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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - How To Control Your Thoughts

Sid Roth - How To Control Your Thoughts

Sid Roth - How To Control Your Thoughts
Sid Roth - How To Control Your Thoughts
TOPICS: Thoughts, Positive Thinking

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest says we were created to be feared by the devil. Do you agree with that? Do you want to find out why and how, and start doing it? I am so excited about this phrase which God gave you: "We are made to be feared of the devil". I mean, I could just say that over and over, and over again. How did you get that revelation?

Kerry Kirkwood: I was actually praying one day and the Lord spoke to me and said, "I have made you to be feared". And I said, "Lord, I don't want anybody to be afraid of me. I want to have friends". He said, "No, you don't understand. I made you to be feared in the Garden," when he said, "I put enmity between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent, and I put something inside of you that the devil fears you". And so he took me back into realizing when Lucifer was in the Throne Room of Heaven and he was called a covering cherub, he was called the Morning Star, Jesus the Son of God was called the Bride of the Morning Star, he was there in the glory and presence of God. He understood the power of that glory. God has put himself into us, his own DNA, he's put his glory in us and because of that we have something on the inside that makes the enemy be fearful. But the next part of that, he says we're also wonderfully made. That word "wonder" means to be full of wonder or inspiration. That means that he's put something inside of us to where we should explore the greatness and explore all that God has for us and all that he's written about us, and is written from the very beginning of time.

Sid Roth: This will blow you out of the water. Tell me about the person that had bypass surgery.

Kerry Kirkwood: They had a triple-quadruple bypass it was and his father had arterial sclerosis, and they told him, "This bypass probably won't last for more than three to five years and because your father died of this, this could be fatal to you". And so his mind began to think, this is the way it is in my life. I just assume die from this. So I talked to him about changing the way that he thinks.

Man: Your body wasn't made by God to deteriorate. You really set that thought in your body and it's begun to shut down.

Kerry Kirkwood: So he began to think, these arteries are given by God. I bless these arteries. These are good arteries.

Man: These arteries were given to me by God. I bless these arteries because they're good arteries. The blood flows through me.

Sid Roth: Now that's the last thing in the natural he'd be saying.

Kerry Kirkwood: Exactly because he didn't feel that way.

Sid Roth: Right.

Kerry Kirkwood: And then when he back to the doctor he said, "You got to see this. I've heard about this in medical school, but I've never seen one personally". He said, "Come here. Let me show you". He showed him on the scan. He said... Doctor: This is the bypass I put in surgically, but your body grew a natural bypass around that one and we don't know what to think about it.

Man: It was God's hand. Hallelujah. Praise God.

Sid Roth: What you're teaching is so significant and so few Bible believers understand it. They're actually sabotaging themselves and their families. I heard you teaching about what we, how we sabotage our children.

Kerry Kirkwood: Right.

Sid Roth: Explain.

Kerry Kirkwood: Well we tell them what do we feel and not what their destiny is. We'll say to them, you're stupid or you shouldn't have done that, don't be like your brother, you're going to turn out to be like Johnny down the street. And so we put within them a thought in their mind because thoughts can create pictures and pictures can create destiny. And so we've given them permission to go and be bad or go an act up instead of telling them, you were made in the image of God. God had an imagination over you, and he has a destiny for you, and you can do anything that God has placed in your heart to do. I would say to him that you're smart, you're intelligent, it just needs to come up out of you. He has confirmed by the teacher and everybody else around him, you know, that he's not doing well. So when he hears that internal voice in there that says, I believe in you, especially from a parent, a person in authority does something for them.

Sid Roth: Tell me about the drug addict you were introducing.

Kerry Kirkwood: Wow, that's incredible. I was in Australia ministering and before the meeting I was there ministering a partnership with the Holy Spirit and this young lady came up to me and she said, "Hi, my name is Jennifer and I'm drug addict". I never had anybody introduce themselves like that.

Sid Roth: That reminds me of, what is it, A.A., they say, "Hello, I'm so-and-so and I'm an alcoholic".

Kerry Kirkwood: Exactly.

