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Sid Roth - How to Transform Your Life Through Prophecy

Sid Roth - How to Transform Your Life Through Prophecy

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Sid Roth - How to Transform Your Life Through Prophecy

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest says that prophecy is the doorway into the supernatural and he says we all can prophesy, but it gets even more outrageous. God opened up every one of his spiritual senses, meaning he can see into the invisible world. He can hear from the invisible and he says everyone can have their spiritual senses activated and open. Anyone want it? Me, too. So Dr. Hakeem Collins' father was a Muslim. What type of Muslim was he?

Dr. Hakeem Collins: He was a Sunni Muslim.

Sid Roth: And your mother was a non-believer.

Dr. Hakeem Collins: Yes.

Sid Roth: And so obviously like any boy you want to please your father. You tried Islam. It just wasn't for you. Then you had a praying grandmother who took you to church and at age seven, I mean, it was 30 before I knew my left hand from my right hand, spiritually. Age seven, what happened to you?

Dr. Hakeem Collins: My grandmother introduced me to Christ. She introduced me to a church and brought me there. At the time the pastor was a blind man and while I was sitting there at seven years old on the front row, as the pastor was talking about salvation and the messages of Christ and his love, I began to look, and as I gazed I saw an angel standing behind the pastor. And when the pastor would preach, the more the angel appeared, the more the pastor preached with passion and desire. And so at that time I knew, my eyes were opened. I see something different that I never saw before. After seeing this angel I heard an internal voice say, "I'm calling you". And at that point I knew that it was Jesus.

Sid Roth: That is a very sovereign call. You must have had a problem explaining this to your dad.

Dr. Hakeem Collins: Well yeah.

Sid Roth: Understatement, yeah.

Dr. Hakeem Collins: At that moment because of the seeker in me, because of what I've experienced at seven, I wanted to have this experience. I wanted to know more about Christ. I wanted to know more about it. And so I was introduced to this book by Pastor Gary Westall. There was a prayer starter in the back of the book that said if you read this prayer and after the prayer, and you ask the Father for the gift, for the baptism of the Spirit then open your mouth and God will fill your lips with his words. And so that's what I did. I finished the book. It was a short book. After I finished the book I read the prayer and what happened was after that I was activated into something. I opened my mouth, asked God to fill me with the baptism of the Spirit, and when I opened my mouth I began to now these baby tongues started falling out. They started coming out and it was like I didn't understand what I was saying, but it was something unique and something different. The power of God, this was real. This was not something, an act. This was not me playing or joking. This was something supernatural.

Sid Roth: Now you, out of the mouth of a child, how long did you pray in tongues at that time, would you say?

Dr. Hakeem Collins: At that time, I think I was on the floor shaking and crying, and speaking in baby tongues. I would use it for about an hour and I'd begin while I was on the floor, I literally saw a portal open up. God gave me a vision and I saw this portal open up, and I saw flashes of light moving back and forth, back and forth, and I knew that something supernatural happened to me. It was not something I initiated, but it was something that God initiated. So this is what God desires in this season for us as believers is like a childlike faith, it's just to trust and believe, and then we can be activated in the realm of the supernatural. That's what happened to me.

Sid Roth: Okay. I don't even get this at 12, but three-day fast. Did your mother allow you to do that?

Dr. Hakeem Collins: No. I wouldn't. I mean, I couldn't believe I did it. I took the scripture literally. I'm 12 years old. I mean, I didn't understand much of the scripture, but again, I just took it literally, went in the closet for the first day of fast, no food. I did drink water, but I went in there the first day and what happened when I was praying fervently I felt like there was someone else in the room, in the closet with me. I felt this heat. I felt this presence. It's almost, it was scary because I didn't know what was going on. This is new to me. And then I literally felt a hand touch my head and this heat shot through my whole body, and I began to weep and cry. The second day the fast I was weak and I was hungry, but I desired more, so I read the Word. Whenever my stomach started to growl I started reading the Word. I started feeding my spirit. I started just naturally, I didn't understand, but I started feeding my spirit. The second day of the fast I went in the closet. I wanted that same experience and nothing happened until I started praying. When I began to pray literally with my eyes closed I literally, it looked like someone turned the light on in the room, in the closet, this light came. And then I opened my eyes and I literally saw this being, this figure. It was almost like a translucent being with this rainbow color array. And I began to weep and cry, and the light went out, and it became dark in the room in the closet. The third day I wanted the same experience because I wanted the touch. I wanted the vision. I sought after it, went in there and prayed, and when I was praying I literally heard a voice of my mom say, "Hakeem". And I was kind of scared because I'm like why I'm in the closet, maybe I'm getting in trouble because I'm in the closet. And I came out of the room, and out of the closet, and my mother wasn't there. And I was discouraged, and so I went out later on that day. I went to the basketball court where there's this field and I began to play, and I began to just enjoy myself, and I literally while I was playing I heard a voice of God, thunder voice, I couldn't explain how loud it was. It was so thunderous, audible, loud, where I began to duck. I'm looking around. What is that I'm seeing, where it frightened me, where I ran back into my room. I ran back and I hid under the covers. And the Lord said, "Hakeem, Hakeem". And I began to answer, and he said, "Hakeem, I'm calling you. I'm calling you to a powerful ministry. It is I, Jesus that is calling you". So this thunder-like voice became now a small still voice. Now I knew that it was Jesus calling me, and he said, "I'm going to call you to a powerful ministry".

