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Sid Roth - I Overheard Jesus Talking with the Father

Sid Roth - I Overheard Jesus Talking with the Father

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Sid Roth - I Overheard Jesus Talking with the Father

Sid Roth: Hello. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. Wait until you hear this. My guest gets caught up into the heavenly and eavesdrops on conversations between Jesus and Father God, and then he, it's like an actor on the stage, he just acts out what they've been saying. Isn't that what the Messiah taught? I only do what I see my Heavenly Father doing. My guest comes from a non-religious home, good parents, but a non-religious home, and at age 12, he had a defining moment. What happened?

Shane Warren: Well at age 12, I went to visit my grandfather and again, didn't know anything about Jesus, didn't know who he was, and had a visitation from the Lord where He appeared to me. And I sought for years to describe that experience. The only thing I could find in Isaiah 6, where it says, "I was undone", I literally felt undone. I had not committed any great sin, but I just knew that I had need of Him, and the feeling was overwhelming. He walked up to me, put his hand on my head, it literally burned like fire, and he said, "I've called you to the nations". And I just began to weep uncontrollably.

Sid Roth: When he put his hand on your head, people use adjectives. Flippantly, you said it felt like a fire. Did it really?

Shane Warren: It literally felt like fire, like my head was on fire. In fact, I closed my eyes and started weeping, and when I looked back up, he was gone, but I could still feel his hand on my head.

Sid Roth: Now you said to me that many times since that time when you're, you feel the fire on your head, as a matter of fact, you know what it sounds like? Shavuot, Pentecost, when flames of fire came on the heads of the people that were praying. Do you think that might have been the same fire?

Shane Warren: I think it exactly was the same fire, and here's the reason why. A week later, I invited my parents, my grandparents, everybody to church, and went to the altar to receive something, I didn't know what I was going for. And the preacher said, "What are you here for"? And I said, "I don't know". He said, "Have you received the Holy Spirit"? I said, no. He came down, put his hand on my head, exact same place, same fire hit me. I fell out. I never even heard of anything called the Holy Spirit. I began to speak in a heavenly language. And when I came to, I heard the loudest screaming you could ever hear, and my mother and daddy were in the altar. They were being delivered and set free. And God healed our family, touched my dad's life, changed our whole world, turned it upside down, took us out of poverty and took us into wealth. I mean, God literally turned it, and it was the same fire. It's the same fire that I feel right now setting here talking with you.

Sid Roth: Do you feel that fire in your head now, out of curiosity?

Shane Warren: I feel it right now. I felt it all day. I felt it for the last three days since I've known that I was coming to film this program.

Sid Roth: Well here's what I believe. I believe that fire of God is on your head right now and I believe that if you will pray miracles will break out right now.

Shane Warren: You're closer to a miracle than you think you are. And in the name of Jesus, I release the power of God into your situation. All you need is one touch from him and he's closer to you than your own breath. And right now in the name of Jesus Christ I take authority over every illness, over every disease, over every bondage, no matter what's going on in your life, I release the power of God into your life, into your situation. Rise up and be set free in the name of Jesus Christ.

Sid Roth: You're a young man. Your father died. Your mother is terminal. You're at the end of your rope and the only thing you know to do, even though things look bad in the natural, is worship God. You go into your music room, you take your guitar, you're worshiping God. What happened?

Shane Warren: The only way I know how to describe this moment is I was caught up into the realms. People ask me, was it Heaven, and I can't say. All I can say is I was caught up into the heavenlies and God began to show me things in the scripture that I had studied for years as a pastor, as a leader of a church. Built great churches, but didn't have a revelation of the supernatural realm. And God began to release that revelation to me. This lasted for over seven hours. Seven hours later when I came back to myself, I was still sitting in that same chair with the guitar. And I had just determined in that moment, Sid, that my mother was dying. We had just had a man who was blind that had been healed. We had a man with a short limb that had grown out. Over 20-something people had been healed in our cancer in our service, in one service. A little girl with eyes that were crossed, we literally watched them, and this so hard not to weep, but we literally watched them uncross before our eyes. She took her thick coke bottle-like glasses off. She could still see to this day. She's a teenager now in our church. Could see. And I prayed and prayed, and asked God to heal my mother, who was dying, and I couldn't seem to get a miracle. And so I just made a statement: God, no matter what happens, I'm going to worship you because you're God no matter what. But Satan, I want you to know something. That no matter what happens tonight, you will never take my song. You can't take my praise and you can't take my worship. And I just went crazy and started praising God.

Sid Roth: You didn't go crazy. You became normal as defined by the Bible. And I believe there are people watching us right now and you're going through situations like this, and you're saying, God where are you? And I tell you the same thing that Shane told you. You are God and my peanut brain doesn't have all the facts. But if I had all the facts, I would get down on my face, I would repent for doubting God and I would worship Him the way Shane did, and I would be normal. Normal as defined by the Bible. We're going to come right back and find out some of these mysteries that God revealed during this seven-hour visitation.