Sid Roth: Now that may work in A.A., but what you're doing, if you only understood the science of the brain, oy vey. But go ahead.

Kerry Kirkwood: Well I thought it was really strange and so the meeting started. She sat right on the front seat in front of me and it was an irritant to me. And I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, "How long are you going to put up with this"? And I thought, I don't know how long you've been putting up with it. And he said, "I have sent you here to change the way she sees herself". So I went over there because I was a little bit irritated, and I didn't mean to be this loud with her and got right up in the front, and I said...

Man: Who said you were an addict? You're giving yourself permission to fail and be an addict. You're a daughter of the most high God. Now stop it".

Kerry Kirkwood: I got an email from her three months later and she said, "I went home that night. For 24 years I've used several times during the day. I didn't use any meth, any other drugs. The next day I didn't use any. I started feeling better. It's been three months". Then she sent me another email in six months and now recently she says, "I am enrolled in a Bible school and I got my driver's license back, and I've been clean for an entire year".

Sid Roth: This all just started by her adjusting the way she thought about herself.

Kerry Kirkwood: Right, because she saw herself as a drug addict. And Proverbs says, "As you think, so you become". And she was seeing herself in this way, and however you behold something you become it. So she needed to get a picture of the way God saw her so she could become like what God was thinking about her instead of saying, I've accepted the reality, I'm a drug addict, this is my destiny. But she had another injection of a thought saying, I don't have to be this way. In fact, I've been giving myself permission to be a failure at that.

Sid Roth: This is your whole thesis statement. If you can transform your thoughts you can transform your world. What did Jesus mean about the to take the Kingdom of Heaven by force?

Kerry Kirkwood: Yeah, Matthew 11, and sometimes people take that out of context, he's saying, "John the Baptist is none greater than anybody been born of a woman like John". And then he says, "But anyone entered into the Kingdom is greater than John". It's kind of like a back-handed compliment. But he said, "The Kingdom of God is experienced violence and the violent take it by force". And so the word "violence" is viazo, which doesn't mean militant, doesn't mean violent, it means to crowd out. So he said, "If you're going to enter into the Kingdom of God then you're going to invite this king in and when he comes in he's going to crowd out everything that doesn't have his touch, his DNA. He's going to crowd out thoughts, he's going to crowd out your ideas, he's going to crowd out your opinions, your cursings, and he's going to set up his rule of thought, his rule of injecting into us this is how I feel about you.

Sid Roth: You know, even science is confirming what we're talking about right now. But this is higher than science. This is the highest in the world and so few Bible believers understand this. Science says 75 percent of the illnesses that people deal with come from your thinking. Let's get your thinking right. We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: Even science is confirming that we must control our thoughts. The Bible says, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he". Explain.

Kerry Kirkwood: Well our mind affects so much of our body. In fact, we literally have 30,000 thoughts a day and there's running through, and I don't know how they estimate it...

Sid Roth: Speaking of the mind, that's pretty mind-blowing, 30,000 thoughts a day. And how many are good and how many are bad?

Kerry Kirkwood: Yeah, it's confusing, that left brain, right brain, you're trying to figure out which side you're thinking of, and some people just find it really tormenting with that. In fact, in medical schools they found out that 50 percent of the new first year medical students end up having symptoms of the diseases that they've been studying. They've been reading about it, they think about it and they pick up the symptoms because that's what they're thinking about.

Sid Roth: You, I love this teaching you have of we are created to receive God's thoughts. Amplify on that.

Kerry Kirkwood: Well Psalm 139 says, "His thoughts towards us are so innumerable that who could count them". Psalm 40 says something else: "The thoughts of the Lord are continually going towards us". God is bombarding our spirit with thoughts and we need to pick those up. And once we understand what he's thinking about us then whatever somebody else is thinking about us, rejection, offenses, whatever, become so miniscule it doesn't have a place. It's crowded out because the thoughts of God are stronger. And so once we latch on to that and we begin to walk out what he's thinking about us, not what somebody else's expectations are, it really brings a whole life of peace and it affects us physically. Our body responds to the thoughts of God. He created us and our body responds, the creation responds to the Creator.

