Sid Roth - Amazing Healing Stories

Sid Roth - Amazing Healing Stories

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Sid Roth - Amazing Healing Stories

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest has chutzpah, that's a Hebrew word, it means "nerve". She was raised by parents that most of you have heard of, T.L. and Daisy Osborn. On the platform in foreign countries, miracles were as normal to her as the oxygen that most of us breathe. She would hear her mother and father say, in front of a group of a thousand Muslims, if this man is not healed, don't believe anything that I say. That's chutzpah. Sid Roth here with LaDonna Osborn. And what a heritage she had. Her parents, Daisy and T.L. Osborn, historians say probably recorded and witnessed more miracles than anyone that's ever lived. I mean, and she grew up, you grew up on a platform watching these. Some kids grow up with little dolls and dollhouses. She grew up watching miracles. But you know, your parents started out so bad it almost ended before it started.

LaDonna Osborn: That's true.

Sid Roth: They love God and they decided they wanted to be pioneers in India. But India has Muslims and Hindus, and without the supernatural, it's just mind to mind, book to book. But I'll tell you something. They came back and they were discouraged because they couldn't impact the people. They sacrificed and when they came back, they went to a, through an experience in which your mom said, she had a new husband. What happened to your dad, LaDonna?

LaDonna Osborn: It was one year after they returned from India. My father and mother began every day praying. And for one year, they prayed this prayer: Lord, show us the answer. How do we convince people of other faiths and so on, how do we bring them to Christ? And after one year, some circumstances were set up that put it in their heart to just see Jesus. They heard a message, if you see Jesus, you'll never be the same. And six o'clock that next morning, Jesus appeared to my father in their bedroom. And apparently, the way he would tell it, he was just frozen. He laid there, got out of bed eventually, laid on his face until in the afternoon. My mother got up, dealt with my brother and me, had us down for our naps before he came out of the bedroom. And she said, "When I saw him I knew I had a new husband". But the beautiful thing about him, he said, "When I saw Jesus I was changed from a denominational man to a Jesus man".

Sid Roth: But then he went to a meeting that there was a man that I have only seen video footage of, but probably had the greatest miracles of anyone I've ever heard of short of Jesus. His name was William Branham. So he sneaks into this meeting.

LaDonna Osborn: That's right.

Sid Roth: And what happened?

LaDonna Osborn: He preached a sermon that shocked them.

Sid Roth: What is that?

LaDonna Osborn: He preached, where does sickness come from. Well my father, he'd laugh and he'd say, everyone knows where sickness comes from. It comes from germs. But Brother Branham went through the scripture and he showed that sickness comes from the devil. There was no sickness in the Garden. Sickness came after sin. And then he showed through the ministry of Jesus how sicknesses are spirits of infirmity and Jesus had the power to cast them out. And then he gave his disciples power to cast out devils and cure diseases. And that's what you see all through the Book of Acts. So after this message was so clear and so shocking to my folks, he had people who were sick come up and pray. In those days, it was all prayer lines. You might remember. And the first person that came in the line was a little girl who was born deaf and she was mute, never spoken. And he put his fingers in her ears, and he said a simple prayer. He said, "In the name of Jesus Christ, I adjure you, the spirit of deafness to come out of the girl and enter her no more". My father said later, he said, before we even could suck up enough oxygen, and take a deep breath to get rid of it, pray long and loud, the little girl was healed. She was instantly healed. She could repeat every word. She could hear everything. And when that happened, my father said that it was like a thousand voices whirling over his head saying, you can do that, you can do that, you can do that. That's what Jesus did. That's what the disciples did. You can do that. That's what the early church did. That's the answer. You can do that. And oh, Sid, that was like an explosion.

Sid Roth: And by the way, I have a word for you. You can do that.

LaDonna Osborn: That's it.

Sid Roth: You can do that. So her parents get their second wind and they decide we're going to Jamaica. What happened? Anything close to India?

