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2021 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - How To Change the World Around You

Sid Roth - How To Change the World Around You

Sid Roth - How To Change the World Around You
Sid Roth - How To Change the World Around You

Sid Roth: Hello. My name is Sid Roth and welcome. I said welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest had a download from Heaven for this generation of what you need to do, what you need to do to called your destiny to be in sync with what God has called you to be, to call your family to be in sync with what God has called your family to be, to call your nation to be in sync with God has called your nation to be, and he's going to share the words from Heaven that will cause you to be a world changer. I tell you, Pat, your father, and I have to use this to describe him, he was quite a thug. Now of course, his father was Jewish. He was probably, would you say he was an atheist?

Pat Schatzline: You know, they had bought into Catholicism, had become Catholics and but they weren't practicing. And you know, I was talking to my dad about that the other day, somewhere along the way, God left our home. God was pushed out. And so it wasn't until I was five years old that my dad had a radical encounter with God, and he worked for the Mafia in Detroit with drug dealers. But it was one night, no one could ever save their family. And my mom got two weeks before at a southern gospel concert, came home, and the Anointing was so strong on her he got miserable and angry. And one night he said, "God, if you're real", and had an encounter. And at that moment when he got on his knees and decided to come home and flush dope down the commode. It changed our family. The family lineage was changed at that exact moment. And since that moment, out of our family has come 130 Christians. Within three months, he walked away from the Mafia. Within five months, he was in Bible College, and he got filled with that spirit thing that messed everything up.

Sid Roth: So but, you know, as you were raised you saw miracles. You saw angelic provision. Tell me two, real quick.

Pat Schatzline: One time, my parents were very poor, my dad moved to, we moved to Alabama and he's pastoring. He started pastoring in these churches that I always called were good for one thing, the making and breaking of a man of God. Everybody's got to put their tithe in. But we were very poor and we would sit at the table, nothing on our plates, no food, and he began to pray. And he'd say, "Holy Spirit, bring someone to the house". But one night, they, mom and dad loaded up. We lived in an old church. Mom and dad loaded up and went to a meeting somewhere. My sister and I were home, and my brother. We lived on the freeway. You couldn't see anywhere for a mile, any direction, in an old church, double doors, old building. A man knocks on the door and said, "Is the master home"? I figured he was talking about dad, although we didn't call him that. And he said, "Give him this". And we shut the door. It was an opened envelope. The man looked like what I believe Jesus probably looks like, and there were seven one-hundred dollar bills in there. I yanked the door open and he was gone. My parents came in and they were pastoring this church, we were living in an old church, it was very poor. They had prayed, "God, we need $700 if we're going to make it", while they were gone. When we opened the door, he was gone. An angel of the Lord came. It was an angel. Over and over we had experiences...

Sid Roth: But Pat, according to my notes, at age 16, you weren't filled with religion.

Pat Schatzline: Right.

Sid Roth: You had back-slidden, you were drinking, you were in trouble with the law, you were out with some buddies doing no good.

Pat Schatzline: Right.

Sid Roth: And what happened to you?

Pat Schatzline: I saw what a lot of people had seen. And there's people that are watching this right now, and you need to understand. The Holy Spirit is going to invade where you're sitting. You're going to feel the breath of God on your face as you're sitting there and you're going to feel the Glory of the Lord. And I need to warn you if you're cut, your scars are going to disappear. We'll go into that in a minute. But I often had encounters with God, but I saw the opposite of encounters many times in religion, in the church. And I just began to believe that it wasn't. We're driving down the road late one night, my friend and I, and we had been drinking, 16 years old. And we're driving down a steep hill. The car was blinking 85 and even in my drunken stupor, I would get a conviction. I'd start weeping. And I could be in a service and just begin to weep before God. Anyway, we're riding down the road, and Sid, a car came towards us, and my friend was really, really drunk, and wasn't a believer. And we were in the wrong lane. And I began to scream, "Move in the other lane! Move in the other lane"! At the moment, this car came head on with us, I screamed, "Jesus"! My mother would always say things to me like, "I pray the blood of Jesus over you". We'd walk out of the house in a frenzy. My friends would say, "What did she say"? I'd say, "She's not right and don't worry about it, dude". I'd walk out of school with Crisco. We couldn't afford olive oil. There would be Crisco oil all over my car and my mom, she'd come by and anoint it. And I'd say, "Mom, what are you doing"? And she goes, I'd say, "You're ruining my paint job". She'd say, "You're alive, ain't you boy"? And I'll never forget because she was always anointing us. I would wake up with anointing oil. But I'll never forget, that night, that car, when I screamed, "Jesus"! That car went through us. And my friend...

