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Sid Roth - How To Release the Divine Healer Within

Sid Roth - How To Release the Divine Healer Within

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Sid Roth - How To Release the Divine Healer Within

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guests have informed me that doctors and even a U.S. government agency says that 90 percent of diseases are emotionally based and if you can get rid of your toxic emotions, healing is easy. Any of you interested in healing being easy? Doctors, putting the two of you together, Dr. Jen, you have three degrees. You have studied psychology in one of your degrees. You understand it all intellectually from a scientific viewpoint. But Dennis, you're the one that amazing me. Six months after being a believer, you have no feelings. All you know is Jesus is real. None, no feelings whatsoever. I'm sure some of you can relate to that. But after six months what happened?

Dennis: I had a dramatic baptism in the Holy Spirit, didn't even know what I was. But the presence of God came upon me after I had received what they call the baptism of the Holy Spirit at an altar. But the very next day, I was sitting alone in my parents' house and suddenly the power, I just said, "God, I know this is the way we were meant to live and if I was confined to a wheelchair I'm going to live for you and serve you all the days of my life". And suddenly I was immersed with an open vision. I was immersed with a joy that was so powerful that I thought, my first thought was I need a new body. This physical body is not capable of containing any larger measure of joy. I didn't say stop, but I really thought my body was going to explode with the presence of God. I had an instant understanding that God was filling me from head to toe, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I was indwelt by the Living God, and from the, that lasted without a reprieve for six months. I would see, I would walk by people and tears would just come out of their eyes and I never said a word.

Sid Roth: What did God tell you?

Dennis: He said, my first thing is, this is God. I'd better go to Bible school because I don't know what's happening to me. And he said, "No, I am taking you to the School of my Spirit and I will instruct you". And it was so authoritative that all I knew was then out of this relationship I must obey.

Sid Roth: Okay. Dr. Jen.

Dr. Jen Clark: Yes.

Sid Roth: You observe him at a meeting praying for someone and what did you observe that made such an impact on you that later caused you to marry him?

Dr. Jen Clark: Well in addition to my degrees I had been trained as a Christian counselor and so we were at an intercessory prayer meeting at a conference. And there was a young woman, and in the midst of the prayer she had an emotional meltdown. And based on what I had observed how long counseling took, even the best Christian counseling, my thought was five or ten years' worth of counseling right there on the floor.

Sid Roth: And it might not even work.

Dr. Jen Clark: Right, absolutely. And so everybody just turned and stared at her. But Dennis went over and got on one knee beside her, and because of my counseling training I knew what was happening. He was taking her through one emotional healing after another and I could see the whole wounded body of believers all over the world could be healed and whole if they knew this secret.

Sid Roth: Well you know, after you got married.

Dr. Jen Clark: Right.

Sid Roth: Dennis, you started the thing the Holy Spirit showed you. You started working with Dr. Jen and what difference did it make from your observation?

Dennis: Oh that was both a blessing and something that led us to be able to teach this to anybody. She says, "Mentor me". I said, "Well some of my peers that it's, nobody does it exactly like you do it, Dennis". And she goes, "I don't care what they said, teach me".

Dr. Jen Clark: Yes

Dennis: And so I, out of my love for her, I saw that she had all of the right answers in her head. So I wanted to get her out of her head, down into subjective experience with Jesus.

Dr. Jen Clark: So I was basically a wounded, defeated woman, a wounded defeated Christian and...

Sid Roth: You couldn't even talk in front of a group.

Dr. Jen Clark: I could not even, in graduate school, one of my biggest trials was to try to stand up in front of a class and give an oral presentation. My skin would go ice cold. I'd stumble over my words. And you know, if that hadn't been healed, I wouldn't be here today. And my passion to get this information, these how-to's out to believers and set them free, it would have been impossible. I would have never been able to fulfill my destiny.

Sid Roth: How does this differ from what you were taught in traditional therapy?

Dr. Jen Clark: Okay. I saw in traditional therapy, Christian and secular, that the aim is to get people able to cope with life and feel somewhat better. One of the major problems is forgiveness is the key to doing this, but they teach forgiveness is a process. So people can go for weeks, months and years and never quite forgive, never get toxic emotions dealt with, continue struggling, which is what I had seen, even with Christian therapy. But what this does, first of all, it teaches believers how to go to Jesus the forgiver in them for instant forgiveness, just like when we got saved. It was instant when we got saved. You didn't wait for it.

Sid Roth: But these toxic emotions that people have buried in them, they've had for years, they can get rid of them quickly? That doesn't, that defies traditional medicine.

Dr. Jen Clark: Well it certainly does. What I learned from Dennis, what the Lord had taught him in the School of the Spirit was all we have to do is in prayer present any emotion that's not the fruit of the Spirit, it's not a good emotion, to the Lord and he will instantly, through his forgiveness, wash the negative out and replace it with supernatural peace. So where there was once a wound there can be an anointing.