Sid Roth: You talk about a book that God has, probably, not probably, it was before we were conceived in our mother's womb, which has all his thoughts about us specifically, our destiny. Tell me about that book and how can we find out about it so we don't miss it, we don't blow it.

Kerry Kirkwood: Psalms 139, right in there when he talks about the thoughts, he said that, "I have written all of your DNA in that book". And just like the Lamb of God that was slain before the foundation of the world, there's things that happened before this world was in existence.

Sid Roth: So wait a second. If he's written all of our DNA in that book then I know he didn't write we were supposed to have bad DNA.

Kerry Kirkwood: No.

Sid Roth: So how did we get the corrupt DNA if his book says we're supposed to be wonderfully and fearfully made?

Kerry Kirkwood: Well when God created us he said it's good.

Sid Roth: Right.

Kerry Kirkwood: And so he didn't create us and say, well that's bad, that's not so good, this is mediocre. So the DNA, it just doesn't mean he's marked down our chromosomes. It means here's your potentiality. It would be like God prophesying over you a book of prophesy. I call it God's baby book for me. And so he's written things, and I don't want to stand before God one day and find out that I hadn't even gotten out of the introduction and he had chapters and chapters written about me, but because of fear and thoughts that I would fail and thoughts that I'm not worth it, not well in my own thinking, then I wouldn't get beyond that introduction of what God says. When God called me to teach in the Word, my first thought was nobody in my family has ever done this. None of my background is this way. And so I had to decide, am I going to believe my past and am I going to step into my destiny.

Sid Roth: Tell me about the principle of reset. We have, first of all, tell me what a stronghold is.

Kerry Kirkwood: Yeah, well the Bible says, "Pulling down every stronghold and cast it down that exalts itself above the knowledge of God," the word "stronghold" is noema, which is the word for thoughts. So if you have a picture like of a fortress, he said that we have created this fortress, this stronghold out of thoughts. No one likes me, no one cares about me, no one has ever loved me and so I'm not worth anything, and as I think so I am. So now I've built this stronghold and so nothing can get in and nothing can get out. And people become loners. They become, you know, introverts because of that simply because...

Sid Roth: That's not how God made you, but that's what the world and the devil has made you. It's time for you to come out of that shell and be fearfully and wonderfully made. So you talk about reset. What does that mean?

Kerry Kirkwood: Well we know even in the natural that you can do something for 21 days and you can just detoxify your body and detoxify spiritually as well. So for 21 days, if you would just make a journal of all of the thoughts I have that are negative against someone else or against myself, and so on, and just make a note of that, and then I have some other thoughts that the Bible says about me that I'm going to be replacement therapy. I'm going to reject this thought and I'm going to replace this one on top of that. The Bible said, when the enemy comes in, comma, like a flood, God raises the standards. It's not the enemy flooding. God wants to flood us with thoughts, wants to flood our mind, this is what I feel about you. Here's your hope and your future. Jeremiah 29 says, "I have thoughts for you, not of calamity, but a welfare of a hope and a future". I just need to click onto what God is saying and replace that, and for 21 days continually going over what God says about me.

Sid Roth: What I'm finding is that's what science says. But when you're using the supernatural of God, the Word of God, which created everything in the first place, it can change everything and you can speed this whole cycle up.

Kerry Kirkwood: That's right.

Sid Roth: When we come back Kerry is going to talk about his special anointing for people that have sleep deprivation. But even those people that are fighting rejection, that are thinking the worse thoughts of what people are thinking about them, there is such hope for you. You don't have to deal with those strongholds. We'll talk about all that and a lot more when we come back.

Sid Roth: You know what Kerry does? He tells me he abused negative thoughts as opponents and you actually, in the morning what do you do?

Kerry Kirkwood: The Bible says that we take every thought captive, and that word "captive" means at the point of a spear, like an invasion, and Paul says, "Do not give the devil any ground" or geography. So literally, don't let him come and sit on you. And so when I have negative thoughts I literally have to see myself going at that and saying, you're trying to invade my territory, so I reject that I don't meditate on it. I will not give it a second thought and I reject it as something like poison to me.