Sid Roth: Wait a second. Now you were drinking, so maybe you didn't see that.

Pat Schatzline: Here's the thing. It was so real that it sobered us both up. I pulled off the road it was two weeks later where I heard the Lord whisper to me, "If you don't give your heart to me, if you don't cry out to me, your time will be limited". And I knew because..., I knew he was calling to me. I knew. And I had encounters and I even knew I was called to the ministry. The best to know you're called to the ministry is you wake up thinking about and you go to bed thinking about it. Everything that happens will be a great sermon illustration. If that happens to you, you're called. And I'll never forget, because I pulled off, we pulled off the road and my friend was crying. And he said, "Did you see what just happened"? I said, "That car just went through us". And it was two weeks later, Sid, that I was, I crawled out of bed late one night and I said, "God, because I had seen my dad pray like that many nights", if you're real", and I share this all over the world with teenagers and adults. "If you're real, I need you to prove it". So I got on the floor because that's how I had seen my dad pray, and I don't know if I was asleep or it was a vision, but he walked in my room. And I was so wounded by church. I had seen so many things. People, you know, sheep bite, and I'll never forget, because all of a sudden, God walked into my room, and I said, "If you're real, you need to come in or I'm never serving you". I had planned on going into the Air Force Academy and all this crazy stuff. And the Lord walked in and he said, "Son". First thing he said to me, he says, "I want you to follow". But he said to me, "I'm sorry my pride has hurt you". And I'm laying on the floor weeping, and I gave him my heart, instantly filled with the Holy Ghost, instantly began to pray in tongues. And that was the radical revolution. By 17 years old, a year later, I was a youth pastor.

Sid Roth: Okay. I want you to hold that thought because after he gave his heart to God, he began to hear words, one in particular that's in the Bible a lot, the word, "remnant". We'll talk about it when we come back.

Sid Roth: So Pat has a sign. Here's a word that changes his life forever. Tell me about that moment.

Pat Schatzline: Sid, I was out jogging one day, and always say that when I jog I run about 10 feet and sit down, and cool off, and so that I don't overdo it. And I'm out worshiping the Lord, and I'm crazy when I'm out worshiping. I just, it happened today. God gave me a prophetic word today. And I'm out worshiping the Lord. And you've got to understand, over the last four years I've had a transformation season after traveling two million miles around the world, speaking to young adults, kids, adults. God began to do a dramatic transformation in me prophetically. So I'm out worshiping the Lord one morning, and I'm down in Dallas and all of a sudden he said, "Adam, I'm looking for a remnant". I ran back to my hotel room. I pulled up on my computer, just because I had heard the word "remnant", but I didn't understand it. I do know that I used to lay carpet in high school and college, and they would say to me, "Throw the remnants away", because the remnant is the piece that doesn't fit. So I looked up the word "remnant" in the dictionary and it means, "what's left over". It means a rag. So I said, "Okay, Lord, you're speaking to me". And he said, "Son, I'm going to raise up a remnant that will shake the nations, that in the darkest of hours that that will stand for truth". The word in the Hebrew and the Greek literally means, what's left over after a group has been destroyed or a group that's followed apostasy. We're living in a time where people are chasing a false grace. People are twisting the Bible because they think culture can change God's word. "But the render of those that will rise up", Roman's 11, Verse 5, I began to study the verse, Romans 11, Verse 5, "so to it at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace". All through God's word it speaks of the remnant. From cover to cover, " the remnant are those". And the Lord spoke to me, He said that, He said, "For years, you told a generation how they are". Because I did it, he breaks curses. And when you begin to tell a generation, "you are the remnant", you're the ones, you're not an oops, you're not an accident, you're a rag in the hand of God to the masses, you're the ones who will rise up and lead the revolution. And then right after God speaks that, He gives me a dream one night. I'm laying in bed. I have a sleep disorder called revelation.

Sid Roth: Would you pray that I get that?

