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Sid Roth - You Are Qualified for Greatness

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Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. Talking about supernatural, my next guest, when he speaks people that are, you know, cutters, they cut themselves and they have scars, the scars disappear. Sickness disappears. That's normal, normal as defined by the Bible, that is. But he just had a word from God about the future of America and you are going to be shocked on what he's going to tell you. I'll be right back. You know, I was talking to Pat Schatzline before we came on the air and he told me a story about a 16-year-old girl that was a cutter. I don't know if you know what cutters are, but they feel so bad about themselves.

Pat Schatzline: Right.

Sid Roth: They cut themselves and they have these horrible scars. So she was in the audience when you were speaking. What happened?

Pat Schatzline: Well I'll never forget it. It was last year we were speaking, Sid, we were at this massive event in Indianapolis and there were several thousand. And all of a sudden the Spirit of the Lord said to me, "Go back to the very back of the outside, the big auditorium, the RCA dome there in Indianapolis". And all of a sudden I'm standing back there with my team that travels with me and we had just see an outpouring of God, thousands running to the altar. And all of a sudden I get back there and I'm just standing back there and this beautiful 16-year-old blond-headed girl comes running up to me, and she's giggling and dancing. And all of a sudden she looks at me and she says, "I have to talk to you. I have to talk to you". And I said, okay. And she goes, "I was raped by my dad. I was raped by my stepdad". And I always say scars on Earth are testimonies in Heaven and God is taking this generation has been through and using it as their moment to overcome. It is their testimony of power. She said, "I was raped by my dad. I was raped my stepdad and I was raped by my boyfriend". And she said, "But while you were preaching today," she said, "the Lord said to me, 'pull back your sleeves.'" And she's a cutter. And you know, the Bible talks about in Second Corinthians, Chapter 6, Verse 18, "Don't be unequally open". But then it talks about what does the Messiah have in communion with Belial, and Belial means chief demon, but his name means lawlessness or worthlessness. And there's a worthless spirit on this generation. They've been through so much. And she pulls her sleeves back and all of her scars, she's weeping, she shows me pictures of her former arms, all her scars are gone. And this has been happening to us for four years, hundreds coming to us in the middle of the service. Here in Charlotte, back in January, two young ladies came running up, all the scars disappeared. And the Lord told me, I asked God, I said, "God, I don't understand why this is happening in our services". And the Lord spoke to me and he said, "Because when my love enters in I not only heal the inside when I break that orphan spirit, but I also heal the outside".

Sid Roth: I'm feeling tears. There are people that are watching us right now that are cutters or worse.

Pat Schatzline: Yeah.

Sid Roth: And I believe that you have to talk to them for one moment right now.

Pat Schatzline: The Spirit of the Lord is all over you and he's next to you right now wherever you're at. And you feel his presence, and he is wrapping his arms around you, and he's restoring you right now, and he's breaking off that lying spirit of self-hatred, and he's going to fix you. You are God's unqualified remnant that he is raising up. Your testimony will be used by God. So wherever you're at, if you're watching us right now, if you're in another country, if you're on an island, if you're in a hamlet or a village, the Spirit of the Lord is going to come on you right now. You feel that and his presence is going to begin to break that worthlessness off you because his spirit is roaring over you that you are God's child and we speak healing over you in Jesus' name.

Sid Roth: When I became a believer it was in the early '70s, Pat, the charismatic movement. Everyone was speaking in tongues. I have to tell you, as an unsaved Jewish man...

Pat Schatzline: Yes.

Sid Roth: I went into a prayer meeting one day and they were speaking in tongues and everyone says, don't do it front of a non-believer. Don't you, I have to tell you, Pat, it was so exciting. You mean to me, tell me you're speaking a language you've never been taught? Can I do that? That was the coolest thing I ever heard. Why has tongues been demoted to the back room or demoted out of the church when it's Paul himself said, "I speak in tongues more than any man". And Paul was southern. He says, "I wish y'all did".

Pat Schatzline: He's from Alabama.

Sid Roth: He wasn't Baptist. He was southern.

Pat Schatzline: He was southern. If he was like me, he was a redneck. I think a lot of what I do as a redneck. He rode a tornado. Anyway, and so, I mean, God uses the nobodies. The Bibles says in Romans 8 that he makes intercession. The problem with us in this generation is we're afraid of, which is actually the love language of God, we're afraid of it. But the devil is not seeker sensitive. And this generation needs to be endued with power. So we don't make it weird.

Sid Roth: What is going to happen to this generation if we hold back on the supernatural of God?

