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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Hours from Death, Man Instantly Healed of AIDS

Sid Roth - Hours from Death, Man Instantly Healed of AIDS

Sid Roth - Hours from Death, Man Instantly Healed of AIDS
Sid Roth - Hours from Death, Man Instantly Healed of AIDS
TOPICS: Healing, Resurrection, AIDS

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest, the only word I can use, has the most ferocious faith for miracles that you've ever seen. Let me give you an example. She goes through an AIDS hospice. That's where people are going to die from AIDS. She goes in a room where they have hours to live. She lays her hand on the first AIDS patient, hours to live now. This guy jumps up out of the bed and walks out. The nurse comes back and says, "Where did he go"? Becky, you do not look so ferocious. She is. But I've got to find out how it happened. How did you get from being normal to be normal according to the Bible?

Becky Dvorak: Well Sid, it started out with a personal deep desire in my heart and a prayer one day. I saw that the prophets and the disciples had a different level of faith than I had. They had a different level of intimacy with God that caused them to walk in naturally in the supernatural. Now I saw miracles happening in my life, but they were sporadic. But what I saw with the prophets and the disciples in God's Word was it was a lifestyle. And I said, Holy Spirit, teach me how to have this type of an intimate relationship with you that they have and teach me how to walk in the power of your spirit like they did. That's how it started.

Sid Roth: You were at a conference in Nigeria and that's really where God got a hold of you. Tell me about it.

Becky Dvorak: He did. It was about 16 years ago and I went to Nigeria for one week with three other people and we were holding together a healing conference. And that night when I got to my hotel room I was asking, "I need to know what's going on here because I can't stop weeping". And he told me, he said, "When you get back to Guatemala, when you get home there I want you to start studying healing and I don't want you to study anything else until I tell you to". It's now time for this part of your ministry, meaning healing, "to start". And so I obeyed him. I got home and I started reading the scriptures from Genesis all the way through Revelation and everything I saw about healing I had a notebook with me and I had my Bible, and I'd write to the Holy Spirit, I'd put the date on it, the day and the time where I was, and I'd say, "Dear Holy Spirit, teach me". And he would reveal things to me that I hadn't seen even though I was studying and studying it, and it ended up being a two-year study for that part. Then he had me go on a 40-day fast, and I'll be honest with you, I had never gone on a 40-day fast. Three-day fast and I thought they were hard. But a 40-day fast and it was strict fast. It was water.

Sid Roth: Water, just for 40 days?

Becky Dvorak: Yes. So at the same time I'm going on this 40-day fast he instructs me to read from Genesis through Revelation. And so I finished this fast, and it was a glorious fast. I mean it was hard on the flesh, I'll be honest with you, but I obeyed because I tell you what, no matter how hard it was physically, the supernatural side of it was glorious. And then he gave me a time of rest and he said, "Do it again".

Sid Roth: Three times in one year, 40-day fasts?

Becky Dvorak: Yes.

Sid Roth: Studying the scriptures for two years. So when it was over, she went to an AIDS hospice where they were dying, hours to live. You went into one room. What happened?

Becky Dvorak: I walked into the AIDS hospice one afternoon and I said to the nurse, I said, "Hi, Luis, how is everybody doing"? Obviously, this is all in Spanish. But I said, "How is everybody doing"? And he said, "Sister Becky, they're not doing well today". And I said, "What's wrong"? I mean, I'm in an AIDS hospice. Everything is going wrong and I'm thinking, "What's wrong now"? And he said, "In this room over here there's two men and they'll be gone within two hours. You need to go pray with them, Sister Becky". And I said, "Okay". And I knew in my spirit what he was requesting of me, he didn't believe anything was going to happen. But you know what, that didn't matter. I was on an assignment with God, with the Holy Spirit. And so he walked me into this room and there was these two single beds, one man in this bed and the other man in that bed. They were both in comas. Their eyes were fixed on the ceiling and so I go over to the first bed and I'm looking down in the man's eyes, and they're fixed on the ceiling. And I said to him, I said, "Hi, my name is Becky and I'm a missionary, and I believe in healing". And some people think it's odd that I would talk to them, but I have learned that the spirit does not go into a coma, only the physical body does. I read two scriptures to the man. I read from Isaiah 53:4-5, that said, "By his stripes we are healed" and then I went into Galatians 3:13, where it talks about Jesus becoming a curse, to undo the curse. You know, that took me maybe three minutes and I said, "I'm going to pray for you now". And I saw the man's eye twitch. And I said, "I just saw your eye twitch. I'm going to take that as you're saying yes". So I laid my hands on him, and this is what I teach people, I teach them how to do this. And I said, "In Jesus' name, I renounce the spirit of death and I release the spirit of life. I renounce the HIV and every other disease that's killing your body. Right now in Jesus' name, be healed". And you know what happened? Do you want to know happened?

