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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Deformed Boy Gets Completely Healed

Sid Roth - Deformed Boy Gets Completely Healed

Sid Roth - Deformed Boy Gets Completely Healed
Sid Roth - Deformed Boy Gets Completely Healed
TOPICS: Healing, Restoration

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. There was an evangelist who is now in Heaven. His name, A.A. Allen. I never had the privilege of seeing him, but the miracles that happened under him, I don't think we've had too many ministries that have had as many miracles. But one day, a young man that he was mentoring, R.W. Schambach, witnessed a miracle beyond almost, well it's beyond anything I've even read in the Bible, and that was enough to trigger his faith to have a great miracle ministry under a tent all over the United States of America and parts of the world. His daughter was mentored by R.W., R.W. is now in Heaven, and she is building on his shoulders. And I'm going to tell you something. I'm going to have R.W. describe what this miracle he saw with his very eyes, unbelievable, but it catapulted his faith. Every time he shares it, miracles erupt. Are you ready for a miracle? Well I'm here with Donna, and Donna has heard her father share this story so many times. And you know the funny thing, and it is funny, when your dad shares when he saw these, what was it, 20?

Donna Schambach: Twenty-six.

Sid Roth: Twenty-six miracles happen, he said that A.A. Allen said, "Close your eyes". And he said, "I'm not closing my eyes. I'm going to look at it".

Donna Schambach: That's right.

Sid Roth: And what he saw, and let me tell you this, when he shares this people are going to be healed. Let's roll it.

R.W. Schambach: The greatest miracle that I ever witnessed was in A.A. Allen's meeting. A mother from Knoxville, Tennessee came to Birmingham, Alabama with her little son. He was born blind and deaf, and dumb, and his tongue hanged out of his mouth. Both arms were deformed, matted together, elbows protruding up into the stomach. Both legs deformed, the knees touching the elbows. He was in a fetal position. He was born without male organs and he was born without feet. Twenty-six major diseases. Now I introduced a man of God. He said, "Lady, bring me your baby now". She came and put that baby in his arms and the first thing I saw, those blind eyes, a milky color, whirlpools began to spin around and all of a sudden the whirlpool was gone, and I was looking into the eyes of a brown-eyed baby boy. Both legs simultaneously with the arms began to snap and brought both of those legs out. Remember, the boy was born without feet and born without male organs. And I saw this with my own eyes, God created feet on the little boy that had no feet! That was the greatest night that I believe I was in. Twelve wheelchairs on that side. On that side were 15 stretchers they brought in from the hospital. All of a sudden when they saw that miracle of that little boy everybody in the wheelchairs, nobody laid hands on them, but all of them got up like a master sergeant commanded them to rise up, and the come out of the wheelchairs totally healed by the power of the Living Christ! Every eye left the wheelchairs and every eye went to the stretchers, and everybody in those stretchers got up and walked out totally healed by the power of God.

Sid Roth: Now if you had seen that with your very eyes, I think, as we Jewish people say at Passover, it would have been enough. But what we're about to see will make that the minor league. Donna, you were raised under the tent.

Donna Schambach: Yes.

Sid Roth: You would go with your dad, I'm sure, to many of his meetings. What was it like under that tent?

Donna Schambach: You know, growing up under the tent, obviously we saw so many people healed all the time: blind eyes opened, people jumping out of wheelchairs, running around the tent, people who had been formerly crippled. But it was when I started to work with my dad 25 years ago that I really started to pay attention, Sid. Because I knew him as my dad, but when he walked out to that pulpit he was being released like a lion out of the cage. When we walked out, he was actually assessing what he was going to do that night. Every night it would be different.

Sid Roth: When you say assessing what he was going to do, in other words, he was trying to listen to what the spirit of God wanted him to do?

Donna Schambach: Yes. I saw something in his eye. There was an anointing on his eye that he could actually begin to discern the spirits. You know, when we were there, you could feel the oppression of an inner city. And so often...

Sid Roth: Now why did your dad always go to the down and outers, the inner cities, the ghettos? Why would your dad always go there?

Donna Schambach: Because that's where Jesus would be. It's not the well that needs a physician.

Sid Roth: So you would see this gleam in his eyes. Then what?

Donna Schambach: Well he begins to assess and then he started to sing. And I could literally feel the oppression begin to lift as he'd sing and worship God. And he'd begin to create an atmosphere by the power of the Holy Spirit for faith. He'd have people give testimonies. There were so many former drug addicts that got saved in that meeting, people who got miracles in their finances people who came to the Lord for the first time, and he would have them testify right before he preached because he was building the faith of the people to believe for their miracle. Then he always preached the Word of God, and if you've ever heard my dad preach, he knew how to use it like a sword.

Sid Roth: Oh I know. I'm going to tell you what. This man put every fiber of his being when I would see him under the tent, and there was something so special. These tent meetings are coming back. You and I have discussed that.

