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Sid Roth - Supernatural Baptism of Love

Sid Roth - Supernatural Baptism of Love

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Sid Roth - Supernatural Baptism of Love

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest had a baptism of love, and let me tell you what happened. This love leaks out of him wherever he goes. It almost becomes atmospheric. He has spoken to over one million Muslims that have had experiences with Jesus. Leif, I have heard of being immersed in water. I have heard of being immersed in the Holy Spirit. I've even heard of being baptized in fire. But I haven't heard a lot about being immersed in the love of God. Now you were raised in a Christian family. You walked in signs and wonders. Angels came into your home. Your children, your wife loved the Lord. But you had a love deficit. What do you mean by that?

Leif Hetland: Well I didn't even know there was a black hole in my soul, that I was always living for God, that I didn't know how to live from God. And so I was an achiever more than a receiver, until in year 2000, through a lot of difficulties, because I had a Holy Spirit visiting, but I didn't know how to have the Holy Spirit to stay. And through an encounter in Florida, in year 2000, I had an encounter with Papa God that literally transformed my life, and that's what I call a baptism of love.

Sid Roth: Okay. You got, I'm all ears. What happened?

Leif Hetland: Well I was actually with a group of leaders in a room, and a singer, he says, "Leif, I have this song for you. It is a song from God as a Father to you". And he started to play and sing. His name is Dennis Jernigan. And it was just a small group of us in a room. And then as he started to sing, it was literally as Heaven opened up and these waves of liquid love. I ended up on the floor laying there and was these waves and waves of liquid love that just continued to flow. And then it went back to when I was 12 years old, when there was a pain and abuse that took place, and this love just went in and just healed it. Then I was a 15-year-old boy, and it just continued. It was almost a journey through my life. And this is the only time I've heard voice clearly that I know was audible, and that was God said, "Leif, you're my and you're my beloved. You're my beloved son. I love you and I am well pleased with you". And it was the first time in my life.

Sid Roth: You know, most people, they should believe it because it's in the Bible. But they don't believe it. How come?

Leif Hetland: Well I think like myself, theologically, I understood it, I learned it, but I had not experienced it. And in many different ways, I think natural fathers can often it has to do with how we see our Heavenly Father. Actually, God that I served most of my life, he was kind of a little bi-polar in nature. He seemed to kind of be in a mood swing, and it was always up to me to please him, until this day in year 2000, where I actually saw a God that looked like Jesus and that God changed me. So I got me a father like Jesus. I think that sometimes our view of him has to do with the culture or perhaps natural fathers, or other things that we have learned. Because I learned in Sunday school that Jesus, he was kind of the good guy that stood between me and God, and if he has not been there, I will be in deep trouble. So I kind of stayed away from the father. But I didn't realize that Jesus, he came to show us the Father and he came to return us back again to the Father, and to have an encounter with the Father's love, the very love that he had experienced. John 17:26, "He wants that love to be in you and I".

Sid Roth: Now he even had you change your whole frame of reference when you look at people. Like for instance, when you came home and looked at your wife, what did he tell you about your wife?

Leif Hetland: Well I realized when I looked at my wife that I've had totally wrong glasses, because so far in my life, I never did enough. No matter how much I did, I should have done more. But of course, that's the same way I view my wife, because my view of him is reflected how I see myself, and how I see me is how I see my wife, my children, and the world. So after this encounter, I realized that, wow, he really loves me, and he's actually pleased with me, I started to see the pleasure in my wife, and it's like, wow, I started to see the beauty in my wife. And I still remember the day when God said, "I am your father-in-law".

Sid Roth: Uh-oh. You better watch out.

Leif Hetland: He's the one that gave me that girl. And the way I handle and take care of this girl, I started to see how the Father viewed his girl, which now was my beloved. So I started to have to change the way that I saw her and started to see her the way that he saw her, and I just fell in love all again. And then I started to see my children totally differently, and I have four kids, and have still have them today, but they're grown up now. But just the way, the way I started to see the world change, especially as I started to travel around the world, I recognize that I really love people. And I started, I didn't see people the way were, but the way that we're going to be. I didn't see the terrorist Saul, but I saw the Apostle Paul. I didn't treat people based upon their history, but their destiny. Something changed with my love glasses.

Sid Roth: So what happened to your love deficit?

Leif Hetland: Well I'm not going to say right away. But he had dealt with a rude issue. It was still a journey that I continued, I had to continue to drink of his love, because you first receive it, and what you're beholding, you're becoming. And what you're becoming, you're releasing. So this was a new journey with me as being, instead of being a leader or they called me all kinds of titles and names, now I'm a little boy with a big papa and a big dad. And something changed, because all I do is what my father is doing. All I say is what my father is saying. And he has given me an A+ on my report card. So the starting point is fullness instead of measure.

Sid Roth: Can I get an A+?

Leif Hetland: You have an A+, Sid.

Sid Roth: Can our people watching right now have an A+? Tell them.

Leif Hetland: You can definitely have an A+.

