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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Need a Miracle?

Sid Roth - Need a Miracle?

Sid Roth - Need a Miracle?
Sid Roth - Need a Miracle?
TOPICS: Miracle

Sid Roth: Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest has moved for many years in miracles, sometimes a creative miracle. But something just happened to him and there's an explosion of creative miracles. He just back from Argentina and in a matter of minutes 60 people had creative miracles, I mean, new organs, and he says it's transferable. Anyone interested? Now Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, you said that God spoke to you recently about body parts. What did he say?

Apostle Maldonado: I have seen for 25 years healing miracles, signs, wonders, but I had never seen this kind of creative realm come upon the ministry. So three months ago, the Lord said, "I want you to release angels and when you release angels they will bring body parts from Heaven and put it into people".

Sid Roth: Because of miracles, I understand you probably had a million people make professions of faith in this last year.

Apostle Maldonado: I went to Pakistan and we had 1.2 million people, and 95 percent of those people were unbelievers and they came because we announced miracles, and that's what they did. They said our God is not, doesn't do miracles.

Sid Roth: Most of them were probably Muslim.

Apostle Maldonado: Yes. So we want to see what this, I preached on the cross and we started praying for miracles, and there were thousands upon thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands, and as a result, I would say 900,000 raised their hand and they gave their life to Jesus.

Sid Roth: You know, this is coming and it's not just coming to Apostle Maldonado. It's not just coming to me. It's not just coming to television personalities. It is anyone that has the superstar, Jesus, living inside of them. Do you have the superstar inside of you?

Apostle Maldonado: Yes.

Sid Roth: Anyone interested here in seeing a video clip of these miracles? Let's go.

Woman: The doctor said I had a scoliosis and I had a missing rib. I also want to say that I didn't want to come up, but when I closed my eyes, God showed me like an x-ray of my ribs. And then you said about creative miracles, and then mom said, "Go up for your rib". And then I went up, and then I just felt my legs wouldn't stop shaking.

Apostle Maldonado: So what did you feel?

Woman: Well I checked her before to make sure what she has already. And then after praying I checked again and I felt the missing rib here.

Apostle Maldonado: So you saw an angel. My God! Feel the presence of God.

Woman: I saw the hands of an angel placing something in here and I felt the heat. And so when the Doctor protected me over here. He turned me around like my doctor would and had me swallow, and he said he felt the right side of the thyroid.

Apostle Maldonado: And she came here today. She says the doctor told her that you said a word that God was giving somebody brand new kidneys. She got a hold of that word. The power of God came over her. She says, "I felt a fire in my womb". And even her skin has begun to lighten up because it was too dark because of the kidney failure.

Woman: I couldn't stand. I couldn't walk. I couldn't pick up my son.

Apostle Maldonado: Wow. What happened tonight, daughter?

Woman: I felt the fire of God.

Apostle Maldonado: And what did he change?

Woman: My hands were so dark. And look, they're brown, on top of your kidneys. They had to be removed.

Apostle Maldonado: How long ago?

Woman: Since I was born, two weeks. After I was born I believe they took them out, and I've been taking medication ever since. I just felt something push.

Apostle Maldonado: Something pushing you.

Woman: Yes.

Apostle Maldonado: Wow.

Woman: And my kidneys are here. I can feel. I've waited for this 26 years. Narrator: In the past year alone, we have seen over 5000 documented miracles. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. The supernatural is visibly evident now.

Sid Roth: You know, I just, when I see something like that, I felt such compassion when I saw some of those people testify and I can, not almost, I see tears in your eyes. You were there and you're still tearing up over it.

Apostle Maldonado: Yes. I believe, Sid, that the pathway to the supernatural is love. When moved, Jesus to do the miracles wasn't faith. When moved, Jesus, the motivation behind those miracles was love. Faith works with love and I have seen the most incredible miracles when I see that compassion falling upon people and it's incredible. I've been doing supernatural encounters and I went to Mexico. There was an arena for 20,000 people and 42,000 people came to the arena. We couldn't fit them in there, so we got 22,000 people outside waiting on line, three a.m. in the morning.

Sid Roth: People are sick and hurting, and hungry.

Apostle Maldonado: And unfortunately, the church cannot supply because it's just a little teaching and preaching. There's no miracles. There's no manifestation. But this is what happened, Sid. As the presence of God came, as the Holy Spirit came, I heard the shouts of the ushers saying, "Apostle, Apostle, people are getting up in wheelchairs". And suddenly I see a mass of 14 people pushing the wheelchairs coming to the stage, came from the second floor, third floor, 14 wheelchairs.

Sid Roth: You didn't even lay hands on them.

Apostle Maldonado: I didn't even touch them. I didn't even pray. They just came running. And it was so, and most of those people they were missing organs in their bodies, fingers, bones, I mean, all kinds of. They sent them to die and in just an instant, 14 wheelchairs got up.

