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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Praying for Healing While Planning a Funeral

Sid Roth - Praying for Healing While Planning a Funeral

Sid Roth - Praying for Healing While Planning a Funeral
Sid Roth - Praying for Healing While Planning a Funeral
TOPICS: Healing, Miracle

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. Three doctors said to my guest, you're going to die. You have cancer. They were preparing for the funeral and God called it off. Gary and Rosey, on March 15, 2011, you were blindsided. Doctor said terminal cancer. Went to another doctor, terminal cancer. Went to another doctor, prepare for the inevitable. Cancer. But interesting, Rosey, before you got this diagnosis you prophesied something. What was that?

Rosey Brausen: I did. Gary asked me to put my hands on his throat because his symptom of the cancer was coming with a scratching throat that was just not going away, and as I was praying for him my hands moved down to his left lower left lung and the Lord just said, you know, "Gary is going to need to walk in his healing, and Rosey, I have led you ahead of him in your spiritual journey for time just as this. Learn everything I have taught you, Gary will learn and he will need to lean on you". So that was our, we didn't even know cancer was present yet, but that was about two weeks before it was diagnosed.

Sid Roth: Okay. So Gary, you were a new believer. You had an idol in your life, hockey, and when you found out, Rosey, I mean, you have a healing ministry, you know God heals, but when you found out, what's the first thing you remember doing?

Rosey Brausen: Well the first thing I remember doing when I met Gary, because the call came to him independent of me being there, so I walked in the house and he was shaken. I took Gary's face and I just said, "We serve a God that heals. He's in charge of our first day and our last, not cancer".

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what, you look into the camera and you say that to someone right now.

Rosey Brausen: I would love to. We serve a God who heals. It's all over Scripture. Let no one tell you differently. He is the God who healeth. He has declared that over himself. Jeremiah 30:17 also says, "It is my will to bind your wounds and heal your diseases". Stand on that. Man has a lot of wonderful things about us, but God is the author of our first day and our last day, and let no one take that away from you.

Sid Roth: When your children found out, how did they react?

Rosey Brausen: Well okay, so we found out on a Tuesday. We thought, in a parent's wisdom, we'll wait a couple of days to tell the kids because we didn't want them going back to school with that. So we sat down and told them.

Sid Roth: About how old were they?

Rosey Brausen: They were 10 and 13, and their very first response was.. Boy 1: How long have you known?

Rosey Brausen: Three days. Boy 2: How could you have kept this from us? We should have been praying.

Rosey Brausen: Three days is all it was and they were indignant. They wanted to know right away and they wanted to start praying for their daddy, so that was their response.

Sid Roth: Tell me what you observed with your eyes. That's what they wanted to do, but what did you observe with your eyes?

Rosey Brausen: I observed their faith, just their beauty and their faith.

Sid Roth: Did you see them praying?

Rosey Brausen: I did. I did see them praying. So we went up north. We got out of the house very quickly, went up north to a cabin and my son Alec was on his knees for an hour and a half, he's 10 years old, an hour and a half praying to the Lord over a chair. Bennett, my older son, he's 13, and he was deep in the Word. Friends were texting him scripture verses. He was claiming them and just really praying in the Word and I was praying. Gary had gone to bed, so he didn't get to witness all this. But then it was beautiful, for a 10-year-old on his knees for that long a time.

Sid Roth: You told Gary.

Rosey Brausen: Yes, oh yes.

Sid Roth: How did you react when you saw the way your son's reacted?

Gary Brausen: I was, like Rosey said, I was amazed at their faith at their age, the maturity of their faith. It was amazing for me to see. I didn't know the depths of their faith until this happened. I did not see it firsthand like this.

Sid Roth: It must have really affected you.

Gary Brausen: I cried many nights over that.

Sid Roth: You're a hockey player. I don't think you're a crier.

Gary Brausen: I am a crier, Sid. I am. I am. I am a crier and through this journey the only time I've cried, I never cried for myself, I always cried when somebody was doing something kind for me. I had hundreds, thousands of people praying for me and every time I interacted with any of these people I cried. We had people working around the house for us. We had an army behind us praying for us, doing things for us and the only time I cried is when I saw people doing things for us and helping us.

Sid Roth: Tears come for an evening, but I tell you, I'm telling you joy comes in the morning. Don't you give up. And when we come back I want to find out how God called off the funeral. Do you want to find out?

Sid Roth: So Rosey, you had a dream and this changed everything. Tell me about that dream.

Rosey Brausen: Well the dream was the night we went up to Duluth to pray. The dream was I had sought the Lord after the boys went to bed and just sought him, not for his will, but for his plan in the situation. I knew his will was to heal disease. I know that, but what was his plan in our life? So after that he was quiet. I was expecting, I was asking the heart of David, tell me, please tell me, but he was quiet, and that surprised me. So I went back to bed and right before I woke up, just that little hazy time when you know you're waking up, but you're still in a dream state, that's when I hear the Holy Spirit the loudest, and he filled my mind with scriptures of healing, the last one being Jeremiah 30:17, which says, "My will is to bind your wounds and heal your diseases". So this is 6:00 in the morning, 6:30 in Duluth, Minnesota. It's cold. It's March. So I jumped out of bed. My poor husband who has just been diagnosed with cancer.