Sid Roth: Dennis, tell me about someone that was healed of cancer.

Dennis: Yes. We had a woman that knew she had terminal cancer. Then she said, "I believe God is telling me mine is stress related". She says, "Can I pray through issues of stress"? And we said, certainly. And we literally coached her through how to rely upon Jesus the healer within her to forgive in many cases people that she had harbored resentment for, in many cases didn't even know it was there, but maybe four or five issues. But at the end of resolving that she said, "I feel a lightness" and found out later that she was cancer-free.

Sid Roth: She had terminal cancer?

Dennis: Terminal cancer.

Sid Roth: I'm going to ask the Clarks, when we come back, to teach you how to do this for yourself.

Sid Roth: So Dr. Jen, you had eczema and when Dennis prayed for you, what happened?

Dr. Jen Clark: Well I dealt with some toxic emotions. The Lord showed me an incident.

Dennis: I want you to go there. I want you to think, think hard.

Dr. Jen Clark: And I felt the pain of rejection in that incident and let the Jesus the forgiver wash that out and I was healed of my skin condition.

Sid Roth: How, when did this incident occur?

Dr. Jen Clark: I was a child in elementary school.

Sid Roth: And you had this totally blocked. You're a believer now.

Dr. Jen Clark: Right.

Sid Roth: Everything is new.

Dr. Jen Clark: Yes.

Sid Roth: But it stayed there. It's in you.

Dr. Jen Clark: Right. Right, because toxic emotions don't go away. They just go under the surface and get buried in us including in our, the cells of our physical body. And we forget these things. We forget they're even there.

Sid Roth: I believe that and unforgiveness are the two major reasons people don't get their healing the way the Bible says we're supposed to.

Dr. Jen Clark: Absolutely. And forgiveness will instantly cleanse our heart of any toxic emotion, whether it was shame, fear, pain of rejection, anger. Everything we present we have to feel the feeling and present it to Jesus. He will take care of it every single time. And these negative emotions are the very things that give ground for physical illness.

Sid Roth: I want you to know that this is an answer to your prayer. This is what's stopping you. You're saying, God, why won't you heal me. You heal all these other people. I believe this is God's answer for you. Dennis, take Dr. Jen as if she knows nothing and explain how the Holy Spirit taught you to take care of unforgiveness and toxic emotions.

Dennis: Okay. Now Jennifer, I want to show you how to drop down into your spirit. I want you to picture like a bucket and a well, your mind has the bucket in it and we're going to change the location and you're going to focus on your Bible heart. After all, we want the bucket to go down where the living water is, as we had a third grader tell us, there's no living water in your head. So we want to drop from our focus from mind to heart, and it's like a bucket going down, and we know that that water is living and it's like an artesian well. It will rise up like a fountain into everlasting life. It will flow out of you even without saying a word. You will create the presence of life. For it is God who is at work both to will and to do. Everything good happens down there when the bucket is down low.

Dr. Jen Clark: So it's gone now and I feel peace.

Dennis: And that's normative. That is about the right time table that it should take. It's instant.

Sid Roth: That fast?

Dennis: Yes. That's our only complaint, is it's extremely fast.

Dr. Jen Clark: It wasn't any longer than that for you to get saved, was it?

Dennis: No.

Dr. Jen Clark: It was instant.

Sid Roth: What have you learned from science that explains what just went on.

Dr. Jen Clark: Okay. First of all, learn that the Bible, remember we said, says that this is the location of our heart. Jesus said it, Proverbs, it's all through the Bible, belly, bowels, locating this area. It seems that we have two different nervous systems. We have the nervous system connected with the brain in our head, but we also have the enteric nervous system that is our emotional center.

Sid Roth: So we take care of this and the problem is here, is what you're saying.

Dr. Jen Clark: Right, right, exactly. And the thing that's amazing is this is sometimes called the second brain down here because it's got all the neurons in it just like the brain in your head, except this is the area where your emotions are processed. This is the area where the molecules of emotion are released. This is the area our emotional brain, our emotional heart informs the brain in our head how we feel. There's a left vagus nerve that connects the two, but the brain in our head does not send information down to the brain in our gut. The gut sends emotional information back to our brain.

Sid Roth: Is that why Jesus says it's important to believe in your heart?

Dr. Jen Clark: Absolutely. Absolutely. And in addition the, shall we call it the brain or the heart, or where the Bible says the heart is, our heart influences our entire physical body because the belief in our heart is communicated to all our cells, released to our all cells from the epicenter of our spirit.

Sid Roth: Yeah. I read a book many years ago by Brother Lawrence called "Practice of the Presence of God" and he was able to stay in the Spirit all of the time, but he never explained how. Now I understand how. This is so simple. Children are getting healed. When we come back we'll talk about children getting healed.

Sid Roth: You know, heaven forbid, this getting rid of the toxic emotions, it's so simple when you get rid of these things then you're not blocked in receiving all the promises that God has for you. It even works with children. How young children does this work with?