Sid Roth: You know what?

Apostle Maldonado: I believe the power of God is not based in a personality. The power of God is based on truth. So as long as you know the truth and that truth is revealed to you, you will move in miracles, signs and wonders. You will cast out demons and this is the time for every believer to move in miracles.

Sid Roth: Guess what? Not only that, people are getting healed. You've seen the reports that come in. People are getting healed just watching television. You know, Christian television has become mostly entertainment. I want to be a flow of God's Spirit, a flow of God's Glory. Get ready. We're going to be right back.

Sid Roth: Now you say that God's word is simple, practical and powerful.

Apostle Maldonado: I believe, Sid, that it's simple when you understand you have power and authority, when you understand and got the revelation who you are in God. As a believer, as it said in the beginning, the power of God is not based on personality. The power of God is based on truth. If you know the Word, if you know the truth you will do miracles. I've seen all kinds of people, young people, adults, moving in miracles and they don't have any gift because the tradition is well you have to have a gift. Well if you got the truth that's enough to do miracles.

Sid Roth: You mean, tell me about a transfer of this resurrection power. Tell me about Reverend Paul from India and the nurse with the brain tumor.

Apostle Maldonado: This pastor came from India. As he was activated I laid hands on him. I speak the word, he got the impartation. He went back to India and a woman, her baby died and I called him, as soon as he got from Miami to India.

Man: And I said God is going to raise her up. And I began to pray for her in the telephone, and I began to call out and said, "In the name of Jesus, come back to life. I come against every spirit of death in the name of Jesus". And I prayed and I hanged the phone.

Apostle Maldonado: So he prayed to rebuke the spirit of death. Her baby came back to life. So now, Sid, this is not a person, he's not known. He got a nice size church, but it's not known. Again, we're going back into Mark 16:15. If we preach the word do we believe the resurrection, do you believe Jesus is alive now. See, what happened is if you ask me a question why the church is not moving in miracles, I would say that we preach an historical God. Miracles doesn't happen in the past, miracles doesn't happen in the future, miracles happen now.

Sid Roth: Tell me about the nurse with the brain tumor.

Apostle Maldonado: She was healed. It was a terminal disease and she's watching me by television, and she was healed. She was delivered. And then now she came to one my schools. She was activated and went back. And there's a baby that died in the hospital, and she said, "I rebuke the spirit of death". And that baby came back to life.

Sid Roth: This nurse works with babies that are not expected to live and she has this miracle anointing. And people are getting this over the TV. They're having their own miracles over television. You told me that God spoke to you that there was a portal opening for creative miracles. Tell me about that.

Apostle Maldonado: Okay. The Lord spoke to me. He said, "You've been seeing". He gave me a foretaste of those creative miracles. I saw a lot of creative miracles. I saw deliverance, the whole thing on the supernatural. But in this time he said, "There's a portal open over your ministry and for you to impart to my people". That's the key, because again, we're not talking about celebrity. We're talking about the people, any believer moving in the supernatural. So I saw the shift in it. I saw the shift and whenever you see somebody that's missing a breast and the breast grew back, and whenever you see flesh and bones growing, a kidney, it's powerful. So I saw the shift and the amount, and the creative in it.

Sid Roth: All right. Last month you were in Argentina. Tell me what you saw with your eyes.

Apostle Maldonado: One of my churches in Argentina, 27,000 people in the stadium. And then suddenly the Spirit of God said, "You to minister creative ministers". And I just prayed like two or three minutes because the portal on my life, that portal created the realm, the realm of creative. So I just prayed. I said, "God, create miracles" and I released it. Sid, we documented. It took 15 minutes, 15 minutes.

Sid Roth: Fifteen minutes.

Apostle Maldonado: Fifteen minutes to have in the altar the first testimony and then we have a line of people. And then we counted. We got doctors and our people, 60 creative new organs. The first lady, she was standing, and the first lady, she said, "Oh my God, my breasts", she said, "My breasts were removed because of cancer". And there's another lady, she said, "My God, adrenal gland", she said had been removed. And she had a hole here. And she said, "I didn't have the eardrum. I was born without it. I couldn't hear". So suddenly, she starts screaming, "I can hear! I can hear"! And she said, "I don't have the hole anymore. The Lord put the gland in". And just like that, 60 miracles. God will do it to those people that are watching.

Sid Roth: You told me that was all you had time to document. There are many more.

Apostle Maldonado: Oh yes. We got lines and lines of people waiting. And God will do it for those people that are watching. Are you ready for it?

