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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - What Does My Dream Mean?

Sid Roth - What Does My Dream Mean?

Sid Roth - What Does My Dream Mean?
Sid Roth - What Does My Dream Mean?
TOPICS: Dream Interpretation

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. How many of us have had dreams and we haven't really been able to figure it out. My guest has learned the language of Heaven and teaches people how to know what their dreams really mean. Anyone here interested in really knowing what, you want to learn that supernatural language? Get ready. I'm so excited about this show because yesterday we had a staff prayer meeting and we saw Adam move in the prophetic in accuracy like, and I have to tell you, I haven't seen that before. Now you were not always prophetic. But you had an automobile accident. What happened?

Adam Thompson: Well I did this sheepish thing when I was a young man.

Sid Roth: You weren't a believer.

Adam Thompson: No, I wasn't a believer.

Sid Roth: We were pretty stupid before we knew the Messiah, some of us even after. Oy vey, I can't believe I said that.

Adam Thompson: And I did a pretty stupid thing. Driving home from a party I was intoxicated with alcohol with a friend of mine, one of my best friends. And all of a sudden there was this massive bang and we drive under a truck. So I got out of the car and the actual truck driver noticed I was intoxicated. I was actually seeing double. That's how drunk I was. And he called the police and there was a big scene and thought to myself, oh boy, I'm in a lot of trouble. I went inside a little bit and I started to pray, and my friend said, "What are you doing"? I said, "I'm praying to God". And he said, "Why"? And I said, "Well I'm going to God, I'm praying to God that if he gets me out of this I will, I'll go to church and I'll actually repent and ask God into my life and follow him". And he didn't know what to say, my friend. But the police officer came up to me and he showed me, he showed me this machine, I had to blow into this thing to test my breath, and he looked at it and it was completely negative. And I was seeing double. I was trying very hard to be sober.

Sid Roth: So that was in your mind and mine, too, that was an absolute miracle. He becomes a believer then he has a visitation from Jesus. What happened?

Adam Thompson: Well ten years later, one night I actually came home from a late night after a long day's work. All my family were asleep. And I saw this TV article on CNN of this TV evangelist. They called him out, you know, with some sin that he did, you know, with some prostitutes, and I called out, I was getting angry, and I said, "Where are you Lord when these men mock you"? I was looking for an excuse not to serve God. Anyway, the long story short, I felt the presence of God come into the room so strong. It came so thick I found myself shaking. My hands were shaking. Then I found myself on my knees shaking. I found myself, you know, completely wiped out on the floor prostrate with the presence of God so strong, it was a like a bright light just switched on in the place. And I was repenting because I wasn't sure what was happening. I thought I was going to die. But what happened is before me was this fire, like a, all I could describe was like a burning bush. But in this fire was a man and there was a voice that spoke to me, went right through me, and I knew it was the Lord. And he said something interesting, he said, "Well I'm here now. What would you like me to do for you"? And I said, "Lord, give me wisdom". That's all I asked. I said, "Lord, give me wisdom". And I kept asking that. And I said, "In fact, give me double portion of Solomon's wisdom". Probably a month after that, that encounter I had this massive impartation with the Spirit of God where I couldn't stop laughing and speaking in tongues.

Sid Roth: Okay. But then you started knowing people's names and things about them.

Adam Thompson: That's right.

Sid Roth: Conditions.

Adam Thompson: Just things started happening to me. I couldn't explain. I had to work it out myself because I never had any mentors. But I could see in the spirit, I'm in the street, I knew what was wrong with people. I even knew, one time, I knew, in a cafeteria, knew the lady's name and she thought I was some sort of stalker. She freaked out, "How do you know me"? And I'm thinking, I don't know why I know these things.

Sid Roth: But he gradually learned. Now Adrian, you two worked together in the most phenomenal way. What is your part and what is Adam's part?

Adrian Beale: You know Sid, Adam's got a tremendous sea of prophetic gift. Mine is a prophetic gift and the two seem to dovetail. One of our friends in Colorado, a friendship we developed, says, "You two guys have got a one-two punch". And so what, we complement each other. We have a synergy between ourselves and God put us together so well. You know, it has a strength and a ministry when both aspects of the ministry are released. Because when I teach, there's a word of revelation for the Word of God released, and when Adam is ministry, does the power of God displayed as words of knowledge are released and people and individuals are set free.

Sid Roth: Okay. That begs the question. Why is it so important for us to understand our dreams?

Adrian Beale: You know, to understand our dreams, if we don't understand our dreams we're missing part of God's love language to us. You know, in the scriptures, a third of the Bible is poetry. Wherever we see a ragged edge in our modern Bibles is poetic. There's more than Job to Psalms. All throughout scripture all the prophets are poetic. And we've moved into a kingdom of love and God uses poetry to speak to us. It's a higher language. And if we can understand that language then God can move us and see the kingdom manifest. Whenever Jesus spoke or taught about the Kingdom, he used parables. Our dreams are personal parables to us and they're framed around our lives.

Sid Roth: But you explain to me that somehow when we're in that dream state God can get through to us easier. Explain that.

