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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Get Complete Deliverance with One Simple Step

Sid Roth - Get Complete Deliverance with One Simple Step

Sid Roth - Get Complete Deliverance with One Simple Step
Sid Roth - Get Complete Deliverance with One Simple Step
TOPICS: Deliverance, Freedom

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. I have a friend that is a renowned prophet that is now in Heaven, and this is what I heard him say. A billion souls are going to come to the Lord. It won't be when I'm here, but I'll see it from Heaven and there will be millions, especially young people, that will need deliverance. Why will they need deliverance? It's going to be because so many forbidden doors have been opened because of sin and especially sexual sin, pornography, so many open doors that need to be closed. And the average pastor isn't even equipped to handle these people that are going to need these things. But my guest had a revelation from God on how to do it and it's so simple. It's unbelievably simple and you can do it for yourself, and you can do it for the thousands, and I say thousands that are going to be lined up at your door. You know, we humans are such complex people and you read the Bible. However, sometimes it's not working the way the simple truth says. So if there's nothing wrong with God it gives us only one other person to ask a question about. And that's why so many believers get stuck and never go forward with God because they've got these doors that are closed over problems that are never opened, and they go five years, ten years, 20 years. Give me an example of some of the areas that might be symptomatic of problems.

Dennis Clark: Trauma, people, low grade anxiety where they feel like I know I'm a spirit-filled believer. I've moved in the gifts of the Spirit, but I feel anxious most of the time. There's a serious door that needs to be shut there because anxiety is not walking with the Lord. There's also apprehension about making decisions. There's pet peeves even, believe it or not, can be an indication of a door that needs shut, over-reaction to mild stimulation. Something goes wrong and you just blow up.

Sid Roth: You know, a statement you made that I know is so true, Dennis, is 80 percent of the people, if they can just close those doors, if they just close it they don't have to do the classic I command this demon to leave. The demons don't want to stay. They just leave on their own, 80 percent.

Dennis Clark: Eighty percent. When we taught people how to close the doors, that was the first indication. All of a sudden, and in some cases they didn't even know it was demonic, but they would say, "I feel lighter, something lifted, wow, that was great ministry. I don't understand it, but I know I'm better", and they will see the residual fruit of freedom after the ministry session. That's the significance of closing a door.

Sid Roth: Okay. How did you first learn, because it's so simple. But you know what, Jesus said you have to become like a little child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. So if it's not simple, it's not God.

Dennis Clark: Well I was a baby Christian with a dramatic baptism in the Holy Spirit. They wanted to put me on TV and radio and just talk about my baptism in the Holy Spirit. Well I got my first opportunity to speak to a small group. And they said, "Dennis, just share your testimony". I walked up there knowing that I was called to preach. I knew that from the time that I was saved that, that was my calling. And I looked out and there probably weren't any more than 40 people, and I felt ashamed, had what they would probably call stage fright, and I actually walked off the stage, and the worship leader had to do her testimony because they didn't know what to do now that Dennis walked off.

Sid Roth: They had a peace, such a stronghold. So what did you do about it?

Dennis Clark: I went home.

Sid Roth: You know what a lot of people do? They'll just never speak again and miss their destiny.

Dennis Clark: Exactly. I went home and I said, I'm just a young Christian, maybe six months old in the Lord, eight months old. I knelt down by the side of a couch and I said, "God, what is wrong with me? If I'm called to preach I can't do that. What just happened to me, I don't understand". And I closed my eyes and the first thing I saw in my mind's eye, I saw myself when I was a nine-year-old bed-wetter and I pictured myself with clenched fists, hating myself, and I was enough of a Christian to know, gee, you don't hate people, you certainly aren't allowed to hate yourself. And I saw that I received down in my belly, down in the gut, I received forgiveness for self-hatred and instantly there was in my mind's eye and simultaneously what was going on in my mind's eye, I felt a lifting and it was in my mind's eye a slimy stocking mask. I don't know how else to explain it, like a burglar would wear in a stick-up, and it was a slimy stocking mask, and its name was "Shame", and it was lifting off of me. And while I was watching it lift off me in my mind's eye I felt the lightness of it. And the shame literally had the open door of self-hatred in my life. I didn't know it was there. That was something that I had as a kid.

Sid Roth: When it was gone, how did you change?

