Sid Roth - Power to Heal

Sid Roth - Power to Heal

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Sid Roth - Power to Heal

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest goes all over the world and has the most miracles, the most outrageous miracles. I've never see what I'm about ready to tell you before until I saw it with my very eyes. Someone is holding, get this, an artificial eye. Have you ever seen an artificial eye? It belonged inside someone's eyeball, eyelid, socket, whatever. Anyway, it belonged there, but they're holding it. You know why it's not in there? There's an eyeball that was born. Would anyone want to see that? I'm here with Randy Clark. And Dr. Clark, you went to a little Baptist seminary, but God had his eye on Randy. And I think a very important moment in your life was when the founder of the Vineyard Church movement, John Wimber, actually prophesied over you. What did he say?

Dr. Clark: He wanted me to know that the first two times he met me, which had been ten years earlier, that he heard the audible voice of God, which was a rare thing for him. And the first two times he heard the Lord say that one day he was going to send me around the world, put my hands some people, pastors and leaders, pray that they would be activated in gifts of the Spirit. And because of that, ten years earlier, John had allowed me to be like a shadow to him. He wanted to spend some time training me.

Sid Roth: The presence of God is just increasing by the second. You had a major impartation. What do you call, what is an impartation?

Dr. Clark: Probably the easiest way to say it, it's the transference of an anointing. But what's misleading about that is sometimes God will use you in what is transferred when you pray is more than what you have. So you actually...

Sid Roth: That doesn't sound fair. I mean, you give away more than you got.

Dr. Clark: A lot of times, yeah. It's multiplication.

Sid Roth: But this man is so hungry for God he went to a meeting with Rodney Howard-Browne. As I understand it, you kept getting in line. But one time Rodney prayed for you and what happened?

Dr. Clark: Well several times, he prayed for me five times in one session.

Sid Roth: I mean, talk about someone being hungry for God, five times in one session.

Dr. Clark: I just kept getting in line. Right before I went to trial, two weeks before I went to Lakeland, Florida where Rodney was at and he saw the power of God on me, and he called me up and prayed for me. And shortly after that, I was laying on the floor and I felt this tremble, this power come onto my hands, and it caused them to distort and twist a little bit, and got really hard and cold. And Rodney came down and said, "This is the fire of God on your hands. Go home and pray for everybody in your church", which I did, and God really touched me.

Sid Roth: Out of curiosity, of course, you saw things before that. But what happened when you got back? Give me a little description. After you had that impartation in your church, what really happened?

Dr. Clark: Well a Lutheran on our worship team saw the Glory cloud roll into the church and no one had ever fallen in my church in its history since I started it. And it was, it was an eight o'clock service and some people didn't get off the floor until 4:30 that afternoon, going through visions and inner healing for terrible traumatic things that had been done to them. God just saw healing.

Sid Roth: But even beyond that, in 1994, you went to a little storefront church in Toronto, Canada. I tell you, after a few days it turned into a revival that, a little storefront church, four million people from all over the world came there. Were you pretty shocked over what happened?

Dr. Clark: I was excited and I was shocked because I told my daughter, who was crying when I left, I said, "Don't worry, Daddy has never been asked to go anywhere. This is the first time in almost 20 years. I'll be back in four days and this may never happen. I may never get asked to go anywhere again", is what I told her. But the night before they let me see this prophecy they let me know that God was going to do something special and God was going to back me up. And so I expected God to come, but he did exceedingly abundantly above what I could have asked or imagine.

Sid Roth: Well listen to this. Remember he said he prays for people to get more than him? And I personally interviewed a number of these people. Very briefly, tell me about one person you prayed an impartation over by the name of Heidi Beeker. What happened to her?

Dr. Clark: She, the word was, "Heidi, God wants you to know what you want the nation to be". She said, "Yes". She was crying and on her knees. And I said, "God is going to give you the nation of what's going to be. You want to see the blind, see the deaf, hear the lame walk and the dead be raised". The power of God hits her instantly. She's extremely hot. She's sweating. The power gets so strong. She says, "God, if you turn it up he's gonna kill me". He says, "Good, I need you dead". It lasted seven, she heard an audible voice say to her, hundreds of churches and thousands of people, [unintelligible] I started four churches in 17 years. It almost killed us. God took her into visions. But this experience lasted seven days and nights before it was over.

Sid Roth: How many people do you think have been reached through their operation?

Dr. Clark: We know, it's been over a million people saved through their ministry, probably about 10,000 churches started.

Sid Roth: 10,000 churches. Leif Hetlund.

Dr. Clark: He was another one.

Sid Roth: What happened after Leif Hedlund when you prayed?

Dr. Clark: I prayed for him, got a prophetic word, "I see you in a dark place. God is going to make you a bulldozer. He'll make a way where there's been no way and I see a multitude of people coming out of the darkness following in the light". He gets knocked to the floor for two and a half to three hours shaking. The next week he floated all the gifts of the spirit, which he never had before. When his feet touched the soil of the Arab nation, miracles started breaking out and led over a million Muslims to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sid Roth: A million Muslims to the Lord! I'll get excited for both of us. Okay. But you know what? He prays for people over television and they get the impartation. Tell me about the woman in London.

