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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Rekindle Your Passion for God

Sid Roth - Rekindle Your Passion for God

Sid Roth - Rekindle Your Passion for God
Sid Roth - Rekindle Your Passion for God
TOPICS: Passion

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest bound himself in the library of Heaven and he saw books on every subject you can imagine, books on science and medicine, things like cancer cures that haven't even occurred yet. And then he saw one book that was called John 22. There are only 21 books in the Gospel of John. Twenty-two had to do about the next great, greatest revival the world has ever seen. I want you to get some insight. I'll be right back. So Dr. Brian Simmons, in the military, he gets radically saved. This was the Jesus movement. He was a druggy. Gets radically saved, runs back to the army barracks, and what happened, Brian?

Dr. Brian Simmons: I was so excited over what happened I just went through the barracks yelling out to all the men, "Come and listen to what happened to me. You've got to hear this". And we found a room, in the barracks. We all got in there together, probably 50 men. I've accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in my heart. This is about love. This is about acceptance". And as I shared with them about my conversion, 10 people that very day came to know Jesus. It was so amazing. It made me think from that moment on maybe I'm called, maybe I have a calling to do something for God. I went from LSD to G-O-D. I went from like in one day's time I went from being just really a very messed up, disturbed person to becoming one who loves Jesus, and he's put up with me ever since.

Sid Roth: Now he gets mentored and discipled, and his wife is as crazy as him about Jesus, as crazy as they were in drugs and things like that before they knew him. And they go to Central America with three children to a tribe that they didn't speak a word of their language. And it was a tough time for them, needless to say. And so in desperation, Brian had an all-night prayer meeting with the craziest prayer you have ever heard. What was it?

Dr. Brian Simmons: Desperation drives you to desperate measures. And we had been in the jungle for two years. It was difficult. We had to break down their language through a linguistic analysis. The people were very hard. They were very stubborn. They stole from us. They virtually closed their ears to the message we brought. I cried out that night, middle of the night, and here's the crazy prayer. I said, "Lord, if you don't come and move in this village, move in my heart and move in the hearts of these tribal people that have never heard, understood the Gospel, if you don't move with power, I'm going to go back and tell every supporter, every prayer partner, every church we've ministered in that you weren't big enough to tackle the Pia Kuna people and to bring them to know you through Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit".

Sid Roth: Did you mean that?

Dr. Brian Simmons: I meant it with all my heart.

Sid Roth: That is a desperate prayer. Did God answer?

Dr. Brian Simmons: Did he ever. That morning, the air around our village was supernaturally energized. I can't describe it other than it was just, you felt the presence, like God had stepped down, like a steel punch of God had come through the atmosphere into our village. And here's what happened. I broke. My heart broke open. So I went to every hut in our village, over 500 people in our tribal village, and I went to every hut, started early in the morning, and I asked them to forgive me. I repented and I said, "I have not been the messenger of Jesus that I should have been to you. Would you forgive me? I've not loved you the way Jesus loves you. Would you forgive me and would you come tonight and let me give you the living message of truth". I couldn't even get done asking them to forgive me. They would fall down on the ground. The power of God would land on them and they had never experienced this before, and I had never seen anything like this before, in the mid-80's. And there they were trembling on the ground shaking like a leaf in the wind. The power of the Holy Spirit had fallen on them and they were weeping, and they were crying, and they had never even believed in Jesus yet. They were experiencing the power of God.

Sid Roth: He then hears an audible voice. It was God. And what did God say?

Dr. Brian Simmons: It was five in the morning. I was, as I usually do every morning, I get up early, I seek the Lord, I pray, and there I am. I no sooner began to pray that he spoke audibly. It was not inside, it was not just a whisper in my ear. It was a sound that was all around me. And he says, "I'm calling you back to North America. I'm going to send revival to the nations and you're going to be a part of it".

Sid Roth: He came back to the United States, he founded a church and then one day the wall melted.

Dr. Brian Simmons: I was in my room praying and actually what I was doing, was I was asking the Lord to help me as a pastor to show his love and to be the servant that he wanted me to be in our church. And the wall in front of me, five feet away from me, melted. It just, it literally melted. And walking through the wall was this light so intense and so bright it was a ball of light. It was so bright I'm sure there was the one I love was inside of that light. But I couldn't focus my eyes on it. It was so bright, all I could do was hide my face and I still felt the light piercing through me. And I screamed and I said, "Lord help me. Give me grace to endure this". And for it seemed like maybe 20 minutes that light just burned through my life. It burned up some things that needed to be burned up. It exposed some things that needed to be exposed and from that encounter, I became a different person. But I actually got to the point where I had to say, "Lord, you're going to have to lift this from me. I'm going to die. You know, my wife will come home later and there will be dust and ashes on the floor, and she'll sweep it up not realizing it's me". I just felt like I was going to be consumed in this fire.

Sid Roth: So there would be less of you and more of God. Okay. When that happened...

Dr. Brian Simmons: A lot less.

