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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - How to Hear God's Voice Clearly

Sid Roth - How to Hear God's Voice Clearly

Sid Roth - How to Hear God's Voice Clearly

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Sid Roth - How to Hear God's Voice Clearly

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. I've heard a lot of things, but this is absolutely ridiculous. Have any of you heard of Randy Clark? I mean, he is probably the top healing evangelist word of knowledge guy in the country. Well my guest has a gift from God to increase your ability in hearing God's voice. He prayed for Randy Clark and immediately his hearing of God's voice just skyrocketed. Anyone want your hearing of God's voice? Me, too. This is so wonderful. You know, Shawn, your parents get saved, I mean, radically saved. An angel comes and visits them. I mean, that's radical.

Shawn Bolz: It's crazy.

Sid Roth: And then you as a young kid, three, four years of age, you're in a home group type thing. They get into an amazing home group with John Wimber. I guess they were in his first group.

Shawn Bolz: His very first home group.

Sid Roth: But then they had something that they had no paradigm for you. You, you get saved at what, three or four?

Shawn Bolz: Around four years old.

Sid Roth: But not just saved. He begins to speak in tongues of the Holy Spirit. The problem is, his parents had no paradigm. A kid can't do that. So what happened?

Shawn Bolz: They asked their friends. They're like, "Do you think this is God? We don't want to tell him to stop, but he keeps praying in tongues". And so she asked her friend and she goes, "I just wouldn't stop him. I'd keep my hands off it and if it's not God it will go away. If it is God, it's going to increase". And it just going from there.

Sid Roth: And at age six you have your first word of knowledge. How does a six-year-old even know what to do?

Shawn Bolz: I know. Back then, it's really interesting because we weren't in an environment where other people were teaching their families about hearing God. And my parents said, we want our kids to go on the journey with us. And so they would ask us when we'd be praying, are you getting anything, and most of the time we'd say no. But that particular time we were praying for a lady's back and I started, we were praying for a lady and I started to get a word of knowledge about her back, and I could see in my mind's eye, in my imagination, I could see her back had been injured, and I could see this whole word of knowledge about her back, and I said: Child: Do you have a back injury?

Woman: Yes. Child: Can I pray for you.

Shawn Bolz: I touched her exactly where the injury was and we ended up praying, and she gets radically healed. I just remember thinking, yes, God can do anything, me being six. And my parents were like, it's odd, we're going to do this with our kids. We're going to bring them with us.

Sid Roth: You know, what happened with you, can you imagine if a generation would start getting their kids saved and filled with the Holy Spirit at four or five, six.

Shawn Bolz: Absolutely.

Sid Roth: I mean, you've lived a lifetime already as a believer, whereas most people are just starting at your age.

Shawn Bolz: Absolutely. I think of Jesus at 12. It was the most significant age of his life because it's an identity age. What would it be like if we a whole army of 12-year-olds who were like activated in the Spirit.

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what, I have faith for America. I have faith for any country in the world that that happens to us, a revelation.

Shawn Bolz: Absolutely.

Sid Roth: But tell me about a defining moment in your life. You were dying.

Shawn Bolz: I had a parasite from the jungles of Ecuador. They had never seen it in America before. They gave me all the best medicine for the parasite. It wouldn't die. And so finally they gave me an experimental, and I won't say which hospital, but they gave me experimental chemo because you're dying anyway, we're going to use chemo and a pill. But I thought if I get healed I believe I'm going to go in the entertainment industry and do ministry on the side. I remember one day I woke up, it was January 1, 2001, and I heard God audibly speak, "I am welcoming you back to ministry". Because I had taken a year off on this health sabbatical. "Welcome back to ministry". And I thought, ministry, wow, like wait, does that mean you're going to heal me? Because I wasn't healed immediately, and actually it was six weeks later I was prayed for by a woman from, I'm sure you're familiar with the Spokane Healing Rooms, the healing rooms movement. A woman from the Healing Rooms came to my parents' home group and went over to their home group and she prayed for me, was completely radically healed. Doctors proved, before and after, the parasite was dead.