Pat Schatzline: This generation wants the enduement with power. We can stand up in the middle of an altar, in the middle of a service, they coming running to get saved, and I'll say here's the next level, you ready? Because he makes intercession, Romans 8, through our prayer life. You ready to get a language between you and God? I've never seen anyone in our services, tens of thousands, raise their hand like they don't want it. All we're telling them is simple. You must let God encounter you. It's real. What we thought was weird growing up, this generation thinks it's cool. So don't you dare, leaders, I'm telling you, don't you stop this generation from having an encounter with the supernatural love language of God, a prayer language. Let them get filled with the Holy Ghost. Watch what happens.

Sid Roth: Pat, what happens when you share this revelation that God gave you and then the teaching connected to these young people that hear about the unqualified?

Pat Schatzline: Immediately a holy boldness rises up in them and they understand that what they've been through is an indication of who they're called to. That's how you defeat the enemy. You take the stuff you've been through and it becomes your testimony. And when we start sharing this they start weeping. I had pastors calling me that are hearing this message, weeping even though I preached all over the world, traveled two million miles, I always valued that failure spirit. So we're in with services and I share that and we people, suddenly they start going, he can use me, a nobody? Eighty years old, 18 years old. I'm seeing it. We're having senior adults come running up, you mean, I'm not supposed to just die?

Sid Roth: When we come back I'm going to let him release that prophetic word and I'm going to tell you, you are not Plan B. You are an original. You're not an echo.

Pat Schatzline: Come on.

Sid Roth: You're a voice. You have significance.

Pat Schatzline: Yes.

Sid Roth: Be right back.

Sid Roth: Pat, you're minding your own business and God gives you a revelation that is changing lives all over the world.

Pat Schatzline: Yes.

Sid Roth: It's the revelation of the unqualified.

Pat Schatzline: Right.

Sid Roth: What happened?

Pat Schatzline: I was driving down the road one day and I'm in my city, and I was running to the post office for my wife, and I had just been talking to some key prophetic voices. And I pull into the post office and the Spirit of the Lord overwhelms me, and I began to weep. And he said, "Get your phone out". So I pulled out my phone with a little pad on it and the Lord began to speak to me, and he said, "Pat, I'm about to raise up the unqualified. These are the ones that will confound what it really means to be qualified". He said, "They will come and they will stand for truth against those that have learned to live with maintenance faith versus miraculous faith". And I begin to weep. I'm sitting in the car. And then he goes on tell me, he said, "They will shake up the kingdom from the north, south, east and west. I will bring forth new voices of nobodies, what the world calls oops and accidents". They're always saying there's no such thing as an illegitimate child. I've met many illegitimate parents. But he's going to raise up the ones that had been thrown away. There are going to be voices that rise up and people go, where in the world did they come from? And when they say no way, he screams Yahweh because God is about to use the ones that everyone else discounted. Then he said to me, "Pat, they're not Plan B. They are my valued. They are the valued of the Lord". So I began to weep and it overwhelms me because I personally thought, why in the world would you use me, God. And that's the way. You know what I found out, from cover to covers I went deep into it. Everyone in the Bible was unqualified that was greatly used.

Sid Roth: You're telling me someone with no education, no money, doesn't speak properly, may even have a speech impediment.

Pat Schatzline: Yes.

Sid Roth: Tell me, is there hope for them.

Pat Schatzline: The only hope for them is through the power of the Holy Spirit. That's who God is raising up, the ones who have had encounters with God. And here's the qualification for being used by God today. You have to have a limp called brokenness. You have to walk through the wilderness, the wilderness of isolation and confrontation and then consecration. And then he separates you from the world and you make a stand for truth, for power, for the power of the Holy Spirit, for the anointing, for the love. And again, what I'm finding out is right now, Sid, these people that have been sitting on the sidelines for so many years, sitting Christians hatch hypocrites. They got to rise up. They got to do something. Get to Heaven with nothing left to do. I always say when I get to Heaven I don't want my lifestyle to change. But I also believe when I get to Heaven I want to be able to walk in and say, I'm done, I did what you told me to do. Everyone that is watching this show needs to ask God, get a pen and paper out, go to bed with pen and paper beside the bed. He'll speak to them in dreams. He'll give them a prophetic word. And start out saying, "Lord, take me, take me". And here's the big thing I've learned. The greatest royalty in the Kingdom of God usually comes broken. It's the chefs that have dropped, but they have a place at the king's table. No matter what you've been through the hand of God has been on you and it may have felt like he wasn't, but the whole time he was screaming, "Come on, come on, I've still got, I'm still with you". And those are the ones that God will raise up because they confound those that thought they had it figured out.