Sid Roth: Listen to this. When that happened, he then went out because he felt, he was reminded he had to buy some milk. So you go to the store and what happens?

Dr. Brian Simmons: I remembered that it was my duty to get some milk for the family. I went to the grocery store.

Sid Roth: It was very important after that inspiration, you understand.

Dr. Brian Simmons: So I make my way through the store and I no sooner come through the door and about a 10, 12-foot radius around me, any person that I pass fell over. They just fell over, right out. And I thought, that's interesting. How could so many people have a heart attack at one time? I really didn't know what it was. And half way back to the dairy counter, the guy with the green vest looks down the aisle and sees what's happening, bodies out on the floor, and he started to panic. I realized I know what this is. This is the presence. It's not me. It's the presence of the one who came to my room just a few minutes ago. He is clinging to me. The presence was on me for that day.

Sid Roth: The children. When you went back to the church, what happened to them?

Dr. Brian Simmons: Well I gave up on the milk and remembered that I had an appointment to speak in chapel. We had a wonderful school, beautiful kids, little kids in our school, the first six grades, and I was going to be the chapel speaker that day, and I just remembered that. So I went in the office and my staff froze, like I hit the pause button on the remote control. They just froze staring at me and for minutes. And finally, Jeff, one of my staff members said, "Pastor Brian, what happened to you"? And I said, "I'll tell you later. I've got to go speak in chapel". Made my way through the hall, went into the chapel. As soon as I came into the auditorium, every one of those children, probably 50 to 60 kids, every one of them fell down. The power of the Lord came into that chapel. They all ended up on the ground and it was like a repeat of what I saw in the jungle. They were shaking and crying, and stumbling.

Sid Roth: They had never seen anything like this.

Dr. Brian Simmons: These are little, these are children and they're not of course going to make this up or just mimic somebody else. They were under God's power. Some saw angels. They told us later, some were being taken up into heavenly visions. And I just sat there. I didn't know what to do. What do you do, something like that?

Sid Roth: You get out of the way is what you do.

Dr. Brian Simmons: That's exactly what I did.

Sid Roth: God has given him a gift where it's almost like he sees, Brian sees a television screen and knows what's going to happen. When we come back, I want to find out when he saw this television screen of a baby that was dead coming back to life.

Sid Roth: So Dr. Brian Simmons has this vision of a TV screen and he sees a dead baby coming back to life. He's in India, 10,000 people. What happens?

Dr. Brian Simmons: I took 20 people from our church. We went to preach the Gospel, to do works of charity and blessing in orphanages. And the one night, we had a large crowd. And as I was speaking from Luke 5, Jesus' power to heal, that there is no sickness, no disease that Jesus Christ could not heal, over on the left side of my vision I saw a television screen open up, and I knew that whatever I was to see I was to tell the vision. I saw it on a television. And what I saw was a mother carrying, weeping, carrying a dead baby. And I just, before I could think about it, I had just spoken out. I said, "There's a woman that's coming to the meeting tonight. You have come carrying a dead child. God wants to raise your baby from the dead. If you will come forward right now, God is going to raise your child from the dead". And my team behind me, 20 of our people from our church, great mighty faith-filled people, they screamed out. I heard them behind me saying, "No Pastor Brian, oh no"!

Sid Roth: What's the probability of someone bringing a dead baby to a meeting? Okay. Go ahead.

Dr. Brian Simmons: And I'm sure they were, what if it doesn't come back to life? What's going to happen to our whole thing. And so you heard the scream back in the crowd, and a mother made her way. This precious woman had walked all day through the heat from one village far away, by foot. She came, just as I spoke that vision, she had just come to the outer fringe of the meeting and heard that come out of the loud speaker. She screamed and said, "This is for me"! And so she brought the child down to me and I had never took Raising the Dead 101 course in Bible college.

Sid Roth: I'm sure.

Dr. Brian Simmons: Matter of fact, I don't think they even believed in that in the Bible college I was at. But I didn't know what to do. But I said, "Give me the baby". And I knew I couldn't like lay on it seven times or like the prophet did. I asked the Lord, "What do you want me to do"? He said, "Take the child". I took the child. I laid that baby on a table much like this and as soon as my hand hit the table and the baby's head was in my hand, it was like a lightning bolt came and that child didn't get up, it jumped up. It just jumped right into the arms of his mother. The mother then made arrangements for transportation for her back to her village. She came late at night into the village bringing the baby that was alive. You see, he had drowned in a drainage ditch that morning and the mother brought him all the way to our crusade, to our meetings there. And now they see this child alive coming back into the village. A church was birthed because of that resurrection. And the pastor, guess who the pastors of the church are now?

Sid Roth: The parents obviously.

Dr. Brian Simmons: The mother who saw that resurrection and her dear husband, they are pastoring a church of well over a thousand people south of Madurai, India because of that miracle.

Sid Roth: Okay. 2009, Brian Simmons gets a new assignment. What happened?