Donna Schambach: Yes sir.

Sid Roth: They're going to be all over America. So Donna, why were you so reluctant to operate in miracles? I mean, you're R.W.'s daughter.

Donna Schambach: Well that's probably why. I had come from an educational background and when my dad asked me to come and preach under the tents in the afternoon services, I thought doing my three points and my illustrated messages.

Sid Roth: You were a teacher.

Donna Schambach: I was a teacher. I thought that was enough. And we were in Baltimore, Maryland. I'll never forget the day, Sid. I had just preached a masterpiece of a sermon, in my opinion. I gave an altar call. There were tears. There was weeping, move of the Holy Spirit. I felt satisfied. Lord, I know it's a wrap now. I closed my Bible and the Lord told me, "You're not done yet". And in my mind, I said, "What are you talking about"? He said, "You haven't prayed for the sick". And this is what was going on in my mind, and I said, "But that's dad's job".

Sid Roth: Yeah, that's the evening meeting. You're just the warm-up act.

Donna Schambach: Wasn't it enough? And he's like, "There's sick people here that need to be healed. You're going to pray for the sick". And in my heart, I said, "But what if they don't get healed". And see, the Lord put his finger on my lack of faith. He said, "You do what I tell you to do and watch what I'll do". And all of a sudden, my eyes went to the right and on the front row was an older woman with a headache with the flu. But there was a woman in a body cast from her hip all the way down to her toe. And the Lord told me to walk over to her.

Sid Roth: But at your state, you would have had a problem with a headache.

Donna Schambach: I would have had a problem with a headache, is right. This is out for everybody to see. And so I didn't know what I was doing. I just walked over to her. I did the religious thing and I said, "Woman, what did you come here for"? She said, "I came to be healed". Well that was my first encouragement. She had faith. I said, "Why don't you stand up". I put my arm through her arm. I said, "Let's take a step for the Father". It sounded religious to me. So we took a step for the Father. And I said, "Let's take one more for the son". And she gingerly put the next one down. And I said, "Let's take a step for the Holy..". and I couldn't even get "Ghost" out because a bolt of lightning must have hit her from the Throne Room, and she screamed so loud, scared me to death. The whole audience started screaming. She ran around the tent and the faith preacher is standing there going, "Look at God! Look at God"!

Sid Roth: I'm just curious. When you got off by yourself after all of that happened, I bet you were one grateful woman of God. You know, I couldn't stop talking about it. I went to her and I said, "What was wrong with you"? She told me a city bus had hit her three years previously. The doctors had tried to put her bones back together and she never healed. But in an instant, God touched her. And I often think, Sid, what if I had not have begged God?

Sid Roth: It would have been easy.

Donna Schambach: Yes. What if I had backed away? But God not only healed her, but he opened up the door inside my spirit to see that these signs shall follow them that believe.

Sid Roth: Tell me about the woman with the curled hands.

Donna Schambach: I was in Canada, and that was when I learned how compassion worked. It's really, I call it the emotion of the Holy Spirit. Because I was going down a prayer line and I saw this woman with curled hands. She couldn't move them. And I didn't have to think, but the Spirit of God within me just moved my hands up underneath the curl in her hand, and as I did, they immediately opened up, and she just began to flex those hands back and forth. It was an instant, but it was a Holy Ghost impulse of compassion that led me to her.

Sid Roth: Now I see you have this gift, you can't conjure it up, of compassion. Now as an evangelist's daughter that I have to believe was attacked unmercifully by people, the devil inspiring them, how do you still even today have this compassion? How come you're not bitter and hardened with all that you've seen behind the scenes?

Donna Schambach: Because the greatest joy in my life is seeing a life touched by the power of God. And you know, I have to give credit to my parents because when I was a teenager, they didn't take me to the skating rink or the movie house. They took me to the inner cities and they let me rub elbows with people who were very less fortunate than me. I saw kids that didn't grow up with parents in the home. I saw kids who had drug addicts for dads and every single time I came home convinced that God is alive because I saw lives changed. I can't deny it. I'd be a liar if I denied it. The power of God is real. There's no greater joy in my life than seeing God touch someone and set them free.

Sid Roth: You told me that A.A. Allen and your dad passed on to you some mysteries that literally caused the devil to tremble. I want to hear this. We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: Okay. Now you are R.W. Schambach's daughter.

Donna Schambach: Yes sir.

Sid Roth: So you get asked to speak somewhere. And you're having lunch, and there is a very large woman and pastor at the table. What does the pastor say to you at lunch?

Donna Schambach: Before dinner, would you mind casting the devil out of this woman?

Sid Roth: Had you ever done that before?