Sid Roth: Give me a key scripture for they don't qualify.

Pat Schatzline: There's a bunch. Paul said in First Corinthians 4, "We're the Messiah's misfits". It's in the Message Bible. I love that because I was a misfit. You should have saw my report cards. And all my report cards said, "Talks too much, daydreams".

Sid Roth: Did you really feel you were unqualified?

Pat Schatzline: My whole life. My whole life. Even preaching to tens of thousands I'd go back and say, why are you using me. But First Corinthians 1 thru 26, thru 28, says "Set me free". I love it in the Message Bible. I love it in the NIV as well because it says, "You can found the wise with the foolish". But First Corinthians 1, Verse 26-28 says, "Take a good look friends at who you were when you got called in this life". I don't see many of the brightest and the best. I don't see many of the most influential from influential families. He said, God takes what the world culture ignores and uses it to change humanity. That's us. If you knew my story you'd shout with me. If you knew where we came from that's all of us. We've all got stories. We've all got mistakes we've made. We've all got history books. But he rewrote our book, the Bible says. In fact, he's been writing the chapters of our life. We are God's voice, a power and authority. You have the power and authority to lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. You should be a roaming upper room. When you walk into places demons ought to be diving out windows.

Sid Roth: What is the greatest hindrance?

Pat Schatzline: Yeah.

Sid Roth: What is the greatest hindrance to be used by God, in your opinion?

Pat Schatzline: I honestly believe with all my heart it's insecurity and fear because those things, it's the root of everything. Until you get passed the mirror and start looking out the window of harvest and realize it's not about you, that you are God's ragging his hands and sent to clear up the message, the greatest hindrance is rising up and realizing, number one, God likes you. The Holy Spirit is proof that God wants to be your friend. But the number two, that God has been waiting on you. You're not an oops, you're not an accident, you're his voice that he's raised up wherever you're at. Local, that's the word in your back yard, change the atmosphere. Start doing things that no one else does. Pray, walk your yard, reclaim your land, lay hands on your children. Walk through your house, turn on worship, pray in the spirit, wash your kids' feet. Do what others won't do and God is going to blow your mind and allow you to do things others never could.

Sid Roth: Now Pat, a pastor recently called you that showed the video of the last time you were on It's Supernatural.

Pat Schatzline: Right.

Sid Roth: What happened?

Pat Schatzline: The pastor from a church in southern California was showing an introduction of our ministry and he used the video of you and I together the last time. And all of a sudden, a lady that was there, this woman is on her death bed, but she wanted to go to church, had been sent home to die from cancer. She came to church that night. It was like a Tuesday night. She's sitting in Bible study. He shows the video. They take her home. Suddenly she starts feeling better. Suddenly strength comes back into her. Blood starts flowing again. Goes to the doctor, radically healed of cancer after being sent home to die. But here's what was amazing about it, Sid, she was also a cutter. And when she went to get dressed or whatever, the places that she didn't want anybody to know, suddenly all of her scars were gone. And I believe there are people that are watching this show right now because there's an anointing synergy that is flowing that can go out through any camera that are going to be healed of miraculous diseases right now where they're sitting, because that's what kind of Father we serve.

Sid Roth: I want to tell you something. Pat had a clear vision of the future of America and when he comes back I'm going to have him share this with you and you will be as shocked as he was when he had that vision. I also may turn him loose to do whatever God tells him to do. We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: Pat and his wife, without conferring either with each other...

Pat Schatzline: That's right.

Sid Roth: Both had the same dream. It was a scary dream, very scary. Tell me about it.

Pat Schatzline: Last year on June 1st, I had this dream and I always say I have a sleep disorder called revelation. I have a lot of dreams.

Sid Roth: Pray for me.