Adrian Beale: That's true. You know, we have a natural defense mechanism and one of the main things of dreams is correction and warnings. God has an ability to speak to us in parable form, and in the parable he has a way of getting behind our defense mechanisms when we understand what he's saying.

Sid Roth: Well let me tell you something. I am very frustrated over my dreams. I recognize how important it is to understand God is telling me things. I want Adrian and Adam to address this when we come back. Be right back.

Sid Roth: You know, I'm a little frustrated because I recognize God is speaking to me. But because I can't know for sure I don't even ponder that. Why doesn't God just say it the way it is, say, go to Africa and be a missionary. I'll do that. Why does he have to talk in this heavenly language to me?

Adrian Beale: First of all, God speaks to us that way. He bypasses our defense mechanism and he uses images and our mind is actually created to absorb images. So God speaks to us in parables and metaphors, and images so that it can absorb into our spirit, so we can actually remember it, because sometimes when we actually dream we don't remember initially, but some image can trigger your dream. You said, I had a dream last night.

Sid Roth: That's right.

Adrian Beale: I remember that.

Sid Roth: Okay. So Adrian, you're much like me, logical, pragmatic, study the Word. And you used to go to Adam to have him tell you what your dreams meant, and now you don't. Are there many people that sit under your teaching that are able to not have to go to a specialist? I don't want to have to call him in Australia. What happened with you?

Adrian Beale: You know, somebody told me that I'll never get the gift that Adam has in dream interpretation. But spending time with Adam, understanding the voice of the spirit through someone's dream has been imparted to me. And now together, we minister together, and people who attend our, you know, conferences and listen to our teaching grab a hold of something and it's an impartation that takes place. I believe that that's what we're here to say today that this is transferable and we can, you know, God wants everybody to have the understanding of the language of dreams and have that wisdom. I thought I was going to become an intellectual genius when I asked for wisdom, but I was wrong, because I had this, it's the wisdom to understand the language of Heaven. And you know, Joseph, when he stood before Pharaoh he had the wisdom to discern his dream. And Daniel the prophet had the wisdom to understand dreams and the mysteries of Heaven. So this is what it's all about is understanding the language of Heaven and being led by the Spirit of God, and this is for the body of Christ. I'm not a guru. We believe that everyone should be able to do this.

Sid Roth: You told me thousands have been able to do this.

Adrian Beale: Yes, yes.

Sid Roth: And at your seminars, you release, you've researched this language of Heaven and you've researched 3000 biblical symbolisms from the scriptures for us to understand. Tell me, Adam, about what things God shows us in dreams.

Adam Thompson: Well God can reveal our heart in a dream. And it's very good if you're counseling somebody. That's one way God can speak to us in dreams. And another way is God can give us warnings in the night. When you get a warning it's actually a blessing because God is showing you the plans of the enemy ahead of time. So you can actually go in the spirit and reverse the plans of the enemy, reverse the curse and mess up Hell and release blessings.

Sid Roth: Dreams come from different sources. Tell me.

Adrian Beale: They do. Sid, we all know God dreams. We've read the scriptures and we've seen Joseph and Daniel had dreams. Nebuchadnezzar had dreams. So that's a given. But the devil has a capacity to either influence our dreams or create dreams. You know, we know that from Scripture when Jesus was taken up the mountain in one of the temptations where the devil showed him all the kingdoms of the world, there's no place where you can physical go and see the whole of the kingdoms of the world. They're not only geographically impossible to see, but there would be different time spams between each of the kingdoms. And so we realize from that that the devil has the capacity. But the good news about that is this, that when Jesus went into the wilderness, who led him into the wilderness? It was the Spirit of God. So who was in control? God was in control. And so we have God dreams. The enemy has the capacity to influence our dreams and also our own hearts can flavor and color the dreams that we dream. But the good news is God is sovereign. He knows every one of those areas. And so what that means is that God can speak and communicate, and have a message through any one of those sources. So we don't just go, oh that was a God dream or that wasn't a God dream, and we throw it away and go no. There's a message in that for me.

Sid Roth: When we come back I want them to pray impartation for you to understand your dreams. Some of you don't have dreams to start dreaming, and basically the difference between a dream and a vision. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Thousands of people have been trained to understand the language of Heaven, to understand their dreams, and this is so important. Adrian, what is the first thing we should do right after we've had a dream?

Adrian Beale: I guess the first thing we should is write the dream down so we don't lose that revelation. But after that I think we need to go to God. Ask the Holy Spirit what he's saying to us. And after I've done that I'll spend some time waiting on God and looking at the dream. Then I would look at the overall picture of the dream and then try to break it down looking at the context of the dream, looking at the elements and see if I can identify certain elements within the dream. Sometimes dreams happen and we're so subjected and so close to the dream that we don't understand what God is saying. So sometimes it's very useful to actually step back and take a little bit of time out before you start to look at the dream. But looking at context, context, dream interpretation is not a formula, and that's probably the first mistake we make. We tend to think every time we see a rabbit in a dream it's going to mean something or every time we see a dog in a dream it's going to mean this. That's not the case because you look at the other elements in the dream and see how you can get the elements to fit together. You know, just as we would with the Word of God, it says, "By the mouth of truth we witness that every word be established". So you're looking for elements within the dream to lock together in your understanding. Well if that's that and that's that, and that's that, now I've got a lock. I've got three witnesses and now I can build out the rest of the picture and understand what God is saying.

