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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - From Broke to Millionaire

Sid Roth - From Broke to Millionaire

Sid Roth - From Broke to Millionaire

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Sid Roth - From Broke to Millionaire

Sid Roth: Welcome. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest was hopelessly in debt. He had a young family. He was attacked in his health. Things were so desperate he was afraid to go outside of his house because people he owned money, they would approach him. God downloaded to him the mysteries of money. Since that point, he got out of debt. Since that point, he's taught these mysteries to hundreds of thousands of people that have done the same thing. And by the way, I don't know if I mentioned, he's a millionaire.

Sid Roth: So Gary, you're doing everything that you know right. You're going to church.

Gary Keesee: Yes.

Sid Roth: You're a believer in God. You're tithing.

Gary Keesee: Yes.

Sid Roth: How did you get so in debt that you're, really, between the two of us, were you really afraid to walk outside, really and truly?

Gary Keesee: Sid, I was in debt because I signed the debt papers, first off. I did it. But the reason I signed the debt papers wasn't trying to destroy my life. I had needs that needed to be met. And so those began to mount. You know, you always think tomorrow will be better and then they weren't better and you find yourself buried. And then I started having panic attacks. I was on anti-depressants. And so, yeah, I was, I lived in a realm of fear.

Sid Roth: Speaking of fear, it really hit the zenith, so to speak.

Gary Keesee: Yes.

Sid Roth: When a lawyer called and what did he say and what did you do?

Gary Keesee: Well we had calls from everyone, every day, you know, we owed...

Sid Roth: That's an awful way to live.

Gary Keesee: It's torment. It's torment. We owed credit cards. We had probably a dozen, almost a dozen cards that had been canceled, three finance company loans at 28 percent. We owed the IRS tens of thousands, our parents tens of thousands. We owed everything we had and everything was falling apart. We were in survival mode. And so it got to the place that we had exhausted every place to find money. You know, no one would loan us any more. My parents, you know, we tapped everything out. And so this attorney calls, which wasn't unusual. But for this particular day he was going to file a lawsuit. And that day I realized with a kind of sudden realization I'm done. There's nothing left. I had nowhere to turn. Now I was a Christian. But so I ran upstairs to my bedroom, we had a little country house that we lived in. You know, everything was really falling apart. And I began to cry out to the Lord, and he spoke to me very quickly, and he said, Philippians 4:19, "My God shall supply of your need according to our riches," you know, the riches we have in Christ Jesus. And I said, "Lord, I know that scripture, but I don't have that. I don't have that rich. I'm done. My needs aren't being met". And he told me, he said, "It's because you've never allowed me to teach you how my Kingdom operates". And that really struck me kind of strange because I was in church. I was going to Heaven. I loved God. I had no idea what he meant by what do you mean, how my Kingdom operates. I thought I was working them.

Sid Roth: Even your tithing, if you don't know how the Kingdom operates you can tithe in a religious fashion and it won't even work in your life, and people don't understand that.

Gary Keesee: That's right. I ran downstairs and grabbed my wife's hand. I repented to her as her husband. I said, "I'm sorry we're in this mess. It's my fault". I said, "But the Lord spoke to me and said that the answer, the reason is because I didn't understand how his Kingdom operates". We didn't know what that meant, but we held hands right there and said, "Lord, teach us what you mean by your Kingdom. What does that mean"? And so we prayed right there and then began to teach us.

Sid Roth: And you know what? This is how the devil operates. Just before you're about ready to have a breakthrough, literally all hell comes against you. Your van burns.