LaDonna Osborn: Oh no, no, no. They went, the sold everything, they resigned from their church, sold the car, sold everything, and we went as a family. I was about nine months old, my brother two and a half. And they rented a little hall in Jamaica and were there for 17 weeks. And during that time, all they did was just preach Jesus alive. He's alive, he'll do the same things today, he has not changed, Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever. They would preach, they would pray for the sick, and thousands of people accepted Christ. Blind people, more than 90 blind people were healed.

Sid Roth: So you're telling me, her mom and dad, they're Pentecostal, they're in a church that believes in miracles, but they don't see many

LaDonna Osborn: That's right.

Sid Roth: They go to India. They see nothing, no results at all. Then they have, they see the cause of sickness, that's what Branham taught them, and they see a miracle and God says they can do it, so they did. And here's the amazing thing. Thousands of people saved and healed their very first meeting. And this man T.L. Osborn was a farmer, no special gifts. If he can do it, you can do it.

LaDonna Osborn: That's it.

Sid Roth: We'll be right back.

LaDonna Osborn: That's it.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here with LaDonna Osborn. And LaDonna, you really provoke me to jealousy. Is there any unbelief inside of you?

LaDonna Osborn: If God said it, he cannot lie. The challenge is us believing. If we can just believe. And that's a choice. That's a decision. If we can just align ourselves with God's reality and shut out everything that's contrary, that's faith. So of course, the places I go and the multitudes I stand before, if you don't know what's going to happen, don't go.

Sid Roth: Could you paint me a picture of what it was, what we, I might have seen back in those early days in these foreign countries, what it looked like.

LaDonna Osborn: Yes. Walking on the field and coming to the platform, we had crude wooden platforms and the public was invited to come. We had no aisles, no ushers, no chairs. It was just a mass of people as far as the eye could see. And they came carrying their sick, sometimes on their back, sometimes in wheelbarrows, sometimes they were dragging their cripple's bodies, leading the blind. Oh the smell of disease. And when you see a mass of people gathering like that it was always so simple. We never had music. We never had preliminaries. Just my father or mother would stand up with their Bible and begin declaring the Good News of Jesus Christ. And to see, and I remember this as such a child looking in the faces of such longing and such hopelessness.

Sid Roth: Tell me about that Muslim beggar.

LaDonna Osborn: His name was Catimu. He was a victim of polio and had polio for 38 years, four months and three days. It happened that the king of Ibadan was a Christian and that king was the chairman of our crusade, and that king sent word Catimu, attend that crusade. Well of course, Catimu had to come. But he stayed way in the back. And he was sitting there, his legs were all drawn up, just bone. He put car tires, pieces of car tire on his knees and with wooden blocks. That's the way he moved around. So he couldn't lift himself up at all. Way at the back, he was a reverent man, a nice Muslim. He listened to the message. It happened my father preached about the resurrection of Christ. And Catimu listened and didn't believe. This isn't the mercy of God. During the prayer, just because Catimu was reverent, he bowed his head and he felt, it seemed two men lifted him up to get him out of the dust. He felt that was very nice. So after the prayer, he turned to say thank you, and no one was there. He was standing on those boney legs, healed by the power of God. Hallelujah.

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what, now T.L. Osborn had no special gifting. He just proclaimed the truth and God backed up the words.

LaDonna Osborn: That's it.

Sid Roth: LaDonna, raised on the platform, did the same thing and God, as a matter of fact, would you like to see a clip of LaDonna? She's a chip off the old block. Let's roll it.

Sid Roth: Now here's what's so amazing to me. Her dad, her mom, now you've seen LaDonna and then another generation who I've interviewed, her son Tommy going to the nations, and they don't have special gifting. How did they get such good results?

LaDonna Osborn: The secret is in just believing the words of Jesus. And of course, Sid, the very same process that the disciples went through in the Bible is our process. They believed the words of Jesus, they did what he said, they received power, the power of the Holy Spirit, that's the Spirit of Christ, allowing Christ to continue his work. And then they went to the known world, and in the space of two years, they turned the world upside down. So the results, the fruit of obedience and the power of the Holy Spirit is guaranteed by the Word of God. Miracles are the proof.