Dr. Clark: The last time I was on with you when it happened and it was doing a rerun. You were doing a rerun of that meeting and I'm praying for impartation. And she's a housewife. She's not in the ministry or anything. God knocks her into the floor and she gets stuck to the floor, and she can't move. She can't communicate, she can't talk or anything. She's out, not out, but she's conscious, but lying on the floor, pinned to the floor for hours. Her husband comes home, sees her there. She can't communicate. He thinks she's had a stroke. They call an ambulance, they get the ambulance there, they get her on a gurney, they put her in the ambulance, get her to the hospital, and she's in the emergency room before God releases her to be able to what had happened to her.

Sid Roth: Tell me about that seven-year-old real quick. I actually hired this guy's dad and a lot of those felt like this was a sign of who I needed to hire. But we were doing a show and it was being televised. And this little seven-year-old boy is watching this family and all of a sudden he's knocked to the floor and he's stuck to the floor for a long time, over an hour. I forget how many hours he's stuck to the floor. He even told his dad, "Dad, can you carry me to go to the bathroom. I can't get up". And they even brought him something to eat while he's there because he can't move. And as a result of it, I said, God has got something for us, a connection between my ministry and this man and because of his son. And the little boy's dad said, "What's wrong"? He said, "Daddy, I don't know what's wrong, but whatever that man is talking about it just jumped out of the TV and jumped on me".

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what, that's going to happen to you. And he has seen such phenomenal breakthroughs in mental illness, things that doctors, wait until you hear what doctors are saying about some of these people he's prayed for. We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: I mean, there are people with, that are, I'm going to let Randy tell you about it. Tell me a few people with schizophrenia or mental problems that were instantly healed.

Dr. Clark: It was like a goliath taunting Israel's army because I had a young man with schizophrenia in my church. We were seeing a lot of physical healing, but we weren't seeing any mental healing. And I said, according to Psalms Number 2:3, it says, "Praise the Lord O my soul, forget not all his benefit who forgives us all of sin and heals all our diseases". So I said, "Lord, it says all, it doesn't just say just physical. That includes mental illness as well as physical". So we worked and prayed for that. There was a man, he heard the Lord speak to him and he goes and gets his daughter who he doesn't bring her because she was paranoid schizophrenia. She had obsessive compulsive disorder and anorexia. And when he brought her, a friend of mine, an engineer by trade was starting a new church there, reached over and just said, "I bless you in Jesus' name", and she fell out. And then that night when she went home she heard the Lord speak to her and say, "I anoint your head with oil", and she did, "I anoint your whole body with oil", and she did. She was knocked to the floor and stuck to the floor like electricity going through her body until morning. And when she got up she was mentally normal and healthy. Girl: Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus.

Sid Roth: All right, you think that's something. Tell me about the woman with severe schizophrenia and what the doctor had to say about this, the psychiatrist.

Dr. Clark: So I was telling that story on a bus about our teams in Brazil. And one of the persons on the team is a psychiatrist, and he said, "Come here". He said, "You don't have any idea how miraculous that story is". He said, "My field is mental illness. I am a psychiatrist and for me to capture for you how miraculous healing of someone with schizophrenia is, if I was a normal doctor or a surgeon, it would be like telling you that somebody had their arm or leg cut off and it grew back. That's how miraculous schizophrenia is".

Sid Roth: And it's just that simple with God.

Dr. Clark: Yeah.

Sid Roth: I want to take you by way of video camera right into some of Randy's meetings. You want to see this. Someone's holding a person's glass eye and then you see where that glass eye belonged in the socket. It's not there anymore because there's an eye there. Do you want to see this? Okay. I know you want to see it. Let's roll it.

Dr. Clark: Twenty years ago she lost this eye. You can see the pupil had been formed in the back of the white. The eye was very small, it wasn't formed. It was something way back in the back, and she had a glass eye over it to make it stick out and look normal. She had this instead of an eye there and now she doesn't need it. This was in the socket, how far back it went. And now, look at that. Woman 1: I had multiple sclerosis. I've been diagnosed for ten years now. I came here in a wheelchair, wheelchair-bound. And Randy was speaking and just different people for healing. And all of a sudden, I just felt all this happening like electric current going through my legs. It was God was doing a miracle in my body.

Dr. Clark: What was your problem? What were you healed of? Woman 2: A metal plate sticking out of my arm for years, and in front of everyone, and I watched it as we were praying instantly, it went back and it was gone! Woman 3: That's my foot, my crooked foot. That was my crooked foot. Woo! Woman 4: I had been missing the part of the bone in my hip for about three years now. I have had severe pain when I'm running and I haven't been able to move my hip in a certain direction for three years. And now I can. Woman 4: I couldn't do that for three years.

Dr. Clark: Hallelujah!

Sid Roth: Wow, I have to applaud on that one, too. Randy, you are finding so many people that have metal in their body and pain from that metal, and the pain disappears. But this is ridiculous. You did research on people that have pain because they had metal and all the pain went out the window. How many did you research and verify?