Sid Roth: You get on top of it before the devil can even throw his spear.

Kerry Kirkwood: Exactly. Exactly.

Sid Roth: I like that.

Kerry Kirkwood: Well we should be in control of our own thoughts. I know people that say, well let's go over here and eat. They said, no, I've changed my mind. If we can change our mind about things like that we can change our thoughts about things that are being corrupted to us.

Sid Roth: Okay. Tell me about this sleep deprivation. As I see reports, there are many people that are have insomnia of some type, sleep apnea, all of these things. You have a supernatural anointing, but tell me basically what the problem is by your perception.

Kerry Kirkwood: Well sleep deprivation really starts messing with the mind and when a person doesn't get good rest then we start having paranoia. We start believing things that's not real. The enemy, it's much easier for him to come and plant thoughts and ideas in that. And so we just...

Sid Roth: And not only that, we're supposed to hear from God when we're sleeping. If we're not sleeping we don't have the dreams.

Kerry Kirkwood: Psalm 16 says, "While we're asleep the Lord communes with us".

Sid Roth: Right.

Kerry Kirkwood: And so I see in a lot of places where there's just sleep issues there. And so but it's also that when people lay down at night their mind is racing and running. They're replanting the thoughts of the day.

Sid Roth: That's me.

Kerry Kirkwood: And so how you calm your thoughts is really an issue. How you calm your mind and change your mind from the freeway to over here to a quiet little country road. And we can do that by taking charge of our own thoughts.

Sid Roth: What would you say the goal of right thinking is?

Kerry Kirkwood: It's to open ourselves to where we can really hear what God has to say.

Sid Roth: Can everyone hear what God has to say?

Kerry Kirkwood: Yes they can because he made us with the ability to receive from him. But everything that crowds out, the business of the day, the fear of the world, everything that family has to deal with, the cares of life choke out the seed.

Sid Roth: I would like you to pray whatever God shows you, but especially people that are paranoid and feel rejection, and sleep deprivation.

Kerry Kirkwood: Amen. All of you that are dealing with sleep apnea or that sense of night, you just can't, restless at night, then I'm going to pray right now that when you lay down to sleep that you can have the promise or what the Word of God says, "He gives his beloved sleep". Sleep is gift from God that you have to receive it. And some of you who you dread the evening, I dread night coming because I know I'm going to set there and toss and turn, and all that. You've tried pills and everything else. Try this. Begin to consider and think about Jesus loves me with an abandoned love and he wants to come to me in my sleep and reset some things, and he wants to bring me an upgrade. It's like your cell phone, while you're sleeping you're going to be upgraded. So let's pray right now. Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, you've given us the right and the gift to receive sleep and to be recuperated every morning. You say your mercies are new every morning. I pray that the mornings become fully alive, that when they lay down at night to sleep they'll not have torment, they'll not have nightmares, you even give dreams to those that you want to say things to, and we break this cycle of sleep deprivation. And I speak over you right now that you will be filled with peace and light-heartedness when you lay down tonight in Jesus' name. And right now, you that fear the future, you fear what's going to happen, you may have a fear of the economy and the Holy Spirit is saying right to you that your hope and future is not in what man does or what happens to the economy, that your hope and future lies in God's gift to you and his eternal reward for you. So right now in Jesus' name I stand against that tormenting spirit of fear that brings to you thoughts of destruction, thoughts that you don't have enough, thoughts of failure, thoughts of rejection that creates paranoia in your mind to make you think that other people are thinking something when they're not thinking that, I break that, I cut that off. I cut off that umbilical cord that has tied you to another thought, to another lessor God, and I break its hold and I release the peace of God to rule and reign over you right now in Jesus' name. Amen.

Sid Roth: For those that have repented of their sins and spoken with their mouth they believe that Jesus has forgiven them and Jesus is their Lord and lives inside of you, you are made to be feared by the devil.
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