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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Many Will Be Healed While Watching This Video

Sid Roth - Many Will Be Healed While Watching This Video

Sid Roth - Many Will Be Healed While Watching This Video
Sid Roth - Many Will Be Healed While Watching This Video
TOPICS: Healing

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. Welcome to miracle explosion. Why do I say miracle explosion? Because I have three people that operate in the gift of miracles and anyone by themselves would have been enough. But when you put these three together one could put a thousand to flee, but two can put 10,000 to flee. What can three people that operate in miracles? Here's what I know. We're going to have more miracles than we've ever had in the history of our ministry. You know, I'll tell you, this is one of the best audiences we have ever had. Are you ready for a miracle explosion? I can't think of a better guest to have for miracle explosion than Joan Hunter. And but my staff, they're smart, they looked up the word "explosion", Joan, in the dictionary. Listen to this definition. Remember, it's a miracle explosion. The dictionary defines "explosion" as the sudden, boy do I like that word, the sudden loud or violent release of energy or power that happens when something breaks loose. I tell you something is gonna break loose here. Joan, are you as convinced as me?

Joan Hunter: Yes.

Sid Roth: Now some people don't know you that well. I know you well. We've interviewed you a number of times and I've interviewed your parents. And I don't know anyone else that has had so many miracles worldwide as the Happy Hunters. But you are building on their legacy. But you told me that things are even getting stronger in the miraculous for you. For instance, tell me a few things that have happened recently.

Joan Hunter: Well I love praying for people with fibromyalgia. I love praying for people.

Sid Roth: There's no cure for that. What do you mean fibromyalgia?

Joan Hunter: In the natural there's no cure, but with God there is. And there's no cure for people that have gone through hell, people that have been diagnosed with PTSD. There is no cure for bipolar schizophrenia.

Sid Roth: Do many people with fibromyalgia get healed through the power of God that you've witnessed with your very eyes?

Joan Hunter: I don't deal with the fibromyalgia first. I deal with open the door to fibromyalgia.

Sid Roth: But God showed you a key that I don't think too many people understand the healing that I believe is what has stopped you from being healing already. And Joan is going to release it now.

Joan Hunter: And this is an incredible revelation that God has given me years ago, because when I went through the hell, my own personal hell in my life and I had to deal with divorce, breast cancer, financial ruins and the whole bit, really all the same week, that and then I go and I get diagnosed with breast cancer, and I'm like dying on the inside. You care less about the breast cancer and but I was dying on the inside, and I had to go for after God's heart. Counselors said you'll never get well. Everybody I went to, nobody said, nobody gave me any hope but the Word of God. And so I went in there and I said, "God, what is it in here that has triggered the breast cancer"? And so when I got my heart healed of the trauma that I had gone through, betrayal, abandonment, worry with a capital "W", okay, and all that, when I got my heart healed the breast cancer went away. And so when I, and I teach people how to starve their sicknesses to death because this is so important. Jesus has come to heal. He's come to heal not just your heart, not just your body, but your body, mind, soul, spirit and finances. God wants you healed. We've all been traumatized in some form or fashion through life, through birth, through just different situations and that stronghold can hold onto the sickness. So I'm going to pray for you to get free of any kind of trauma. And you think, it can't be that easy. It's 35 years ago. It can't be that easy. Well first of all, close your mouth and say, yes it can be that easy.

Sid Roth: How can I do that with my mouth closed?

Joan Hunter: Yes. And so Father, right now in the name of Jesus, I send the word of healing as there are so many people watching right this moment who have been traumatized, who have had their heart hurt, who have had their bodies hurt, and they get better. They get better. They get better but not whole. Father, in the name of Jesus, remove all the trauma in their heart, all the trauma. I'm sensing even trauma to the lungs like being pushed like that, all the trauma in the chest area. And Father, right now in the name of Jesus, all the trauma in the necks, down the spine, command all of that to go, all the pain to go, all the cellular memory of it to go. And Father, I speak complete supernatural freedom. Any damage that stress has caused in their life, throughout their body, digestive system, I speak complete health and wholeness, resurrection to some of your body parts that have quit, in particular the kidneys. They're just kind of shutting down. I speak resurrection life into those kidneys, into those hearts, the physical hearts, to rise and be brand new in Jesus' name. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Woo-hoo!