Dr. Clark: Well I know that since 2009, there's been around 1400 healings that dealt with chronic pain or loss of range of motion due to surgically implanted material, which is, my thesis was on this for my doctoral dissertation at the Methodist seminary. During that year, I studied it for a year though, we had hundreds that we studied on five continents and there was, you know, hundreds were healed.

Sid Roth: And you know what I love? Randy has doctors that travel with him and he documents, how many have you documented miracles, period, on video?

Dr. Clark: Well when I got ready to come here to you, one of the questions was, have you seen any new healings since you were here last? So I sent you 106 pages of single space that's just the transcription of videos, people giving their testimony on video.

Sid Roth: I think that answers the question pretty good. So what happens when you're having, God is using, you're running all over the world and the doctor says, you have to stop flying. Why did he say that?

Dr. Clark: I had classic travelers back and three pinched, three herniated discs, two pinched nerves and severe pain. I was on Percocet and lots of heavy narcotics and they told me if I got better by physical therapy alone I'd be a poster child, that they thought I'd have to have surgery after..

Sid Roth: I tell you what, hold that thought. When we come back, do you think God is going to put up with this man not being able to fly all over the world and represent his Kingdom? Of course not. We'll find out what happened when we come back.

Sid Roth: So the doctor says, "Randy, you can't fly anymore". I mean, you must have felt awful when he gave you that prognosis.

Dr. Clark: Yeah, he said, "You should never get on another airplane". He said, "You have this because you've done a lot of long international flights". I said, "Yes, how did you know"? He said, "Because you have classic travelers back. You don't have a curve on the bottom". So after 90 days I still can't touch my foot to the floor without severe pain. And the way I got healed was a man in Louisiana, an oil and gas businessman had a vision in a little church of me, sees my spine and all the vertebrae, and discs and nerves, and the Lord speaks to him and says, "Push this stuff, it squirted out, pushed it back in".

Sid Roth: He's not in your presence.

Dr. Clark: No, he's a thousand miles away.

Sid Roth: Okay.

Dr. Clark: And he did this that night. I woke up the next morning not knowing a thing about this, reached for my crutches, touched my foot to the floor accidentally. It didn't hurt. Got up and walked, but it didn't hurt. Went up and down the stairs, didn't hurt. I yelled to my wife, "I've been healed, but I don't know how"! I knew who did it, but I didn't know how he did it. I knew it was the Lord. So this guy then, five hours later, sends me this email about this bizarre experience he had. I called him instantly and said, "This was really the Lord. I am healed". And so he did it to me and I have flown a million miles since then.

Sid Roth: The proof is in the pudding. I know because he told me, I know by the Spirit, during the break, I know that God has given him words of knowledge and every word that he speaks, if it is your condition, you are healed in Yeshua's name, in Jesus' name. Would you release it now.

Dr. Clark: Yeah. Someone is having arthritic pain or something is wrong with the knuckles, middle knuckles in your left hand. I know it's the Lord's will to heal you. And he's showing us what he wants to do. It's kind of like he said to the disciple, "Go and tell blind Bartimaeus, be encouraged on your feet". He's calling you. So he's calling you. Be encouraged. Receive what he has for you. And then on the outside of the left foot, the left ankle, the outside left ankle, something is wrong with it. God wants to heal it. And then there's the shoulder, collarbone on the left side and the right elbow here, and also there's metal in the right ankle. You have something wrong with your ankle. You got metal in there. You got problems in there. God wants to heal that. And there's somebody, either you're going to have to have surgery or you had surgery. I heard the word "surgery". I don't know how to interpret it though, surgery. But it deals with the tailbone. So I don't know if you're facing it or you've had it and had complications. So I want to pray for these things. Father, first of all, I just want to say thank you for what you're about to do, the Hebrew word "todah" is this word, it means praise for what's about to happen. So I offer up todah, praise for what you're about to do, healing of the left ankle, healing of the left collarbone, healing of the right elbow, healing of the right ankle with problems related to metal and healing of that tailbone. In Jesus' name I thank you for what you're about to do and I just speak to the pain. I command the pain to leave and Father, I don't know how you do this, but I just thank you for the miracles you're doing with metal. People watching that have metal in their bodies we pray many of them would experience your power. Lord, I know that even 90-some-odd percent I studied I felt the healing of the metal felt heat come into their bodies. I pray that supernatural heat flow into their body in Jesus' name. Help them to understand it's a sign that their healing coming right now in this next just few moments. In the name of Jesus we bless them. Amen.

Sid Roth: Randy, there is such a flow of God's spirit right now that without a word of knowledge, and you know this and I know this, and now you know this, without a word of knowledge I tell you rise up right now no matter what is the matter with you and believe that you are walking into that invisible presence of God and wherever that river flows there is life, and the river of healing is flowing. Backs are being healed right now, necks, cancer, anything you need, just get into the river. Jump in. Just do a little swimming like this. Swim in that river. It's so refreshing. Be refreshed in the river of the living God. In Yeshuah's name be healed.
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