Sid Roth: So Shane Warren is caught up into the heavenlies seven hours and he's taught how to change the atmosphere through worship. He's taught why we should worship. He's taught what happens when we worship. He's implemented what he's taught in his own congregation. That's why he sees so many miracles. As a matter of fact, you've got to tell us about that blind person. You had all the students. You told the students, "Come up. I want you to watch this person's blind eye". Tell me that story.

Shane Warren: We have a school of ministry and I feel like God has called me to help make the next generation aware of the supernatural. And we were in a church in the southern part of the state, in Mississippi, preaching there. And this lady come up needing healing. I felt like God told me, interrupted me and said, "I want you to pray for the sick". She came up. She had a milky eye. Her eye was almost looked like it didn't have a pupil at all. It was very milky. She could not see out of that eye. And for the first time in my life, you know I've prayed for the sick and ministered to the sick ever since I've been a Christian, especially a preacher. But the first time, Sid, I knew that I knew, that I knew, that this woman was getting ready to get her sight in that eye, that God was going to heal her. So I called all of my students, we had numerous students, and said, "Come right now". I said, "I want to show you the power of God. We're not just preaching the Gospel, we're demonstrating the Gospel".

Sid Roth: Now wait a second. You are sticking your neck out. I mean, can you picture this. He has all these students, come close, I want you to watch, not after the fact, before the fact. That is chutzpah. That's a Hebrew word for nerve.

Shane Warren: Well I just knew I had this confidence, this confident knowing in God that came behind me. And the Lord just whispered these words in my ear, He said, "Just say, 'let the eye look straight on.'" And so I just spoke to the eye and I said, "Eyes, look straight on". And as soon as I said it, all of a sudden, this milky substance began to dissolve and you could see a pupil forming quickly and clearly in that eye. Several of the students started running backwards. The lady began to scream and yell, "I can see! I can see! I can see"! You know, you believe, you say you believe in the supernatural, but then when it happens it catches you off guard. It's so wonderful isn't it? Christianity is so exciting. So they run backwards and someone said, "Oh my! Oh my"! Everybody in the place starts rejoicing and people get saved, come to the altar as a result of this woman getting her miracle. It was glorious.

Sid Roth: Those student will never, ever be the same

Shane Warren: Normal church and normal Christianity, normal living is not an option for them because now they know the supernatural is real.

Sid Roth: Okay. Tell me some of the secrets you learned during that seven-hour visitation about worship.

Shane Warren: One of the things the Lord showed me is that so many people are unaware of the spirit realm. In fact, I feel like it's my life call to make people aware of the spirit realm. In First Corinthians, Chapter 11, Paul makes a statement that we need to be careful how we conduct ourself in church because of the angels. There's angels that come together. And so when I was caught up in this place, I started seeing the working of angels as people were worshiping him. And I was praising God, God was showing me the release of these angels toward my situation, as well as I was standing in other situations. I had been praying for people in my church as a pastor bearing burden for them and I was literally seeing angels running toward with the miracles that they were believing God for while they were in times of private worship. That was just one incident of one example of what I was seeing in the spirit realm. It started opening my mind up to the supernatural. And then God began to show me keys. He showed me what Jesus does while we're worshiping. He showed me what Jesus does in a worship service while we're worshiping. He showed me that the atmosphere of Heaven, what happens when we start worshiping, the response the angels have, the response God the Father has, the response Jesus the Son has. And as I was seeing this unfold, it dawned on me that we come to church and we do all of these religious calisthenics I call them, but we're not really aware of what's going on in the spirit realm. And if we really knew the power of praise and worship that it has so much supernatural ability and releases the supernatural. And people are ignorant. The Bible says, "My people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge". There is not a lack of abundance. There is only an abundance of ignorance. There is more than enough of God to go around. He's El Shaddai. He's the God of too much.

Sid Roth: Now can I, you have this atmosphere in your congregations. The leaders of Louisiana said it's the place to be because of the atmosphere of God you have in your congregation on Sunday morning. Can we have that same atmosphere in our homes?

Shane Warren: Every single person right now in this studio audience, every single person watching right now by television can have this atmosphere everyday of their life, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can walk in it. They can live in it. This is what the Apostle Paul talked about when he said, "We were positioned in heavenly places in Christ Jesus". The problem is we don't know who we are in Christ. And Galatians, Chapter 4 says, "You can be an heir of everything, but if you have a mindset of a child, the Satan will treat you like a slave". And so many of the children of God are living like slaves because they're ignorant of basic biblical principles that tell us who we are in Jesus Christ and how to access the heavenlies.

Sid Roth: I'm going to tell you something. Shane accessed the heavenlies. He hears conversations between Jesus and God the Father. In fact, he was telling me about a conversation he heard recently. He then just was an actor on a stage, released it at a meeting of pastors. He knew the pastor's name. He knew the pastor's city. He knew the pastor's address. He knew what was going on in the pastor's life. It wasn't he was so smart. He eavesdropped on that conversation. I want to find out about this when we come back.

Sid Roth: Shane Warren had a defining moment when he was just 12 years of age. He learned how to access the presence of God. But he couldn't really teach it to others. He really didn't have a handle on it. No one else was talking about it. You told me during the break, what is your greatest joy.