Man 1: It's a miracle. There's no sign of the parasite. You've been healed.

Man 2: Thank you, Jesus.

Sid Roth: Or you can say the hand of God. But then you had another supernatural event where you had a heavenly visitation. Tell me about that.

Shawn Bolz: So shortly after that was really praying and saying, "God, we need to see Heaven come to Earth. We need to see what you, the atmosphere around you, your love come to Earth and I feel so disconnected from that". Bill Johnson, pastor, I know many people have heard of him, I hadn't read his book yet, but I had the same thing with how do we bring Heaven, how can we get this. And I just began to study people throughout history who had heavenly encounters or who had kingdom encounters with Jesus and intimacy. And one day I was invited to go to a conference in Branson, Missouri and I was going down to meet Polkey Davis, Bobby Conner, James, Jim Bakker, several other people. I think Bishop Bill Hammond was there and I was going down to meet them. And on the way down I was leaving the House of Prayer in Kansas City, where I lived at the time, going down. So I left a group of believers, got gas and then teleported or transported all the way down to Branson in two and a half minutes.

Sid Roth: Two and a half minutes?

Shawn Bolz: Two and a half minutes. I had a group of believers.

Sid Roth: How many miles was that?

Shawn Bolz: Somewhere around three and half, four hours, I can't tell you how many miles.

Sid Roth: That's my way to travel, three and a half, four hours.

Shawn Bolz: It's happened many times, thank you, Jesus. It happened once, do it again. But during that time I had a series of heavenly encounters that lasted in my mind like around an eight-hour period, but it had only been two and a half minutes. And in these encounters many things were shown to me, but I couldn't remember them all when I came back to the earth. As a matter of fact, when I landed, most of it was removed from my mental memory, but I had walked into situations where I went, oh, this is where God put in me then and I'm ready for it, almost like what the secular would call a déjà vu experience. I'm having a heavenly God encounter where I remember being in that moment prophetically from when I was in Heaven.

Sid Roth: Okay. Your gift is setting so many people free. When we come back I want to hear about the prostitute that he had a word of knowledge for that totally changed her life. We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: Now it's wonderful that Shawn hears from God so clearly, but can every person hear from God?

Shawn Bolz: What I love about my life is that my parents just raised me to believe and they just nurtured the atmosphere. I wasn't born under a sign. I wasn't born like special. Some of the people you hear who have prophetic callings, like the whole world was against them, the universe was against them and they emerged in this victorious sovereign gifting, and I feel like they were sovereign vessels. But I feel like I represent kind of a new breed of just everyday people who are called to hear from God in powerful ways, and as we pursue him, First Corinthians 14:1, where it says, "Pursue love like your love depends on it and eagerly desire prophecy". And that's been my life. I've just been hungry that God would speak because I know what happens when he speaks and it causes everything to multiply and accelerate. Everything changes. All our opportunities change. So for me, I don't think, like I've been around real prophets or sovereign vessels. I feel like I've had some of those demonstrations in my life. But when I go home at night I don't feel like God is pursuing me like a prophet. I feel like I'm pursuing him out of hunger for who he is and it's just a beautiful thing that I think everybody can have that.

Sid Roth: When you prophesy, what is going on with love in connection with prophecy? What are you trying to accomplish?

Shawn Bolz: Well I'm trying to see someone in the original form that God created them to be before the delineation. I'm trying to see them like the best version of who they are, the best version of what God, Jesus paid a price for this amazing abundant life. So what would they look like if all of a sudden they were restored to that original plan if it was all the delineation was gone, all the sin, immorality, the character issues, the family issues, all that stuff was just not in the equation any more. What would it look like?

Sid Roth: We wouldn't even recognize people.

Shawn Bolz: We wouldn't.

Sid Roth: Because God has, I guess he wants to get us as close to the original man, Adam, as possible and it is possible.