Sid Roth: When we come back, we'll see how this understanding of A+ results when he meets radical Muslims. Guess what? The Bible says, "Love never fails". It's true. Be right back.

Sid Roth: I'm curious, Leif. You've been to Pakistan. You've talked to many radical Muslims, well-known ones. If you had not had this immersion, this baptism of love, could you have possibly walked in the arenas you're walking in now?

Leif Hetland: I do not think so. I often say that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. And in Islam, all Islam is rooted in fear. And perfect love casts out fear. So it is not until we get a perfect love towards them and start to see them. So when Jesus saw this terrorist Saul, he saw the Apostle Paul, and that's the way he treated him. So during my journey when after this love encounter, I learned how to love them without a hook, without an agenda, not so they can get saved or healed, or delivered. Or before, it was always an assignment. It's what I was doing instead of who I was. But now...

Sid Roth: That's a big difference.

Leif Hetland: There's a major difference because it is not what you do that makes you who you are. It is who you are that makes you do what you do.

Sid Roth: Okay. You've had many trips to Muslim places. You can't mention names, but you told me, and these are, I'm amazed that he's back on some of the people he's seen. Tell me about two of your trips to Pakistan.

Leif Hetland: One of the trips was kind of fascinating because we went into an area where the Gospel had never been before. And it started, actually, there was 200 Christian homes and 80 businesses that was born. And I was listening to some of the stories, and I realized that the problem is not darkness, but the lack of light. And so I had to change the way I was seeing it first, because it is my family over there, brothers and sisters. I first had an attitude until God said, "I want you to see it the way that I see it, and I want you to see them".

Sid Roth: There were so many Christians were slaughtered and churches were destroyed. And they weren't just slaughtered. They were painfully slaughtered.

Leif Hetland: They were painfully slaughtered.

Sid Roth: They were raped. Awful.

Leif Hetland: Yes. So I knew that my assignment was to be able to go over there and to be able to teach the language of love with just a language that blind eyes can see and that deaf ears can hear. And so that one of the first incidences that I think was very significant. It was actually, I had meditated on a scripture verse, John 17:26, where Jesus says, "Father, I have declared your name among them and I will declare it, that the very love, Father, that you have towards me, that love is going to be them, and I in them". And it started a ripple effect that changed the environment. It started with one Muslim leader who is well known all over the world. His son was in the hospital and he had become quadriplegic, and he was on a ventilator. And I was sitting there in the hotel, and this verse, I started to meditate. And it was like the Holy Spirit said, "Would you take," and I have only one son. His name is Leif Emmanuel. "Would you take your only son Leif Emmanuel and would you let him be a quadriplegic and a vegetable so this Muslim's son could be healed"? At first, I thought, is this the devil or is this the Holy Spirit? But this whisper continued until I said, "Father, I do not know how to love this way". And as I sat there, waves of love just came over me. Less than ten minutes afterwards, this top Muslim leader calls my coordinator. We're in a city called [unintelligible]. He says, they called me Dr. Leif. And he said, "Where's Dr. Leif"? And they said, "Here's in the hotel having breakfast". He says, "No, I just saw him in another city and he is on his way to the hospital". And he said, "I just called the hospital. My son is now off the ventilator". And that opened up the door. He brought all these other top Muslim imams around to be able to describe this love that he experienced. He actually came to the United States and I had a group of leaders. We again described this encounter that he experienced. But he saw also what happened to his son. And then I just was thinking, that was just one drop compared to the ocean of love that the Father God has towards these people.

Sid Roth: So when I talk to you about this baptism of love and you say to me, it's still happening, it means that there's no limit to the amount of love we can walk in.

Leif Hetland: It's an ocean of love. And I think I've just tasted a little bit so far. And I continue to get upgrades. I've had several other encounters that has just started to change the environment. Around in a lot of the Muslim world they call me the ambassador of love.

Sid Roth: The Muslims call you that?

Leif Hetland: The Muslims, they call me the ambassador of love.

Sid Roth: You told me when that started. Tell me about it.

Leif Hetland: Well it actually is interesting, because I was with two of my friends, Bill Johnson and Randy Clark. We were doing a healing school. And I asked Bill, I said, Judith Franklyn, who is his personal assistant, could she pray for me because I knew I needed something, because she had some time praying. And we were in South Hampton, England, and when she prayed for me I had an encounter where I was sitting on a park bench and Jesus came up to me. And Jesus said, "What do you want to ask me"? And I had first all these questions. Why did I have a broken neck or back, or what about the tumor? First, I was having all those questions, but I didn't say it. And then I said, "Jesus, do I really love you"? That was the struggle of my heart. Do I really love you? And in the next moment, the presence, he touched me. He didn't say anything. And I'm sitting in that room soaked wet with tears, And the Judith said, "Let me tell you what happened. You were up," and here's the park bench. "Jesus came up to you and he said in the next five years, all over the Muslim the world they will call you the ambassador of love". And two months later, I'm there in a meeting with 300 imams, and one of the top leaders with kind of dark eyes, he's looking and staring at me. At first I'm thinking, am I in trouble? But as he comes up to me, he says, "You are the ambassador of the love".