Pat Schatzline: And we have a lot of prophetic dreams, and I write about them and all that. But all of a sudden in a dream, I'm running with my wife and we're running off across a giant map of America like you would see on a floor, you know, somewhere a big map of America, and we're running. And there's a wave chasing us, and it's crashing, and it's scary. And in the dream I'm weeping and I'm screaming, "Come on, Karen, we got to get people to safety! We got to get people to safety"! And suddenly we were standing at the White House. And we ran up the steps and we wrap our arms around the post, and the wave hit. Now I didn't know Karen had also had this dream and wrote it in her prophetic dream manual. I didn't know that. She always gets revelation before me. But anyway, all of a sudden, that day I wake up. I have to speak, it's a Sunday morning, I have to speak, I'm overwhelmed. I'm like, God, you promised in Genesis 9:11 that you would not do this again with a wave. Why did I dream this? All day long. Suddenly the Lord speaks to me, "Son, what you saw was not judgment. You saw the next wave of revival that is coming to America and it will be the final awakening that is coming". And I began to weep uncontrollably. Since then I've had this dream over and over of the wave. Others came to me and said, "I had the wave". But I believe with all my heart, and I know we hear a lot of gloom, despair and agony on me for America and all that, and I do believe our nation is in trouble. But I also believe that every great move of God, now I did a study on this and that every 20 years there's an outpouring of God and usually it's right before a war or after a war, or before a depression or after a depression. Do you know that we're sitting on the 20-year mark right now for the next move of God to hit America. It's going to break out. But I don't believe it will be in one city in this place. I believe it's going to be hot spots across America. And I was flying in a plane across America a while back late at night, and I saw lights off in the distance in different places, and the Lord said, "That's the wave of revival that will hit America. There will be hot spots. Then there will be other places that the Holy Spirit walks passed, churches he no longer stops at. Those that are not preaching truth and standing on God's work, he will be forced to walk by. We cannot put God in our compromised box". He says, "Let me pour out my spirit". The wave that is coming, it's coming very soon and it's going to hit our nation.

Sid Roth: Now is the time to get ready because as fast as you can blink your eye, Jesus is going to be back. I'm going to turn you loose right now.

Pat Schatzline: Yes.

Sid Roth: Tell me the most important message God has put on your heart for people right now that feel they're unqualified.

Pat Schatzline: Three weeks ago I had a dream. I laid down for an afternoon, an afternoon anointing, I believe that. I laid down for an afternoon nap and all of a sudden I was awaken with an explosion in my eyes, and I sat up. And I laid back down for a moment, and I saw graves opening. Here's why I would tell you that. God is about to raise up the ones that he has been waiting to use, the ones the enemy has tried to throw dirt on. But you can't throw dirt on somebody God is not finished with yet. Just look at Jesus. And what you got to realize is you are the voice that God has been raising up. The number one attack on the unqualified is the lives of the enemy. He'll tell you you're a failure, you're worthless, you're dumb, you're stupid. Every time he says all those things just stand up and smile, and say, "I'm anointed. I am handpicked by God. I was created uniquely and wonderfully. And what you got to realize is the Spirit of the Lord is upon you right now. And some of you are dreaming to preach the Gospel. Some of you are dreaming to start businesses. Some of you, God says, hand me your dreams, talk to me, spend time with me, cry out to me, launch this thing. The next wave of a move of God will not be well known preachers. It will be those that God says that they have fallen down as Isaiah did. And Sid, I am undone. Unwrap me, Lord. That means he was unwrapped through his childhood and fixed. And you fall on your knees in your house right now. Pray in the spirit. Walk through your house. Declare authority right where you're at. When you get to that place where you say God is bigger than my issues, he's bigger than my mistakes, he's bigger than my failures, fall on your knees and cry out and say, God, I am your unqualified voice, will you use me. Get ready because you're going to begin to have encounters. You're going to begin to see things and he's going to use you. You don't have to kick open doors because I had a dream, another dream. The Lord gave me a dream and I'm looking at the waste of Jesus and I see all these keys on this belt like a janitor. And the Lord suddenly said to me, he said, "Son," he said, "in the dream pick out the key. Little keys open giant doors. Don't always pick the big key. Little keys open giant doors". And I woke up, and I said, "Lord," and I was weeping in bed, and he said, "I'll give you whatever key you ask for. You and I, all we got to do is say, Lord, speak to us, talk to us, anoint me, choose me. Pray in tongues. Don't even stop. Pray in the spirit. Don't always ask for stuff, just pray in the spirit and when you go to thank him, when you go to pray with thankfulness of heart get your joy back. The enemy is lying to this generation and telling them God cannot use them. But I believe with all my heart you are the ones that God handpicked. You are the ones that he chose. You're here for right now and I believe we're the generation that will not see death. We get to stand there when the trumpet call comes, and I'm scared of heights, so he's going to have to give me a pill before the rapture.

Sid Roth: The key to begin the greatest adventure in your life, to be qualified...

Pat Schatzline: Yes.

Sid Roth: Is to get the qualifier to live big within you. His name is Jesus, in Hebrew, Yeshua. He died for your sins. Believe it, repent, tell him you're sorry, ask him inside and get on with the race. This is a great life.

Pat Schatzline: Amen.
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