Shane Warren: Well it's really what the scripture says what my greatest joy should be, is to hear the voice of the Father. That was Jesus' greatest joy was to hear the voice of the Father, and to respond to that voice. And that should be our greatest joy as well. The Bible says, "The voice of the Lord is upon the trees, it's upon the rivers, it's upon the rocks, it's upon the mountains". The voice of the Lord is speaking clearly. The Bible says there 10,000 voices in the world and none of them are without significance. But there's only one voice that will really change your life. And so every believer needs to practice hearing the voice of God and learn how to hear the voice of God.

Sid Roth: One of the things that you told me is when you're by yourself and you want to hear the voice of God, you want to be caught up to the Throne of God. There are certain things you do. Would you teach us some.

Shane Warren: Absolutely. In fact, I had been practicing this for years. And then a teacher came to our church, dear friend, Bob Sorti, great preacher, came to the church and began to teach on worship, and he started giving me keys of things that God had been showing me. I just didn't know how to put it in words. But it's really simple. In Hebrews, Chapter 4, Hebrews, Chapter 10, the Bible says, "We have access into the presence of God by the blood of Jesus". Every believer because of the blood and the sacrificial work of Christ has access into the Throne Room. Hebrews, Chapter 10 says, "That by the sprinkling of blood that we can come into the holiest place in the universe". The holiest place in the universe is not just the Throne Room. Angels are in the Throne Room. But those of us who have been redeemed get to go deeper. There's a whole other relationship with the redeemer. So we get to go not to the Throne Room, but we're invited to come be seated in Christ in heavenly places to the throne itself. So I simply, in my private time, I say, "Lord", I quote Hebrews, Chapter 10, "Lord, sprinkle my conscious with your blood". The number one thing that keeps people out of the presence of God is they fail on a daily basis and their evil conscience tells them they're not worthy to come into God's presence. But the blood of Jesus is what makes us worthy to come into the presence of God. So I say, "Lord, sprinkle me with that blood, fresh new, and wash my conscious". And then I just ascend and make my way. And I say, "Daddy, here I am. I'm back. I'm back to be in your presence". And then...

Sid Roth: Wait a second. You do this by faith or do you do this, it happens so often you know that's what going to happen. I mean, what is going on? I'm logical.

Shane Warren: Sure. Everything spiritual is accessed by faith. It doesn't have to be understood to be partaken of. Why do we have to always explain the mysterious. Sometimes God just wants us to step out in faith and enter into those places that some men just fear to try. And so what I've done is I've just said, I'm normal enough to believe that God said I can have this. I'm going to have it. So I say, "Lord, by the blood, you said to come boldly to the throne of grace. I don't have to back in. I don't have to be scared of anything. Jesus died on the cross to give me access to the very Throne of God, to obtain mercy and health in a time of trouble. So just by the blood, I just barge in". You know, when my son at 22 years old comes to my house, he doesn't knock on my door. He doesn't ask me if he can get anything out of the refrigerator. He just barges in and gets it. Do you know why? Because he understands the power of sonship. And when you understand the power of being a son and what the blood has bought for you, you can make your way into his presence at any time. You can do it at the factory while you're working on the line. You can do it in the car driving down the road. You can do it in church or you can do it in your house in the kitchen while you're washing dishes. I do it all the time. And every believer has that right. This is the right of every...

Sid Roth: You know what it reminds me of? There was a book I read many years ago called, "Practicing the Presence of God". Was it Brother Lawrence?

Shane Warren: Brother Lawrence, yes.

Sid Roth: Is that what you're talking about.

Shane Warren: Honestly, I've never read that book. All I did was read the Bible and the Bible.

Sid Roth: Sounds good to me.

Shane Warren: And the Bible tells me what the holiest place of the universe is. In John, Chapter 1, the Bible says, "Jesus dwelt in the bosom, the lap of the Father". And I said, you mean I've been given an invitation by the blood of Jesus to the holiest place in the universe, and the holiest place in the universe is the lap of daddy? Well when I used to be a kid and I would get off the bus, I would run to my grandfather who sat on the front porch, just to jump into his lap. It was my greatest joy. And God the Father said to me, "Well you're a son. Then why can't you just run by the blood to the throne and jump in my lap like you did your grandfather, because I'm better than your grandfather. I'm a better father than your grandfather or your dad, and I've given you this invitation. We have an invitation by the blood of Jesus into the holiest place of the universe. And when you get there, God is talking to the son and the son is talking to the Father, and then you can do what Jesus did. Jesus said, "I don't do anything lest I hear the Father say it. Or I don't do anything that I don't see him do". That's how Jesus lived and that's how every believer needs to live.

Sid Roth: I want you right now to be like the child. In order to have this access, there's only one requirement. You have to tell God you're sorry for the mistakes you've made in your life and you have to bleed the blood of the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the whole world has washed you clean. And you have to make with your mouth a profession, Jesus, you are my Lord. Say that out loud right now. You say that out loud. Sid and

Shane Warren: Jesus, you are my Lord.

Sid Roth: Believe in your heart. You've already spoken with your mouth. And you shall be a child of the Living God with access to God. Go jump in his lap right now like a child. Right now.
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