Sid Roth: Real quick, you have a favorite scripture in teaching called Hidden Treasures of Healing.

Joan Hunter: I believe God for some hidden treasures, any lost whatevers: lost finances, lost ideas, lost family members, whatever, and Father bring it to me. So I get a letter in the mail and it says you don't owe any money on your building in downtown Houston. No joke. I mean, hello, I don't own a building in downtown Houston. So I thought, well they didn't ask me for any money. So I sent a certified letter to find out what was going on. Come to find out my dad left me two percent in a building in downtown Houston. So when that sells I'm going to be a millionaire. Glory to God and yes It's Supernatural is going to get a blessing, too.

Sid Roth: Oh good. Let me tell you about this woman that's coming up next. Clarice was healed in a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting. A few days later, not realizing it, she goes into an elevator and everyone in the elevator falls out under the power of God. We're going to be right back.

Sid Roth: Okay. At the set now is Dr. Clarice Fluitt. She would have died without God touching your life. What was wrong with you?

Dr. Clarice Fluitt: Had tuberculosis and I had asthma, and just about every kind of allergic condition that you could have. And I read about this woman Kathryn Kuhlman. She was going to the full Gospel meeting in Dallas. This is 1971, September. And I said to my husband, I said, "Honey, there is this woman that prays for the sick," and I said, "it's just amazing what happens". He says, "Sweetheart, I don't want to disappointment, but God doesn't use women". That which he feared has come upon him. But he said, "Because I love you I'll take you". But he says, "This is all, you know, psychological and money-making". And he was very doubting, very dubious. But we went there. And so there's this woman named Maggie and she passes by, and she looks at me, and she said, "The Spirit of God is on you and you're being healed". Well she scared me so bad. The only person that I knew that was scarier than her was Kathryn Kuhlman. She comes out and she's got this little red fuzzy hair, and she goes, "Have you been waiting long"? I lost George wherever he was. And so she's just doing what she's doing. Holy Spirit! And my husband told me, he says, "I don't want anybody that's dramatic". Look what he got. I mean, so when Maggie came and said, "You're being healed," I said, "No, there's nothing wrong". Not only was I sick, I was lying on top of it. I went because I was not, I was so desirous to be healed. By this time Kathryn Kuhlman said, "Oh," she said, "there's a woman". And her finger looked like it went out 5000 feet long. And she says, "And she's so stubborn. It will take a sign". And it was like somebody zipped off my head and poured hot oil in it. And then I started doing the St. Vitus dance over here.

Sid Roth: Was that a norm for you?

Dr. Clarice Fluitt: Not for me. I was very dignified. But I lost my dignity and got my deliverance. But she calls and so Maggie comes back, and I'm sitting here doing this, and she said, "Are you going to go up and claim your healing"? And I thought well the next thing isn't going to kill me. I'm going up. Somebody has a buzzer. I went up and Kathryn Kuhlman turned around and she looked at me, and she said, "O dear Jesus". And she put both hands on me. She says, "O dear Jesus, everything I have I give it to her". Well I had no idea what she was saying, but I did know this that some force picked me up and threw me 15 feet across the room and I landed under Dino's piano.

Sid Roth: On the piano? Clarice; Under it. Under it. Sweetest place in the world. While I was under there, well at the end of it my husband comes up and he says, "What happened to you"? And I said, "I don't know". And so it was right after that, we're walking through the melee of people, thousands of people getting in and out, and we got on the elevator immediately after.

Sid Roth: But were you healed at that moment?