Pat Schatzline: I have crazy God dreams. But I'm laying in bed. Next thing I know I'm transported and I'm sitting at this old, and I believe you were there. I believe you were there. I'm sitting at this old restaurant, like a Route 66 diner, and there's key leaders from America, and there's a giant radio in front of me. And I'm sound asleep. And in the dream I'm turning the channel on those old radios that would light up. And every time it would say, I'd turn it, "Outbreak of God in New York City. The Remnant is crying out". I'd turn it again. And I remember because Reinhard Bonnke, he was a father in my life, was sitting there in the dream. And I'm turning it and we're all laughing and crying. "Outbreak of God in Nashville". "Outbreak of God in Charlotte. The remnant is rising". "Outbreak of God in Seattle". "Outbreak of God in Miami". "Outbreak of God in Birmingham". I woke up, sat up in the bed and I looked at the clock. It was midnight. I had only been asleep for 30 minutes. My beautiful wife Karen looks over to me and she says, "God's in our room. What's going on"? And I looked at her and I said, "God's not done with America. There's going to be an awakening. It's coming". And I ran upstairs.

Sid Roth: You know, many times at night, to help me calm down to go to sleep, I'll turn on the news. But you know, the news is so horrific these days. I don't even want to watch it anymore. What you describe is a type of news, I want to hear about, I want to see.

Pat Schatzline: And the Lord spoke to me. I jumped up, ran upstairs to my office and emailed Reinhard Bonnke late at night. And he emailed back. He always emailed back, "I know". Thanks. I mean, and he goes, he says, "Pat, God showed me, too". But the reason why I say that is, Sid, we're living in the darkest of times. We're living in a time where truth is in hate speech. We're living in a time for those that want the encounter of the Holy Spirit. God is about, I call them the cave dwellers. God is calling forth the cave dwellers, the ones that have been sitting and waiting for the encounters. And the Lord began to speak to me, " The remnant are those that will have the secret encounter, those who want to get untangled by all of their junk, those that understand that He is prophesying over them". He's singing over them. And the remnant are the ones, and I've seen it in services, it's crazy, I will be sharing it, and three or 4000 or three or 400, or three or four, it doesn't matter. About halfway through the message, thousands come running to the altar. And the altar is a raised platform made of wood, stone or steel, which some were thought to die upon. And the only reason why churches don't have altar calls anymore, because somewhere along the line they think Jesus came with a feather, not a sword. But he said, "I'm going to separate the sheep from the goats". And goats will eat anything and never turn your back on a goat. But God says, "I'm looking for those that will stand up, that had been wounded, the ones with scars on Earth, that are testimonies in Heaven". In fact, scars are proof that you've made it through. Scars are proof that you've started healing. And God is going to raise up the ones that when all of a sudden the world looks out and we're going to see 11, 12 and 90-year-olds preaching on platforms.

Sid Roth: Okay. I want you to paint me a picture of the next two years of what these remnants are going to be doing, within the next couple of years. Paint me a picture.

Pat Schatzline: I believe three things. There's going to be an outbreak of God. And we always think that it's in the big church, the megachurch. It's not so. That's not remnant. The remnant is a small group. It's the churches of 30 or 40 that know how to cry out and have angelic visitations. It's not about the megachurch anymore. It's not about the water down. It's those that are chewing the Word. Three things are going to happen. We're going to begin to see moves of God in cities that break out where people are crying out. Number two, it's going to be very dangerous to be a Christian in the next two years. Because if you speak against the death of children, if you for purity of marriage, Matthew 19, you need to understand society doesn't want to hear what we have to say anymore. And just as Israel is under attack, just as Russia and Syria are joining forces, and Israel feels all alone, I honestly believe that, and the Lord gave me a vision of this, that tanks are going to begin to fill the streets of America. And I believe that in the next two years we're going to see a crash in the economy. But the remnant will rise up. Listen, everybody wants a revival, but they don't want to pay the price. Revival is when God just gets so sick and tired of being misrepresented, He shows up.

Sid Roth: I believe you heard, according to my notes here, you got 34 proclamations from Heaven.

Pat Schatzline: Yes.

Sid Roth: And I want you to proclaim this over the remnants when we come back. Don't go away.

Sid Roth: Now when you talked about love, something happened. You didn't know it was going to happen. Tell me about the first time people that were cutters, people cut themselves because that's the only pain in their life they can control. Tell me what happened to the cutters at this meeting when you were sharing about love.