Dennis Clark: Oh this is remarkable. From walking off the stage, would you know God had orchestrated so that the very next day they said, "Dennis, we want you to speak in front of the whole church your testimony". And I'm going, haven't you heard? I have a track record here. But anyway, I walked up there and I stood by a pulpit and it was, I felt like a cowboy in a saddle. It was like this where I belong. I like me, but it was a God confidence.

Sid Roth: Okay. You, too, had equipped literally thousands of people to be free from insomnia, so many different areas. And it's so simple and so easy. As a matter of fact, Dr. Jennifer Clark actually got physically healed when she learned how to close these doors. I want to find out about it. Be right back.

Sid Roth: You see, when you close these emotional doors, doors that might have been open from sin, maybe from before being a believer, maybe even through ancestry, when those doors are closed people are getting physically healed. And I'm just curious, Dr. Jennifer, the people that are getting physically healed, do they actually pray for healing or when they get their freedom, the healing comes with it?

Dr. Jennifer Clark: What we have seen is as soon people deal with the door that healing manifests automatically in many cases.

Sid Roth: You had a life-threatening disease. Tell me about that.

Dr. Jennifer Clark: I had a heart condition and took several different medications. And so after I met Dennis and he taught me how to deal with doors I had the condition flare up. And it was very frightening because it was life-threatening and so I felt fear in me, which meant that's an emotion, but I felt fear all around me in the atmosphere. That's when you know that there's some demonic presence there. And so my heart flared, heart condition flared up. I received forgiveness. The demonic presence in the room automatically left and dissipated, and my heart went into normal rhythm, and I was physically healed of that condition from that time on, and I was able to stop taking my medication.

Sid Roth: How did you take these spiritual concepts, which for a lot of people are hard to articulate verbally, and make it so simple?

Dr. Jennifer Clark: Well for one thing, I paid attention to how Dennis had me pray and I started saying to him, people don't know these keys, and he just stayed in his own church pastoring all of the years when I was sitting in church pews. And I said, "You don't understand. I've never heard anybody teach this".

Sid Roth: I've never heard this.

Dr. Jennifer Clark: And so I just went by the way he taught me, and just documented it step by step, because he followed the flow of the Holy Spirit, but we know that the Lord works according to patterns and principles. And so because I needed the small steps, I started writing down the small steps with the idea in my mind I want people to be able to understand this so they can get free, too. And this is, I thought, God is so clever, he put somebody who had the rich spiritual experience that he had trained in the things of the Spirit. He put him together with me and gave me the gift of writing and I was able to start writing, at first cards and pamphlets. And eventually it expanded into books because I want believers to have these tools and the freedom that I experienced.

Sid Roth: Okay. Dennis, just briefly, explain dropping down and what that is.

Dennis Clark: Dropping down, for me, was the minute I closed my eyes I would feel the presence in my gut, and I just basically would tell people to open their heart. But I noticed that a lot of times when I would say open your heart, they had trouble locating. And so I was almost to the point where I told Jennifer, even, to get out of her head. Put your hand on your belly and focus on being God in dwelling, and open the door of your heart. And once it was like a revelation to her that everything good happened down here and informed this up here. And so I would just say, while you're dropped down, when peace is ruling Jesus is ruling and that's how you deepen your relationship. You want to maintain that rule of God and it's perceptible.

Sid Roth: What I found was I can willfully get in touch with my spirit. My spirit isn't here. My spirit is here and I have found that I can, through practice, I can get right into my spirit immediately. What would you say, Dennis, is the first step to self-deliverance?

Dennis Clark: The first step to self-deliverance is starting from the spirit. Everyone knows, even forgiveness, I watch people struggle with forgiveness and they say, Matthew 18, but Matthew 18 says, "from the heart", and I watch people give forgiveness, pray after me prayers. But if they want to get deliverance they've got to start in the belly. And when they realize that Jesus is the forgiver, he's the deliverer, that the deliverer wants to rise up, the healer wants to rise up. So the first step is knowing that you start from the inside. When you close the door on the inside then anything that's influencing from the outside has no ground.

Sid Roth: Do you find that most Christians, even mature Christians need to close these doors?

Dennis Clark: Absolutely. And to be thorough even with closing the door through forgiveness they need to know it goes in three directions. They need to know that there can be a barrier between you and someone else. You need to let that river of forgiveness flow to them. You need to receive forgiveness. The Christians that were set free who basically didn't have anybody do anything to them, they did it all by themselves with self-hatred, anger, self-judgment, they would receive forgiveness and feel demonic activity lifting. And other times, believe it or not, they need to release the judgment they made against God, like why did God let that happen.