Sid Roth: So context really is the key. Now Adam, tell me the difference between, I know what a dream is, but the difference between a dream and a vision.

Adam Thompson: Well vision, from my revelation, a vision is having a dream while you're awake. Now you can have a...

Sid Roth: I like that.

Adam Thompson: Yeah. Yeah. And you know, I teach that you can position yourself for visions. And when you're actually half asleep and half awake, when you're just about to fall asleep, many people experience images rushing through their mind, when they're just about, they're not awake, they're not asleep. It's called an alpha sleep.

Sid Roth: Give me two, an example of a dream and an example of a vision, and what happened.

Adam Thompson: Well with me, with a vision I had myself, I could stand, I stand in the meeting and I get these open visions, and it's my subconscious mind receiving like a dream while I'm awake. I saw this man that had a dark mesh over his brain. I basically called this man out. I saw him there. I actually went up to him because he was a senior man. I said, "There's something wrong with your brain and I need to pray for you to receive healing. You need healing in your brain". And he agreed. So I put my hand on his head and I decreed Divine order in the name of Jesus. And he was shuffling around beforehand, they were telling me this, and he couldn't even get out of the chair. And when prayed for him, I came back about, you know, probably six months later, he was walking around, you know, completely free and healed. And that's impossible.

Sid Roth: Healed of Parkinson's disease.

Adam Thompson: Yes. The doctor is mystified.

Sid Roth: Adrian, give me an example of, not you, but someone that had a dream and what happened.

Adrian Beale: Someone sat in our teaching, Sid, and they had a dream. So in the dream, they woke up in their bed, and on the end of their bed was the gynecologist of when they had had children. And the gynecologist said to the woman who had the dream, he said, "What does this person's name mean to you"? Now the person who had the dream works in the capacity where she would go to a person's home and she would work the whole day there in that home. So when he mentioned this person's name, what it meant to her was that she had to cross the other side of the city and go to a suburb, so it meant a trek to the other side of the city and to this suburb. And she put two and two together and she realized that the gynecologist relates to birth and this, the suburb happened to be the surname of her daughter. And so she put two and two together, and she realized that her daughter was pregnant. Well that's what she thought the dream interpretation meant. So she rang her daughter and she said, you know, "I've had this dream and I believe that God is showing me that you're pregnant". And her daughter denied the fact that she was pregnant. So they talked a little bit, mother-daughter chat, and then she thought, I'll a different tact. I'll ring up my son-in-law. And so she rang up her son-in-law and she said, "Congratulations, I understand your wife is pregnant". And he didn't know anything about that. He said, "I don't know what you're talking about".

Sid Roth: Strange.

Adrian Beale: Yeah. And so she hung up the phone and thought, maybe God got it wrong. Well that night she received a phone call from her daughter and she said, "What have you done? Tomorrow I'm booked for an abortion, and you and God have, you know, intersected, you know, you've come in and you stopped the plan".

Sid Roth: I don't want you missing any of the language of Heaven anymore. Adam, I want you to pray for people to have dreams, to understand dreams, to have visions, to understand visions, and anything else God shows you to pray right now.

Adam Thompson: Father, in the name of Jesus, I prophesy in the name of Jesus that, Lord, you will be released upon the people out there. And I just ask you if you're watching this right now, touch the scream or touch your laptop, or wherever you are, because this is transferable. And I decree through the power of the blood of the Messiah that dreams and visions will be released upon people out there, believers. Even if you're an unbeliever, just touch the screen and I release the revelation of the Messiah Jesus. And Lord Father, in the name of Jesus, we thank you for the Spirit of God is moving out there, and we thank you for encounters. We thank you for visions, Lord, open visions in the night. And Lord, we thank you, Lord, for the understanding of dreams.

Adrian Beale: Yes.

Adam Thompson: The passion and the hunger to have dreams.

Adrian Beale: Yes.

Adam Thompson: And Lord, I thank you for appearing to revealing yourself to unbelievers out there. You're probably seeking God right now. I see somebody out there who's actually crying out saying, "If there is a God, if there is a God, reveal yourself to me". This is a man. I see a man with dark hair and he's wearing like, it looks like someone in an Islamic country, and I see, in fact, it's Pakistan, and you're crying out, "If there's a real God, if you're real, reveal yourself to me". Lord Jesus, I thank you for appearing in this man's dream and reveal yourself to this man. I decree this across the whole of Asia, the whole of the world in Jesus' name.

Adrian Beale: And right now, I would like to add I want to impart the spirits of wisdom and revelation so that not only will you get the revelation, but you understand what God is saying through that revelation in Jesus' name.

Sid Roth: I want to tell you something. It will never be the same as you begin to understand the language of Heaven.
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