Sid Roth: Who told him?

Leif Hetland: He starts to prophesy. Then I went to the Shia Muslim headquarter. Same thing happened. Then I went to another place. And then I remember the word of Judith Franklyn, and I realize it was not just my sanctified imagination. Actually, I've had an encounter. This is something that Heaven saw about me. And now even the Muslims themselves can see it. And as a result of that, something started to change in the way that I represented him here on Earth.

Sid Roth: Now how in the world do you speak in Muslim countries with tens of thousands of Muslims coming to hear you?

Leif Hetland: Well there is something called favor with God and favor with men that happens when environment starts to change. Because when you're going into an environment that is full with fear and perfect love now starts to leak in and change the environment, because perfect love casts out fear. So every time fear comes against this, it's an invitation for me to have an upgrade in love. So because every time fear is there, it's an invitation for me to have more love. And now I get that love and then I leak love. So what I do is I tell the people to come here to this meeting, like I do these stadium meetings that you have seen. Well we call it a healing festival and you're going to see that Jesus loves you, and God is a God of love. You're going to see lame people walking, blind people seeing. You're going to see these creative miracles. These people are coming for many different reasons. But when they come here, they have an encounter. They have an experience. And when the environment is changing and thousands, and thousands of people start to get healed, and creative miracle starts to happen, then I get to explain to them about this love that there's a God that actually loves you, and there's a Jesus who is here.

Sid Roth: Isn't that the way Jesus proclaimed the Gospel? He demonstrated the Kingdom and then he earned the right to present the Gospel. We've had it backwards. When we come back, Leif told me, this just happened, he had an adventure in the heavenly realms with wisdom. I'll let him share it when he comes back.

Sid Roth: These guests always provoke me to jealousy. You had this heavenly experience recently. Tell me about it.

Leif Hetland: Well in June, after a long period of time, because I've had a lot of broken bones through some of my travel, I had to have surgery in my back. And it was kind of, I learned a hard work of rest because for 13 weeks I had to be on my back. And I first struggled with it, because I felt like it was second-class healing in regard to it. But God said, no, this is not a second-class healing. And six days into after my surgery, I was just laying in bed there. And in the next moment, I knew that God whispered to me, and he said, "Son, you have loved me well and you have loved the world well. But you have not loved you the way that I love you". And in this next season, I want to teach you how to love you the way that I love you". And in the next moment, my spirit started to travel. And he said, "Just relax. I'm just going to invite you to see what I see. And then I want you to feel what I feel, and you're going to think what I think, so that you can do what I do". And for the next three and a half hours, it was just an unbelievable experience. At moments, I was there in bed and in other moments, I was traveling even to different places of the world or into the future of seeing things that were to come. But he said, "Before you are going there," he said, "I want you, Leif, to see you the way that I see you. And then I want you to think about you the way that I think about you, and for you to feel about you the way that I way that I feel about you, and then to say about you what I have to say about you". And that started a transformation process that was for the next 28 days it just continued to be, Papa, God, what do you see about me? What do feel about me? What do you think about me? And I constantly came into agreement with what God had to say, and it gave me an upgrade in my view, not just of God, but of myself and also the way that I saw the world, so.

Sid Roth: Could you talk to those that are watching us right now and tell them what God thinks of them. And could you agree with the way God thinks about you, and would you experience the upgrade that Leif experienced? And then would you pray for the baptism of love?

Leif Hetland: I would love to do that. Before I do that, I was just thinking about I had an encounter in the Philippines that was also very significant, where I was supposed to speak to a group of leaders. Actually, the president was going to be there. I was very, very nervous. And God gave me a vision that in that vision it was, actually, I was playing basketball. And right before I was about to shoot, I felt so nervous. I felt all the pressure and then from the audience, then suddenly, this father stood up and he said, "That's my boy, that's my son. That's my son, Leif! Whoa"! And when that was happening, but here's what happened is when I looked into his eyes and he looked into my eyes, I knew it didn't matter if I scored or did not score. All that mattered is my father is well pleased with me. And I want you to be able to have an encounter even right now that you will experience, and even if you maybe close your eyes, just be a still for a few moments. And then just to recognize because something will be transformed in your life when you see God, a God of shalom, a God of peace, a God of love looking at you as his beloved, as his beloved son, as his beloved daughter, who he loves and who he is well pleased. And I just want to release right now the very pleasure of the Father God. I know that even the goodness of God leads to mass repentance when we just see how good he is and how he sees us, the perfect father, the perfect God just bringing shalom into every area of your life. So come Holy Spirit. Just come right now. Come sweet Jesus and come Father, that the very love, Father, that you had towards your son, that love, that love is going to be in me, in you, Christ within you, the hope of glory. Just feel now and for the next 24 hours, you will feel these waves and waves of that love that is going to overwhelm you, and it is going to heal and transform your life.

Sid Roth: You are shalom in him. Shalom means complete. You are complete in the Messiah. I believe this wave after wave, after wave is coming upon you. You are accepted in the beloved. You are accepted.
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