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Sid Roth - Supernatural Living

Sid Roth - Supernatural Living

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Sid Roth - Supernatural Living

Sid Roth: Hello. Hello. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest had nine straight weeks of visitations of angels. He was taught by Jesus on how to pray for the sick. He heard things that are going to happen shortly in the future. Anyone interested in what he's going to teach? Me, too. Now James Goll absolutely provokes me to jealousy. And James, you know you're being biblical, because the Bible says that the gentiles provoke the Jew to jealousy.

James Goll: That's true.

Sid Roth: See, you're just doing, he's doing what he's created to do. I mean, but all these visitations from angels, all the gifts of the Spirit, Jesus personally teaching him about healing. Prophecy just kind of erupted at age 20 in your life. You were filled with the Spirit. Do you remember the first prophecy you had?

James Goll: Yes I do, Sid. It's really rather amazing. Because it was the first prophecy I ever heard came out of my own mouth, and it went something like this: "As it was in the last week of the earthly ministry of Jesus, he came to the Father's house, he cleansed the Father's house, and he released a declaration: 'My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations.' He turned over the tables, he went to the cage where the dove was held and he opened up the cage, and the dove was set free. And praise broke out amongst the children and healing became the children's friend. So will it be in the last week of the earthly ministry of Jesus. In the Spirit he will come to visit the Father's house once again and he will release a word: 'My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations.'" And that is the first prophecy I ever heard and I still believe it.

Sid Roth: And not only that, it's not only the first prophecy you ever heard, but I believe it's ready to erupt right now. It's a word for right now. And I can see why the devil tried to snuff out your life. He doesn't like you. He doesn't like your voice. He doesn't like what you stand for. You had a condition called non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and what was the prognosis for the doctors, at the worse?

James Goll: Well I remember that day real well, Sid. And I was in this hospital in the Nashville area and the doctor looks at me, he goes, "Well I want you to know, real sober face, "I want you to know, no one has ever lived past 10 years with this diagnosis".

Sid Roth: Now stop. What happened inside of you and what did you say when that happened?

James Goll: I looked at that doctor straight in the face and I said, "Well, you've never met someone like me before".

Sid Roth: I like that. Don't you? I like that.

James Goll: And then I looked right at that doctor with honor and yet with boldness, and I said, "And guess what? I'm going to be the first one who's going to break that rule and I will be healed".

Sid Roth: Well now, when you said that, between the two of us, did you really believe it?

James Goll: You know, well out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. And so you just open wide your mouth and He says he will fill it. So that's what happened that day. And sometimes afterward, you're going, what did I just say? So yeah, I believed in that at the time. And then I had to, everybody else, work out my own salvation.

Sid Roth: However, he hears that a great surprise is coming. Who told you that?

James Goll: Well it in a dream and the Holy Spirit spoke to me. He said, "I want you to keep the month of October free because there's going to be a surprise that's going to come your way". I'm like, this is parabolic language. I really wasn't quite sure what the Holy Spirit was saying, but I kept my month of October free that year.

Sid Roth: So what was the surprise? Don't you want to hear what the surprise was?

James Goll: Well that month of October, a man from Africa named Pastor Suprasa, or we call it Pastor Surprise.

Sid Roth: Now hey, how much more specific can you get? Pastor Surprise shows up.

James Goll: And Pastor Surprise comes and he prayed personally for me, and when Pastor Suprasa, Pastor Surprise, who was a part of Iris ministries, prayed for me, fire started going through my bloodstream and it would rest over organs of my body, and then it would move, and it just went up and down throughout my body. And I had an open vision of the Lord Jesus Christ when Surprise prayed for me. Here was Yeshua Jesus and he was standing, as it seemed like in this experience, in fire. And he speaks to me and he says, "I want you to step in to the fire of my presence with me". And so I like do this and but it was his invitation, and it's while this fire of the Lord is moving on my body. And then he says to me, amazing thing, he says to me, "With every wound that I receive, I obtained a special level of healing for my people".

Sid Roth: I tell you what, hold that thought because this is one of the greatest revelations I've heard on healing. And I'm going to have James share that when we come back.