Gary Brausen: Very sick at the time.

Rosey Brausen: Very sick at the time, coughing all night long, I jumped out of bed and I woke him up, and I said, "God is going to heal you. You've got to get up and out".

Gary Brausen: What? It's freezing outside.

Rosey Brausen: I don't care how cold it is outside. God is going to heal you. You've got to get up and out. Because part of the healing, in Matthew, he talks about move this mountain. But if you keep on reading further, it's first get unforgiveness out of the way. Gary and I needed to get unforgiveness in our marriage out of our way first. The Lord just said, "How can I have mercy on you if you will not have mercy on each other. So we had to get up. We had to clear the decks. Our boys were still sleeping. That is nothing I wanted them to hear. So we were up and walking in the parking lot. Gary was so obedient. He didn't feel good, but he was out there in the cold and we literally confessed to each other the pain and suffering that we had brought each other in marriage. So...

Sid Roth: I don't want to jump too far. Gary, how has it changed your marriage because of what you've gone through, because of that repentance and being real with each other?

Gary Brausen: It has made our relationship all the more real. Up to that point we were casual with each other. We were spiritually in different places. Now we are in sync. We are more authentic to each other. We tell the good and the bad, and we confess on the fly.

Sid Roth: Yeah, but she was a hockey wife, meaning, you were away playing hockey all the time. He is he away all the time with his...

Rosey Brausen: No, he's not away at all and yeah.. And we take time, you know, it's okay to be direct with each other and that's what the Lord said, is "I've made you feisty". You need to be honest when the emotions come. Don't bury things. It doesn't serve anybody, you know. Serve each other in truth and in honesty and I will come, and I will meet you there. And so that's the way our marriage started to change is that we started to be a little bit more direct. I do not like this and this behavior. I do not like this. I need you to come alongside me in a different way. And when you're tender to listen, healing comes. It's beautiful.

Sid Roth: Okay. So every doctor says he's terminal.

Rosey Brausen: Yeah.

Sid Roth: But then you got some medicine that no doctor knew about. What was that medicine, Gary? You're holding it.

Gary Brausen: I'm holding this book right here and for those of you that are not familiar with this book, it's the "Bible Promises for Life". And I had a very similar book to this, but it has categories, and it had, depending on the situation that you're in, and for me it was if you have a medical crisis in your life, and it gives probably 30 to 40 verses. When you're sick, when you're deathly sick it's difficult to pour through the Bible. You don't have the energy to do it. This book was so efficient for me. I could pick it up. I could flip to the section on medical situations and I could recite that scripture to me over and over, and over, and I did it over and over, and over, and over.

Sid Roth: I have to ask you this. I was told they're wheeling you in to remove your lung afflicted with cancer, for surgery. Where was that book when they're wheeling you in?

Gary Brausen: I'm laying like this. I'll never forget it. This book is in my left hand against my left thigh and that's the way I went into the operating room. And I would guess at some point, because they had to flip me over to take my lung out, I would guess they had to remove it at some point, but this book never left my side. It was there when I woke up from my surgery, it was there when I was wheeled in, and I continue to carry this book with me wherever I go. I have it with me on this trip.

Sid Roth: So Rosey.

Rosey Brausen: Yes.

Sid Roth: The doctor comes out and says, "Well we removed the lung, but". What did he tell you?

Rosey Brausen: Well the pathology report takes a couple of days, so it was three or four days after the lung had come out, and the doctor said... Doctor: This is a very aggressive form of cancer. We have to be honest. It's all over his body and if we see it again it's going to be on a vital organ.

Rosey Brausen: And Gary was, the Lord had put Gary into a place of denial and I knew that he was going there. So again, I took his face and again I said, "Gary, God is the author of our first day and our last, not cancer". And the tsunami had just hit in Japan and took so many lives, and I said, "There are people in that tsunami that had cancer and thought they were going home. Gary, God is the author and I need you to join me in spite". Voice: Listen to her. Listen to her. She knows what she's talking about. We will help you fight as well on this side.

Rosey Brausen: So that's what we did. We fought with this book. We fought with God's promises.

Sid Roth: Okay. I don't know if you caught that or not. Gary had been so digesting the Word of God he went into a zone called supernatural denial, which is just, I believe God, everything is going to be fine. Doctors might have thought he was meshuga, that's a Hebrew word for crazy.

Rosey Brausen: They did.

Sid Roth: But God says he was normal. He had the Word in his heart and no one could take it out. And when we come back you're going to find out what happened.

Sid Roth: Okay. Now Gary had a death sentence, but he's getting this new medicine into him, the Word of God. He got to such a point that he believed God's Word over anything that was going on. As a matter of fact, in Corinthians 5:7 says in the Amplified, "For we walk by faith, not by sight or by appearance". But Gary, you're an engineer by training. You're cerebral. You're a new believer, but you started pressing into God. For the first time in your life you started hearing God. Tell me about that.