Pat Schatzline: Four years ago, I was sharing a message called, "Why is God so Mad at Me"? And the concept is He's not mad at you, He's mad about you. And the Lord had spoken to me, "Rewrite my resume for generations". So I'm at a big festival up in California. My son is with me. And all of a sudden, I'm out there preaching and there's thousands and thousands. And I get done speaking, and God moves people. People get healed. People get saved radically. You know, the Bible says in John 14, Verse 18, "I will not leave you as an orphan", and he says, "I will come to you". And the Bible says in Romans, Chapter 8, that "We don't have a spirit of slavery", but a spirit of sonship or daughtership that we can cry out Daddy, Jesus. There's a reason why I'm sharing that is because, as I share about why is God so mad at me, it's all about, people think, the reason why people think God is mad at them is because they don't understand He is the Father, and because they see their earthly fathers, and they're wounded. But all of a sudden, my son comes to get me. I'm in the trailer. I just got done speaking, and I had traveled all night to get to Monterey. And my son comes running, he goes, "Dad, you got to come outside". I said, "Nate, I'm going to my room. I got to rest. I got to speak again tonight". He goes, "Dad, come outside". And so I walked outside and there's kids lined up with their youth pastors, and they're holding their arm out to me like this. Craziest thing. I go, "What, Nate"? He goes, "Dad, they're all cutters and in the middle of your sermon their scars all disappeared". I found out that God usually speaks to me when I'm the most tired is because that's when it proves its him. So this began to happen over and over, and over. Youth pastors weeping. "I caught this one cutting and look, there's still blood there, but no scars". And this is the first time that happened. The manifestation began to happen over and over again. A scar is 80 percent healing. So when you got a scar you're only 80 percent healed. But the Lord spoke to me, 'Son, when I enter into somebody with my love. I will not only heal the inside, I'll transform the outside". So in November, November this last year, speaking in front of thousands in Indianapolis, and I get done speaking. God moves powerfully. I got to the back and this beautiful little blond headed girl comes running up to me and she goes, "Can I talk to you"? She's 16 years old. I said, sure. She said, "You don't understand". She said, "I've been raped by my father, raped by my stepfather and raped by my boyfriend". I just looked at her. She said, "But when you were preaching, I pulled off my Band-Aids and all my scars were gone". She said, "God healed me". And what I believe with all my heart is the enemy is doing everything he can to destroy generations. Twenty-five percent are dead because of abortion. The rest are just confused because culture lies to a generation. Culture works experiences. He can reshape their identity and instill the God identity in them, and then he can manipulate them to cut and destroy their bodies. But what I'm seeing with the heart of the Father is that He is calling. In some of our services I'll have them dance with the Lord, little girls dance with God, and young men, because we have a generation, 34 percent that have grown up without their fathers, 72 percent in the inner city. So when we say, worship Heavenly Father, they're like, what's that? But see, the remnant whom God is raising up, it doesn't matter what they were raised in. What matters is who they've been called to and how He's going to take them and shape them, and form them. And I believe...

Sid Roth: Hold on. You can start it right now. Proclaim some of the statements. God told you to proclaim over the people right now.

Pat Schatzline: The remnant consists of the failure, the followers and the freedom fighters whose pedigree is that of a scarred savior. Now he gave me 34 of these, so I got to be careful. The remnant knows that they do not stop where they should have, because Jesus didn't. The remnant understands that they have the power and the authority to change culture, and culture does not control them. Who is the remnant? It's the ones that God is raising up. You are a remnant if you're watching this right now. You need to understand, you're not an accident. You're not news. You're somebody that God has handpicked. The remnant understands that they don't need the stage. They simply need a place to have an encounter with the savior. You are the remnant. You're the ones chosen. God says, "I will raise you up right now as you're watching this". I feel His glory right now, because His hands are all over you. Everything you've gone through, the enemy tried to kill you with. But God says, "I'm going to take it from the enemy", Romans 8:28, "I'm going to work it for my good, for purpose". The word "purpose" means create it for public display. And God wants you to know that everything that was designed to stop you, He will actually allowed it to happen so you would have a testimony. You would be able to rise up and say, enemy you didn't get me. Who is the remnant? The remnant are the ones that simply will not bow, the remnant are the ones that will stand up. The 34 proclamations God gave me, He said, "You tell them the remnant are the ones that hunger and thirst after righteousness because they understand. The shall be filled". That's the remnant.

Sid Roth: So a question I have for you. Right now, if you want to be a remnant, number one, you must believe Jesus died for your sins and proclaim with your mouth that he's your Lord.

Pat Schatzline: That's right.

Sid Roth: Number two, you must ask everyone who asks, everyone who asks will receive. I want you to do exactly what you did as a young boy.

Pat Schatzline: Cry out.

Sid Roth: You went on your face crying to God. As we end this show, it's not going to end for you. I want you to get on your face and I want you to cry out, and say, "God, I want my life to come out. God, I want to be a remnant. God, I must know you. God, I'm desperate for you. God, I'm hungry for you. God, I need you. God, you're the only one that counts. God, I'm not wasted. God, I have value. God, now, now! Now"!
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