that the eyes of our heart would be enlightened by the Holy Ghost, another hope of Jesus' calling and our inheritance in him. And so one of those things that he paid a price for is that we would have eyes that see into the unseen realm, and that's for every believer, not just for prophets or the special ones. But I believe every believer has those eyes to see in the Spirit and they're available to the church.

Sid Roth: Okay. You're speaking at a secular university. I love that for starters. And what happens?

Jeremy Nelson: So I accidentally got invited in to this secular university to minister to one of the college groups that were on campus. And they didn't actually know much about our ministry and they invited us in because the secretary of the college that went on a crusade with us down into Africa. And when I showed up I was shocked because I just knew by talking to them they didn't have the Holy Ghost. And so they're very conservative. I thought this is going to be interesting. And so I went back to my room, and I prayed. I said, "God, I need a breakthrough anointing tonight". And as I was praying, a massive angel came right through the roof. And I mean, he was probably about eight, nine feet tall, very muscular, and I felt this wind that came into the room. And I just knew in my spirit that the angel was the angel of the winds of change. And as this angel went back through the roof, it was like it lasted about ten seconds, he went back through the roof, I thought to myself, did that just happen? When I looked down on the ground, I found this, Sid.

Sid Roth: I've never seen a feather. It looks almost like a corkscrew the way it is.

Jeremy Nelson: Yes. And the Lord spoke to me. He said, "The angel of the winds of change is an angel that changes spiritual seasons". They go from winter, they bring a shift into regions and cities, or even into people, churches. They go from a place of winter to spring or winter to summer, or no manifestation to manifestation. And what's amazing is the fruit of an encounter is what's important. How many of you know if we have an encounter with God there has to be fruit, and that's how we know if it's of God. Well that night, there was a young lady that was in the meeting who responded, because the Lord told me, he said, "I want you to pray for the sick". He said, "Call anything out and I'll heal it". Well I said, "If you need a miracle get up here now". The first girl that came up had been in a car accident at the university. Everybody knew about it. She had 37 metal pins in her face and seven metal plates because of the accident. And when we prayed for her they instantly dissolved. She went back to the doctors who put the metal in her face and they gave her a certificate saying, "You are a documented miracle". And so that's what happened that night on that college campus. And then that's just the beginning of it, Sid, because the football team had a star athlete that was actually out for the season. He had injured his knee. Well God healed his knee, so he's running around the room. Now we've got 250 kids that didn't know anything about God's healing power, and a lot of them not even saved. Now they're getting saved. I mean, revival breaks out on the secular campus.

Sid Roth: There's a key. There's keys to this. Here's the key. Demonstrate the Kingdom of God based on what the Bible says and earn the right to present the king. That's the key. I want you to pray that our spiritual eyes would be open to see the angelic or whatever God tells you to pray. Would you do that now?

Jeremy Nelson: Yes. Father, we decree right now and we pray, God, that you would open up people's eyes to see that, Lord, you would cause every spiritual scale or hindrance of the devil that's stopping people from seeing in the spiritual realm. We command those scales to fall off and we release in the name of Jesus that seer anointing, that anointing to see into the heavenly realm, to see the angelic, to having encounters with God. And Lord, we decree right now, Father, that Lord, you would open people's eye and open their ears to know you more in Jesus' name.

Sid Roth: Jesus said this is eternal life. In the Greek he said, "This is eternal life that you might have experiential knowledge of me".
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