Sid Roth: So God tells James, who is dying from lymphoma, cancer, that he's going to have a surprise. He tells him the month. A pastor shows up. His name, his last name just happens to be Pastor Surprise, and Pastor Surprise prays for him, and fire goes all over his body. And then Jesus starts teaching him about healing. Tell me what Jesus taught you. It was so amazing. I never heard anything like this before. And obviously, I love the Bible and church history, and everything. But what he said to me was, the man of fire himself, Jesus, like Revelations, Chapter 1 says, "With every wound I received, I obtained a special level of healing for my people". Now while I explain this, I believe that faith is going to light up in the people's hearts right now, as I just explain this. And as I speak this out, a special level of healing will come your way right now. And he took me to his wounds, and just very quickly, he took me to his back and the 39 stripes. And within each of those places where the back of Yeshua Jesus was laid open, I saw names of sicknesses and diseases. I saw leukemia. I saw paralysis. I saw just different names, scoliosis. I saw names written in every one of the stripes of Jesus. He takes me to the crown of thrones and he says, "When the crown of thorns was pierced upon my head", he said, "I obtained healing for every mental disease known to mankind". He took me to his feet where they were pierced through and he said, "I obtained healing for paralysis". He took me to his hands and said something very distinct, and he said, "Did you know that most diseases are transferred by touch". And he said, "And I obtained healing when I was nailed, pierced through in my hands. I obtained a special level of healing for every contagious disease". And right now, I believe the Holy Spirit wants to touch some of you right now. Maybe you've gotten just some kind of sickness. Maybe you're like me with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. You have authority to give away what Jesus has given to you. And right now I just speak to leukemia, I speak to blood disorders right now. In fact, I speak to someone who's on kidney dialysis and God has another way, and He is going to bring purification to your blood and to your kidneys. And God, Jesus even was pierced through. And I want to say to you, he has healing for every heart. And someone with like a hole in their heart and someone with a heart murmur, the Lord Himself is coming by to visit your house and healing is coming to your house today.

Sid Roth: One of the things that you said to me that is so important. It's one thing to understand this revelation, which Jesus taught, like the 39 stripes. Explain that again to me.

James Goll: Yeah well, you know, Jesus, his whole back was laid open and it says, "By his stripes we are healed". So he took me, turned to the side and he revealed his back to me, and I saw that it had been laid open. And within every one of these wounds, there was a name that was written of a disease or a sickness. Because for every wound Jesus received, he obtained a special level of healing for his people.

Sid Roth: Now you told me that you need that revelation, which we understand. And I said, now how do you get that revelation to become fact, and of course, there's faith involved. But you talked to me about a principle God has taught you called decree. Explain what that is.

James Goll: You know, in the Book of Job, it says, "You shall decree a thing and it will be established. And out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks". And the Book of James says, that, "Our soul is saved by the in-grafting of the Word of God". So we've got to store up the Word of God, the Bible, store up the Word of God in our hearts, and then we have got to proclaim the salvation of God. So we proclaim: "My house shall be saved. My whole house shall be saved". We proclaim: "By his stripes I am healed". I didn't just have an experience. I didn't only have an encounter. I then had to learn to work the miracle. It's called, the workings of miracles. So God does His part and then we cooperate and we do our part. And I had to decree over my body, I had to speak over my organs, and I had to speak life. I had to learn to prophecy life, declare life over the very organs of my own physical body.

Sid Roth: I tell you what, we can talk on this forever. But I want to find out about that nine weeks of angelic visitations that came to your home. Tell me a little about it.

James Goll: Well it happened on the Day of Atonement. I had gone to sleep. My wife was asleep. I taught at a training center in the Kansas City area. And it was the Day of Atonement, the most holy day in the Jewish calendar, and we're asleep. And a lightning bolt crashes in the dark, and I wake up at 11:59 at night, and the light from the lightning bolt comes into the bedroom, and now a man, an angel is standing at the end of my bed. I'm like awaken. My wife is still asleep. I'm awaken. He looks at me for one straight minute. The clock turns to 12:00, and he says to me, would you like to know what he said?

Sid Roth: I'm on the edge of my seat. How about you? I would.

James Goll: And he speaks to me, this angel did, and he says, "Watch your wife. I'm about to speak to her". And this opened the door to nine straight weeks of angelic visitations. It would go from midnight to 5 a.m. It amazing, supernatural encounters of a heavenly God.

Sid Roth: I tell you what. When we come back, I want to find out one of these amazing experiences from James. Be right back.

Sid Roth: So James and his wife had nine straight weeks of visitations of angels. Tell me that first night, what happened.

James Goll: It was absolutely amazing. You know, again, it happened right at 11:59, and I've always pondered, was that night not like a clock of God to a countdown to the midnight hour. An angel of the Lord came and stood in our room and he says to me, he says, "Watch your wife. I'm about to speak to her". Now it didn't only center around her. But he did come to speak to her and that night, this angel came and laid hands on her back, and she got delivered of the fear of man and the fear of rejection. And then the Lord called her, herself, to be a preacher and a prophetess that night.