Gary Keesee: Yes. All the vehicles we had were really, really old. We were just glad they started. We were just glad they started. Anyway, I used to drive this old van and it began to really smoke a lot of white smoke, you know, just really bad. And so I learned I'm not going to park this in front of my client's house and ask him to invest half a million dollars or something, you know. So I would park it around the corner. And so this one particular day, this is only the day after I had this phone call from the attorney asked I asked the Lord to show me how the Kingdom operates, I went to this client's house and I parked around the corner. And so after the call he followed me to the van. He was just wanting to be kind and he came up to the van. And I kind of acted like I was fumbling around the van hoping he'd say goodbye and walk away. But he kind of stood there with his arms crossed watching me like, okay, to leave. I knew I was stuck. So I turned the van on. Of course, white smoke went everywhere. And he goes, "Shut it off! Shut it off"! You know, and he said, "I'm a mechanic". He said, "Let me check it up". So he opened the hood. He said, "You busted your head gasket. Drive it home and park it, and get it fixed". Well that was easy for him to say. I had zero money. The attorney just called. We owed, 13, $1400. He had to have it in three days. We had nothing, but we still owed on the van. And on the way home I was thinking, Lord, I don't know what to do about this van. I can't sell it broken. I can't buy a new van. I don't know what to do. I said, I just kind of said out loud, "You know, it would be better if this thing just burned up. Let the insurance company pay it off". I'm serious. That's what I said out loud. Well about two minutes later, I noticed a bubble begin to form on the front hood. And I was driving to my office and by the time I got to my office this bubble had become about yea high and all of a sudden it just burst into flames and there were flames six foot off that hood, and I was totally in shock. And the insurance company totaled it. They gave me a check and I had enough money to overnight that lawyer the money. I paid some bills until I realized, great, fantastic deliverance, but now I have no car. So.

Sid Roth: Using the mysteries of money that God revealed to you, how did it take you personally to get it?

Gary Keesee: God began to teach us how his Kingdom operated. He began to give us business ideas. We began to start businesses and we began to prosper. It was like a light switch. This is the key. Like a light switch, it was amazing. You come out of that dysfunction, that kind of emotional trauma every day and then you begin to prosper. I cannot tell you. It's like taking a drink of water on a hot day. It was absolutely fabulous. Going to pay cash for your cars, building your dream home, paying cash for everything, starting these businesses, it took two and half years to pay everything off.

Sid Roth: You know, by the way, when he says everything, he's not just talking his bills. I don't know if you caught that or not.

Gary Keesee: Yes.

Sid Roth: He pays cash for his home, cash for his car. I mean, the mysteries of money are so amazing. When we come back God downloaded some very, very, this is why he has such a passion to teach you. I want him to explain some of these mysteries when we come back.

Sid Roth: You know Gary, during the commercial break, you told me how important money is. Sickness, it's very important to get on top of that.

Gary Keesee: Yes.

Sid Roth: But money affects everyone, everything. I even read that's the number one cause of divorces.

Gary Keesee: Yes. Yes. You know, you can talk about issues and of course we're not downplaying any of those issues, but the point is money affects everyone. And if you're in debt or you're in lack, and you're in this financial stranglehold it's, it actually sucks the life out of you, sucks all the vision, all the hope, and it aims everything in just survival. And it's amazing how you begin to think in survival mode how you just try to make it through one more week until Friday night, you know. I tell people God really wants you to not like Friday night and love Monday morning because you're so passionate about what you're doing in life. You're not in survival mode just making a living. You're like, I got to stop. It's Friday night? I want to get back to Monday morning again.

Sid Roth: You even told me that the stress and worry of over money causes people to get sick.

Gary Keesee: Absolutely. I think stress, I think the study showed that stress does cause a large majority of the illnesses in our body.

Sid Roth: Okay. Would you say that lack of money is a curse?

Gary Keesee: Well I would agree it is, but I didn't that. The Bible did. Back in Genesis, Chapter 3, of course, Adam and Eve had no concerns. All their provision was there.

Sid Roth: What a life.