Sid Roth: Of course I do. I even know what happened.

Becky Dvorak: The man instantly jumped out of his bed and he was jumping up and down, and in Spanish he's saying, "I'm healed! I'm healed! I'm healed"!

Sid Roth: Becky was telling me about a healing where a woman is almost ready to give up. She was crying really from her heart, from her mouth, "When God, when are you going to heal me"? Tell me about that.

Becky Dvorak: We were in a place called Copán, Guatemala, it's over by the Caribbean side of Guatemala, and we were holding a healing conference or crusade outdoors, and all these people came from all over. We must have had like 2000 people or so out there. And I had taught them about the redemptive blood of Jesus and what he did for them so they could be healed. And they lead me down these steps, and right in front of me is a woman sitting in a wheelchair. I don't remember how long she had been there, but it had been years. And she was married, and she was bitter, and she was angry at everybody, her husband, everybody, and she was just plain nasty in her response to everybody. But who she was really mad at was God because everybody told her this was from God. And so she thought that God was withholding her healing. She was in a wheelchair. She had some kind of accident and from the waist down she was paralyzed. And I got there, and I went to go lay my hand on her, and there's mikes and everything. And all of a sudden this woman screams out and she cries out, "When, God, when"! I mean, as loud as she could and it stopped everything. And so I got down on my knees in front of the woman so she could look me in the eye. And I said, "Number one, this is not of God. Number two, this is of Satan. Number three, don't worry because I know I have authority over him and his wicked works. Number four, by the time this meeting ends you are going to walk out of here on your own". And I laid my hand on her, and she let out this big scream, and went out on the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sid Roth: Excuse me. When you said that to her, did you have a vision, did you have a word from God or was that just raw faith speaking?

Becky Dvorak: It was raw faith and I know that he will show himself strong because he loves those people. It was glorious. I mean, the presence of God just went through that place and the people were healed astoundingly. And that woman in the wheelchair, when she came up, when she woke up from the power of the Holy Spirit, she got up and she walked out of that place on her own.

Sid Roth: You know, because of that studious studying, because of fasting three times for 40 days in one year, you got revelation from God that any believer can operate under. Share one gem. You said the first thing that God was teaching you was authority, but you had a teaching for me from the Book of Genesis, Chapter 1, Verse 28, on authority. Explain that.

Becky Dvorak: God gave me a vision and I saw a gigantic microscope, and he's asking me, he's saying, "What on the plate of glass"? And before I could even think of answering him, he said, "It's sickness and disease". "What is it doing"? And before I could answer him, he's giving me the answer. He's saying, "It's moving. We have been given dominion over everything that moves on this earth". And he says, "That includes sickness and disease".

Sid Roth: You know, Becky, one of the things that I'm really intrigued is we hear about lots of creeds and the dictionary definition of a creed is an authoritative statement of beliefs and principles which guide the actions of a person or group. Why did you write out a biblical creed on healing?

Becky Dvorak: Well I had been teaching my kids. I also home school my kids. I had been home schooling. We were doing world history and we were studying the Apostle's Creed. And so we were learning it and everything, and I heard the voice of God say to me, "You need to write a creed about healing. You need to write a healing creed", he said, "because my people no longer are being taught about healing. They are sick and dying before their appointed time. They are suffering and they do not understand that it is my will to heal them". He said, "You write a healing creed". And so I did.

Sid Roth: I want you to give an example of operating in the healing creed. This is amazing about this woman who had the broken feet and thyroid.

Becky Dvorak: There was a woman in Harrisonburg, Virginia and she came, and she heard the teachings that I teach in the healing creed, and her faith arose within her. Now this woman had numerous issues that needed healing. She had worked in a meat factory and she dropped a large package of frozen meat on her feet and it broke her bones in her feet, and that was very painful for her. She also had a thyroid condition, a thyroid problem. She had a lump and she had all kinds of issues because of that. And then she also had a bad heart. She had some type of a heart disease, and the doctors told her that she would have a heart attack. When she got the revelation of that message her faith arose and she came forward. And I laid hands on her, and that night the healing took place in her body. When she woke up she realized her feet no longer hurt. They had been healed. She was going up and down the steps because she was so excited.