Sid Roth: But I've been instructed that forgiveness is a process, sometimes even years. What would you say?

Dennis Clark: That's absolutely a fallacy.

Sid Roth: I would say stronger. It's a lie.

Dennis Clark: It's a lie.

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what, when we come back, how would you like to wake up tomorrow morning without any of the traumas that you went to bed with, without any of those fears? How would you like to walk in peace, God's peace, seven days a week, 24 hours a day? We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: You know there is an epidemic of loneliness. What are the statistics on that?

Dr. Jennifer Clark: One out of five Americans is suffering from loneliness. That would be about 60 million individuals.

Sid Roth: Whoa. How about worldwide then?

Dr. Jennifer Clark: And what's more is scientists have found out that it's contagious that if one person in your group of friends suffers from loneliness you would have a 52 percent chance of catching it from them. And the reason it's contagious, the secular scientists don't know this, was I learned from Dennis that loneliness is not an emotion. Sadness is an emotion, but loneliness is a spirit that creates a sense of emptiness even in the innermost being of a believer. But for a believer, emptiness is impossible because we're filled with God and this just amazed me. There are so many keys in our new book, "Self-Deliverance Made Simple" that just absolutely blew me away.

Sid Roth: You know something that we do, and I think it's higher than one in five, is we make vows. I never will do that. I'm no good at that. You could have made a vow on I'll never speak again.

Dennis Clark: Exactly. And I believe that these are destiny barriers, if you want lack of a better of term, because we're watching that it's almost like the enemy knows a little bit about where you're going in God and he purposely will set up a roadblock, and inner vows are the perfect roadblock. I will never cry, I will never speak in public, I will never. Once you lock that will in, God wants your will, the devil wants your will. When you make an inner vow the devil has got that will and he's got tremendous influence over you. So to me, if you look for any time you say "I never", on the other side of that could be your anointing. It could be the fulfillment of your destiny.

Sid Roth: Jennifer, literally thousands of people have been equipped to wake up in the morning with none of the negative emotions that they had previously. Explain.

Dr. Jennifer Clark: When you deal with your negative emotions, by forgiveness they are exchanged for supernatural peace. And if you don't deal with them that they're hardwired into your brain while you sleep at night. And scientists had discovered, in 2012, 2013, through research that we have a mechanism in our brain that literally cleanses our brain of toxin and waste materials while we sleep. But also, when we sleep if we have dealt with any negative emotions of the day through forgiveness then any residue from that is also washed out of our brain overnight, but if don't deal with it and go to sleep on it then it hardwires into our long term memory.

Sid Roth: You know, there are so many doors that we humans have to close. I want you to close a few doors right now. I'd like you two to pray for us. Start out by again explaining dropping down while you pray.

Dr. Jennifer Clark: Close your eyes. Go down to your spirit in your belly, in your heart and open, and yield to God. Now there are those of you out there who have a spirit of loneliness. Now your heart is open. Allow yourself to feel how you feel at those times and receive forgiveness for having an idol in your heart that is taking up room where God should be. Just receive forgiveness and yield, and welcome his presence to come in and fill you. And I'm seeing bondages broken off people right now. I see a lady and you're weeping with joy because the love of God is pouring in where there was nothing and there was separation that you felt that you were separated from God. And I see several other people. I actually see somebody who doesn't suffer from loneliness, but you have an addiction and you just receive forgiveness, and I'm seeing the Lord break addictions off like snapping rubber bands. And I'm seeing people out there raising their hands in the new freedom that God is giving you right now. And I see others of you who are starting to receive forgiveness. As I'm talking there are others that are receiving forgiveness and there's somebody who is getting a physical healing right now because you just received forgiveness and a spirit left. Somebody had cancer and that spirit of cancer has left and when you got back to your doctor you're going to get a clean bill of health, and some of the things you thought you were going to have to face, you aren't going to have to face.

Dennis Clark: And I just hear the Lord saying, too, even the things that appear mild while you're watching this and it feels like an ache, those are symbolic of a closed door. It might just feel like an uncomfortableness. Do not minimize any of these things, but basically say, I want nothing to come between me and my God.

Sid Roth: I'm hearing there are food addictions. You know what that has to do with? Loneliness. It's all connected. But when you can close these emotional doors and get your freedom you can wake up tomorrow morning not dealing with any of the emotional baggage you've had in the past, and you wake up and say, boy, Holy Spirit, what are you going to do today in my life?
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