Dr. Clarice Fluitt: Instantly. Instantly. That was 1971 and I've never had asthma. I've never had, all the allergies left. Everything left. No TB, not even TB scars. They were gone. Yea God! Yea God!

Sid Roth: I agree. It wasn't Kathryn Kuhlman, it was the Messiah of Israel operating through her.

Dr. Clarice Fluitt: I mean, we got on the elevator and there were about maybe 12 people on the elevator, and when I walked in everybody passed out. And my husband said, "What did you do"? And I said, "I don't know". So he says, "Well you have to take the stairs". So we're walking down the stairs and people are plop, plop, plop, plop, plop. And for six months everywhere I went, the grocery store, the drug store, any time you'd get within three feet of people they'd be slaying in the Spirit. Now I didn't know.

Sid Roth: Did your husband just keep you in a closet locked up?

Dr. Clarice Fluitt: He said I've got to hide you away. Something has happened. See, we did not know. When she said everything I'm carrying has been imparted to you, Paul says, "I long to be with you that I can impart you in spiritual blessing that will equip you to the end".

Sid Roth: You're telling me last time you were on our television show something so supernatural, someone called you, but they couldn't have your number. They couldn't have your husband's cell number. It's not listed. How did they get to you?

Dr. Clarice Fluitt: All right, this is what happened. After being with you I had to hire somebody to answer my phone. I mean, people, they were calling from Mars.

Sid Roth: There's an unemployment problem in America.

Dr. Clarice Fluitt: I'm telling you.

Sid Roth: Every little bit helps.

Dr. Clarice Fluitt: All over the world, I had this lady call and she was telling me that her son was dying and had a heart disease, and we would just sent out cloths and do things like that. They'd call right back within a week and said the child was completely healed. The doctor has given a complete report, very serious death sentence, and that child, but this is the humor of God. God has an incredible sense of humor and this is what happened. This woman called and she said to my secretary that was answering the phone and said, "I want to talk to that woman". And she said, "I saw her on Sid Roth and she does miracles and I want to talk to her". And my associate said, "She's not available. She's in a meeting right now". And you talk about importunity. About 15 minutes went by and she called again. She said, "Is she out of that meeting yet"? And she said, "No, she's not out of the meeting". And she says, "Well you need to go get her out". She said, "This is serious. I need her now". So they came and they said, "There's this woman that's really persistent". I said, well, I mean, we had calls everywhere, Sid, and I'm trying my best to say which ones you're supposed to go to. So I have my office in my home and I went into a den, and I sat down, and my husband's cell phone was sitting here next to me, and it rang, and I saw this is one of the kids. We have five children. And I picked the phone up and this woman said, "Is that you"? I said, "Yes". I said, "How did you get this number"? And she said, "I prayed and God said call this number". So I said, what are you going to do? I'm going to take the call. I'm going to take the call.

Sid Roth: My next guest, Joan Gieson, Joan is affectionately called the Miracle Lady because she pulls people out of wheelchairs. That's a passion. Anyone hurting. Talk about an anointing. And you know what we're going to have? A miracle explosion.

Sid Roth: I have Joan Gieson here and many of you might recognize her. If you've ever seen Benny Hinn on television and you've seen a woman with a microphone and she says, "Pastor Benny, this person has just been healed of this"! That's Joan Gieson. But there's something you don't know. She is affectionately called the Miracle Woman. She walks around and sees the presence of God on someone and knows a miracle is ready to take place. Joan, it's hard to believe, but there was a point, you have two small children, you're married and all of a sudden you're blind and all of a sudden the doctors say you're not going to live, you're going to die. Tell me about that time.

Joan Gieson: That makes me cry when you even say that, and it's been so long ago. We got married, an Italian with a big wedding. It was a perfect wedding and it was a little bit later that I conceived of our first child, and he was born and he was beautiful. We named him Michael and he was the apple of our eye, and he was good, and he grew up a little bit. He was about two years old and one day I stooped over to pick up something he had dropped and when I straightened back up I couldn't see. I had gone blind. Well literally it scared the bajiggers out of me.