Gary Brausen: Okay. So I was saved a few months before my diagnosis and I would hear God sporadically over, as I was getting sicker and sicker, I would hear him. But there was one particular, we have a room in our house, it's Bennett's bedroom. It's a very spiritual room. We've had several spiritual events in this house. Rosey can contest to that and my boys have as well. I decided, I was very ill that night, I decided I'm going to go lay in Bennett's room and I sat there, and it was a gusher. He was speaking to me so fast I couldn't even process everything that he was saying. I think he was catching up for all the years that I wasn't listening. And I got up. I was frantic. I have to get a pen. This is such good stuff. I got to get an envelope. Where is it? And so I fumbled through and I sat there. I turned the lights down and I just wrote and wrote, and scribbled as he was speaking to me. It was like a gusher. And ever since then it hasn't been a gusher like that. Like I said, he was making up for lost time and now it's just more of a every day I hear, I've given my life over to him and he's leading me. My mission is not complete here. I have a job here and he's leading me in that direction.

Sid Roth: Rosey.

Rosey Brausen: Yes.

Sid Roth: Things did not get better. The medical reports were getting worse and worse, and God told you about praying his will. Explain that.

Rosey Brausen: Well his scripture is our perfect medicine because it's his will, and Jesus has put his name to it. Jesus is, as the Word in John 1:1 says, "The Word is before us all the time". And that is Jesus. So he just said, I didn't know how to pray any more, Sid. My prayer time, I had gone as far as I could go in my spirit, and that's when the Lord said, "Pray Scripture. Pray Scripture for every cancer cell that is in his body". The doctor had told us literally millions of cells were there. So I prayed Scripture out loud all the time. He did. Our boys did. Gary did. In one one-hour period he had prayed a scripture verse 25 times out loud and just, it was the constant, we had a stand for victory for three and a half years, and we did not give up praying Scripture out loud for that period of time.

Sid Roth: Tell me what the term "double-minded" means to you.

Rosey Brausen: Well okay. So double-minded means that often when you're given a terminal diagnosis, you start thinking about what it would be like if death comes. And what the Lord had told me was that I was praying for healing in one breath and then imagining death in another, and that was double-minded. Now if he told me it was understandable, but it wasn't acceptable, and it was depleting my energy, it was also thinking of a future without him.

Sid Roth: You know what? Then the devil is so diabolical, he comes in disguised as God. What happened?

Rosey Brausen: Well Gary was in a sense of denial and Satan came in, in a voice that sounded just like my God's, and so it tricked me for about two and half months. Now I am standing and I didn't want to tell any of my spiritual sisters that I was going through this because I wanted no one to help me into acceptance of this illness. Does that make sense? So I fought Satan by himself and he kept on saying, "You know what, Gary is just getting extended time. You need to take him out of denial because you need to be the one that tells him". And I fought and I fought, and I just would cry out to the Lord, "No, no! You gave me these promises. I'm standing. Abraham asked for Lot. You took Sodom and Gomorrah and you brought out Lot. I'm asking you to bring out Gary and I'm standing in your truth because this is what you said is true". And it was in a counseling appointment, the night before his first CT scan where they expected the cancer to come back, the counselor that was helping me through this whole process, she said, I had not told her anything about this, I broke down that night and she said... Counselor: You're under attack, Rosey. You're not lying to your husband. He is going to be healed and he'll walk in tomorrow healed.

Rosey Brausen: Then the whole pressure lifted and I was able to tell Satan to get behind me. But he was deceitful and he sounded just like God, and he will stop at nothing to take away your victory.

Sid Roth: Well guess what? Gary is cancer-free despite those doctors. And Rosey, you teach so simply. Give me one nugget that our people can take with them, one that you learned.

Rosey Brausen: Oh gosh. Okay. So the most important nugget, I believe, is that this is your perfect medicine. Scripture is your perfect medicine and when you say it out loud you are professing the Kingdom of God on your situation. So people don't know how to do that and they don't know, they might do it just once in a day and I'm not talking about once in a day, I'm talking about all day long. As soon as you feel doubt and as soon as you feel worried you need to get your scripture out and you need to profess it out loud because that is your truth, not your circumstances. Your truth is Scripture.

Sid Roth: Rosey, pray.

Rosey Brausen: Pray, I will, and I was thinking, I was hoping you were going to ask me because I can come up with a lot of prayers, but we are just going to pray Scripture right now over your situation for those who need this right now. It is written, as Jesus said it is written, when we are sick God will restore them. Lying upon their bed of suffering he will rise them up again and restore them back to health. He heals your diseases, every one. This is truth. Receive that truth right in the name of Jesus Christ, for it is yours and he wants to bless you out of your circumstances. Please just open your heart and receive it because he absolutely loves you and you are worth his time and his healing. For this we pray in your blessed name, Jesus, for indeed you are the King of all Kings the Lord of all Lords. Amen.

Gary Brausen: Amen.

Sid Roth: I am hearing H and H, heart and hip. I tell you on the authority of the Word of the Living God that hearts, anything you need in your heart, some are even getting a new heart right now, the heart of a 30-year-old, I tell you, blood pressure being normal, anything you need in the heart area, it's yours and hips are being healed in Jesus' name. We'll see you.
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