Sid Roth: You know, that is God's Plan A.

LaDonna Osborn: Yes.

Sid Roth: And because we haven't had God's Plan A, we've gone to B through Z. It's time for Plan A to come back. I'm going to have LaDonna pray for you when we come back.

Sid Roth: Now LaDonna teaches the same truths her parents taught. Her son teaches the same truths she taught. But these are Osborns. Do you teach just regular people these same truths? And here's the big question, do they get the same results?

LaDonna Osborn: Yes. Yes. Every place we go, what we do is done in such a way that the people there understand that this is the ideal of God's life for them. And they go everywhere. They scatter, praying for the sick, seeing miracles, winning souls, building churches.

Sid Roth: You know, I'm in favor of supernatural gifting. I operate in supernatural gifting. But what LaDonna is teaching is for everyone. LaDonna, tell me about a creative miracle that's one of your favorites from your prayers.

LaDonna Osborn: This little boy, six years old, was born without a kneecap. He never walked. He heard on the radio that there were miracles happening at this Festival of Faith and Miracles, and so he told his father, "Take me there and I'll be healed". So the father put the child on his shoulders and walked, did the trek to the crusade grounds. And did you know that the moment that father's feet touched the grounds, that little boy just said, "Okay, put me down". Now that's faith. Expecting matter of factly that something, like the woman in the Bible, "When I touch him, I'll be made clean". We can declare the time for our miracle. He said, "Put me down". So the father put him down. That child had a kneecap, a creative miracle. He was running all around. He never heard a sermon. He never heard a prayer. But he believed in the miracle power of Jesus Christ.

Sid Roth: I'm going to challenge you right now. Here's my challenge. I am going to turn LaDonna loose to teach just as she teaches at one of these campaigns and you will become like a little child. Only believe. All things are possible to those who believe. LaDonna.

LaDonna Osborn: You see, when we teach everywhere in the world as I'm coming to you now, we begin by declaring that the Word of God is true, that God is not a liar, and that he has given promises. And he has demonstrated his good will through the example, the ministry of Jesus, God in the flesh who came to Earth. So important that we understand. And an example, and I love to give these examples when I minister globally, was the leper that came to Jesus in Matthew, Chapter 8. You remember, he came and while we don't understand the restrictions on lepers so much today, they had to live segregated. They couldn't be around people. If they came near, they had to call out, "Unclean! Unclean"! Imagine declaring yourself unclean all the time. Depression, the demoralization of the leper in Jesus' day. Well this leper, the Bible says, came to Jesus. Wow. So we start out by learning that we must come to Jesus without fear. And the man said to Jesus, listen to this, he said, "If you are willing, you are able to make me clean". Now that's a question that plagues so many Christians. That question becomes a hindrance to their miracle. They know that Jesus can do miracles. They know he has the power. They know he's healed others. And yet, they're not sure will he heal me. And that question becomes a block. Well we learn the answer by observing what Jesus did. He touched the leper. He was not afraid to be contaminated. My friend, he'll touch you no matter what has contaminated your life or what issue you may be dealing with. He touched leper. That's love. That's power. And he said, these are the words, he said, "I want to. I'm willing. Be clean". And the Bible says, immediately that man's skin was healed. So you see, if we can just come to Jesus with faith, if we're willing to expose even our unbelief to him and trust his answer, his answer is yes. And so we come to him, we lay our issue before him and we hear his yes. By faith then we receive. Can it be that simple? The scripture says, "I'm the Lord your healer". Can you believe that, accept the yes of Jesus? Let me pray for you. Put your hand wherever you want Jesus to touch you. Heavenly Father, look at the people that come into with faith. Touch them where they're touching themselves. May they feel your presence and may your healing life go through them now. I command every spirit of disease and infirmity to leave the people and do not come back. For you have been defeated by the resurrected Jesus. And now Lord, may your healing life flow through the people. In Jesus' name, receive your healing. You are healed now. Say amen.
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