Sid Roth: Now tell me about those lights. That's amazing.

James Goll: Yeah. Not only did an angel come and stand at the end of the bed, but there had been a supernatural ball of light about this big around that stood over our dresser for five straight hours, and our room was illuminated with the realm of the Glory of God. I mean, we didn't have to turn on a light. The whole room was radiating with the presence. Another one of the nights, there 29 of these fireballs, not just in a vision They showed up and they were circling around the ceiling and in the room. And we would just say, "Hit us with the fire of God". And they'd come crashing down on us, the fire of God. And we were getting empowered by the Holy Spirit with new levels of authority over the realms of demonic, over realms of darkness, and then just new faith bursting in us for visitations.

Sid Roth: Well how did this change you? I mean what gifting did you see that perhaps wasn't there that strong?

James Goll: One of the things that changed was my concept concerning women in ministry, and women in leadership. That was one of the main things that changed. Because all of a sudden, I was now married to a lioness who roared. I was married to Betty Crocker homemaker and now she was a roaring lion. So number one thing that changed was my view concerning women in leadership and women in ministry. And then there was just this empower dimension, I mean, it empowered us so much that we didn't want to just keep this for us. We wanted to now take this, spread the fire to the world. John Wesley, they asked him a question and they said, "How do you gather a crowd"? And John Wesley said, "I set myself on fire and people come to watch me burn". Well that's what happened with us and we've been gathering crowds, and I've been gathering crowds to watch us burn.

Sid Roth: I'm going to tell you something. You are really provoking me to jealousy.

James Goll: Good.

Sid Roth: But I want just to kind of whet our appetite a little bit. You heard an audible voice about the miraculous works of knowledge. Tell me about that.

James Goll: I moved into my new home there in Franklyn, Tennessee. The audible voice of the Lord, I'm not referring right in my heart. I'm talking about the external voice of the Lord came and thundered in my bedroom and said this: "The seeds that the seers and the prophets had sowed into the generation decades ago have now come into fruition. Therefore, there will now be an increase of a detailed gift of a word of knowledge and an increase of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that will create an atmosphere of the fear of the Lord, awe and wonder".

Sid Roth: How close are we to the manifestation of that Word for you and for others?

James Goll: I believe it's already started.

Sid Roth: Has it started in you?

James Goll: Yeah. Absolutely because you see, when you hear the Word of God, the Book of Romans says, "That when you hear the words of Christ it produces faith". So when I heard that, it catapulted me over to another level of hunger, into another level of asking, and then to another level of expectation. Anticipation, it's called. And so by also in seeing this, the next generation in particular, not just them. Because I'm just saying, hey listen, you guys, you next generation guys, and I mentor a good deal of them, I go, I might be an older guy at this time, but you're going to have to run real fast because this guy is catching his second wind.

Sid Roth: I'm sure. Tell me what God showed you, briefly, about Syria.

James Goll: Well this is over 10 years ago. I've been prophesying for over a decade. Then in the year 2013 and the year 2014, while all eyes would be on Iran and should be, that the great threat in the Middle East would come out of Syria. And I have been prophesying this for over a decade. An angel came, again, and stood at the end of my bed, and this warrior angel, he was dressed in military uniform, a warrior angel, and he pronounced to me. All he said was this: "Attention! Be on the alert". And I was riveted with the supernatural energy of God. I could not go back to sleep even if I wanted to. And I just wanted to release a word, and I just wanted to say, "Watchman on the walls, it's time", Isaiah 62, Verse 6 and 7, "I have planned and I have chosen you as a watchman on the walls. Take your place. Attention! Be on the alert. And the shields of the earth belong to the Lord and be called forth something greater than the iron dome around Israel. We call forth the shields of the earth belong to the Lord. And we call forth supernatural protection around Israel and even around our home homes in Jesus' name".

Sid Roth: You know what I'm reminded of? Yes. I'm reminded of Psalm 122:6, which is a commandment and the commandment goes like this: "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Thou shalt prosper that love thee". The word "prosper" in the Hebrew means heart peace, and this world needs heart peace. If you have peace, what can anyone take from you? Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and you and your house shall have heart peace. Consider that a word from God at this strategic time in history. This is the set time to favor Zion. And God says, "I God will bless those who bless the Jewish people. I God will curse those who curse them". Choose this day. Are you going to be on God's side or are you going to be on the opposite? It's for me and my house, it's for you and your house. I proclaim you're on God's side.
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