Gary Keesee: What a life. They were, man was made at the end of the sixth day designed to live in the seventh day, the day of rest. Now God wasn't tired when it says that God rested. He was finished. Everything was complete. And so they didn't have to worry. But Adam gave it all away. He rebelled against God. He lost that place of authority and dominion he had over the earth realm and God approached in Genesis, Chapter 3, Verse 17, and said, "Now by your own painful toil and sweat you'll have to eat of the earth". I call that the earth curse and that's where everyone is grown up. That's why "Everyone Wants to be a Millionaire" is so popular, that's why the lottery is so popular. Everyone is tired of the wait of finding provision. Jesus said, "If the unbeliever runs painful toil and sweat after the things of life" and that's, everyone filters their direction by that. There's a good job paying in California, I'll move. There's a better paying job over here. I'll do that. And they miss their identity. See, Adam had to lose his identity. He was to take care of God's stuff. He was created for a purpose and now he lost his purpose, and his purpose was survival and trying to find provision. And everyone has done that. Everyone is filtering every decision in this earth cursed system through survival either running after money or if they have it, hoarding it because the only escape out of this rat race is to have more than enough.

Sid Roth: Now you say that we need to change. Kingdoms change laws. What do you mean?

Gary Keesee: Take a look at Luke, Chapter 5 with Peter, James and John, Jesus walking on the shore comes there and they've been fishing all night. Jesus wants to borrow Peter's boat and goes out, does borrow the boat, comes back in. Jesus says, "Go fish. GO fishing. Cast your net out". And Peter said, "Master, we fished all night and got nothing, the earth cursed system. We've labored but nothing is there". And then they didn't catch so many fish. The net is about broke and both boats, their, Peter's and his partner's James' and John's boats both about sank. What's the difference? I began a spiritual scientist, I say. I say okay, why did that happen? Well you follow the story, when the boat was given to Jesus to use in ministry, the boat changed legal jurisdiction from the affairs of men, the dominion of men in the earth realm under the Kingdom of God's jurisdiction. At that point, Jesus had a legality. Heaven had a legality in the earth realm where Heaven downloaded to Jesus where the fish were at. And Jesus said the fish are over there in the deep water. You and I can catch fish if Jesus told us where they were. And so the difference in my life, and God began to give me business ideas. He gave me a dream in the night to start a business. He began to show me where the fish were. He began to show me how to harvest. You know, the earth realm is such a poverty-driven system. It's a lack-driven system to survive that peace, most people are looking for money and they have it all backwards. Money, God doesn't have any money. Okay. All money is created in the earth realm by commerce, buying and selling. The Lord told me one time, "My church has learned to give but not have a harvest". All right. So we have to know how the system works. In other words, since God has no money when you give, as we said in the illustration, Luke, Chapter 5, when we sow, our money does change governments, gives God jurisdiction to create opportunities. I always say don't look for money. God helps us create or capture opportunities to create wealth. So what happens, people not taught that will sow and they're waiting what I call mailbox mentality, waiting for it just to show up. They think someone is going to walk down the street and say, here's a million dollars and of course it doesn't happen that way. You can have a million dollar idea is how it happens.

Sid Roth: All right. Tell me about the cheesecake.

Gary Keesee: You're talking about Chris. So he heard in our conference how God will download ideas, concepts, direction and he had nothing, no ideas, no money. But he said, "I make a really good cheesecake". He said, "You know, I really make a healthy good cheesecake. I wonder if I can sell that.

Sid Roth: He can sell it to me. I'm looking for good cheesecake.

Gary Keesee: Well this was the first night of the conference. So he went home and made this cheesecake. He began to pray about what I was saying and he thought, I'm going to take this cheesecake down to the local health food store and see if they like it. So he took it down there the next day. It just so happened the CEO of the entire health food chain was there that day and tasted the cheesecake, and said it's the best cheesecake he ever had. And so Chris comes to my meeting that night and comes up for prayer, and says, "I got this opportunity," and he told me what happened, you know. "Thank you. I want to pray about this". And so he comes back the next day all excited because the company had decided to actually give him a contract to bake cheesecakes. And then that Friday night of the conference, the CEO, who was visiting from California, came to our meeting, got born again, filled with the spirit because he was so impressed with what he heard Chris talk about.

Sid Roth: You know what I have found out that Gary has a gift and when he teaches according to this gift it's not just for money. These laws work for everything.

Gary Keesee: Absolutely...

Sid Roth: When we come back I want him to tell us about the secret weapon. Don't go away.