Shawn Bolz: It is possible. That's what I'm looking at and when I see that spiritually, something happens that connects inside of me where I start to see sometimes people's birthdays by a word of knowledge because God thought of us for millions of years. He knew the day we were going to be born. And everybody loves a birthday, so if you say, is your birthday March 15th, someone goes, how did you know? How did you know my birth date?

Sid Roth: You prayed for people that have moved in to knowing dates?

Shawn Bolz: Oh yes. So many people, thousands of reports now, thousands of reports of people knowing dates, anniversary dates, birth dates, phone numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, secret information you cannot research. Some people say, you can get it off Facebook. Not really. There is so much you cannot research that God is giving us right now. I mean, one of the billionaires that I met with, he at one point admits...

Man 1: I'm actually not a believer. I believe Jesus was a historic figure, but I really don't believe in God. You don't actually believe that Jesus is like real today, do you?

Man 2: I don't even know how to answer that. I can't get into a theological debate right now. I have something.

Shawn Bolz: I took the biggest risk I had to take it at that point, and I started to say a 25-character long thing. I didn't know what it was. I thought it was like...

Man 2: 101-ED#674237654299.

Man 1: That's our most private bank account number. Even you don't know it.

Woman: What?

Man 1: Only the banker and I know this.

Shawn Bolz: He got saved because I knew his banking number that no one could have researched.

Sid Roth: I'll tell you, I am excited that Shawn has this gift, but I have even greater excitement that did you hear what he said? Thousands he knows when he prays get these gifts. Tell me about the prostitute in Hawaii.

Shawn Bolz: I went, I was walking down, I was in Honolulu on a trip and I was walking to get a Subway sandwich. It was like 10:00 at night and they had put me in a beautiful condo, but it was right outside the red light district, which thank God, I'm used to red light districts. Our team ministers had them. So we're walking right at the beginning of the red light district.

Man 1: Hey bud, you want something?

Man 2: No. I am hungry for some sandwiches.

Man 1: Want a girl?

Shawn Bolz: And he pointed at a girl who was 16 years old on the steps with two teenage boys, and I could tell just from our work with prostitution that she wasn't in the game very long if at all. And so I looked at her. It just concerned me. I just had this father's heart hit me like if that was my daughter what would I do. She's a runaway on the streets. I just had a discernment of knowing, you know. And I walked over to her and I said hey...

Man: Can I talk to you for a minute.

Girl: Yeah.

Man: I'm a pastor, a Christian. I believe God thought of you millions of years before you were ever created. What do you want to do to with your life?

Girl: I don't know.

Man: Okay. Close your eyes. Repeat after me. God thought of you for millions of years.

Girl: God, I know you thought of me for millions of years.

Man: What did you create for me to do?

Girl: What did you create for me to do?

Man: That you would find the most joy in?

Girl: That you would find the most joy in? I just heard something. I'm supposed to be a cook.

Man: Like a chef?

Girl: Yeah.

Man: Do you like cooking?

Girl: I don't know.

Shawn Bolz: Okay. Let's pray again. Let's ask God for one step towards that you can make this week so you can change your whole life. She goes, okay. She prays and she goes, "I'm supposed to call my uncle". And I said, "This is awesome. Why would you call your uncle"? She goes, "He has a diner. I think he'll hire me and he might give me a place to sleep and a place to live". And I said, "Do you promise to call. Here's my phone number". We exchanged phone numbers and the boy next to her was, "I want a dream"! And we agreed on something, and he actually heard, "I'm going into the military," which he did. So six months later, she calls me.

Man: Hello.

Girl: My uncle wants to open another diner with me.

Man: Are you going to college for business administration?

Girl: No. We're opening it next month in the bowling alley. He's giving me 50 percent ownership.

Shawn Bolz: Just 17 years old and is a co-owner of a diner. She was a prostitute.