Sid Roth: Now wherever God shows up the devil tries to mess up. And Hakeem, you were raised in a very rough neighborhood.

Dr. Hakeem Collins: Yes.

Sid Roth: And you were arrested.

Dr. Hakeem Collins: Yes.

Sid Roth: You were taken to jail. But you heard from God.

Dr. Hakeem Collins: I was running from the call. I knew that the prophetic call was there, but God says, I did not call you to a prison ministry. I called you to a prophetic ministry. He said, I did not call you to be caged. I did not call you to be locked down. I called you to move in freedom and liberty, and move in the Spirit. And that's where the Spirit of the Lord is. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. And at that place I made a decision to answer the call. I made a decision to say, yes Lord, I will obey your word.

Sid Roth: But not only did he make that decision he literally changed. I mean, literally changed. We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: So God spoke to you there and said you weren't called to be hid behind bars, you were called to be a prophet.

Dr. Hakeem Collins: What happened was once I made the decision and I said, yes Lord, I will answer the call, I will obey, I was there for about 12 hours. Once I made that decision then maybe like ten minutes later they released me.

Sid Roth: Okay. You're out of prison, but there was a visible difference in you from before that happened. Describe that.

Dr. Hakeem Collins: Yes. Once I was released from jail I would say maybe a week later I will be coming out of a restaurant or I will come out of a store and people, a stranger, will come up to me and say, "There's something on you. Who are you? I see something different about you and what is that"? Now I didn't even know what was on me. But because they saw something different they began to inquire. And so they asked me, "Do you minister? Do you preach"? And I say, "No" they said, "Well I want you to come preach, I want you to come to my church and preach. I want to hear what God has to say through you".

Sid Roth: Okay. So you know that God has called you to prophesy. They could see something on him. He didn't have a sign. They saw something. That something was God. So he goes to the church to do what God has equipped him to do to prophesy. But God did more. There's a blind man there. What happened?

Dr. Hakeem Collins: Well yes. So I know I had a call to the prophetic and then I'm looking, and the door opens up of the church while I'm ready to minister, and I see people coming in with wheelchairs and crutches, and so forth. And so as I begin to preach I saw this guy who was blind and I began to minister to him, and I began to say, "How is your sight"? He said he couldn't see. And so I began to pray for him and nothing happened. And so I was discouraged, but I continued to just pray. And then one thing that I did, I said, let me just shift it. Let me just speak the Word. Let me prophesy over him. And I began to prophesy over him and I said, "God is going to open your eyes in seven days". Seven days later I received a phone call from his pastor that said, "The man that you prophesied over can see". God opened his eyes supernaturally.

Sid Roth: You know what I'm really fascinated by this gifting, all of his spiritual senses are open. He sees words over people's head. Tell me about one person with cancer.

Dr. Hakeem Collins: Yes. I was in a meeting and I was just ready to wrap up and the Spirit of God gave me a revelation. As I was looking into the crowd I began to see words and one of the words was "cancer". And so I called out. It was a word of knowledge. I called out, I said, "There is someone in here that has cancer. God wants to heal". This woman came forward. And so as I began to look at her, I began to just prophesy. I was not going to lay hands on her. I wanted to declare the Word of God. Sid, this is what God gave me. He said if I reveal it, I can heal it. If God reveals it, he can heal it. I am not the miracle worker. I'm just a conduit. And so he revealed this hovering, this word "cancer" and I saw it, the Spirit, call it out. And she came forth, and I saw the condition. But I wanted to speak the word that God will heal you. And I spoke the word and she fell out under the power of God. When she got back up, of course, I couldn't see that she was healed, but I believed it, because I believed the word that was spoken. I believed what I was declaring over her and I began to command her body to be made whole. Two months later I got a report that she is cancer-free.

Sid Roth: Hakeem, there was a man that was a friend of mine who is now in Heaven that was a prophet seer like you, that prayed over you and sharpened your gifts. Tell me a bit about that.

Dr. Hakeem Collins: Yes. Bob Jones was like a papa, father, prophet in my life, and he was a seer prophet. And I went to his home several years ago and what happened was while I was there sitting, conversating with him, he asked me, "Do you want to meet my friend"? And I said, looking around like, who's your friend? We have people here. And he was referring to Papa. He was referring to the Lord. And I said, sure. And he said, "Then I want to activate you and I want to cause you to be raptured up". He used the word "rapture". In my mind, theology, I will think rapture or so forth, I'm thinking right now it's the end?

Sid Roth: That's it. Bye-bye.