Dr. Brian Simmons: Jesus Christ came into my room. He breathed on me and he commissioned me.

Sid Roth: When he breathed on you, I have to ask you this, what did it feel like?

Dr. Brian Simmons: It felt like a kiss from Heaven. It felt like Heaven's wind. The rock, the breath, the wind of God came upon me. And he spoke to me and said, "I'm commissioning you to translate the Bible into the translation project that I'm giving you to do". And he promised that he would help me, and he promised me that he would give me secrets of the Hebrew language.

Sid Roth: Do you believe that when he blew on you it was an impartation for revelation?

Dr. Brian Simmons: I do. I believe the spirit of revelation was given. And I have to say, when he breathed on me in no way would I want to compare that to the writers of the New Testament, the original writers, you know, Moses and the Torah, and Ezekiel. He breathed on me so that I would do the project, and I felt downloads coming, instantly. I received downloads. It was like, I got a chip put inside of me. I got a connection inside of me to hear him better, to understand the scriptures better and hopefully to translate.

Sid Roth: Are you finding that when people read the translation you're working that it almost does a mind bypass and goes directly into the heart.

Dr. Brian Simmons: I think that's a brilliant way to say it. The poetic language of Hebrew and Aramaic released something inside of us. It's Divine. It is full of revelation. There's flavor. It's not, it's like thinking with your heart. It's like heart level to heart level, spirit to spirit, deep calling out to deep.

Sid Roth: Passion is the operative word. This translation will give you that passion back. When we come back, I'm going to talk, as a matter of fact, Brian told me that he had a word. I believe it's going to release some miracles. Also, I got to find out about that library. Are you interested? I know you are. Are you?

Sid Roth: Now Brian Simmons was telling me at dinner last night about some revelations he got in translating the Bible about women. Tell me one.

Dr. Brian Simmons: Well there is a well-worn verse in the Bibles of many men that have used this verse and have hurt people because of possibly a mistranslation, and it's Ephesians 5:22, "Wives submit yourselves unto your husband as unto the Lord".

Sid Roth: That's powerful.

Dr. Brian Simmons: That's a pretty daunting command. But the Aramaic language, again, Jesus spoke in Aramaic. He taught it in Aramaic. The apostles taught in Aramaic as well. The Aramaic text is, "Wives be tenderly devoted to your husband as the church is tenderly devoted to Christ".

Sid Roth: Big difference. Okay. How in the world did you get into the library room of Heaven? I want to go there.

Dr. Brian Simmons: Well you know, as believers in Christ, there's only one entrance into the realm of the spirit, and that is the name of Yeshua, the name of Jesus Christ. We don't work it up. We don't get into an ecstatic state on our own. I was actually asleep and I was taken out of my body, and I was brought into this immense library room. I loved being there. And the Lord came up to me and he said, "Brian, I have brought you here to let you take any two books you want". And I'm just walking around. But it didn't take long before I saw a book that I knew I was to have and then soon I saw another book I knew I was to have. But you'll never want me back on the show when I tell you what happened then.

Sid Roth: What?

Dr. Brian Simmons: Well I have to tell you the truth. I saw a third book and I knew the Lord told me I could only take two. And in Heaven, whatever you think is put out over the loud speaker, everyone hears it. Your thoughts are broadcasted. So here's what I hear coming out of the loud speaker, and it's my own thoughts, how can I steal this book. And then I said, oh, no, I'm shoplifting on God. I felt so ashamed. But I knew if I could take this book, there was this book, so, if I could just take this book back with me to the natural realm it would trigger awakening in all the nations of the earth. It would bring, it would make the name of Jesus famous in the world. But Jesus came to me and said, "Brian, I cannot let you take this book". And he looked at me in the eyes with love that melted me and he said, "You are not ready for that book". Then he promised that, "I will bring you back one day and I will give you that book".

Sid Roth: What was the title?

Dr. Brian Simmons: Written on the cover of the book was John 22.

Sid Roth: But there's only 21 chapters in John. What's this 22?

Dr. Brian Simmons: Well John 22, go back to John 14:12 and you'll see that there is a greater works generation. "The works that I do you will do even greater works than these". I believe the John 22 generation will be a people that do the greater works of Jesus. They will not add to the scripture, and that's a sealed book. But it is a book that is unfolding and the works of Jesus will be replicated by an entire generation of people that believe fully in the power of God.

Sid Roth: I want you to pray. We have less than a minute left.

Dr. Brian Simmons: I just want to pray for you and I have a prophetic word of knowledge. The Lord has shown me that there's someone watching or perhaps even in the studio that had Crohn's disease. If you have Crohn's disease I'm speaking to you. This is a word for you. The healing fire of God right now is coming upon you and will heal you of that disease. Father, I pray blessing upon each one watching, each one, Lord, that takes part in this program today, let the blessing of the awakening wind, let the breath, the rock of God, the awakening grace come upon every one watching today and make us the day breakers that will change this planet, in Jesus' name. Amen.
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