Sid Roth: You see the transformation. If that were you helping that prostitute who's going to end up dead someday and transforming her to who God originally intended. What do you mean, by the way, your book is called "Translating God", what do you mean by "translating God"?

Shawn Bolz: You know, I go to a lot of countries, and I go to a lot of translators, and there's good translators and there's bad translators. Most of the time I have really great translators. And it's amazing we have a good translator because they're communicating the whole heart essence of what you're saying. They're almost like symbiotic with you. They're part of your heart in that moment and they're not thinking the whole time. They're actually just clearly communicating the articulation of your heart and I felt like God was saying, "I want you to be my translator. I want you to translate my heart to the earth's right now, not just my language, not just be a parrot and repeat the words". There was an old school mentality of the prophetic, just deliver the mail, don't look at it. God is saying, "Look at the mail, read it, fall in love with the people the mail is for and then give it to them with all your heart". And so translation takes more than just repeating something. It actually takes culturizing yourself into a culture where it comes from. Like ours is the Kingdom of Heaven. So I wrote this book. My wife actually named it. But I wrote this book because we're called to translate God on the earth to ourselves and around us. We know we're mature when we understand what he's saying to us. We know we're mature in effect when we can change the world around us with his voice.

Sid Roth: Can you imagine you can have the same job as Shawn translating God. When we come back, he loves to pray for people and after he prays for them they actually see Heaven. They actually hear God's voice. They actually translate God. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Now I think you would like to see Heaven. Would you? Would you like to see Heaven? Would I like to see Heaven? Tell me about what goes on when you pray for people to see Heaven.

Shawn Bolz: You know, I feel like we have an everlasting life and we're supposed to be as in touch with that everlasting part as we're in touch with this side of eternity. And when you read about the reports of Heaven throughout history, people got in touch with the beauty. It's not a thousand-year boring prayer meeting in Heaven right now. What goes on around Jesus is the most beautiful expression of fun, adventure and connection you've ever had. And so I started to explore that and eventually I thought I was just doing it theologically, but eventually I started to sense that. Some of us sense it and worship like you're in a heightened state of spiritual awareness and you're actually a part of the heavenly scenario. But there's times that I've pray for people and they literally had a deposit. They've seen into Heaven and they brought something back, a revelation, a truth, something about a resource that they were going to get a prophetic word for their life that they got from God. And when you get it from God yourself it's hard not to believe it, especially when you have an encounter with God. We've even had people come back and they actually brought body parts back. They've seen what's available in the Father's heart. They brought body parts back. It's been a while since that's happened, but we had a woman get a liver back. Her husband prayed for her, she needed a liver, she needed a liver transplant. He prayed for her and a brand new...

Sid Roth: You realize there are people watching us right now and they're saying, eww! What do you say to that person?

Shawn Bolz: I just say if we pray for you right now and you receive it and it happens to you, you won't say impossible again.

Sid Roth: I am so glad you wrote your book and you have those, we put together your three-CD set. But I know that there is going to be repercussions. There are people that will never be able to get your book throughout all the former Soviet Union. I mean, I'm amazed at how God has spread It's Supernatural. But I know if you pray for people they're never going to be the same.

Shawn Bolz: Absolutely.

Sid Roth: I want you to start out by praying for us to have the heart of love, not the heart of professionalism or the heart of religion, but the heart of the Father's love and be sure to pray that we can see Heaven, too. I gave you a big assignment to hear God's voice. Let's see, I have another laundry list.