Dennis: Well we've seen it as young as pre-Kindergarten, four years old. We saw in particular a second grader who was proficient at this. This poor little fellow, we were teaching in a Christian school and the teacher came up to me and said, "See that sad little boy in the front row", and he had his head cocked and he was all depressed, "he missed the first week of school. He had a trauma". And I said, "What happened"? She said, "He got a pet rabbit as a gift. He was running and playing, fell on the rabbit and broke its neck".

Sid Roth: Oh.

Dennis: And he was just traumatized that he had killed, he killed his rabbit. And so he missed the whole first week of school. And he was there, but his head was tilted, he wasn't really there. So I said, "I want to teach you how Jesus the Messiah in you can take care of any pain". And I said, "Just close your eyes", and we did Bucket Man, "just like a bucket, down here. Jesus is there and he's going to take your pain and your sorrow. He's going to take it away. Now I want you to receive forgiveness", because he was blaming himself. I said, "Just receive it like a gift from Jesus the forgiver in you". And all of a sudden watching him, the countenance went from that sad, dejected, instantly to a smile without him saying a word. You know that there's a transformation that's taken place in the heart with a smile.

Sid Roth: So transparent. You can tell.

Dennis: Yes. And he was open, but it started a chain reaction because other kids heard the testimony, they're crying and raising their hand. He's joyfully going back to his seat with a big grin on his face. He's sitting there, but all of a sudden, "My dog ran in the street during the summer and got killed". "My grandmother died last week". And all of a sudden I had a group of about 20, there was at least five who had, were relating to his ministry and they wanted Jesus to heal them. We went through it in a manner of minutes and then all of a sudden, he's raising his hand with a big grin on his face. And I said, "What"? He says, "I think I had a revelation". "What is your revelation"? He said, "I saw my rabbit and her dog playing in Heaven".

Sid Roth: Jen, tell me briefly some children of what they've been healed of physically.

Dr. Jen Clark: Okay. We had a family coming to our church fairly recently and they had already learned, the children had already learned about Jesus the forgiver in Sunday school and they were practicing it in everyday life, dealing with any negative emotion, any fear. And then all of a sudden there were...

Sid Roth: You tell them that the Divine healer is within.

Dr. Jen Clark: I didn't tell them. They never heard our teaching on this, but they were had learned Jesus the forgiver. But the, one of the brothers kicked the little girl in the hand. She couldn't move her hand. The mother said, "Okay, we're going to the doctor", because she thought it was broken, I mean, complete immobility, excruciating pain. Thirty-minute drive to the doctor and on the way there the mother said, "You know, we have Jesus the forgiver. We have Jesus the healer, too. You guys, Sherry", the little girl, "starting yielding to Jesus the healer in you. Boys, we're going to release Jesus the healer out our bellies to her". And the pain was had gone down significantly by the time they got to the parking lot at the doctor's office. And so the mom said, they were counting down, where is the pain level now, it had gone from a 10, 1 to 10, being 1, none, 10, terrible. It had gone down from a 10 to a 4. And so the mom said, "Well, it's your call. Do you want to go in and see the doctor or do you want to turn around and go home and keep praying"? They went home and they kept praying, and her thumb was totally healed. Now a couple of weeks after that her brother accidentally punched another brother, and the mom said she could see the broken bone in the back of his hand. She could see it with her eyes. And so she did some checking and learned a break like that would probably require surgery and pins. Now the little boy didn't want to go to the hospital and have surgery, so the mom gave him a choice, "Do you want to pray like your sister prayed or do you want to go to the doctor in the hospital"? And he said, "I want to pray". And so they started praying the same way. He was yielding to the healer in him. They were releasing healing out to him and it took a little while, but the mom she had never before seen an injury that she could see the visible evidence. That bone came back together. They didn't just learn to yield to the healer in them. They were tapping into Jesus the miracle worker. And since that time the children have found out, because the mom said, having five children one is getting injured all the time, they have learned to regularly go to Jesus for healings. And she said the more they do it, the faster the healings are coming.

Sid Roth: Well that sounds better than any insurance policy offered by your government. They have found, against psychology, who says forgiveness is a process, you can instantly forgive. Would you pray for people, Dennis, right now to be for Jesus the healer and Jesus the forgiver.

Dennis: Absolutely. I want you to begin by doing just as I instructed Jennifer. I want you to close your eyes and I want you to change your focus down to your Bible heart, down to your spirit. And as you change your focus there, I want from that place, I want you to yield and release Jesus the Messiah, the healer, to rise with healing in his wings. The healer lives in you. Let him rise like an artesian well and welcome him.

Sid Roth: Not only does healing, Jesus the healer live in you, Jesus the forgiver live in you, but Jesus your shalom, your, many of you are feeling that peace. That peace alone is going to knock out that sickness.
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