Dr. Hakeem Collins: And so while I'm sitting there, he said, "No, you can be called up, raptured. You can be called up right now". We are seated in heavenly places right now with Christ. And so he wanted to activate that. And so I said, sure. And he said, "I am going to activate you". And so he told me to close my eyes. I closed my eyes and he said, "Take a deep breath". I took a deep breath and he said, "What do you feel? What do you see"? And I began to tell him what I feel. I said, "I feel these wings". He said, "These are the angels". And while I was feeling these supernatural expressions, feelings, I bumped into a vision. God opened my eyes and I began to see in the heavenly realm. God began to show me this tree. This tree had life flowing. It was green, but it was moving. Then I saw these riverbeds. They were like streams, a river. And then I literally saw these eyes, but these eyes that I looked were like eyes of fire. And while I was there I was kind of a little afraid because I'm like, what is it I'm experiencing? I'm in Bob Jones' living room, but I'm in heavenly places right now. And so while I'm seeing these eyes I'm feeling the peace and the love, this liquid love that I felt surround me. And then I heard this sound, this like a trumpet, and I came out of the vision. And from that day my prophetic senses were open. Bob Jones was used instrumental to activate the seer realm in my life.

Sid Roth: I'm going to ask Hakeem to freely you receive, freely you give to freely pray in the Messiah's name that these gifts will be activated in you, when we come back. Be right back.

Sid Roth: So Hakeem was late for work and he is rushing to get to work, and not thinking that much about God, but God speaks to him. What does he say?

Dr. Hakeem Collins: Yes. I was just on my way to work. My whole priority was really to just be on time. And so I was trying to get breakfast and I was going through my regular day, and the Lord interrupted my day. He said, "Son, do you want to know what Heaven declares over you today"? He wanted to give me a blueprint of my day, not just go casually, not be focused on just getting to work. But he wanted me to have a heavenly alignment to focus on what he desires for my day. And so when he said that to me, I'm like, "Well Lord, you surely picked a fine time to talk and so you're going to make me late". So he interrupted my time. But it was so important because now he wanted me to understand that I can command my day, that I can begin to cause things to shift and to change by what I speak. There is a right now word that God wants to release. There is a word in us that he wants us to release and understand. And so he said, "Do you want to know what Heaven has declared over you"? Heaven has already declared some things already, but we have to align, Sid, with the Word of God and bring Heaven to Earth, and we can bring it to Earth by what we speak prophetically. That is the power of the spoken word. God has given us purpose. He's given us understanding and destiny, but he allows us to discover it once we discover it what his blueprint is.

Sid Roth: What is happening in the invisible world when you speak God's Word? You talk about it being hovering over us. Explain.

Dr. Hakeem Collins: Right. Even as the Word, even as God's spirit hovered over the deep in Genesis, Chapter 1, the deep of the waters, and so his Spirit, to me, by revelation is he's hovering over us. Even the Bible says in Jeremiah that, "He watches over his Word to see that it is performed". There is words that hovering over people. There is prophetic destinies that are hovering over people. There are promises of the Lord in Heaven that are hovering over people. And so God had likened it as his Word hovering over us. He watches over it just like an eagle or a mother hen that broods over her eggs and see it hatched, see it come to pass, see it to come to manifestation. That's what God's Word does. He hovers over. He watches over his Word and he protects us. Our prophecy protects us. Our promise and our destiny, even mantles protect us.

Sid Roth: Hakeem, pray for the activation of the gifts of prophecy, etc.

Dr. Hakeem Collins: Father, we just thank you right now. You have given us this biblical truth, this biblical principle. Father, it's not just for the prophets. But Father, you desire for the prophetic senses, our senses to be open. Father, right now, even those who are watching, I just open their spiritual senses. I prophesy and I declare that their senses that have been locked, those gifts that have been dormant, those things that have kept them bound, I unlock it right now by the Spirit of God. I prophesy to those gifts and those senses that are there. Father, it is not just for the prophet, but you're raising up a prophetic generation. You're raising up a prophetic people. Father, these are the days where you're pouring out your Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters will prophesy. I release right now, let there be such prophetic will that will be activated in your people. Let their eyes be open. Let their ears be open. Let their taste be open. Let their sight be open. Let their sense of touch be open. You have given us natural senses. Father, I release right now that their spiritual senses will be open. I activate it. I unlock it right now. Those who are listening, you will feel the presence of God. His Spirit is coming upon you, the Spirit of prophecy is coming upon you right now in a new way. Just receive it. It is your inheritance. It is the desire of the Father to give you the Kingdom. And so this is the hour that you will begin to tap into a dimension that you have never known before. Get ready, for your spiritual senses have been open. You're going to prophesy. You're going to speak for God because you were born to speak for him.

Sid Roth: Prophecy is the doorway to the supernatural. Signs and wonders are God's method of reaching those that don't know the Messiah. It's so easy. I was eating with Hakeem last night and he reads the waitress' mail, tells her things. She starts crying right in the restaurant, telling her about the trauma she just went through, telling her she's moving to another state. I mean, very specific things. And then I just said a simple prayer of salvation with her. It was easy. Prophecy makes the Kingdom of God demonstrate it. Easy. You were born to prophesy.
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