Shawn Bolz: Let me pray. I just pray for you now that God would demystify the way you thought hearing his voice was that it would feel more organic like a family member who's talking to you, who is loving you, that you would all of a sudden notice and become aware. I pray an impartation of spiritual awareness, of spiritual understanding for your own relationship with God and as you grow in that depth of authority, as you begin to see where he's speaking. I pray that you would take great risk based on what he's saying. I pray that you would become so in tune with who God is around you, where he is around you that Jesus would be so made manifest to you. I impart every supernatural spiritual gift I have that's transferable right now over the television, to everyone in the studio audience. I pray for deep impartation and I pray that you would see where Jesus is. This is Heaven. He's in Jesus right now. The Throne of God is there, all the angels around him. There's no reason why we can't be in touch with it because that is our everlasting. We'll be with Jesus forever, so I pray that you would right now somehow, Ephesians 3:2 says, "We are seated in heavenly places". I pray somehow you would feel part of you is tied to the everlasting eternal scenario right now that you would see yourself, you would see God there that you would have revelatory visions and revelatory experiences that you never dreamed possible. I pray that God would expand your imagination but then take you past your imagination that he would give you a love that would cause you to continue to hear his voice to the nations. It's so easy to focus on what he's not doing. I pray that you would see what he is doing right now. It's so easy to see what you're not. I pray that you would see through the eyes of love from the Father who you are to him and I pray you would have a revelatory encounter with that love right now in the name of Jesus.

Sid Roth: You told me last night over dinner, and this was, you think your mind is blown now, wait until you hear this. You went to a school, a place that formerly was a school of Spiritism. Explain. Tell me that.

Shawn Bolz: One of the owners of the Hollywood Club called me up and said, "Can you come over and pray. We've had a shaman come.... We've had the white witch of Studio City, Hollywood, come and no one has been able to clear out the demons. This used to be the Paranormal School of Supernatural Activity for Hollywood. It was actually a school. For like over a decade it was a school in Hollywood where they teach people how to do Spiritism.

Sid Roth: And they could get rid of these key spirits.

Shawn Bolz: So all the nannies were like quitting the four owners. They were quitting, only one of the owners was saved as a brand new Christian. The other three owners weren't saved. One was Catholic, but he was just coming to full belief for Jesus. The other two weren't saved at all. One of them was the new age captain of the group who kept bringing everybody and paying a lot of money to get this place cleared and it wasn't working. Over months they were losing all their employees. So I went ahead and everything was slowed down, the construction and everything. So I went in with a group. They were all Asian. So I went in with a group of Asian intercessors who I love. I love this group. And we went in there together and I said, "Okay guys," I had the owner sit down with me and I said, "We're going to do something". And I heard the Holy Spirit say, " If they will give me the ownership I'll drive out every spirit". And I had a little strategy. I could never have done this on my own strength. I was like, I don't know that this can't be redeemed. You guys are using this for a club, I don't know. I don't know what we're going to do about the situation, but I heard God and I said to everybody, "Okay, I want you to close your eyes and repeat after me". I said, "Okay". I said, "This is going to be really hard". Because they had been through all this ritual assignments with all the witchcraft and stuff. And I said, "Say this after me: Holy Ghost"! And they said, "Holy Ghost"! And I said, "Be the only ghost here! Amen". And one of them looked up at me and he goes, "No. No". And I said, "Okay, is God a spirit"? And they said yes. And I said, "If you ask God to be here can anything else be as powerful as God"? And they all said no. I said, "Okay, let's see what happens. I'm going to leave. Let's see what happens". So I went back five weeks later and I asked them, "You guys, how is your lives? What's going on"? And one of the guys said, "Nothing is wrong. There's no spirits". He said, "As a matter of fact, I've given my life to Jesus". The other two guys were so close. "This is so crazy what happened here like we've had no visitation. All of our nannies are fine. All of our wives knew. No one is having bad dreams". It was night and day difference, and now I've gone back years later and it's been fine. It's like it never happened.

Sid Roth: You know, my peanut brain says everyone has to be a believer in Jesus for this to happen. That's my peanut brain. But I'm going to tell you something, eye has not seen, ear has not heard. All that God has in store for you, that's right, I'm talking about you, all that, I want you to hold your head up. I want you to forget what's happened in the past. I want you to tell Jesus be my Lord. I want to you to repent of your sins, tell him you're sorry. Ask him to live inside of you and watch what God is going to do.
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