Donna Schambach: Never. In fact, I wasn't even called to preach at that time. I just had the name Schambach on me. And so I thought, well why didn't you give me time to pray before I came, at least. But Schambachs, we never say die. We never back down from a challenge, kind of, you know. So I went over there and I did everything I saw my dad and Brother Allen do. They would, "In the name of Jesus," and I did this dance, "I take authority over you, you foul devil". And this woman is 6-foot-4, all of 270 pounds, not even looking, not even blinking, didn't even say hello to me. And I don't care what name I use, she didn't even blink. She wouldn't move. So finally I thought I'd get violent with the devil and I started to slap her on the back. I said, "Come out, you devil"! She didn't move. And then I thought, well it's not working, so maybe I can squeeze the devil out. And I didn't tell this story very much, but I grabbed her face and said, "I said come out devil"! And she still sat there like a stone. I left that place totally rejected, dejected because I felt like I didn't have the faith, what was wrong with me. My dad did it. That devil didn't listen to me. But it wasn't six months later I was in a place of prayer and intercession all day long. I went to a Wednesday night service and sat on the back row. That same spirit of intercession came on me. And as I was praying I looked up and my pastor was looking at a woman that was standing for prayer. I knew he wanted me to go and pray for her. I didn't think about it. I didn't have a premediated prayer. All I did is I went and put my arm around her shoulders, and I whispered in her ear, "I take authority over you, you lying spirit. Loose her". And immediately she screamed out loud and hit the floor, and she came up free. What the Lord showed me is the anointing comes from the Holy Spirit. The anointing that we have received from him, we learned in First John, Chapter 2, it abides in us. And when we are in prayer and intercession, we're really allowing the voice of the Holy Spirit to give us direction and show us how to minister to people. We can't do it in our flesh. We can't make it happen. But we just release that river of life that flows out of us and we speak with the authority that the unction of the Holy Spirit gives us.

Sid Roth: Tell me about the greatest weapon that was passed on from A.A. Allen to your father into you that makes the devil tremble.

Donna Schambach: You know, faith is the key that unlocks the door and anybody who has to come must acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord. But often times, our faith gets stuck in the corporal world, in the temporal world because we live inside our circumstance, inside of our pain. But there's a supernatural key that God has given us, and it's the ability. Like David said, he had a discipline to control his spirit man. He said, "Bless the Lord O my soul. Your praise will continually be in my mouth. Bless the Lord O my soul and forget not all his benefits". And I can just picture, as he begins to worship, his whole body changing. Because what happens when we praise and worship the Lord, my dad used to put it this way, it gives the devil a mental hernia.

Sid Roth: I like that.

Donna Schambach: He can't stand all that praise. And it's the praise that is our weapon because I really believe it puts the devil on the run.

Sid Roth: Could you demonstrate, forget there's anyone but the two of us, for me, would you demonstrate how you praise and worship God yourself. Do that now.

Donna Schambach: Yes. You know, I have found myself in a position sometimes of being so down hearted, but I have found if I will just begin to change my posture, lift up my hands towards Heaven as a conduit, I'll just open my mouth and say, Jesus, I thank you that you are the very present help in the time of trouble. Lord, I thank you that every time I open my mouth you hear me when I pray. And Lord, every word that you've spoken is true. I can take it to the bank, God. If you said it, you'll do it. If you spoke it, you're going to bring it to pass. And I just begin to declare the Word.

Sid Roth: Something happened. I could feel the exact second it happened, the miracle anointing presence of God is in the house. It is going to go through your computer, your television right now as Donna prays.

Donna Schambach: There are so many watching today that you're sitting locked in a room and that room has become a prison to you. And many of you it's because you're still locked in the prison of sin. Jesus wants to make entrance into you and that same power that raised up Jesus from the dead can dwell in you and give life to your body as I pray. And so all you have to do is reach out, even if you have to say out of doubt, Jesus, prove yourself to me, reveal yourself to me. I'm going to ask you to do something in faith. Just stretch your hand toward the television or the computer screen. Father, in them mighty name of Jesus, I thank you that you are present in prayer, but there's no distance in prayer. And Father, as we send your word out, I thank you that right now you are setting captives free from sin, from depression, from agoraphobia, from those that are locked in fear. I release those minds from bondage to all kinds of fear and from the lie of the enemy. And I loose the healing virtue of Christ Jesus into your body. Right now I feel crippled hands opening up in the Spirit. I feel backs being healed right now. Hips are straightening out in Jesus name. Some of you are beginning to move your knees. It feels like you're getting young knees right now. As God touches you, you feel an electrical current going right through your body. Right now, be healed and begin to stand to your feet. Lift your hands and worship Jesus as you receive that healing ritual in your body in Jesus' name. Amen.

Sid Roth: And she wouldn't be her dad's daughter if I didn't say repent of your sins, make Jesus your Lord and begin to really live. But don't just make him your Sunday or Saturday Lord. Make him your Lord.

Donna Schambach: Hallelujah.
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