Sid Roth: So have you ever said to God, God, I'm so practical, just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it. Have you ever said that? You know, have you ever said, God, I just don't hear your voice. I feel so sorry for myself. No, you never say it that way, but that's what you're really saying. That's the way most of us feel.

Gary Keesee: Yes. Before I learned, that's how I would feel. But hearing God's voice is the key. The Bible says that, "The Kingdom of God does not come by observation, but it is in us," Luke, Chapter 17, Verse 20. We already have the Kingdom. We already have every answer we need, the capacity to hear already in us. First Corinthians says that we have the mind of Christ, and so that's, we have to tap into that. And like the story we told about Luke, Chapter 5, the fishermen, Jesus told them where the fish were. Now all we need is to be able to hear. And of course, when Peter had taxes to pay, Matthew 17, Jesus said, "Go catch a fish and you'll find a gold coin". And so.

Sid Roth: But you know, if someone just had that thought, they would say, that's ridiculous, I've just been fishing all night, I'm not going to do that.

Gary Keesee: Yes. Yes.

Sid Roth: That's what people do, you explained to me. We get these God thoughts and we flick them off. I don't hear from God. Get off that thought.

Gary Keesee: Yes. Well a lot of thoughts we hear are for a reason. I always say your answer is hidden from you for you. We read in First Corinthians, Second Chapter, speaking of Jesus being born, that if Satan would have known about the plan of God he would not have crucified Jesus. So Satan will always, if he can pick up on the plan of God, he will change his tactics. So God uses strange and sometimes unusual directions to us so that Satan does not know what the heck is going on. And we actually go capture wealth and capture opportunities before he actually can pick up on it and interfere with it.

Sid Roth: We talked about a secret weapon that's mysterious.

Gary Keesee: Yes.

Sid Roth: What's the secret?

Gary Keesee: First Corinthians, 12:13 and 14, 13 says, "Thou I love God," the love chapter, but it starts, "Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels". And First Corinthians 14:2 says, "A man who prays in the Spirit, who prays in tongues utters mysteries out of his own spirit, and he actually edifies himself". The word "edify" means teach or instruct. So as we pray in the Spirit, God is downloading to our spirit mysteries that bring the capacity for us to pick up on revelation of direction of things we have need of, of the instructions. Just like as if Jesus were sitting there with you, he would say there's the fish, go catch them.

Sid Roth: Stop flicking off God's ideas. That's the message.

Gary Keesee: Yes.

Sid Roth: So we have a young man in our mailroom and he got so excited, he's working for us, and he said, "You're having Gary Keesee. I listened to his teaching and I had literally a miracle happen". Ian, you're sitting in the back. Would you stand up for a moment. He, newly married. They had their first child. They want a home. All he has is a couple thousand dollars. So he reads the teaching. There's the most phenomenal story. And rather than use the 2000 for the house, which they probably could get the house they wanted anyway, rather than use that he found out about a woman that had a severe need. And guess what he did? He planted his 2000, which is all he had, all he had into that family. So what happens? Make a long story short, a relative says, I'm going to give you $15,000, out of the blue, and he gets the house of his dreams because he applied, he didn't just give to get. He gave where his heart showed him a, really a bigger need than he had.

Gary Keesee: Yes.

Sid Roth: And that made the difference. But that was following, and that's the amazing thing. It was following after he listened to Gary's teaching.

Gary Keesee: Right.

Sid Roth: When you apply God's laws in the Spirit, the supernatural happens and although it may take a few years using supernatural principles to get out of debt, do you know that God is speeding everything up. This is your moment right now. Don't miss it. We're in a living in a new time, a new period. Heaven is coming so close to Earth. Don't give up. You're at the finish line. Pray what God is showing you right now.

Gary Keesee: Father, in the name of Jesus, I break the spirit of anxiousness over the fear of lack. I break the spirit of poverty in Jesus' name. Father, your Kingdom is a kingdom of wealth and you give us the grace to prosper in the name of Jesus. Amen.
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