Sid Roth: I'm sure.

Joan Gieson: Within the next two weeks I saw probably 15 doctors and they found hemorrhages behind both eyes and the optic nerve was swollen into the brain. And they didn't know what the cause was, what would happen, how it would work, but the rest of my body is deteriorating while all that is happening. One day I am a productive wife and a mother and the next day I can't see and can't do the housework. Four years it went like that. Four years and now it was time for Michael to go to school. First day in school he helped me on the bus and I sat outside the room of the school, the room that he went in, in the hall. The teacher came out in the room that Michael was in and said, "Joan, Michael is sick. You're going to have to take him home". I said, "Judy, I don't see. I don't drive. I can't do that". And with that the lady that I had seen in my spirit was at my side and said, "I heard what you said. I'll be glad to take you home". On the way home that lady led me to Jesus and it was the first time.

Sid Roth: You get born again and you only know the term because she uses it.

Joan Gieson: That's exactly right.

Sid Roth: And you tell your husband. He thinks you're a little, I'll use a Hebrew word even though you're Italian, he thinks you're a bisha meshuga, a little crazy.

Joan Gieson: In Italian it's basa.

Sid Roth: Same thing. Okay. And you heard a voice. What did that voice say on the radio?

Joan Gieson: Well that was a few days later. I'm sitting at the table and I'm waiting for my Michael to come home on the bus. And all of a sudden I hear this voice say, "Hello there. Have you been waiting for me"? Well that wasn't a Lutheran voice. It scared the bajiggers out of me. I quickly turned the radio off. Second day I heard the same voice: "Hello there". Boy, I turned that thing off. And the third day I didn't hear that. I heard a woman say, "I was so ill the doctors said I was going to die and all I did was lift my hands and God healed me in that service". Well I listened until the program. It said, "This is coming to you from the Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I called Frank and I said, "Frank, get home. Jesus right now is in Pittsburgh healing people"!

Sid Roth: Don't say that when I'm drinking.

Joan Gieson: Well I did. I did. Well the courtyard of that First Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was full. When the doors opened everyone just pushed us. We weren't accustomed to anything like that. Nobody ever sat on the front seat of our Lutheran church. Nobody sat on the middle seat.

Sid Roth: No one wanted to.

Joan Gieson: No. And now they're pushing us in. And we get in and we sit there, and I'm seeing Frank. "Frank, there's a light on my head. Tell them turn off the light". Oh my gosh.

Sid Roth: You're blind.

Joan Gieson: I'm blind.

Sid Roth: You see light on your head.

Joan Gieson: I am lit up like a Christmas tree. I can feel that. "Frank, there's a light on my head". "No honey, open your eyes. There's no light on your head". "Frank, tell them to turn the light off". "Please Joan, you're scaring me. There is no light on your head". And when I opened my eyes, sir, I could see all the way to the altar. I could see the stained glass windows. I could see the multitude of people and I was in the 53rd row and I could see everything. I said, "Frank, I can see"! He said, "No you can't". I said, "What"? I mean, we're totally displaced. We knew nothing of this territory. "Frank, I can. I can see"! "No you can't. Stop it, Joan". And I said, "Frank, I can see that you've got a blue shirt on. You've got a grey". "You can see". "Yes. This is what we've come for". And on the way home in the car I said, "Frank, I am going to go home and get every sick person I know. We're going to charter a bus or a truck, or a car, or how many ever come with us and we're going to take them to another miracle service".

Sid Roth: How many years did you assist Miss Kuhlman?

Joan Gieson: Nine and half years until the day she went home to be with Jesus. And Gene Martin, which was her manager, called us and said, from the hospital, he said, "I am in the hospital with Miss Kuhlman and she said, Joan, get prepared because yours is the next service that she's going to have in St. Louis". What a thrill.

Sid Roth: I tell you this. Your miracle is in the bank!
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