Sid Roth: Of course.

Becky Dvorak: And she realized the lump was gone. She went and weighed herself. She lost four pounds overnight. While she's sleeping, this whole healing is taking place. And she's running up and down the steps. She's so excited and she realizes, I'm running up and down the steps. That's something she was not able to do because she was so out of breath all the time and she never had an issue with breathing or with her heart rate, or anything again. That's what happens.

Sid Roth: I love this healing creed. Listen to this. Becky says to me, just because you get older, just because you have grey hair doesn't mean you have to have pains in your body, sickness, disease. God has something better for you. We'll talk about it when we come back.

Sid Roth: Now Becky, does the body have to fall apart just because they're getting older.

Becky Dvorak: No they don't. Yes, we're going to get older. We're not going to stop that. But we don't have to get old and decrepit, and crippled, and lose our memories, and everything. We don't have to do that. The Bible tells us that "Those that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles. They will run and they will not be weary. They will walk and they will not faint". And I choose to believe. It's my choice. I choose to believe that God will keep me from falling apart if I will do what his word tells me to do.

Sid Roth: Well I'll tell you what, I'm on your team.

Becky Dvorak: Amen.

Sid Roth: Now I am fascinated with this 11-year-old boy that did not walk normal. He walked on all fours.

Becky Dvorak: Yes. There was a boy and his name was Separoni and this was in the Maasai land in northern Tanzania. One of the evangelists came up and asked us would we go to his village because there was this boy who could not walk. Something was very wrong with him and would we take the time. We were all really, really tired, but I've learned if you will listen to God and his invitation like that you're in for a real blessing. And so I looked at him, and I said, "Of course we'll go". So they drove us up in the bush and we got out of there, and the sun was setting, and you can feel an evil presence when you got out of that vehicle. And then out of the corner of my eye I saw this boy. He was an 11-year-old boy and he crawled on all fours. He did everything like an animal did. As soon as I reached out and touched the boy he just started rolling and thrashing. And I said, "Holy Spirit, what happened to his boy? Show me". And so I closed my eyes because I'm a seer. I closed my eyes and the Lord started taking me down this pathway. We went through a field and I started with an interpreter asking him, did this happen, did this happen, and he would stopping rolling around, and he's say, "Dee", which meant yes. And we came, in this vision I came up to a wooden hut. Now they're not wooden. They're made out of cow dung and all of that. So a wooden hut was somebody more prosperous like a witch doctor. And I saw my hand on this door and my hand went to push the door open, and I heard, and I felt the Holy Spirit whisper in my ear, "Secret things". And so I pushed the door open and I saw this boy all wrapped up in black and he was all tied up. And I knew that he had suffered great abuse under the witch doctor and these warriors that were following me and mocking me. And I asked the boy through the interpreter, did this happen, and he said yes. He kept saying yes, yes, but he kept rolling around. So we go lay hands on this boy. There was something wrong with him, but it was trying to kill him, is what it was trying to do, and it was manifesting in that manner. And so I renounced the spirit of death and I released the power of the Holy Spirit into this boy, and I said, "In Jesus' name, you will walk in Jesus' name". But you know, it doesn't matter how desperate the situation is, God is able and he's willing. And he looked at us through the interpreter and said, "I am so tired. I need to sleep". And all the pastors are going, oh, and I said, "Don't worry about it. God will complete what he started here". So I said, "Put him on the chair". So he went on the chair. And we have to go and minister for three hours someplace else. And when came back, everything is gated because of the lions and everything out there. And so we pulled up in the safari vehicle and we're on a hill so we could see over the fence, and I was sitting in the front and I said, "Who is that? Who is that"? And everybody is trying to figure out who it is. And all of a sudden I was like, "Oh my, that's him"! And I jumped out of the car like in the movies and we went running to each other, and jumping up and down. And that boy said this: when we laid hands on him he became so tired he had to go to sleep. He went into a deep sleep and then he woke up a few hours later, and just got out of the chair and walked.

Sid Roth: Okay. I'm going to tell you something. In this whole time God has been speaking to me about people that are being healed of so many conditions. I'm telling you that it's no longer when God, no longer you see it happened, past tense. Two thousand years ago, by his stripes you were healed.

Becky Dvorak: Absolutely.

Sid Roth: And anyone with a back problem, even studio audience, neck problem, you just stand up and bend over. You move your head like this then all pains are gone in your body in Jesus' name. When Jesus said, on the cross, "It is finished", in the original language this is what it meant: Paid in full.
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