Sid Roth: Jesus used the casting out of demons to announce, that was his advertising. He didn't have the Internet and all the things we have today. But he had something more powerful. He used the casting out of demons to illustrate the fact that the Kingdom of God has come on Earth. Now I'm taking you back many years, Guillermo. Early in your ministry, you, like myself, like everyone, had many questions. You would wonder why people who were believers were addicted to things like pornography and alcohol, and things like that, where people would have fears, unreasonable fears they couldn't shake. He had all these questions and God answered you.

Apostle Maldonado: The answer was that there was a missing ingredient. Even in my leadership I didn't see the church in the ministry grow. And the Lord said the missing ingredient is the ministry of deliverance.

Sid Roth: For some people this is kind of new because that whole ministry, which was the thing Jesus emphasized, has been set aside. Would you define for me deliverance.

Apostle Maldonado: Deliverance is a permanent removing of influences and demonic oppressions from the person, either from the mind, emotions, and will from the soul, is removing, is the removal of those things, especially believers. And I believe Jesus ministers four stages: preaching, teaching, healing and casting out demons. Today we do preaching and teaching, not healing, a little bit, and casting out demons, no, we don't want to do it. And how come we can identify with the ministry of the Jesus? I would not be ashamed to do the deliverance. I was not ministering deliverance. I was just preaching the Kingdom because when you preach the Kingdom the sign of the preaching of the Kingdom is the casting out demons. So there's a confrontation, there's a conflict between two kingdoms. And believers are manifesting and being delivered.

Sid Roth: I have heard people say Christians can't have demons.

Apostle Maldonado: Well they cannot be possessed. Possession and demonization is totally different. There's two terms. Possession is ownership. Demonization is influence.

Sid Roth: Didn't Jesus cast out a spirit of infirmity?

Apostle Maldonado: Yes, that's what I'm saying. There's influence. But I'm ministering in this church and I see people being delivered, and he cut me off. And I said, "Listen, Jesus' blood paid for that person to be delivered".

Sid Roth: Find out more when we come back.

Sid Roth: Our spirit is saved instantly. But you believe it takes a lifetime to work out your salvation.

Apostle Maldonado: The soul is being transformed, being changed and being delivered. In other words, it's not instant. Our spirit is being saved. The Holy Spirit lives there. So that's what I don't believe. A Christian can be possessed by a demon, but can be influenced in some areas. For example, I've been in a place when the Lord said to me, "I want you to call every person that is sick in their body and the doctors cannot find the cause of that sickness". Usually, Sid, when that happens is a demon because they don't have any detectors, supernatural detectors to say it's a demon. Doctors can say that. Unless you have discernment, you can't discern if it's a demon. So usually when I rebuke the spirit of sickness the person is instantly healed.

Sid Roth: You say that we should start acting like Jesus. How did Jesus act?

Apostle Maldonado: Well Jesus acted as the Son of God, anointed by the Holy Spirit. He left behind his Glory. Now he's acting in the power of God. But we all, every believer has the power and the authority to cast out demons because so many people are afraid. No, I'm afraid.

Sid Roth: Why are people so afraid of demons?

Apostle Maldonado: Because there's a tradition in theology and doctrines that if you lay hands on people that demon will jump on you. Wait a minute, greater is he that is in me that is in the world. Let's go to the scripture. The Lord has given us, Sid, and those people that are watching, the Lord has given us power, the ability, Divine ability, and God has given us the authority: Luke 10:19, Matthew 28:19. In other words, we got both. We got the ability and we got the legal right, the authorization to use the power. Any believer has the power and the authority to cast out demons. You don't have to be a superstar.

Sid Roth: Right now, I want you, there are people that they're believers, but they're not free. I want you to pray a prayer for freedom for those that are watching. I want you to pray it. We have a large number of prayer requests. Let's hold on to this and you pray for freedom for people watching and these people to be healed.

Apostle Maldonado: Father, in the name of Jesus, can we start praying in the Holy Spirit. Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank you, Father. I release that anointing for deliverance, freedom, those that are bound, those that are addicted to alcohol, those that are addicted to food, those that are addicted in depression and oppression. In the name of Jesus, right now I set you free. Any spirit of sickness in their bodies, be healed, be delivered right now. Go in the name of Jesus. I see somebody trying to commit suicide. God is delivering you now. I see somebody that is you've been in depression for 15 years. You've taken medication. God is setting you free in the name of Jesus. God is doing something very powerful. There is someone struggling with alcohol. You're struggling with alcohol. God is setting you free. In the name of Jesus, the anointing is destroying the yoke right now. Be free in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen and amen.

Sid Roth: Do you realize you are God's ambassador and as an ambassador you need to be fully equipped. And anything in the book, it's yours. Every promise in that book, it's yours. If Jesus is your Messiah and Lord, and if he's not, tell him you're sorry for your sins, ask him to cleanse you by his blood, and come live inside of you and take over your life. Say, thank you, Lord Jesus.
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